tagNonHumanMaria X Amira: Girl on Mamono Ch. 02

Maria X Amira: Girl on Mamono Ch. 02


Chapter 2: From pain to Pleasure

Maria thought back to that day, the day when her life changed so dramtically...

Sobbing as she ran fast as her legs would carry her, Maria clutched at the tattered remnants of her clothing, the upper portion of the dress barely covering her heaving breasts. Bruises covered her delicate arms with more dotting along her legs and thighs revealed through the tears upon the skirt of her dress. Tears streaked her face as she finally collapsed having been on the run for nearly an hour seeking escape from her tormentors, the unfamiliar woods around her causing her to panic a little more. She listened closely even as she labored to catch her breath, listening for the signs of any pursuit and sobbed a little still dreading the idea of them catching up to her. But no sounds of footsteps in the woods or voices echoed anywhere near her and she leaned back against the hill within the small clearing still crying.

"Not the kind of birthday I wanted to have, not the way to celebrate my 19th." Maria wiped the tears from her eyes, her heart still pounding deep within her chest and the bruises along her body aching even worse now. Slowly spreading her legs and pulling the hem of her dress up enough to look below, Maria began to cry even more as she took in the sight. Crusted cum and blood coated the lips of her pussy, some cum still dripping from within her the sight of it making her cringe slightly. "Mother, was this what you were trying to warn me about?"

Maria had never seen her mother, she had been abandoned as a child on the doorstep of the village she had just ran away from, the only thing left by her mother had been a strange note. It had simply said before she turned 19 to leave her village, to never go near any places where there was a large amount of people around and that was all there was. Growing up she had never understood what her mother could have meant, the people in the village were like family to her, they all loved her and she loved them dearly. Even the visiting Order Priests had examined her for any signs of being tainted by demon magic, but they found none so she ignored the note and its warning.

"I should have listened to you mother..." Today was supposed to have been a big day for Maria, her 19th birthday and the day she was sure her boyfriend Alic would propose for her hand in marriage yet the moment Maria woke up something felt different. She felt a heat radiating from deep within her body, focused deep within her pussy, and she was already dripping wet down there with her own juices. Soon Maria discovered after cleaning herself up and getting dressed, that something had truly changed within her for the moment she stepped out the front door her boyfriend was standing there waiting.

They greeted each other smiling as they normally did, but then something happened to Alic, his eyes started to become unfocused and then he suddenly lunged at Maria grabbing her. Maria screamed out of fright as Alic started to rip at her dress with lustful force and Maria could feel him grinding his hard cock against her making her scream out even more. A few villagers came over to try to help her, but the moment that they got close to Maria they started to change like Alic and two of them held down Maria while Alic shrugged off his own pants. Maria couldn't understand what was happening, why all these men whom had always been so friendly and kind to her were now trying to rape her, but her thoughts faded with a loud scream as Alic took her virginity with a wicked thrust.

Even as she begged him to stop, struggled against the tight grasp of the other men, Maria could see from the look in Alic's eyes he was not in his right mind and the only sounds he made were wild primative grunting as he rammed his manhood deep into Maria. Just as Maria felt Alic's cock throb within her and start pumping his essence into her, women from the village arrived pulling the men off Maria, but before she could thank them they began cursing at her. It seemed whatever effect she was having on the men was having the opposite effect on women as they threatned to kill her if they got their hands on her, so Maria ran even as men and women began to chase her.

"And now here I am, lost and alone in the woods..."

The red slime smelled it as it creeped towards the girl slowly, smelled what it needed to live, needed to grow what it had lost recently. Acting purely on instinct the two foot wide red slime slide throught the grass slowly, even though its target was female it sensed such potent sexual energy and smelled male cum it was worth attempting to trap her. It was weak right now though because of those that had hurt it, vauge memories of men dressed in robes, yes robes of that Order which hunted her kind. They had nearly destroyed it as they had her darling sisters she had just spawned only days ago, she was alone now a feeling of saddness still lingering.

When it's body had been shattered it escaped by splitting a portion of its slime and slipping through the floor boards, but now it was in desperate need for cum and sexual energy. Unable to find or trap any males for days had left it nearly starved and almost out of strength, but now it had a chance, this single chance to reform itself enough to where it could pursue males again. It was close enough to strike seeing that the girl was distracted with thought, her eyes busy examinging her surroundings and not aware of the tentacles reaching out to suddenly wrap around her legs.

"What the hell is this!?" Maria cried out as she struggled against the tight grasping cool feeling red slime that was now creeping up between and long her legs. The feeling was so weird but it actually felt good as it rubbed along her bruised legs but Maria was in no mood to be preyed upon by some slime monster. She pressed her hands roughly against it struggling to free herself but its grasp was tight as if it were one with her skin and she cried out even more as it continued to journey upwards to her exposed pussy. "No no no... Don't you dare go... THERE!"

The red slime vibrated with pleasure as it made contact with the first streaks of slightly dried cum on the girls legs, though it was a little stale, it provided a good start to it's recovery process. Some virgin blood was mixed in, a bonus it thought as its tentacles drew the main red slime mass up against the aching cum leaking folds of the girl's pussy instantly sucking up every single drop of cum it encountered. Sensing there was more cum to be found within the girl, the red slime wrapped itself around Maria's waist and pulsed as it began to push part of itself into Maria, probbing her. It found something it never expected though, the natural cream pouring from the girl carried even more potent sexual energy than the slime had ever tasted from any male. It was staggering the amount radiating from it and the slime knew instantly that it was that very energy which had drawn it here to this girl, a girl with enough sexual energy to allow for full recovery.

Maria gasped with pleasure unable to hold back the flood of sweet tingling sensations flowing from her pussy up along through her body. The red slime was being gentle, almost loving with they way it was pressing and rubbing around deep within Maria's body making her slowly stop fighting against it. She was tired from the struggles, tired from being taken, and even more tired from running for so long, too tired to care so she flopped onto her back. Moaning softly and breathing deeply with lust, Maria opens the tattered remains of her top stroking her breasts with her hands slowly as she enjoys the slimes movements within her. "At least I can have something that feels good happen to me today..."

"Feels.... good..." The soft voice made Maria sit up with fright for a moment and look around trying to figure out where it came from even as she felt the tentacles from the red slime moving up her body. There was no one else around and the next second she looked down to see a pair of shimmer golden red eyes set within the red slime looking back at her, a mouth just below them opening to speak once again. "I want... you... feels good."

"Who or what are you?" Maria had forgotten that slimes when they grew enough could talk and even grow to be very human like in some cases, but her train of thought was lost the moment the slime shifted rubbing her clit now. It was stimulating her to make her produce more of her potent cream and she could even see white streaks of her own essence fading into it as it began to grow larger.

"Who... lost... forgotten..." There was a slight saddness to those words, trigger something in Maria's heart making her want to reach out and pull the now five times larger red slime mass against her and cuddle it. A pair of tentacles reached up sliding along her body and for a moment she worried but they lightly stroked against her cheek and then moved down to rub along Maria's breasts. Arching her body to press her breasts up against the slime tentacles, feeling them now pulsing with warmth. One of them moved to the bruises along Maria's arms very lightly touching them then releasing a softer slick clear slime upon them and in moments the bruises began to heal. "Hurting bad... I hurt bad of lonely."

"I can understand that... I am lonely now myself." Maria moaned softly as the tentacles wrapped around her breasts, circling them and then attacthing to her nipples, covering the pink hard nubs then sucking upon them. The red slime mass was now nearly the size of Maria herself and she watched as it began to take a less blob like shape, morphing before her eyes into something new. In mere seconds it grew legs and arms shimmering in the low sunlight, the red shade of the slime growing deeper as it grows stronger, breasts now growing matching the size of Maria's own. When the face of the red slime fully formed Maria thought for a moment she was looking into a mirror as the red slime had taken her own features.

"I guess you really liked the way I looked huh?" Maria giggled unable to hold back how funny things had turned out and the red slime girl giggled with her almost exactly the same way even as it undulated deep within Maria's pussy still absorbing more of the thick sexual energy. Moaning loudly, Maria wrapped her arms around the slime and was surprised to find her legs were no longer hurting from the bruises, the same for her arms as the slime had healed her body. "Thank you for that... uh... well I don't know your name."

"I have never had a name... all I have known was feeding, pleasure, and breeding." The red slime smiled softly before pressing her sweet slick sticky lips to Maria's, feeling the human girl's body shaking with pleaure as it sticks slightly into her red slime. Never before has she feed from someone with such strong sexual energy, but now she can feel it slowly fading even as Maria orgasms strongly expelling the last of that sweet rich energy into the red slime.

"Oh yes! That was so good... I feel so much better now. Mmmm I think we may not have to worry about being alone anymore, but I will have to find a name for you my dear slime friend." Wrapping her arms around the fully figured slime, Maria feels them stick to the thick surface for a moment before sicking in slightly and she smiles holding the red slime close. "How about Amira, since you have choosen to look like me I took my name and rearranged the letters. My name is Maria and your name will be Amira."

"Amira.... Maria... Amira... Maria! I am Amira and you are Maria!" Amira smiled happily her red slime forming her cheeks turning a bright shade of red like a blush and she snuggled Maria with her arms and a pair of tentacles happily. The bond between them had been formed, though neither of them knew of it at the time, they felt it within their own souls as they held one another lovingly.

To be Continued...

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