Maria was walking on air with a feeling of elation. After working so very hard for promotion it shouldn't have been a surprise to receive the exulted position, CEO of the Eastern Division, but it was. Every time she walked into the large impressive corner office it was impossible not to look out over the city and exclaim, "Wow!"

From high school through university an ethic of hard work had permeated her being and this promotion was the culmination of ten years dedication to the corporation. At thirty-two she was the youngest executive with great prospects for the future.

The only downside was the work experience week but it was Friday and the brats would be gone by four. It was one pm nearly time for the usual department walk round to pick up on faults that would be hammered out with department heads afterwards.

Maria looked up on hearing a light tap at the door. "Enter!" she said loudly. Her voice had to be raised to overcome the mute effect of plush carpeting and fittings. 'Damn what does he want?" She thought, on seeing one of the staff's adolescent brats walk in.

All the work experience brats had to be over eighteen for insurance purposes but this pimply youth looked like a young geek. He looked decidedly unsure of him self so what was he doing here? Surely he had been warned not to get in her way. "Speak up young man. What do you want?" she stated.

His eyes had wondered absently around the office until the sharp tone brought him back to the report he held in a trembling hand. "There seems to be something wrong with these reports." Peter started to say then faltered.

"Let me see," she said. It was an opportunity to bite someone's head off for this week of unwelcome disruption to the smooth running of the office. A quick put down and she would send him on his way.

He held them out but she didn't move so he pushed the papers across the large highly polished oak desk. "The account on the first page seems to contain too high a value for the past three years. It's within budget but you can see it hasn't been balanced with receipts. Plus, some of the positive transfers are from the wrong accounts." He said.

Maria glanced down the figures seeing he was right. They looked vaguely familiar though. 'Damn, it's my private account,' she realized. "Don't worry about it I'll get my secretary to investigate just to make sure its all in order."

"By the way where did you get this report? These figures are confidential," she asked, attempting to turn on the charm.

"I programmed the report myself." he started to say.

"Very good, I'm impressed. Who else has seen this?" Marian asked.

"No one has seen it yet. I thought it better to bring it straight to you seeing as you've been embezzling corporate funds," he said. From the look she gave him he took a step back as though slapped. This was the showdown he had thought about all day. Peter stood defiantly with arms folded to hide the shake in both hands.

Maria sat dumbfounded staring at the little computer geek. How dare he accuse her of such a thing! A sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach left her mouth flapping for air with the words dying between them in a stutter of sound.

"It is quiet clear what you have been up to. I only came across the figures by accident. I'm sure you wouldn't want anyone else to see them presented so plainly," he said. A little smirk began at the corner of his mouth ready to take over his face.

Maria decided to find out how he pried out of the computer this damning information before it ruined her. She looked around the office licking dry lips watching it disappear, elegant object by object. She would be fired with nowhere to go. Mortgaged up to the hilt, the house would have to go, and the company BMW too.

At least it was this little twerp of a youth who probably didn't realize the true significance of the discovery. Thinking positive would turn this into an advantage. Pay him off and cover the tracks more carefully.

"So no one else knows, it's just between you and I. Good! So what do you want?" She smiled, trying to make it warm and inviting with years of corporate infighting effectively hiding the insincerity.

She looked at herself in a mirror hanging behind him and saw how pale she had become.

"Everyone says you're an office tyrant. So, I thought I might bring you down a little. Teach you a lesson in humility. You're arrogant enough to think you wouldn't be found out but I have. I might even help you cover up the evidence, if you do as I say."

She looked at him in surprise. He seemed to have grown taller; lifted his shoulders up and jutted the chin out, in an attempted stance of defiant authority. She would have to puncture that.

"So what do you want me to do, smile at everyone around here who makes a mistake, and let them off without punishment?" she said. The anger in her voice was not going to help so she abruptly stopped talking. Thinking it over she realized a more conciliatory approach was needed.

"I'm sorry, it's been a shock. What do you want me to do? I'll co-operate with you as long as you promise not to reveal this to anyone. If you help to hide the evidence I'll reward you, generously." She smiled again, bowing her head slightly attempting to bow to the inevitable.

"I want to sit at your desk for a start," he said.

She stood at the window watching him run his hands over the polished surface. She smiled to herself. This was going to be easier than she thought. He was obviously intelligent when it came to computers, but with people? She doubted he had the skills or experience to manipulate anyone let alone her.

He looked up seeing a silhouette of her body where the sun shone from a large picture window through the light summer dress.

She caught the look and stopped herself from moving with just a slight sway of the hips. An inexperienced eighteen year old interested in her body would be an added advantage. A slight shiver of discomfort followed the thought.

Tempted to thrust out her chest she demurred on realizing it was more of a sign of power than an offer, especially to a computer geek. It would be better to show some small signs of being defeated rather than reveal the confidence she felt.

The silence grew uncomfortable as he eyed her body and she wondered how much was revealed. She made a mental note not to wear this dress again in the office. Certainly none of the employees had dared to look at her like that, though behind her back maybe they did. She was starting to feel disgusted from his open gawky expression.

"I'm due at a meeting, overdue in fact. You can sit there and make yourself comfortable until I get back. I'll tell my secretary not to disturb you while I'm gone." She said, while trying hard not to cross both arms over her breasts. They had always been an attraction to men and so it seemed to adolescents too.

Before she could move he said. "Undo a few buttons first."

"What?" she said. A little startled she wondered if she had heard correctly.

"You're the office harridan and need pulling down a little." He said. The guys he worked with all week had called her a bitch but he didn't feel comfortable with that.

"A couple of buttons will show off a little cleavage, not too much. You can pretend not to notice but it will dent that stuck up pride a little. Everyone will get an eyeful and you will be the one feeling vulnerable for a change." He said.

He was painfully experienced at feeling vulnerable among the in-crowd at college and she was definitely one of 'them'. The guys in the computer room had commented on her figure and he had pretended not to hear their lewd remarks.

It would surprise them all to see him now. He wondered how she was going to get out of this, knowing she would eventually. At least she hadn't just thrown him out of the office. He looked at the 'boss bitch' willing her to do it.

"No, you can't make me do that!" she stated flatly.

"Do you want me to email that report to your boss?" he asked.

"Just one button then," she said, and deftly twisted a top button undone.

"You agreed to do as I said," he reminded her. "I will have to think of a suitable punishment for your disobedience. Two buttons or I'll have to come up with a double punishment."

This was fun! Speaking to a mature adult as they did to him was awesome. There was no shortage of ideas for he had suffered punishments and being talked down to for as long as he could remember.

The audacious demand had caught her by surprise otherwise she wouldn't have given him the advantage. By undoing the first button she had given in to the blackmail. With an agitated expression she twitched another button undone.

When he pushed the bridge of his glasses back it reminded her of school and those nerdy computer geeks spying on the cheerleader practice sessions. Friends would have pounced on him with derisive put downs at the nerve of him just talking to her let alone making demands.

The thought of friends left her feeling lonely and vulnerable. It had been too easy losing contact with everyone she had grown up with. It would have taken time and effort to mature friendships and neither was available after working long hours and putting in so much effort at the office.

She stormed out in a huff not daring to look in the mirror. At the door to her office she hesitated. He was right she did feel vulnerable and self conscious. Picking up the stride she determined to brazen it out. It was all the more difficult with fate conspiring against her as for once she was wearing a low cut bra.

Bending over a desk here and there asking how things were going, glancing at reports making out they were important, was all a part of the usual routine. Only this time it was difficult to bark at staff as they furtively looked at her ample cleavage.

It was embarrassing and distracting. She hadn't got through one department with the men wanting her to look at something, asking questions, getting her to lean over their desks. She could feel the increased tension in the office. They stood in two's and threes obviously discussing her; looking away when she looked up.

Why didn't she just walk on or refuse to lean over these unimportant requests for attention? The buzz of excitement running through the office was affecting her too much.

She felt as though she were back in college parading around in a little pompom outfit amongst these grown men. Since starting work she had always worn sensible clothes that covered her body, wanting to be taken seriously, not treated like a cheerleader airhead.

'Damn!' The attention was exciting and she was enjoying it! The revelation was difficult to accept and difficult to ignore.

Looking at her watch meaningfully she announced to her assistant. "I need to prepare for the 'head meeting'. You had better carry on here." Maria marched off, retreating back to the office with breasts bouncing proudly before her.

Almost slamming the door she breathed a sigh of relief. Even her secretary gave her a funny look. No one had dared mention the bra was showing. Thinking it was an accident none of them wanted to spoil the fun of seeing the boss's breasts bouncing around the office.

She looked directly at him ready to shout, 'You've had your fun now get out!'

"Are you ready for your punishment?" Peter asked. He had plenty of time to contemplate something and decided to be dramatic. After all, she had given in once why not again.

"Sure why not," she said casually. Best get it over with. Let him show his hand then I can get on with pulling cards from up my sleeve.

"Bend over the desk." Peter said. He hid the nervousness well.

"What! Just wait a minute young man," she stopped short on seeing a finger meaningfully poised over the keyboard. Of course! He could reply to an email from her boss attaching the report. 'Damn! Why didn't I think of that?'

"Hold on. There's no need for that." She could see it now. It was an email from not just the divisional boss but the owner of the whole damn corporation. The bastard was about to reply to an email of congratulations from the top man, Mister Warner. "Let's talk about this. I'll accept a punishment for what I did but let's be reasonable here."

He cut her short. "This isn't a punishment for what you did, that will come later. This is for disobeying me."

"But I did what you asked. It did have an effect on me. You were right." She added the last statement from habit. Tell a man he's right and he will go along with what you have to say, it usually worked.

"Don't press that key, please," she said, while walking round the desk. She meant to bend over the desk to get a closer look at the email. He also had a good look at her cleavage but that suited her, hoping to fluster him.

He pressed her unresisting head down onto the desk. Her eyes were so close to the screen she could read the small print found at the foot of all executive emails; 'not responsible for errors', etc.

"Lift the back of the dress," he said. There was a nervous tremble to his voice despite trying to sound authoritative like the principal at college.

She watched his finger trembling slightly and quickly reacted incase he accidently pressed the send key.

'At least I have a decent pair of panties on,' she thought. The incongruity of it all almost spilled out as an inane giggle. This young man was about to spank the bottom of a CEO in her own office.

She wondered if it was too late to put a stop to it all right now but the consequences of losing her job would be too much. All those years of hard work lost for ever.

Maria felt his eyes on her and the thought of him ogling her rear was distasteful. The last boyfriend had admired her heart shape bottom telling her it was a best feature. She had told him what she thought of such a remark in stinging tones. That had been nine months ago and she hadn't seen him since.

It wasn't just that of course. She just didn't have time for a relationship, and had to admit she was a just a bit on the cold side. She just needed a more experienced man to warm her up. She had told him that too.

It was so humiliating she wished he would hurry and get it over with. She felt a slap then another, one for each cheek. 'It's ridiculous letting this twerp demean me like this. If my secretary walked in and saw the boss having her bottom spanked by this eighteen year old I'd die of shame.'

'No doubt the rest of them out there would enjoy seeing their bitchy boss bent over for a spanking. Yet it's this student who gets to degrade me. A powerful woman with her dress up around her waist, panties on show, it's terrible.'

"Lock the door, quick, lock it." She gasped.

The phone rang and she was caught between the two demands.

"Answer it then," he said. He kept a hand on her back holding her down over the desk.

She couldn't see the phone panel to know who was calling but picked it up anyway. If she didn't her secretary would and might barge in to tell her it was important.

"Mister Warner, how are you?" She gulped on feeling another slap. It wasn't hurting her bottom just her pride. She tried to shut out was happening back there to concentrate on the important man's speech.

"Yes, sir, thank you, Sir. I appreciate your advice." She dare not make a sound and struggling wasn't an option either. She felt her panties being pulled down and almost hung up. Surely he heard the slap on her bare ass? 'Damn the little shit.' She thought.

"Oh!" She let out a little yelp. A finger was exploring between her legs.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yes Sir. I think it's a cold that's all," she lied with a trembling voice. Those damn fingers were becoming more intrusive and there was little she could do about it. The second time he touched her sensitive bud she was more prepared and just squirmed rather than yelped. It was obviously by accident but her reaction was teaching him where to touch.

She dropped the phone on to its rest and collapsed upon the desk with a sigh of relief. She tensed again, this time from what he was doing to her rather than from talking with Mister Important while being spanked.

She needed desperately to clamp her legs together but couldn't. He was standing between them and in any case she couldn't move. He was doing unspeakable things to her pussy. The idea of him seeing it all was bad enough, but those fingers were working her over only too well.

Only yesterday she had a wax job ready for a vacation to Hawaii next week. Her pussy was completely bald and he held her in the palm of his hand. Those fingers were working hard on her and she could hear the squishy noise of her soaking wet lips. He had learnt quickly what buttons to press and was working her like a fiddle, fast and furious.

'Damn him, I'm nearly there. This is so fucking humiliating,' she thought while shuddering on an inevitable climax. The phone rang again but she couldn't move, didn't want to break the sensational rhythm.

"Answer it then." He said, and stopped playing with her. His hand held her crotch in a firm tantalizing grip.

She wanted him to continue and bit her lip instead of letting loose a demand for satisfaction. "Yes?" She croaked into the phone. It was her secretary. "The meeting? I know I'll be out in a minute." The fingers started up again and she groaned turning it into a cough. "I'm OK. Just coming. Coming down with a cold. I'll be ready in a minute."

She slammed the phone down. "Quickly, make me cum, please." She said. On the cusp of a long awaited orgasm another interruption almost brought on a loud groan of frustration.

Her secretary and assistant were at the door arguing. Any moment he would walk in and catch her with this young man finger fucking her over the desk. "Did you lock the door?" She croaked through dry lips. She knew he hadn't.

He still had her crotch in the palm of his hand with fingers working in her pussy with just the right pressure and movement. She was caught in limbo for what seemed such a long time. The voices receded away from the door to merge into the background hum of the office.

A finger pressed against her bottom and slipped in. Wet from her juices it easily overcame a tight resistance and squirmed up her asshole. Collapsing upon the desk she bit a clenched fist not daring to scream out.

The orgasm hit her full in the belly with muscles clenching tight, legs rigid, toes tingling. The nerves throughout her body were racked hot with fire. Her nipples hardened, her lips swelled to even greater puffiness.

Peter held her against the desk by her crotch with one hand. He watched her body trembling guessing right she had an orgasm. He reveled in the power he had over her completely unaware he had finger fucked her into the most powerful orgasm of her life.

Maria had been too busy for too long for a relationship and would have probably cum with little effort. That it had been this young stranger playing with her was mortifying. She was too distraught to think about how much the humiliation had played a part in her downfall.

"You had better get along to that meeting. You don't want to keep everyone waiting." Peter told her.

There was still a look of awe on his face but she didn't notice. She dare not look at him as she straightened the dress pulling it defensively over her body. She looked at his hand holding her panties, still unable to look him in the eye.

"I'll keep these. A souvenir," he told her. He patted her ass and watched her scurry out of the office.

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