tagFetishMaria the Witch Ch. 03

Maria the Witch Ch. 03


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Maria and my mom had their tongues shoved down each other's mouths in the back seat of the car.

"Just drive onto the freeway, I'll tell you when to turn!" yelled Maria to me, one hand down my mom's dress and the other creeping up the backside.

My mother was letting Maria do all this to her, and reciprocating strongly, maybe because she was horny, maybe because she had been yearning for a girl for years, maybe because she was drunk, and last of all, maybe because Maria was a sexy dark magic enchantress who could command any mortal with her finger tips.

I kept glancing into the rearview mirror as I drove; unable to keep myself was watching the entwined couple behind me. My mom was entirely engrossed with the supple body around her, but Maria let herself look up, catch my glance, and smile mischievously.

Maria shouted out directions to me in the short bursts when her lips weren't engulfed around my mom's. The car ended up at a club district I had never been to. It wasn't as if I never partied, but I had never even heard of this area. Nevertheless, the clubs were flooded with guys and girls, drinking and dancing the night away.

I parked the car and Maria led the way, holding my mother's hand and walking briskly. I had to run to follow her and she dragged my mom through the bustling crowd. Eventually, we got to the doorsteps of a swanky modern looking club with blue lights and a big black bouncer.

The bouncer looked up and down at Maria and my mom in their sexy evening dresses.

"You two ladies can go right in," he said quickly, "But the dude over here, we already got too many guys in there. No entry."

My mom threw herself onto the man.

"Please let my son in," she pleaded, "We just want to go in and have some fun!"

Her tits shoved up and out of her top, nearly bursting through. The bouncer was clearly entranced by the sight, but stood firm.

"You look young and sexy for a mom, but no. Now come in or step away."

My mom looked back at us, asking with her eyes what we should do. Maria looked as if she was about to intervene, but stopped.

"Go on inside, we'll meet you in," she said. Grabbing me, she added, "Come on, let's go." She led me to the uninhabited side of the building.

"We can just find another club, or go home," I suggested. I was tired.

"No, we're going in," she said to me, "Just hold on."

She came up close to me so that I could smell all the alcohol on her breath. She took her right hand and put it on the top of my head, then slapped her left hand onto my ass.

"What are you doing?" I asked, but I quickly realized. Slowly but surely, Maria's two hands closed together, and I shrank and shrank down until I was just a little figure sitting in the palm of the witch's hand.

"Holy shit," I said, Maria holding my tiny body up to her eye level. I was the size of her pinky nail, the size of her white front teeth.

"We couldn't just go home?" I asked, sitting in her palm. She was holding me right up to her sexy pink lips. She ran her tongue over them deviously.

"Of course not, baby. I got to fuck your mommy good tonight, and this is all part of the foreplay."

With that, she plucked me down into her dress, letting me rest in the deep valley of her cleavage. I sat beneath the cloth of her dress, but I was so small, that if I used my phone as a light, I could see through the material and have a view of what was in front of me.

"Hope you're comfortable in my tits, little guy," the witch said.

I dug my hands into the flesh around me. Maria's chest was so soft and inviting.

When we got inside, she was moving so fast that everything was just a dark blur. The tit flesh beneath my body was wobbling as Maria waded through the club. My cock was getting hard in my tiny pants as I felt up Maria's delightful bosom.

Dizzy and nauseous, I stuck my head up out of Maria's shirt to see out into the club. It was a dark room with blue lights and red glow sticks on everyone's necks. It took a second to get adjusted to the room, but I noticed right in front of me was my mom. She was wearing a real skimpy outfit: a tight brown tank top that was riding up her stomach and that exposed most of her big tits to the club. She was dancing wildly, her hair swaying around her face. All she had beneath her waist was a tiny black skirt that was six inches too short. With every sway of her mesmerizing body, the skirt flew up and exposed more of my mom's body.

As I was staring amazed at the sight of my erotic mother, a big wet splash soaked my head and dripped down my body. I looked up surprised to see Maria's big pouty lips, red and fleshy. She was staring right ahead at my mom's body and drooling down thick globs of saliva! I rubbed myself dry on her soft white boobs, making them slippery with her own wet spit.

Soon, I realized that Maria's body was moving closer and closer to the hypnotic sight of my mom. The big shaking tits of my mom were coming closer and closer to where I lay in Maria's. I couldn't hear anything but the loud music as my mom wrapped her sweaty arms around Maria's neck and sensually pressed her body against her. For Maria, this meant a whole lot; she could rub her hands around my mom's neck, squeeze her supple sides and grab her barely covered ass. For me, this only meant one thing: my mom's big sweaty titties were pressed right up against me.

Maria's boobs were soft, slippery, and round, but they were nothing compared to my mom's. The heft and weight my mom carried in each of her magnificent breasts was more than considerable; the exposed bouncy cleavage simply lifted my body up and out of Maria's chest and left me firmly planted between my mom's jiggling hooters.

As my hands groped around me for placement so that I didn't fall down to the floor to be crushed, I began to feel uncomfortable. The weight of my little body pressed down into my mom's breasts and I could feel their buoyancy. I didn't want to touch my mom's tits but with every inch of my body pressed in her deep cleavage, it wasn't like I had a choice. As I looked down at the height I would have fallen, I began to feel relieved that my mom's tits were such a spacious place to sit.

As she backed away, I got a good look at Maria dancing. Like my mom, her clothes had changed too. She was in a tight striped tank top, short turquoise shorts, and long netted leggings that showed off her sexy legs. I was entranced staring at the swaying pale white body of Maria with her tits shaking around in her shirt, but then I looked closer at her tiny booty shorts and saw the distinct thick outline of her big meaty cock. Her eyes, which were glued to the sexy sight of my mother, didn't even notice my little head sticking out of my mom's boobs.

Maria came closer to my dancing mom and grabbed her, the two of them heading to the bar. I clung to my mom's body to avoid falling out of her shirt. At the bar, my mom pressed her elbows down on the wood and squished her tits together with her arms, coyly giggling to the bartender.

I felt the pressure on my sides as I slid deeper into her cleavage until it was pitch black. I yelled out, "Mom, mom! Your tits are killing me!" But she couldn't hear.

I struggled and slipped my body down and down her shirt until I felt my feet kick out of her underboob. Sliding my body through my mom's cleavage, I clung to the cloth of her shirt as I emerged. Finally, I took a seat in my mom's concave belly button, sitting in the nook of her flat tan stomach and peeking out of the shirt that was exposing her midriff very cleanly.

Drink in hand, Maria was moving again, taking my mom with her. Soon, they were back on the dance floor and I was holding on for my life. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a new foreign sight. It was a big rough hand, grabbing my mom's midriff with its thick sausage fingers. Its palm was an ashy white, but I could tell that the dark side was a jet-black color, and that this man who was groping my mom's sides and ass was a black man.

Maria moved in towards the man with his hands all over my mom and I could see a hand reach out from behind my mom and wrap around Maria too.

"Let's go, ladies," said the deep billowing voice, and he grabbed the bodies of the two women and took them away. I crawled out of my mom's shirt and clung to the outside; I could see his meaty hands grabbing both my mom and Maria's sides.

As they all headed towards a door at the back of the club, I managed to swing off my mom's body and land on the waistband of the man's Nike shorts. I clung to the shoestring elastic tie, and as I swung, I could see the swaying hips of my mom with that thick black hand caressing her behind. On the other side, it was Maria's long net-stocking legs, with those striking aqua shorts and huge cock bulge.

The tie slowly stopped swinging and I settled down slightly below the waist of this encroaching black man. I tried to crawl up the string but it was too thick, and so I grabbed the mesh of the pants and let go.

Holding onto the groin of the black man's pants, I realized what exactly I was touching. My hands, which were grabbing on so as not to fall, was really grabbing the covered warm fleshy soft cock of this preying black man. As I surveyed up and down his shorts, I realized that his bulge was as considerable as Maria's, and that the cock that I now clung to for my life would soon be penetrating the pussy of my mother right next to him!

Stretching out my shrunken arms as wide as I could, I was able to get my body entirely around the girth of his swinging cock and crawl up the outside of his pants back to his waistband. From there, I leapt from his veiny hot penis all the way to the pulsing tip of Maria's aquamarine-covered cock.

Having already climbed up the man's penis, it didn't take much for me to latch onto the thick bulge of Maria's pants and get myself up to her shirt. From there, I slipped up belly and made my way through her underboobs and back into her cleavage.

By now, we were already in the club's private back room, with a big circular couch and bottles of champagne. Maria's body threw itself onto the couch as the black man and my mom situated themselves on the other end. He was pouring champagne into three glasses while my mom curled her hot full body up against his muscular frame, smiling deviously.

"Hey!" I yelled up to Maria from her cleavage, but if she could hear me she didn't show it. I tried to climb up her chest but her slippery soft boobs just slid me right back to her cleavage.

It was then that I had an idea. Lifting up Maria's shirt, I groped down her pale tits until I found her round pink nipple, hardening at the sensual sight of my mother's feminine body across the room. Using all my arms and legs, I pressed up against the nipple, licking it and humping it and pushing my soft little erection right up against it. Maria's body began to pulse and squirm as I played with her.

"Hey little man," bellowed Maria, picking me up out of her shirt and bringing me up to her eye level, "You shouldn't be doing any of that."

"Thank god! You have to unshrink me; can't you see what that black man is going to do to my mom? I get that you like to fuck them, and you want to fuck her, but why would you let him penetrate my mom with his big meaty cock?"

"Relax," said Maria, "It's not like it's any of your business anyway. Your mom is in her own little sexual heaven right now; she will fuck anything with a big cock. And by the looks of how she is purring up against that man, she wants his dick right now."

"Please, Maria! This wasn't part of the deal. You said the only one who would defile my mom would be you! Use your magic, make it stop!"

Maria smirked at me in a way that made me uncomfortable. She licked her lips with her bright pink tongue, and with her pinching up right to her face it was almost as if she was about to open her lips and swallow me whole.

"Okay," she said, "I won't let his black cock fuck her. But hold on tight."

"What do you me--" I tried to say, but quickly she swung down her hand with me still in it and reached down the waist of her tight blue shorts.

Inside Maria's pants, it was dark and warm and she quickly rubbed up against her big fleshy cock. She squeezed its bulbous head and stuck me right at the sticky hole at the tip of her enormous magic penis. I clung to the pink and purple flesh of her penis as she removed her hand, and the tight blue linen of her shorts pressed my face and body right into her cock. From here, I could see that though Maria was a beautiful pale shade of pinkish white, her cock was a purple and black monster like from the depths of Africa.

"Sit down," she said in a deep voice to the black man, pressing her delicate hand against his chest. As she did so, he immediately fell back into the couch, his arms falling away from where he was beginning to undress my mother's eager body. It was clear by the docile noises he was making that Maria's touch had been a pleasurable magic.

Maria unbuttoned her blue shorts and slid them down her long pale legs. With her hardening black cock exposed to the room, I could suddenly see my mother with her tank top half off her shoulders and slobber down the side of her neck.

When my mom saw the size of Maria's new and even huger black cock, her eyes bugged out. She was looking right in my direction, at the giant black penis that Maria was now swinging around triumphantly as I dizzyingly stuck to the precum at the mushroom head's slit. She swung the thick lengthy member right into my mom's face, slapping her warm body with it and rubbing it against her sweaty excited tits. From the tip, I could see my mom's flesh come forward and recede as Maria casually humped her body.

Maria's cock was rock hard and it steadied out my vision. I could see the black man sitting pleased on the couch watching, his own long black cock out in the open and solid. He was slobbering into his hand and stroking its length at the sight of Maria slapping my mom with her cock.

The cock soon began coming closer to my mom. I could see Maria's hands reach down and slip off the last remaining threads of my mom's tank top: now my mom's tits were bare and just millimeters from my face and Maria's threatening hard cock. The cock surveyed my mother, waving down her gorgeous curvy body and pointing right at the tiny black miniskirt that covered her glistening pussy.

My mom's delicate hands were shaking with desire and anticipation, and they slowly lifted up the black cloth of the miniskirt until my mom was flashing open her bare exposed pussy. It was shaved, youthful and tight looking, with a ton of sticky excited lubricant dripping out and down her thighs.

"Look at that pussy!" yelled Maria, smacking her lips crudely, and the black man's deep voice cried out, "Damn!"

Maria steadied her cock, which was hard as steel at this point and eagerly ready. I clung to the firm member with worry as Maria's body began to come closer and closer to my mom's sopping wet pussy.

The cockhead on which I rested was hot as an oven, and it pulsed my body back with its furious rushing of blood. I was growing more and more sticky as the precum spewed out of the slit behind me, and Maria began to deeply laugh promisingly as she took the steps towards my mother's opening.

I saw my mom's sex grow bigger and bigger until I was literally pressing against it, and Maria shoved through and penetrated my mom easily, pushing her purple cockhead inside my mom's body and taking me with it. I was now literally inside my mom's sticky dripping pussy, and I felt her shiver and coil in pleasure as Maria shoved herself deeper into my mom.

Maria began to pull out her cock slowly, and with all the precum behind me I simply slipped down and fell to the floor of my mom's vaginal space. Pressing up against its walls, I watched the cockhead slip out and disappear from my mom's giant opening.

But just as soon as it left, Maria squeezed my mom's tits and grabbed her sexy hips and pounded right back into her. I was bombarded rapidly with Maria's violently penetrating cock; she was really slamming every inch of herself into my mom's body deep. The purple and black sex appendage rushed in and out of my mother so quickly that my tiny body grew quickly numb and I heard Maria's frenzied grunts and my mom's intense moaning and shaking.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" I heard my mom's cries go out as the cock viciously ravished her pussy and my sides.

"Quite bitch!" yelled the dominant Maria, grabbing my mom's body even tighter and slamming more deeply into her.

"Mhmmm, mhmmm, mhmmm!" moaned my mom, trying her hardest to muffle her ecstasy to obey Maria, but she was still clearly in pleasure.

The rhythm of Maria's solid cock ramming my mom's squishy insides echoed inside here, and I could hear my mom's moaning and the sounds of Maria's thick black balls slamming against my mom's ass and the equal slaps of the black man's hands as he viciously stroked his cock to the sight.

Maria's assaultive cock just kept pushing deeper and deeper into my mom such that I was continually pushed further and further back. After an hour of intense continuous moans from my mom, I was the full length of Maria's humongous cock inside of her.

"Hey big man," Maria's exhausted voice yelled as she continued to roughly push her full cock into my mom, "Want to join in?"

"What?!" I yelled from deep inside my mom's well-fucked twat, "You promised, Maria! You said he wouldn't be joining in!"

Of course, she couldn't hear me, but I wasn't surprised when not one, but two cocks were now simultaneously entering my mom's vaginal expanse. Side by side, the two long thick black cocks were simultaneously my mom's wet fertile body, with two sets of heaving black balls slapping against her ass. They were double penetrating my mom's tight wet cunt.

With two cocks entering her, I was pushed further deeper into her body. Maria's laughs and cries were dimmed lower and lower as the two rough cocks buried me deep in her sticky insides.

"Fuck this!" yelled Maria, "This is the shit! I'm going to cum!" The black man's cock disappeared from my mom's raw pussy, and the pressure of its exist sucked me forwards towards my mom's opening. Maria's cock head immediately pounded up against me, and began to ejaculate fiercely.

Maria's cock flooded my mom's pussy with cum, leaving me floating in a sticky white pool of salty cream. Maria's deep grunts were animalistic as I struggled to breathe and swim in the salty white jism. I strung along a jet of cum that was emerging from Maria's thick penis and managed to grab ahold of the purple round head of Maria's convulsing cock.

Maria pulled herself out of my mom's body, and finally outside in the fresh air, I could hear just how loudly my mom was moaning in sexual pleasure. Her body was sweaty and pulsing, and she was twitching and smiling in a look of pure dumb happiness.

As my mom's body shook in continuous orgasm, Maria's cock continued to spew it thick white present all over my mom's open body. With the next jet of cum I was blasted along with the white sticky gunk right onto my mom's tits, where a series of wads of cum blasted me further and glazed my mom's chest like she were a cookie being dunked in milk.

When Maria's convulsing wads began to diminish, she shoved her cock into my mom's mouth for cleaning, and the slutty young MILF licked Maria's purple head clean, savoring every drop of pungent thick jizz.

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