Maria Ch. 03

byTim Smith©

Maria's relationship with nurse Stella had for sure taken a twist from where it had started just weeks ago as Maria now laid face down on Stella's large soft bed struggling to separate reality from her hazed condition caused by Stella's continuous oral attention.

Stella had begun to take a more dominant role that oddly enough seemed to fit into Maria's new mindset. Maria had made a friend, but that friend was indeed one of her captors and would call the shots at any given moment.

This was oddly enough becoming sexually exciting for Maria as she was becoming more and more the sexual creature of their design.

Maria now hung on the edge of yet another orgasm, having her legs pulled wide out to the sides of the bed and lightly secured down to the frame work below as Stella lay on her back with her mouth over Maria's swollen sex lightly nibbling away at her clit while working Maria's ass cheeks with both her hands.

This had been going on now for almost an hour now as Maria bucked her hips and arched her back over Stella's face.

Stella all at once quit her light nibbling as Maria groaned out load and began to beg for more, "No more right now girl, you'll have more than you know what to do with here real soon", Stella said as she removed the bonds from Maria's ankles and wrists.

Stella placed a light lab coat over Maria once she had lifted her from the bed and then escorted her out into the hall and down the corridor. Maria wanted so badly to ask where they were going but had learned that asking questions was something that was just not done and her survival relied on following orders in silence.

Stella escorted Maria to an area she had not been to before that appeared to be a garage that housed four large limousines all placed in a row.

One of the limousines had all the doors and trunk open with perhaps four men waiting around it. Once the two women had reached the car Stella began to speak, "Ok, Maria you have been picked to accompany our transportation staff to pickup a new customer".

"The car is one of our pride and joys of development and has turned into quiet a sales tool for us". "You will never forget this ride hun".

As Maria stood silent one of the men flipped a page or two on the clipboard in his hands and announced, "OK he's an ass man according to our records, open the center bypass and bring the waist spacer". Maria listened and watched as the men busied about the car while one man went to retrieve something. Her attention was brought to the man returning with a black leather cushion matching the Limo interior that had a hole neatly upholstered into the center of it. The man walked directly to Maria and asked she hold her arms out to the sides as he unclipped a latch on its backside and rotated it open, he then placed it around her waist closing it tight below her ribs with the upholstered side down.

The men now immediately funneled her into the back set of doors into the Limo. Maria could now see her destination as a hole in the interior between the large back seats, as first her head then arms and upper body was drawn through by one man on each side of her and a man bending into the trunk that guided her arms. Before Maria knew what was happening her upper half was in the large trunk with two straps attaching each arm firmly to the floor and the interior piece around her waist was buckled into place with her lower half in the rear passenger compartment. Before closing the trunk lid Maria heard Stella say, "No gag, he likes to hear them sing".

Maria's eyes bulged out a bit at the prospect of what may happen to her poor pussy and ass at the hands of this special someone that liked to make a woman sing.

Maria's thoughts were interrupted now by her left leg being pulled just slightly out to the side and strapped down to the side of one armrest only to groan out loud in the dark trunk as her right leg was hoisted painfully up and out then strapped tightly to the top of the opposite seats headrest, splitting her painfully wide open and causing her back to arch while her nipples now rested on the carpet of the trunk.

As they drove Maria could feel someone's head using her right calf as a head rest and her left calf as an armrest while every so often someone would slap her ass or tease her tight inner thigh muscles. The position was the ultimate humiliation for Maria, being converted into part of the Limo's interior for this group of sick individuals.

The ride was long and Maria found herself losing track of time as the two men rubbed her ass and played with her pussy, ever so often dipping a finger or two into her warm wet sex as if to test whether or not she was responding, or perhaps to keep her on edge as they drove.

Finally the Limo stopped and she could hear muffled talking and the coolness of the air coming in the doors as new people entered the Limo. A new head now rested back on her right calf totally devoid of hair as a woman now sat on the other side running her long nails up and down her other calf. All the sensations were too much for Maria's mind as the thought of this new couple she had not even seen were now inspecting her open sex and ass while she heard them talk idle chat. Without warning a large set of hands began to explore her open ass, pussy and inner thighs as a woman's fingernails could be felt every so often grazing her clit and scratching her left leg starting at the juncture of her pussy and traveling all the way down to her toes. Maria squirmed now in her bonds as she became overwhelmed by all the sensations happening at once.

All at once the woman's hands were gone as the mans now roughly worked Maria's pussy in every conceivable fashion, pulling her lips, rubbing her clit and dipping first one then two then more fingers deep inside her. Maria groaned out loud as she began to have a powerful orgasm, her hips bucking with all the movement her bonds would allow. Maria was then let down slow by the sensation of emptiness and the absence of contact from any and all hands that had rocketed her just moments prior to sexual abandon and gave way to her mind to contemplate what would happen next as she took deep breaths to regain her composure while staring blindly into the darkness of the Limo's trunk.

The driver and two other men watched the monitor intently depicting the goings on in the passenger area of the Limo as they drove on.

The camera was concealed high and off to the side of the rear compartment and offered a good view of the activities that the couple were up to centering around Maria's open Sex and ass. The most striking aspect of the camera's view was the sharp contrast in Maria's light skin emerging from the black leather interior as well as the compromising position in which her legs had been put in, opening her in the most vulnerable of ways to anyone in the compartment. The woman, an older attractive woman with long black hair, light skin and wearing a tight leather jump suit had now repositioned herself to the center seat directly facing Maria's upturned, widespread ass and was struggling to stretch on a long set of latex gloves over each hand and forearm. The large bald man sat and watched closely as the woman now worked a thick jell into both gloved hands, working the fingers of one hand into the other than working the jell up each glove to the end near her elbows than back down.

"What a beautiful ass she has, Ae Rodrik, such a fine ass." The woman said to the man as she began to work both hands up and down Maria's wide spread ass, smearing the thick jell from the top of her ass near her lower back and then around to the top of her pussy over her clit.

The man then leaned his face in close to her open sex, resting his ear now on Maria's thigh and said, "Make her sing for me Clareek, I want to hear all of her confessions".

"Patients my dear Rodrik, she will tell all".

Maria's eyes and mouth were wide open now as she felt the contact of the cool latex gloves covered in jell, knowing well her defenseless pussy and ass would be used in any way the man and woman felt fit. Maria then flexed and yelped out load as the woman drove one long finger into her ass and began to move it around, stretching her muscles at her most private opening.

Then another finger was added as Maria sounded out, "Nooooooo, NO Please NO".

The man could hear her clearly through the thin wall separating the trunk from the passenger compartment and now placed one hand on top of her lower back and the other on her flexing belly as he watched the woman's hand closely, taking in every second of the young woman's ass being deflowered.

Clareek now worked yet again another finger inside Maria's tight ass and worked them straight in and out until the fourth had popped through the tight hole as she now formed a cone with the four fingers, pressing inward as Maria cried out, "Oh GOD, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK,EEEEeeeeeeeeeeee".

"She is very tight Rodrik, very tight, she will sing well for us soon".

Clareek used the four finger cone and the strength of her fingers to continue to open Maria's ass then eased her thumb into the group and held it there pushing now with constant pressure inward with only her knuckles now outside her ass hole surrounded by a large deposit of jell.

Maria was panting loud enough for the couple to hear as they smiled and waited for her muscles to give up and let Clareek's hand continue on its journey into her ass.

Time was on couple's side as the woman kept a constant pressure inward, letting Maria's muscles peak in resistance then slowly break down as little by little her hand would move inside of Maria's stretched ass hole. Finally without any significant noise or movement from Maria, Clareek's fist disappeared inside the young woman's ass and her tight ass hole closed instantly around the older woman's thin wrist, taking with it the excess jell and creating a tight ring of pink flesh. Rodrik smiled as he felt Maria shaking in his hands and said to Clareek, "Work her now, work her good".

Clareek then began to start the process over step by step with Maria's pussy as the noise from the trunk rattled the interior of the Limo, "EEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeee, GOD, NO, NO, NO, NO, FUCK, EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee".

Maria's pussy was no match for the second slick latex gloved hand of Clareek as the older woman's fist slipped easily past the tight opening and became buried deep in the young woman's womb. "She is holding me so tight Rodrik, so tight, such a good girl she is right now", the older woman said as she let Maria take the full weight of her arms as she leaned towards her to adjust the angle of entry into the young woman.

Maria was momentarily silent now as the older woman felt every breath she took through the tight muscles surrounding both her forearms. The man now moved his hands all about Maria's legs, stomach and upturned ass noting her stiff resolve brought on instinctively by the total filling of her most private openings by the older woman's two arms.

The bald man then began to spank Maria's ass on first one cheek and then the other while the older woman started to alternate moving her fists ever so slightly, first out then back in of each opening. Before long Maria could be heard again screaming, "Ohgod, ohgod, ohgod, ohgod, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Eeeeeeee, Nonononononononnononon, FUCK, GHuuuuuuuuuuu, GRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" as the older woman adjusted her speed with Maria's diminishing muscle tone.

The men up front stared on at the monitor as they watched the Man now attack Maria's clit with his right hand while using the other to molest her tight openings stretched around the woman's wrist and forearm.

One man reached down to lower the volume only to realize Maria could still be heard screaming even without the assistance of the microphone near the Camera in the passenger compartment.

The men watched as the bald man produced a devise similar to a large flat plastic spoon, a wand of some sort, and worked it up into the top of Maria's pussy next to the woman's forearm, to rest firmly against Maria's Gspot, then flipped a switch on the end to activate it.

As the man roughly slapped upwards on Maria's clit with one open hand while moving the wand slightly in and out with the other, a stream of Maria's cum began to spray back towards the end of the wand as well as splattered in all directions off of the man's hand slapping her clit. "She is singing and dancing for us Rodrik, such a good girl she is to sing and dance so well for you and I my love".

Maria's leg muscles now tested the resolve of the restraints as both the older woman and man moved about to match the radical movement of the young woman's ass as she bucked and wailed in her endless orgasm.

This would play out to be the couples game for the remainder of the trip, forcing Maria to continue having orgasms to the point of losing all control of her bodily functions while teaching her to communicate through tightening and loosening her muscles around the two forearms buried deep inside her now.

The men up front had never witnessed the style of torture they were now being witness to as the woman played games exploring new depths inside Maria's bowels and reached untouched territory deep inside her womb, while the man molested, massaged the stretched the outer rings of her pussy lips and ass hole.

The men watched on as one of them now said, "Only a woman can work another woman that way boys" as they watched the older woman find new ways to manipulate Maria's pussy. The woman had withdrew the hand in Maria's pussy only to replace the latex glove with a black lace fingerless glove, then slowly reinserted it just far enough to slowly open her hand over Maria's G spot, placing it in the center of her palm.

The woman then moved her hand about to capture the rough pallet firmly in her palm as Maria began to spasm in a series of small jerks.

Maria's pussy lips were pulled outward in an odd fashion due to the woman's hand being semi flat inside of her now as the rough lace covered Maria's entire G spot, creating a sensation the young woman's body had no way of coping with and nature had never intended. This action by the older woman caused things to happen in Maria's body from her toes to her nipples as the quick spasms continued to repeat one after the other eventually causing the young woman to lose control of her bladder as the contractions in her pussy made obscene noises around the older woman's hand.

The sinister couple had taken a keen liking to Maria and intended to request her presence in their private suite for the entire duration of their stay while trying out the equipment that had been custom made just for them.

End ch.03

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