tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMardi Gras Night

Mardi Gras Night


Well I have not experience Mardi Gras in awhile. So off we go to our local gay bar to attend Mardi Gras... Thinking it would be like tradition, where boobies would be flashed on a dime for a few shiny beads. I plan on having a few drinks to get over my nervousness so I may attempt to get a couple of beads. However there is a change in plans and I learn very quickly at the first break of the festivities, that the bar was to take a unique take on it. We were going to have to wait till the intermissions for us to show boobies on a stage for all to see AND that the guys would be allowed to show their stuff as well.

By the first showing of skin and only having a few beers, Yea! I was not showing anything off unless I could get a few more drinks into me. hmmm I was plotting shots now! There was this girl in a green top that jumped at the chance to show her boobies and then a guy took the stage next. By the next session I was teased and pushed to go up and yes I took the stage after two other girls, and closing my eyes I lifted my shirt and flashed my tits for the first time for an audience. I left the stage with a few strands of beads and a very red face.

By the next session since it was 45 minutes later, I now prodded and teased my husband to push him up to the stage and show his stuff. Woot... More beads...

Finally with a few shots in me, the next intermission has come around and they were looking for someone to show off their little pussy. So I watched one girl go up to show hers. It was our green shirt girl and taking the stage, I watch as she lowered her her pants to show off her cute little pussy. All around us, you could hear the hoots and hollers as she showed off her little snatch. Then a few guys got up to show us their cocks and as they make the last requests, I with a bit of coddling and teasing... was pushed forward again. However this time, I attempted to do a little strip tease. I lifted my shirt to show my little belly... undid the button to my jeans and with a thumb on each side of them... pushed them down to show my pink underwear with a little black bow. With my jeans down to my knees now and enjoying the calls from the crowd... I lowered my underwear to allow all to view my little shaved pussy. Then the hosts turned around thinking I was done and while beads were being tossed to the stage for me, I figured I would take it one step more. I reached to lift my top to show off my boobies as well and then the beads landed about my feet. I scrambled to adjust my clothing and grab the beads about me. Even when I walked back to my husband blushing very red, folks were still trying to hand me beads and I think up to that night I got the most so far to that point. WOOT!

Now I had a great buzz going on but my husband was ready to leave. I felt a bit bummed and thinking we were to head home, I was surprised when he drove us to an adult book store instead. Normally I get a panic feeling when he takes me to these places, call me a snob but some of them are just a... well I am sure you get the meaning. However tonight I really didn't care and wanted to play so in we go. Walking past the cashier, I lowered my head blushing and shy. So my husband took me by the hand and he led me to a booth. Once in, you have to feed the machine dollars to pick out a movie and then if you listen carefully, you can hear the door click in the booth next and then you know there is someone that wants to play.

From what I was told, you place your hand in the hole to let them know your interested and then if they are, they place their hardness through and you can either stroke or taste to your delight.

Well we got comfortable in the little room and seeing the cock through the hole, I reached out to touch him... Stroking him with my fingertips and then my fingers, I leaned down to take him in my mouth. My tongue wrapping about their head and I could feel him getting harder in my mouth. I started moving back and forth along him, taking him as deep as I was allowed with a wall in between us. Stopping, since I had an idea... I motioned for my husband to move closer and pointed down for him to take the cock in his mouth. Watching him take it in his mouth, started to make me really excited. My husband worked on the man's cock for a little bit and then the guy pulled his cock back through and I could hear him on the other side making himself cum. Feeling my husband reach for my pants. Grasping and undoing the buttons almost frantically, he pulled them down my legs forcefully, and then moved behind me with his hands on my hips, I felt him let go of my waist with one hand and lead his hard cock towards my wet sopping box... thrusting his cock into me.... and after a few quick... deep thrusts, he then filled me with his cum.

We cleaned, got dressed and open the door. A bit down the hallway we smiled at a stranger and I wondered for a moment if he might have been our stranger in the room next door and blushed again once more.

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