tagFetishMaria 1 and Maria 2 Ch. 01

Maria 1 and Maria 2 Ch. 01


This story is about domination, submission, cuckolding and forced feminization and bisexuality. You either get it, or you don't. If you don't, stop reading and wasting your and my time. If you do, enjoy.


"Slow down baby," I gasped, as Maria rode me, grinding her pussy frantically against my pelvis as she totally engulfed my throbbing cock. "I'm going to cum honey, ease up a little," I pleaded, knowing I was already past the point of no return and my orgasm was eminent.

Maria, completely ignoring me, continued her savage assault, sucking all the juice my balls could offer deep into her hot womb.

"Ahhhhhhhh, oh god!" I cried, as I shot load after load of hot cum deep inside her.

She stopped her pounding as my cock shriveled and slowly slipped from her gaping pussy lips. "You fucker!" she hissed. "Is that the best you got? You call that fucking? Not only is your little penis way too small to do me any good, but you shot your puny load just as I am getting started!"

I was shocked by her words. Maria had never used this tone with me in the two months we had become lovers. Then I assumed she was playing some sort of game so I started to play along.

"I'm so sorry mistress, how can I make it up to you?" I wined, getting into the role.

"You can start, wimp, by eating my pussy until I cum, and make sure you suck out all of your miserable cum from my cunt and don't forget the cum that has dripped down to my ass!"

Feeling both shocked and confused, I quickly put my head between her legs and started licking. Although this role was new to me, I did feel a strange excitement, and my cock, which usually takes at least 30 minutes to recover, was already starting to swell.

As I sucked he sweet cunt, I could taste my own cum. It was not a taste I especially enjoyed but what the hell, she had swallowed a lot of my cum without complaint.

She continued to verbally assault me as I continued my task. "That's right pussy licker, don't you dare stop until I tell you. This is all you are good for. You certainly aren't man enough to satisfy me with that dinky little penis you call a cock!"

He words cut into me like a knife. I couldn't understand why she was talking to me like this. She had never complained before and had always cuddled sweetly with me in afterglow, whether we had both cum or not.

I could feel her fingers running through my hair, tightly gripping my graying locks, pulling me closer to her cunt, practically smothering me. I had to gasp for air when the chance presented itself. She didn't seem to care weather I breathed or not. Getting her orgasm was all she cared about.

It seemed to go on forever, then, just as I was beginning to lose hope of ever satisfying her, she came. She came and came, wiping her juices and my cum all over my face, never releasing her grip on me.

"Oh shit yes, yyyeeeessssss, that's it you useless piece of shit. Eat my cum, lick my pussy, kiss my ass!

Finally she let go of my hair and putting her foot in my face, pushed me down and off the bed. "Now get the fuck out of here, sleep on the couch, or the floor, I don't care, you bore me. I'm tired of looking at you." She hissed, throwing a pillow at me.

I felt hurt, humiliated and confused as I picked myself up and headed for the front room. What the hell just happened? I asked myself.

As I lay awake thinking about what had just transpired, I suddenly remembered a conversation her sister, Rosa and I had just after Maria and I started living together.

"Have you met both Maria's?" She inquired one evening while Maria was in the kitchen making margaritas.

"I'm not sure what you mean," I replied.

"I mean my sister is loco en la cabasa, you know, crazy in the head. She always has been. One moment she is all sweet and nice, the next moment she is a mean bitch you don't want to mess with. Then, the next moment, she doesn't remember being a bitch. We have sent her to doctors but none of them could help her. Your best bet is to get the hell away from her." She advised.

I had only experienced the sweet Maria and could not believe what Rosa was telling me. "I don't believe you," I replied. "Maria is the sweetest girl I have ever met. You must be kidding."

"No joke, gringo!" She answered. "You'll see, but don't say I didn't warn you.

I had trouble sleeping that night. One, because I was on the couch and two, I was very upset, and aroused by Maria's behavior. I did manage to fall asleep about three a.m. and when I awoke, Maria had already left for work at the cocktail lounge where she served drinks.

I took a shower, dressed and headed to the bookstore where I was currently employed. My boss told me he wanted me to fly to Oklahoma for a book auction the next day. There was a rare out of date copy of a history book he wanted me to bid on.

When I got home that evening, Maria was in a good mood. She was cooking my favorite Mexican dish, Chile Colorado and listening to Linda Ronstadt on the stereo.

"Hi baby, dinner in ten minutes, how was your day?" She said, like nothing had happened. "Why did you sleep on the couch last night?" She asked.

I decided not to go over last night's details. I guess I just hoped everything would go away.

"Oh, I had a cold and I didn't want to expose you," I lied.

"Oh honey, you're so thoughtful," she replied.

"I have to fly to Oklahoma tomorrow to bid on a book my boss wants. I should be back on Friday." I informed her.

"Oh baby, I hate it when you go away, I miss you so much!" she said, snuggling up and kissing me on the neck.

I had my Maria 1 back and maybe Maria 2 would leave us alone for a while.

To be continued.

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