Maria Ch. 04


"Please Peter, lets go home, please," Maria asked plaintively. She felt so vulnerable driving around in just a slip. At least she wore panties but the slip was thin and far too short to be seen in outside. Dominating her thoughts was the idea of how embarrassed she would be if someone familiar saw her. If they spotted her dressed like a tramp, with this young man, the cruel gossip would do incalculable damage to her reputation.

Peter had blackmailed and humiliated her with the intention of bringing down the office bully. He had meant to tame her just a little to give everyone an easier life in the office but it went too far when he had sex with her. It didn't seem as though he need mention the threat to her job anymore. She was going along with whatever he wanted, for the moment.

He also found she became hot under the threat of exposure. Peter had heard about exhibitionists and he was quickly learning what turned her on. The hotter she got the less self-control she had, allowing him to take charge. At eighteen he wasn't an experienced adult so controlling a beautiful mature woman like this was a fantastic adventure.

At first he wanted to punish her for all those times he was put down by adults and students in a class above him. Now he was simply enjoying playing with a sexed up female.

"Just turn in here," Peter told her.

With a firm hand on the wheel there was little choice but drive into the parking lot. The convenience store was as in a downtrodden part of town adding to her nervous state. At least the store looked empty, of customers anyway.

"You'll be alright he's a friend of mine," Peter told her. He walked around the car to open her door. She sat staring at the shabby store front not wanting to get out.

"Please Peter, let's just go home," she protested.

He grabbed a wrist and pulled her out of the car. Not wanting to draw attention by making a fuss she said nothing more, with the intention of getting it over with as quickly as possible. He was determined to show her off to his friend so it would have to be endured. Maria looped her arm through his to walk close alongside him hoping the lack of clothing wouldn't be noticed.

"Don't forget, you're my girlfriend. Just do as I say and we can leave, Ok?"

"Sure, whatever you say, Peter," Maria answered. She wanted to tell him to make it quick only she knew he would embarrass her all the more.

"Hi Andy, meet Maria, what do you think?" he asked.

Andy didn't know what to say. The way she was dressed indicated she wasn't his aunt. She looked more like one of the prostitutes that came in for condoms. "Hi!" he said, nodding with a non-committal expression.

"Go get us some snacks and stuff," Peter told her. As she turned he slapped her bottom with a hand up the short slip.

Maria scuttled off to find a quiet out of the way corner to hide in. It was terrible knowing he was going to brag about her to his friend. Knowing how gross two eighteen year olds could be she definitely didn't want to hear their smutty talk.

"So it's her? You actually went through with it!" Andy exclaimed. "Wow!" he laughed. Watching her trip down the aisle to the back of the store was far more exciting knowing his friend had her at his mercy.

"That is just awesome. You got her to dress up like that! Wow! What's next?" Andy asked, with a look of admiration on his face.

"Not sure, you got any ideas?" Peter asked his friend.

Andy shrugged though he wanted to ask if he could borrow her for the night. When she got to the far corner he remembered the new stock on a rack behind her. He nodded his head in her direction. "We've got a new range of tights, you could get her to try them on," he said.

Peter didn't look interested, so he added. "The ones that fit all over, she could wear one instead of that dress," he leered suggestively. He almost told his friend they were popular with the street walkers but that might put him off.

"You mean a body stocking?" Peter asked.

"Yea, that's it, real tight," he confirmed. "Can you get her to wear stuff, like anything you want?" he said, with an obvious dare lighting his face. He had sold a few but could only imagine what they looked like on a voluptuous female body.

Peter walked down the aisle, picked a package from the rack and found Maria. Hustling her into the back-room didn't take as much effort as expected, but then he guessed she was happy to get out of the way in case a customer walked in.

"Some tights, try them on," he told her. "Here, give me the dress," Peter said. Before she could protest he had it up over her head.

Standing in her shoes, panties and nothing else, she covered her breasts. Apprehensively she looked toward the door fearing a show had been arranged for his friend. Peter had the garment unwrapped so she quickly pulled it up her legs. It was more than a pair of tights, it was a body stocking. At least it would be better than nothing under the slip.

He helped her pull it up, which was needed, as it was so tight. Maria figured his friend said something offensive about the skimpy little dress, so now he wanted to cover her up. At least with this on under the slip she wouldn't feel so vulnerable.

It felt way too small. When stretching it over both shoulders it was pulled tight between the cheeks, almost cutting her in two in front. He took her by the hand toward the door where she pulled back. "My slip!" she said, with an anxious whisper.

"You don't need that now, you're completely covered up," Peter told her, with a roguish smile.

"Its too tight," she started to say then looking down at her breasts she gasped. "I need to cover up." It was all she said before emerging into the brightly light store. Even without a mirror she could tell how the thin stretchy fabric clung to her body. She could feel it revealing every feminine curve. The light flesh colour made it look obscene.

With her free hand she covered her mouth stifling a yelp at being pulled into the store. The indignity of being paraded in a public place so exposed was shocking. The swell of her breasts was undisguised and her nipples were clearly protruding through it.

Maria was so taken with fright she meekly followed him through the store unable to look up in case there was anyone there.

At the far end of the store he stopped her before an old scratched mirror. She couldn't help looking at the image carefully, however embarrassing it was. She gasped, putting a hand to her mouth. A cursory glance would suppose she was naked. A stare would unmistakably discover protruding lips between her legs in the folds of the thin stretchy material.

If she had been wearing body pain it could not have been more revealing. The material had pulled between them separating her lips into a lewd presentation of a once private place.

Seeing his friend over her shoulder in the reflection she suddenly tensed. Her whole body shook and the slightest movement was plain to observe. Her breasts jiggled but were held in place with artful stitching and material reinforcement under them. It was designed to be worn under a slinky dress, not on show in a public place.

"Nice ass," Andy commented. Although she was a mature woman his reticence disappeared on seeing Peter's obvious demonstration of power over her. Peter had dressed her like a whore. Andy didn't need to treat her with the respect a powerful business-woman demanded if she bent to Peter's will so easily.

Maria felt their eyes all over her body taking in every detail and it was all on show. She didn't need to turn t the mirror to see her rear for she could feel how tight the bodysuit fitted between the cheeks. If felt as though it had been pulled up into her asshole. Andy could see it, as well as everything else, as he looked over her shoulder into the mirror.

Peter pumped her rump marvelling at the effect of the spandex gripping her ass. Her cheeks bounced a little but were held firmly in place. Andy joined in so both young men were bouncing her cheeks. If she had, or could get the keys to the car, she would have sprinted for it and driven home, despite the consequences.

Maria wanted to sob at this latest indignity. She could feel herself opening up! Looking into the mirror she could see it all happening. She had been tense and defensive yet now, it was clear to see, her pussy lips were swelling. Her last vestiges of privacy were lost. It was as though her inner most secrets were on display for all to see.

"Walk up and down," Peter told her.

Like a new toy the adolescent's watched every movement as she walked up and down the isle. Every muscle of her body was on show. They commented on her body with lavish compliments. They observed the bounce of her large breasts, the long legs flexing, a cute ass, and most embarrassing of all, how distended her pussy lips were.

However wrong it felt she couldn't help reacting to the bawdy comments. She began to sashay, wiggling her hips just a little, feeling her bottom wriggling in its tight confines. It was the shame that kept her under his control rather than the blackmail but she couldn't break out of the vicious circle.

The humiliation was heating her up making her more ashamed of herself and less able to fight back. While so vulnerable he controlled her, escalating the humiliation, which aroused her further so she became all the more susceptible to him. It was a terrible vicious circle she must escape before something dreadful happened.

The bell rang announcing customers. A big beefy man walked in with a young girl. She was about nineteen, dressed in a micro mini and skimpy halter top. The heavily plastered makeup alone announced her profession. He was nearer Maria's age. He wore plenty of gold with dark shades so as not to be blinded by its gaudy exuberance. He bobbed as he walked as though he had a Turkey stuffed up his shirt.

Maria shrunk behind Peter feeling so much worse at the sight of the young woman. She was a hooker yet Maria was showing off her body more lewdly. "Get me back in the storage room, please!" Maria whispered to Peter.

"Ok, let's go down the other aisle," he suggested.

They met Andy standing at the counter before they could pass into the back-room. "Hold on a minute," Andy said. "You guys, this is it," he called out, beckoning to the two customers.

Andy took a hold of her wrist preventing her from escaping unless she made a fuss. Breathing heavily from anxiety she kept her head down in shame not wanting to be there, especially dressed so provocatively.

"I'm taking her to get changed," Peter told his friend.

"I can't sell that thing now. Who's going to pay for it?" Andy asked looking at them both. It was obvious she had nothing on her and Peter patted his empty pockets.

"You can earn it by modelling it to customers," Andy told her. His brisk tone halted Peter and he still had a tight hold of her wrist.

Maria looked from one to the other of the two young men. She didn't have the physical or mental strength to escape them.

This afternoon she had been a confident manager of over fifty staff, CEO of the Eastern Division, with a plush office in the most prestigious tower in the city. Now she was a bundle of nerves working for this young stranger, modelling a rude body-suit, in a shabby convenience store.

The two customers ambled over. The young woman looked Maria up and down with disdain. "You expect me to wear that?" she asked the man. "It's gross, and impractical," she pointed out.

Maria cringed in pain on hearing a whore reject what she was wearing as too explicit.

"What do you mean, impractical?" he asked. "Oh! Yea!" he laughed.

"You could open it up here," Andy said, with a hand on Maria's crotch. "Walk up and down, show them it in motion," Andy told her with a push setting her in motion.

"I like it, the John's can see what their getting. She's well behaved too, unlike some others that work for me," he said, with a sarcastic laden voice referring to the young woman.

She crossed her arms showing annoyance at having her opinion ignored.

Maria wanted to weep but continued to walk up and down. She looked for Peter but he had sloped off. Timidly she stopped by Andy not knowing what to do now Peter had deserted her. How could she run away into the night wearing this lewd body stocking as anyone stopping would only want one thing, her.

"I like the look of this, how much you want for her?" the man asked.

The young woman turned her head toward him like a mantis eyeing up prey, saying nothing, letting the angry expression speak for her.

"She's booked for the night," Andy said.

Maria cringed at Andy's defence as he had just told them she was a whore. She wanted to run but was frightened of the woman and so terrified of the man she couldn't bring herself to speak, let alone move.

"I meant buy her, to work for me," he laughed quietly. It was nothing like a sound of pleasure, more like a vibrant snakes hiss only deeper. "She shouldn't be working here, this area it's mine. I'll take her off your hands," he growled.

The man mentioned a large sum to Andy which brought Maria's attention back to them. Understanding of what the pimp meant slowly crept into her head like a dark shadow leaving her mind cowering in a corner. She looked at Andy with eyes wide trying to catch his attention. She glanced at the door wondering why she didn't just walk away from these nasty people.

Her legs refused to move. Her mouth hung wide as though she were the village idiot. Her mind emptied of all thoughts leaving an understanding of just two devastating facts. This man wanted to pay for her, to buy her, to work as his prostitute! The second fact was the most devastating. Andy was overawed by the amount of money being offered and was considering it!

Maria looked at Andy imploring him to refuse. From her silence the powerful man thought Andy had some hold over her as a pimp would. It wasn't Andy that stopped her screaming at them or running away. It was this new condition that afflicted her; becoming helpless from humiliation, unable to function.

She could understand the man buying an asset that would earn him a return but she wasn't for sale. The very thought of being purchased as a sex object was absolutely degrading and still more disturbing was how aroused she had become.

She felt like a fragile little thing ready to be broken underfoot. The powerful feelings of arousal and shame overcame her moral fibre leaving her so very vulnerable. She was convinced this powerful man could dominate her and lead her away to a life of debauchery. She was ready to plead with Andy to save her. He was her only hope.

Being completely dependent upon Andy she resorted to speaking to him as she would have done to Peter. "Please sir," Maria mumbled.

They all looked at her. They didn't see a powerful business woman who dominated an office full of staff, efficiently running a prosperous division of a national corporation. They saw a pathetic whore who could be easily manipulated and controlled.

"Don't worry girl I won't put you on the streets. I'll rig you out in expensive clothes for executives on expense accounts, in my whorehouse," the pimp told her.

His predatory smile brought on a cold shiver down her backbone. The young woman looked at her with contempt and envy. Andy looked at her in awe thinking about the amount of money he would gain.

Maria imagined the ignominy of serving her body to executives from head office. Even her staff could make use of her in a brothel! In an aroused state she would be unable to refuse anything the customers wanted, always ready to perform the most contemptible of sexual acts.

Peter came up and stood right behind Maria placing his hands firmly on her shoulders. He was well out of his depth having never been this close to a hooker and her pimp before. Peter raised his shoulders, took a deep breath, and pushed out his chest to stand taller. This pimp wasn't having his Maria for the night.

Andy caught the tension and looked at his friend. He didn't want a fight to break out, messing up the place, as the boss would take any damage out of his wage. Besides, Peter wouldn't stand a chance against this street experience man.

"Sorry, I didn't know this was your area, she's going now anyway," Andy said. He tried not to sound nervous but the tremble in his voice was clear.

Peter new nothing of the violence these people lived by so he was ready to brazen it out. He took Maria's wrist, twisting her toward the door, almost dragging her out of the store.

They sped away with Peter driving this time. He was furious not knowing if it were him, Andy or the pimp he was most angry with. He couldn't look at Maria. His eyes focused on the dark road back into town.

Maria couldn't get out of her mind how close she had come to spending the rest of her life as a whore. Spending everyday performing for strangers was a terrifying thought, but now safe, it was becoming such an overpowering arousal she couldn't waist to get home.

"Thank you Peter," she simpered, with rapid little breaths. She undid the seat belt and leaned over into his lap. Pulling his cock from the jeans she kissed it gently. The head rapidly expanded with a hand stroking his balls and the other gripping the lengthening cock.

She slurped noisily over the head of his cock oblivious to how things had changed. Earlier while driving she had reluctantly let him put his head in her lap. She licked the full length of his dick down to his balls to tenderly take them into her mouth. They hardened like huge walnuts.

She licked and kissed up its length to the tip which she sucked on for a moment to tease it into full manhood. She pushed her pursed lips over the head of his cock purposely making it a tight fit. Gripping the fattening cock with her lips she pushed down its length feeling it hitting the back of her throat.

Unable to bring her self to swallow it she began to run her head back up to start a rhythmic head bobbing.

The car bounced off the road hitting the dirt with the suspension screeching and only just recovering from the sudden diversion. They came to a rest with the engine stalled, ticking loudly, in a cloud of dust swirling about in the dark.

Maria had his cock suddenly thrust down her throat and was now choking, unable to breath.

Next thing she knew they were both over the seats into the back fighting for a tenable position, clawing at what was left of their clothes. A hole was torn in the crotch of the body stocking and at last she felt him enter.

He thrust in powerfully without the least restraint blissfully unaware of how easily he took her. As the hardness touched her lips she absorbed it into her body as though he were feeding her starving body. They fell to a frantic rhythm desperate for satisfaction.

The lights of cars passing went unseen. Their eyes were screwed up tight as though concentrating on the most important thing in the world, as though their lives depended upon it. She moaned in syllables of delight while he grunted out-breaths of sound.

It seemed like only seconds but it was many minutes of effort, the heat steaming up the windows, until they fell exhausted. They clamped each other tight in desperation to become one being.

He lay in her arms with his face pressed into her breasts. She held onto him with both hands holding tight. For some time they lay there murmuring to each other unintelligible sounds that they both understood perfectly well.

Eventually they surfaced. Peter handed her the dress he grabbed earlier from the back-room. With glowing faces they pulled themselves together. It was a struggle to clamber over the seats in their weakened state but neither of them wanted to leave the little world that had been created between them.

"I'll drive home and get some clothes," Peter told her. There had been no need to discuss where they were bound for. This was just a necessary diversion on the way to her house, her bed. Something had been started that needed completing, maybe never finishing, and needing further exploration.

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