tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMardi Gras Surprise

Mardi Gras Surprise


"Is this what you want bitch?" Tiffany asked sternly as she waived her hard cock in front of my face.

"Yes," I hissed as I looked into her dark sexy eyes.

"Good answer bitch now open wide and suck my cock," the sexy shemale ordered as she rubbed the head of her cock across my lips. Precum oozed from her cock and coated my lips.

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide as she eased 6" of hard throbbing flesh into my mouth. I had never given head before. In fact I had never even considered it an option but at that moment I wanted nothing more than to suck her cock until she filled my mouth with cum.

I had first seen her in a club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. It was the Saturday before Mardi Gras and my friends and I were all drunk. Mike and Ted hooked up with two girls and left me on my own with no place to go. I wandered down Bourbon Street past St. Ann Street toward Esplanade Ave. I finished my hurricane and staggered into a club to get a drink. I didn't realize it was a strip club until I was inside and when I did I grabbed a seat at the stage. They were changing dancers which was fine with me because the girl leaving the stage looked dumpy and mannish. The DJ announced the new dancer as Tiffany and when I saw her my cock started to twitch. She was a tall brunette with big tits, a narrow waist, full hips, a big round ass and a beautiful face. Her physical beauty was one thing but her outfit was something else. She walked on stage with a black leather corset, matching panties, thigh high boots with 4" spike heals and a riding crop to complete the look.

I have always had bondage and domination fantasies so I reached into my pocket and pulled out several $5 bills. I placed one on the stage in front of me and Tiffany smiled. She danced over to me and put on an amazing show without removing any of her clothes. Despite the fact that Tiffany was still dressed my cock was rock hard as she moved over to the next customer. I put two more $5 bills on the stage in front of me and she smiled again.

Her moves we raw and predatory and it was clear she really was a dominant and aggressive lover. The song ended and she moved back in front of me. She unzipped the corset and her tits sprung free. They were big but not freakish and they fit her big frame perfectly. She ran her riding crop through my hair then up her thigh toward her leather panties.

My eyes followed the crop as it approached her panties. It was then that I noticed the bulge. I was shocked. How could this gorgeous woman have a cock? Despite my initial shock I was surprisingly no less turned on by her.

She traced the riding crop over the bulge in her panties and I watched it grow. I had never seen another person's hard dick outside of a porn move. I had never wanted to before that moment but as I watched her bulge grow I wanted to see it. The mushroom tip of her cock poked out of her panties and I wanted to see more. I wanted to touch it. A drop of precum oozed from the head of her cock. I wanted to lick it up. I wanted to taste it. I looked up her curvy body and into her pretty brown eyes and she smiled. She knew EXACTLY what I was thinking.

I watched as if in a trance as she scooped up the drop of precum with her smooth manicured finger and brought it to my lips. I opened my mouth and accepted her cum coated finger into my mouth. I could hear the customers around me hooting and hollering as she slowly slid her finger in and out of my mouth. I sucked hard on her finger with my eyes closed.

The song ended and she pulled her finger from my mouth. I suddenly felt empty and I wanted it back. I watched the sexy domme gather her clothes and walk from the stage. I wanted her.

I sat in a daze as another far less sexy shemale danced on stage and it wasn't the same. A few songs passed as I sat there replaying the scene in my head. I could feel her cum coated finger caressing my tongue. Maybe it was the alcohol but what ever it was I wanted Tiffany badly. I wanted to feel her body against mine. I wanted to kiss her sexy mouth. I wanted to lick and suck her perfect tits. Most of all I wanted to suck her cock. That thought was a pretty big pill to swallow for a theretofore straight man but in my mind she was a woman. I had almost given up hope that she would come back from the dressing room when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Hi," she said in a very feminine sexy voice. "Why don't we get a table," she said confidently. It was more of a statement that a question. I smiled and followed her to a table in the back of the room.

"You're a subbie aren't you," she teased. I had been fantasizing about being dominated by a woman for years but I had never found the right girl but there she was sitting right in front of me. The only thing different from my fantasies was that Tiffany had a cock.

"Yes," I said hesitantly.

"You ever fuck a TGirl before baby," she asked.

"No," I answered softly.

"Then you are in for a real treat baby," she said as she stood up and led me through a door and up a flight of stairs to a small studio apartment.

"Take your clothes off," Tiffany ordered as she stood by the bed in her black leather dance outfit. The sexy shemale lewdly rubbed her dick through her panties while I stripped naked. My 6" cock was at full attention and Tiffany looked at it and smiled.

"Get on your knees pig," she ordered sternly. I quickly fell to my knees and looked up at her pretty face for her next command. "Crawl over here piggy."

I crawled over to her until my head was inches from her leather covered cock. I could see the bulbous purple head peaking out over the waist band of her panties and I ached to lick it.

"Lick my panties piggy," she commanded.

My cock twitched at her words and I raised my head and buried my face in the crotch of her panties. I stuck my tongue out and licked her hard cock through the leather panties as she moaned loudly. My tongue slathered saliva over the smooth leather and I felt the warm hardness of her manhood against my tongue. I licked up the leather covered shaft until I touched the exposed flesh of her cockhead.

Precum streamed from her cock head and I slurped it into my mouth as I moaned at the hedonistic pleasure of tasting her salty essence. I wanted more. I wanted to feel her pulsing manhood inside my mouth. I wanted to take her smooth hard cock down my throat until her big balls rested against my chin.

I looked up at her pretty face and pleaded with my eyes to unleash her hard rod from its leather cell.

Tiffany pushed me away from her beautiful cock and pulled her panties down exposing her long 7" cock.

"Is this what you want bitch?" Tiffany asked sternly as she waived her big hard cock in my face.

"Yes," I hissed. My voice was thick with lust as I stared longingly at her big beautiful cock.

"Good answer bitch now open wide and suck my cock." They were the words I had wanted to hear since the first moment I saw the bulge in her panties. I opened my mouth wide and accepted her drooling cock into my mouth. Her precum was a delicious combination of salty and sweet. I moaned loudly as it caressed my taste buds.

"You like my cock in your mouth don't you piggy," she chided as she held my head and slowly pumped her thick cock into my mouth. It touched the back of my throat and then deeper until my nose pressed tightly against the neatly trimmed fur on her pelvis.

"Mmmmm," I moaned as she fucked my mouth with long steady strokes. She withdrew leaving just the head in my mouth then sank her whole hard cock down my throat. Over and over she pumped her throbbing rod down my throat and I loved it. Her pace began to quicken and I knew she was getting close. I wanted it. I wanted her to fill my mouth with her seed and I wanted to swallow it all.

Harder and faster my sexy shemale mistress fucked my virgin mouth. Her legs started to quiver as her balls tightened and I knew my reward was about to come.

"I'm gonna cum piggy," she announced. "You had better not waste a drop." She buried her beautiful cock down my throat as it started to spit. The first two shots slid down my throat like a raw oyster. Tiffany pulled her cock out until just the spurting head remained in my mouth. Her cock continued to pump thick warm cum into my mouth as I greedily swallowed it down.

I continued to suck the cum from her cock as it went soft in my mouth.

"You're a good cock sucker," she praised. "Are you sure you never sucked dick before?"

"Thank you mistress. No I have never had a dick in my mouth before your delicious cock." I answered honestly. She climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees.

Tiffany parted her big round ass cheeks. She didn't have to tell me what she wanted I already knew. I climbed behind her and buried my face between her gorgeous globes as my tongue pressed against her puckered asshole.

I slurped and licked her tight asshole as copious amounts of saliva spilled onto her crack. I pushed my tongue up her ass and she moaned loudly.

"Get the lube from the night stand and get your cock nice and slick so we can put that cock of yours to good use," she panted as I licked her asshole.

I grabbed the lube and poured it over my hard rod as I eased two fingers inside her.

Tiffany moaned as I fingered her ass. "Fuck me pig," she ordered.

I knelt behind her beautiful ass and rubbed the head of my slippery cock over her sensitive starfish as she moaned softly. I pushed my hips forward and my slick steel rod penetrated her slowly. My shaft eased deeper until our balls rubbed together.

"Fuck me hard piggy," Tiffany ordered as she looked back over her shoulder with her sexy dark eyes.

I grabbed her full hips and thrust my cock into her with smooth steady strokes as Tiffany moaned and groaned beneath me.

"Harder," she panted.

I thrust my cock hard and fast into her tight asshole. The sound of slapping flesh filled the room and sweat rolled down my face.

"May I cum mistress," I pleaded.

"Yes piggy you may cum. Pull out and cum on my asshole and balls." I knew what she had in mind. I pulled my cock from her asshole and stroked it until I started to cum. I blasted a huge load of thick creamy cum onto her asshole and balls as I released a primal groan.

"Very good piggy, now clean up your mess," my sexy shemale mistress ordered.

I sucked, slurped and swallowed my cum from her ass and balls as her cock stood at full attention. When I had swallowed all my cum she turned around and pushed me onto my back. I watched her lube up her hard cock and I knew what was coming. I wanted it.

She put my legs on her shoulders and rubbed her slick cock against my virgin asshole. I had never before had anything up my ass but in a night of firsts I was ready for anything.

"Relax the muscles piggy and this won't hurt a bit," Tiffany said softly. I tried to relax as she pushed her hips forward.

I groaned loudly as her cock filled my asshole. The sensation was an incredible combination of pain pleasure and pressure as 7" of warm hard cock sank deep inside my ass.

Tiffany fucked my ass with an amazing combination of long fast strokes combined with quick jabs that had me begging for more. She fucked me for over 30 minutes in every position imaginable. My favorite was the first because I could see her beautiful face and her sexy body as she pounded my ass with her big hard cock.

He breathing became labored and I knew she was going to cum again. She didn't have to ask where I wanted it because she already knew. She straddled my chest and she stroked her big hard cock as she pointed it at my mouth.

I opened my mouth wide as her cock started to spit. Her cum flew into my mouth with surprising force and I swallowed it all.

I put my clothes on as she lay exhausted on the bed.

"Thanks for a good fuck baby," she said as I walked toward the door. "Look me up the next time you come to the big easy." She pulled the comforter over her sexy body and rolled over as I locked and closed the door.

I walked down Bourbon Street at 4am. The streets had started to empty as I headed for my hotel. The taste of cum filled my mouth and my ass ached. It was something I knew I would taste and feel again.

A somewhat masculine transsexual walked by me and smiled. My eyes traveled over her body and I returned her smile. She could see it on my face. I was a marked man. "C'est la vie."

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