tagLoving WivesMardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras Party


The nightclub dance floor was crowded when we ventured through the masses of happy people shaking and moving to the heavy, loud, thumping beat. My beautiful wife, Melissa, was looking incredibly sexy in her tight lucky brand jeans and the snug fitting sweater she wore that really showed off the size of her big tits. Her beautiful, shapely athletic figure and her dark mysterious features caught the eye of nearly every man and most women as we passed through the excited, party crowd. The Mardi Gras spirit was strong and alive in the Soulard area of downtown St. Louis as it had been for decades before, although this was the first Mardi Gras celebration Melissa or I had ever attended there.

We found a clearing on the dance floor and I was enjoying seeing Melissa's sexy, seductive dance moves when a fairly young and very pretty, blonde girl slipped in behind her and started raunchily rocking her hips in rhythm with my wife's move's, reaching around her and feeling up her curvy body at the same time. After a few seconds of sexy, playful dancing, the rest of the crowd started taking notice of the hot girl on girl show, with several people shouting offers of beads in exchange for the forbidden sight of their beautiful tits in the true Mardi Gras spirit. The blonde girl teasingly raised Melissa's sweater to just under her breasts, reaching under with her cold hands and grabbing a handful of my wife's perfect breasts, driving the crowd a little crazier before pulling her sweater all the way up and showing a quick glance to all the onlookers. The crowd erupted in cheer and the beads started getting placed around Melissa's neck as she smiled and enjoyed all of the extra attention. Melissa turned to face the young blonde and the two of them embraced and kissed softly on the lips. It was a kiss that started as an innocent and slightly nervous peck as if to say thank you, but ended up lasting about thirty seconds with quite a bit of tongue and some pretty intense fondling involved. Again the crowd went pretty wild and cheers erupted. The two of them smiled, obviously excited and turned on by all of the attention, not only from the crowd, but also from each other. Simultaneously, their hands dropped to their waists and both shirts went in the air revealing four beautiful tits to a large crowd of excited men and women. Again the beads came forward and when the song ended, both girls had a pretty amazing collection of beads hanging around their necks and the crowd got a look at what had to be the best tits in the house.

The party went on and Melissa and I had a little break to talk and laugh about that moment of fun, but with so much activity, it all seemed just normal for the fun-packed day. We danced and drank some more, eventually heading to another club, then another, and then another until it was getting pretty late in the evening and we were feeling pretty happy. As we walked out to the street, a cab passed by and then stopped just beyond where we were standing. We thought it would be perfect to catch a cab to the hotel and started walking toward it when the same young blonde from earlier leaned out of the window and yelled toward us.

"You all want to ride with us?" She offered in a gesture of drunken kindness.

We quickly hopped in the cab with she and her husband and the cab took off, learning their names were Deb and David right away. There were four of us crammed tightly in the backseat, so it was pretty crowded, but the ladies rather enjoyed the closeness of it all. When we arrived at our hotel, we realized in a slightly more excited frame of mind than normal that we were all staying at the same hotel. The events that led us all to one room are pretty sketchy, but within five minutes of being inside, both women were stark naked and making out on the bed while David and I sipped another cold one and watched excitedly from the sidelines. Deb kissed her way pretty quickly down Melissa's sexy body until her face was buried in what I liked to think of as my house and her lips were kissing Melissa's lovely pussy in a way that raised the familiar inviting sounds of my wife's lusty pleasure. It was an exciting sight to see, and I could tell David was as turned on as me by the whole scene, judging from the way he was rubbing his crotch and how it had seemingly grown from a hill to a mountain.

Melissa came quickly and intensely and Deb enjoyed the sweet taste of her delicious lusty juice to the last drop before rolling onto her back and allowing my wife to return the favor. Melissa spent a lot of time enjoying Deb's tight little body with loving kisses and sensual touching. Her lips kissed each of Deb's big, firm breasts, and licked her nipples seductively with a slow twirling tongue, before leaving a stream of saliva down her flat, tanned tummy and settling in for a taste of Deb's sweet spot. Within a few short moments, Deb was reeling in pleasure on the bed. Melissa's face pressed harder against the sweet, pungent scent of Deb's totally bald, wet pussy and her tongue worked steadily toward bringing Deb to an incredibly powerful orgasm. As Deb shrieked out her pleasure, Melissa stayed there, lapping up her sweet lusty cum just as Deb had done through her orgasm moments before. The two ladies embraced lovingly on the bed, kissing each other softly, and tasting their own flavor in their seductive kiss. It was an erotic sight to see their shapely, beautiful womanly bodies pressed so comfortably against each other and moving about in the bed during their wild new expedition.

I watched silently as David stood from the chair where he had been sitting and dropped his pants to the floor. His cock bounced and pointed straight up at the ceiling and continued to swing from side to side with each step he took toward the ladies. He stood beside the bed closest to where Melissa was on top of Deb, still kissing and fondling her and held his cock out toward the two of them. Deb's hand reached up to the back of Melissa's head and gently guided it toward her husband until his swollen cock head was pressed softly against Melissa's puckered, full red lips. Melissa's soft brown eyes shifted across the room to where I sat and looked into my sparkling blue eyes as her lips separated and took the puffy, fat head of David's hard cock into her mouth. I was excited to watch her show off her skills for me. Deb's hands were on each side of Melissa's head, guiding her slowly and seductively on and off of her husband, David's raging hard-on.

I continued to sit where I had been sitting since the beginning, but my excitement grew more intense by the second. My own cock throbbed uncomfortably in my pants as I eagerly watched my beautiful wife work her sexy, oral magic on David's thick member. Melissa is an amazing lover and even though I watched her pleasuring Deb first, and now David, I still felt no threat to our relationship. I knew she loved me unconditionally and I also knew the pleasure she was getting from this was purely sexual. I was enjoying seeing the pleasure she could give to them and it was turning me on more and more by the second. It was an unexpected thrill to watch her suck someone else's cock. In a way it sort of fit the way we operated. She loved to be spoiled and I loved to spoil her. She sort of called the shots in that way. So, if she wanted some sort of pleasure, that pleasure would be hers to take. It was just another way for me, and now our new friends, to spoil her with feelings of incredible pleasure and attention. It was a reward in itself to share this new pleasure with her.

David was quick to get excited by the sight of his own wife guiding the mouth of another mans wife, actually quite a bit hotter than his own wife in my opinion, on and off of his cock and warned the two of them with a long moan of pleasure that the blowjob was working its' magic to the point of no return. Deb dropped down to Melissa's side and kissed and licked David's shaft, cupping his balls in her hand, as he erupted in orgasm into Melissa's hungry mouth and then slipped his shiny cock into her own mouth for a few seductive slurps.

Deb guided Melissa onto her back and kissed her cum filled mouth with a passion that was so intense that the two of them once again started going at it even more enthusiastically than they had the first time. As Melissa worked her way down Deb's body again, kissing her pussy with a desire to taste more of her sweet juice, I couldn't take any more. I stood and dropped my pants to the floor and walked over to enter my wife from behind. The unfamiliar sound of Deb's pleasure as Melissa licked her sweet pussy and the tight squeeze of Melissa's smoking hot pussy around my cock made for an extremely hot experience. The closer Deb came to orgasm, the more impossible it was to hold back as well, and the two of us climaxed at opposite ends of my wife at nearly the exact same time. I pumped all of my orgasm deep into Melissa's sweet love box before slowly removing myself and watching as Melissa hungrily cleaned up all of Deb's second round of lusty cum from her swollen, tight pussy.

Seconds later, Deb was on top of Melissa again and without hesitation, she dropped down between her legs and lapped up everything I had just deposited into her sweet, tight, vagina. She was eager to taste the two of us together as well as to bring Melissa to orgasm again. It wouldn't take long for Melissa to reach climax. In fact, it was almost instantly after Deb started that I started hearing and seeing the orgasmic response I always loved to see from my wife. No sooner than Melissa climaxed, Deb called her husband over again and this time he pulled Melissa to the edge of the bed and lowered his cock even with her tight and hot little pussy. With one smooth thrust, David was all the way into Melissa. Her legs were spread wide and David held each of her ankles tightly in his hands and Deb was kissing her passionately and whispering words into her ear that I couldn't really make out from where I was. The fucking seemed to last for an eternity, before David finally unloaded his load of hot cum inside my wife as I watched.

Deb motioned me over before David was even out of Melissa and as I approached, I knew my permission would only allow me to be with Melissa. It was an agreement that I was perfectly fine with as Melissa was truly the only woman I ever wanted to experience. As soon as David pulled his hard shaft out of her, I grabbed her thighs and pushed myself into her hot messy pussy again. David and Deb fondled and kissed Melissa all over while we fucked and it was enough to produce a very powerful orgasm that lasted for nearly a minute. It was hot to see Melissa getting one hundred percent of the attention from all of us and even hotter to hear the level of pleasure she was experiencing in her passionate moans and shrieks of out-of-control joy. I came hard inside her and continued driving in and out until I couldn't last any longer, watching with satisfaction as a white, creamy stream of hot cum trickled slowly from my wife's incredibly perfect swollen pussy.

David and Deb collapsed on each side of Melissa and I stood above the three of them admiring the erotic sight of the naughty sex scene that unfolded and now seemed to be complete. Melissa looked totally spent with her arms around David and Deb on each side and her chest heaving up and down with each deep breath like she had just finished an hour on the treadmill. Her thighs were slightly apart and her pussy was sloppy with cum but she was too tired to even care about the mess. Her face was shiny from the sweet, juicy treat she enjoyed from Deb and there seemed to be a sweet smile of total pleasure on her beautiful face. The intoxicating aroma of sex lingered in the room and David and Deb were quickly asleep. Melissa looked up and smiled at me with a look on her face that for the first time indicated concern that all was okay. I smiled back at her and mouthed silently that I loved her. I did, very much.

For the first time in about an hour and a half since we first arrived back at the hotel, there was total silence. With Deb and David asleep in her arms at her side, Melissa was effectively trapped between them. She; however, was not as tired as either of them and her eyes were wide with the excited buzz of erotic bliss that still sent incredible images of the pleasure she received flashing through her mind and triggering all new endorphins of total pleasure raging through every nerve in her body and telling her brain to want even more. She shrugged her shoulders slightly as if to tell me she couldn't move and smiled at me as her knee's relaxed onto Deb and David's legs, leaving her smooth, shiny, swollen pussy totally exposed to me.

"Clean me up." She whispered soft enough to not disturb Deb and David's deep slumber.

I turned to go to the bathroom for a towel, but Melissa quickly protested and I stopped, looking back at her. "No. You clean me up." She whispered. "I want kisses." She said with an innocent and slightly devious look in her eyes. She knew I loved going down on her after we shared a good orgasm together, but I wondered if she was forgetting some of the events that had happened. I looked down at her with question in my eyes, but she said it again. "I want kisses. NOW!" Demanding me in a hoarse whisper. She hadn't forgotten what had happened, that event added to the excitement for her. Truthfully, in a way it excited me too.

I didn't question her again. I positioned myself quietly between her thighs and slowly and softly kissed her sweet, messy pussy. It was incredibly wet and very swollen and the wildly forbidden, but deeply enjoyable pungent taste of her incredible sex quickly disappeared as her delicious juices began to again flow freely. Melissa remained as quiet as she could while I licked, kissed, and sucked her wonderful pussy through her forth orgasm of the night. Quickly afterward, she told me she loved me, before falling fast asleep between our new friends.

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