Margaret's Birthday Surprise


"He's a good fuck, isn't he?" said Margaret, much to everyone's surprise. She thought she better explain, so she told Mr and Mrs Kane how he sometimes fucked her and it was all right because it was a way of helping her fill her needs with Tom being so useless. Dawn also filled them in on how she and Luke had a special relationship too, but it was all very beneficial to everyone concerned and really helped the family unite.

"You don't have to explain," said Mr Kane, "I understand completely. Penny used to do things with her sister, experimenting, didn't you dear?"

It was hard for Penny to talk, with Luke fucking her so thoroughly, so she nodded and Mr Kane explained further that he had fucked her sister one night when he caught the two of them in bed together.

Margaret sighed in relief that their secret was okay with the Kane's. They were such close friends and very understanding. "Would you like to mount me, Jack? I am very horny." She had slipped her underwear back on and looked a little embarrassed sitting there in her bra and panties, and also hadn't really meant the rest of the families to hear her make the offer and she wished it was more private, but it was said now. The others were all watching closely now, waiting to see how things would develop. It was really up to to Jack now and he checked around.

He looked at Penny, who nodded and then so did Luke and Dawn, so Jack only had to concern himself now with Margaret's husband Tom. He looked at his friend who was still sniffing a little pathetically at Penny's underclothes. Jack smiled. He had no need to worry about poor old Tom.

"Turn her panties inside out, Tom," he suggested. "They are nice and sweet." They all watched as Tom panted and did what Jack had told him. That would keep him distracted for a while, so Jack turned back to Margaret.

"So, do you want to be my little pony, Margaret?"

Everyone was watching, and Margaret was aware of this, and she didn't want them to know that wasn't sure what Jack meant, so she simply said, "Yes, Jack, I want to be your pony."

Dawn smiled and told her mother, "Ponies usually open their legs, Mum."

Margaret nodded and shyly opened her legs. She was conscious of her big thighs and breasts straining against the material of her knickers.

Jack smiled, "I will be your stallion, Margaret."

Margaret was still self conscious of her large breasts but Jack told her, "Ponies don't wear bras, Margaret." Everyone was looking at her as she undid the shiny clips and let her huge breasts escape. She blushed as they swung into view.

Jack turned to Dawn, saying, "Your mother has nice big tits." They both knew that and smiled knowingly. It was as though they were talking about Margaret like she wasn't even there. But she didn't have long to think about it. She only had her white knickers on now as Jack moved closer.

Margaret could see where this was going and asked, "Do stallions mount ponies, Jack?"

Jack laughed, "No, Margaret, stallions fuck little ponies." He stood over her. "Tell me, Margaret, do you want to be fucked by the big stallion?"

Margaret looked and felt so demure as Jack sat next to her on the settee. Luke and Dawn could see him push his hand between their mother's legs, easing her panties aside and fondling the dark growth. Tom had stopped playing with Penny's underwear and was looking sadly at his friend playing with his wife before his very eyes. Then, without any prompting from Jack, Margaret let her hand stray suggestively near the swelling in Jacks trousers.

Dawn saw her father looking. She knew it was a bit humiliating for him but also knew he partly deserved it, so she tried to be friendly to him. "I think Mum wants to play with Uncle Jack's cock, Dad."

Tom had to accept the truth of the situation and said pathetically, "Yes, Dawn."

Dawn felt a little defensive towards her mum. "Well, you cant do it, Dad, with your little cock. That's why Luke has to do it for you."

Luke was still fucking Penny. He had the older woman on her back, and was banging into her very hard. He was obviously going to cum up her any minute. He didn't even notice that his name had been mentioned. The whole situation was incredibly horny.

Tom was embarrassed but was still fascinated with everything that was happening, especially as he heard his wife murmur, "Let me see it, Jack?" In a flash, Jack slipped out of his clothes and leaned over her, and Margaret reached out and gently held his cock, as he, in turn, put his hand deep down inside the front of her knickers. There was no doubt what he was doing, as Margaret lifted one foot up and opened her knees to give him more room in between her legs. They could see that he was masturbating her.

Tom could even see that Margaret wanted more and was in fact easing her panties down as his friend finger fucked her. Jack was standing up in front of her, his huge penis ramping hard, and almost pulsing in Margaret's hand.

Just then, Penny came, very loudly, and Luke chuckled before really drilling her cunt, and announcing he was going to cum up her. Penny looked at Jack, to see if he had been watching his wife get fucked by their young ex-pupil, but her husband was too intent on fingering Margaret. Then Luke got off her, his cum oozing down Penny's thigh as he did so. At the same time, Jack moved towards Margaret, shoving his cock nearer.

Luke murmured to his sister as he started to get dressed, "He's going to fuck her, Dawn. You had better warn Dad."

Dawn nodded. She didn't want her father to be taken by surprise and told him, "I think Mummy is going to be fucked, Daddy." Tom nodded his understanding. Dawn knew nothing could stop Jack now and said to her father, "You cant do it yourself, Daddy, but if you like I will give you a wank?" Tom just looked sad, and Dawn was losing her patience. "Come on, Dad. Make a decision for once in your life. Do you want me to wank you. Yes or no?"

Tom could see that apart from his wife and Jack Kane all of the others were watching and listening to find out if he wanted his daughter to wank him off. He was in an embarrassing no-win situation. He could see that Margaret had her knickers wrapped playfully around her shoe as Jack was standing ready to fuck her. He made his decision and though he tried to whisper, they all heard him say to his daughter, "Yes, please, Dawn."

As Dawn knelt down in front of her father to undo his trousers she could see that Margaret and Tom had no clothes on at all now, and her mother was sitting on the settee with her legs open, guiding Jack's penis into her hairy cunt.

Tom heard his friend Jack laugh. "Open your cunt up a bit, Margaret. This isn't Tom's little willy. This is a real man's prick." It was rather big and thick, and looked really angry as it slowly shoved into Margaret's hole.

Margaret giggled as she used one hand to open her lips and the other to pull him in deeper, until he was completely up her. She sighed in pleasure as Jack began to pump into her.

Dawn drew out her father's much smaller cock, somewhat thoughtlessly remarking, "Uncle Jack does have a big prick, doesn't he, Daddy?"

Tom was excited but he still felt hurt as he saw his friend pound his huge penis into his wife and the happy satisfied look on Margaret's face only compounded the sadness. He tried to look away, watching Penny pull up her knickers now she had cleaned Luke's spunk from her cunt and leg, but he found his attention drawn back to Margaret and Jack.

Dawn saw how her Daddy was looking so deflated, and she stroked his cock lovingly to cheer him up. It started to get a bit harder; it never got that hard really, but she wanted him to have a nice time too, so she took him in her mouth, licking his tiny end with her tongue until it began to twitch to hardness.

"That's it, sis," urged Luke, "Get Dad off in your mouth."

"Yes," panted Mr Kane. He was now behind Margaret, she was on all fours, her mouth open in pleasure as her old friend fucked her hard from behind. Her big tits were flopping about but she didn't care. "Make your Daddy cum please, Dawn," he managed to say in a commanding tone.

Dawn was pleased to oblige. She cupped her dad's balls in her hand while she sucked on his dick greedily, until finally she felt him getting close. Quickly, she reopened her blouse, spilling her tits out of her bra and then quickly pulling her knickers down again and lifting her skirt so everyone could see her hairy minge.

"Oh, Dawn," groaned her Dad, and he reached up and squeezed her tits in both hands as she continued to pull his cock with one hand, "I'm cumming" he said eventually and Dawn quickly lowered her cunt near his cock, so his spunk shot all over her hairy bush.

"There you go, Daddy," she said kindly, "Doesn't that look lovely? Your cum all over my cunt?"

"It does," confirmed Mr Kane, "And now I am going to cum in your mummy." With that he gave an orgasming Margaret a couple of large, deep and violent thrusts, on the final one, shoving it deep in and keeping it there as he filled up his best friend's wife.

Once everyone had calmed down, they had one final drink, and then the Kane's retired home. The next day, even with a slightly sore pussy, Margaret couldn't help think that this had been the best birthday party ever!

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What a shame....

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