tagNonHumanMaria X Amira: Girl on Mamono Ch. 03

Maria X Amira: Girl on Mamono Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Three's company...

"Such a nice day and the air smells so fresh..." Maria's smile was cheerful as she pleasantly hummed softly to herself as she exited the small house she lived in now placed along the edge of the woods. The scent of freshly cooked food still lingered within it making her smile even more as the breads and sweets she cooks to sell help provide her with everything. Closing the door behind her, Maria took a deep breath enjoying the refreshing feeling of the crisp forest air strolling her way down the path towards where Amira was waiting in their special spot. The thought of that lovely red slime only served to make the throbbing ache between her legs grow stronger and Maria felt her face blush with such lustful feelings.

But as she rounds a corner in the slightly hidden woodlands path, Maria gasps seeing a young man lying there clothed in nothing but tattered pants bruises dotting his upper body. His dark brown hair is a mess with some leaves and bits of dirt in it evidence of how long he had been there and the roughness of his beating. She moved closer to him even though she is slightly fearful still haunted by her fear of what her strange power might entice him to do and yet Maria felt drawn to him by his mere presence. Before she even realizes it, Maria is on her knees next to him, her golden eyes glancing over the young man taking in his injuries and breathing a sigh in relief at seeing he is not so bad off. She reached out slightly unsure of herself but taking in a sharp breath, touches his slightly tan colored chest and Maria can feel the heart beating softly under her hand. "Well at least you are alive... But I can't just leave you sitting here stranger, yet I don't think I can carry you back down this rugged path..."

"I can help you Maria..." Nearly jumping out of her dress from the sudden sound of the soft voice so close to her, Maria falls back against her butt and huffs at Amira the red slime slithering up to settle down next to her. Amira smiled at Maria, her red slime was a much healthier shade of deep red, brighter and lovelier than it had been when they first met so long ago. Her feminine figure had also filled out more and Amira could have sworn her breasts grew a little more each time they made love, not that Maria would complain about it. She had longed so much for Maria in her heart yet she feared leaving her small private hiding spot after what had happened to her in the past, but today she had finally decided to visit Maria's home. "I am sorry Maria... I was coming to meet you half way because, well, I missed you a lot and you told me I was always welcome in your home so I thought I would come visit you this time."

"Oh it's ok Amira... just don't sneak up on me like that my love..." Maria smiles throwing her arms around Amira, feeling the warm and the jelly like jiggle of the red slime, loving the comforting feeling she gets every time she embraces her. But when she hears a soft moan from behind her, they both turn to the young man still lying upon the ground then they look at each other. Amira moved herself behind Maria again, still somewhat fearful of other humans and Maria turned to her stroking Amira's cheek softly. "I found him here upon the path and it looks like someone or something attacked him, but I have the feeling that he is a good person so don't be afraid. Amira can you help me carry him to my house please, I can't just leave him out here alone in the woods like this."

"Oh ok... "Amira smiled slightly, at least she would get to visit Maria's house and spend time with her so she moved over to the young human male hesitating still for a moment. Then Maria pressed one hand upon Amira's shoulder while the other touched the young man as she smiled at Amira trying to show her that everything was fine. The moment that she did though a strange wave of pleasure and potent lustful desire flowed between them and Maria along with Amira gasped as if someone had just touched them intimately. The cheeks upon the man flushed slightly as if he was blushing while still unconscious and it brightened as Amira suddenly wrapped her red slime tentacles around him pulling his body against hers along with Maria's. "Mmm I can feel it... Such wonderful sexual energy flowing from you both..."

"What... Mmmmm what is this?" Panting slightly, Maria could feel the moistness of her nether region grow and the ache was now like a raging fire of lustful desire as Amira stroked her body. When she looked over to the man now drawn together with her against Amira she could easily see his arousal pressing against the front of his pants, so thick and long it was making a curved tent along the front of them. She touched it, stroking it through his pants without even pausing to think about it such was the strength of the sexual desire running through her and it became even stronger through the contact.

The young man's body stirred from the touching of the tentacles and of Maria's hand, his breathing becoming deeper almost lustful sighs with each moment the two women caressed him. There was a strange powerful aura flowing between the three of them, something stronger than just the one within Maria's body alone, as if together they were not only feeding each other but their sexual auras were growing together, becoming stronger with each passing second. For a moment Maria thought to herself that it was wrong to take advantage of the poor young man still passed out there but the next moment her hand slipped under his pants finally touching his heated manhood. Instantly his eyes opened revealing their deeply dark green coloring and he gasped with pleasure, surprising both Maria and Amira with his sudden activity. "I do not know who you girls are.... But please do not stop... This is the most amazing thing I have ever felt..."

Maria and Amira stare at him in shock, slightly confused that those would be his first words to them expecting a more frightened response from him, but when he says that they both happily paw at his pants to free the rest of his cock. As Amira uses her human like arms to start stroking his exposed cock, more of her slime moves along the body of the still hurt young man the warm slickness of her making him tremble more with desire as she begins slowly healing his bruises. Maria finally removes his pants revealing his well sized manhood, stroking its hot length slowly as she marveled at it having never had the chance to truly see one or touch one before now. Her last encounter with men had been the brutal rape so many months ago and in her heart she still held a fearful chill from that time but then she felt a hand stroking her cheek.

"It's ok... You don't have to be afraid of me and my name is Liric... though I don't remember anything else. I just that some people were chasing me and I tried to fight them off and ended up falling over a cliff then I woke up here." The touch of his warm hand upon her cheek felt so comforting and Liric smiled as Maria leaned into his touch softly moaning with pleasure and he felt the warmth rushing into her cheeks. She was a beautiful looking young woman and the moment his eyes had opened and gazed upon her he felt a rush of passionate desire for her unlike anything he could have imagined.

"My name is Maria... It is a pleasure to meet you Liric." Maria was almost lost in a sea of pleasure as her body was swept over with waves of sensual desire and she wondered if this is what the men had felt back then when her powers had come to life. He was a stranger to her and yet Maria could feel a connection between herself and Liric growing stronger by the moment as they touched one another so lovingly. Her hand continued its movements along his thickening and throbbing hot cock, loving the feeling of it and the shape enticing her to stroke him further. "I hope you don't mind me doing this, but I just can't bring myself to stop... it feels so good touching it."

Suddenly Liric felt something slithering up along his arm and then Amira leaned her head over his shoulder nuzzling her cheek to his own as her slime finished stroking his body clean of its wounds. Her slime moved gently along his arm until the thick tentacle of it was also stroking Maria's cheek lovingly causing a small explosion of lustful radiance between them all. Another tentacle weaved its way long Maria's arm then the hand which she was using to stroke Liric's cock. The warm jelly like slime enveloping Maria's hand and also Liric's thick length stroking it with her warm slippery slime also tasting some of the cum already leaking from his tip. "My name is Amira and Maria is my love, she gave me my name. It is nice to meet you Liric and you taste very good..."

"A fine name it is that she gave you and I am happy you find that I taste so good..." Liric moans deeper, his body shaking with delight as both Amira and Maria stroke him, and he feels his entire being aching with desire for them both. Amira embraces both of the humans against her ample heavy bosom loving the feeling of both Maria and Liric snuggling then beginning to play with her full breasts, opaque red nipples hardening upon them. Amira moans as the two of them start suckling upon her slightly sticky and jiggling breasts then spreads her slime out around them turning it into a makeshift bedding laying. Leaning back with the two humans she lets loose with a dozen tentacles upon them and giggles with delight as the tentacles wriggle around them happily. One wriggles its way up along Maria's leg, stroking along those wet lips of her womanhood and absorbing the sweet juices it finds there before slowly pressing its way into her depths.

"Oh yes Amira! I love it when you do that please don't stop!" Maria gasps out in pleasure her entire being shuddering as her first smaller orgasm ripples through it and she presses her breasts into Amira more, rubbing them into that warm sticky red slime. But then she feels the slime shifting and something more firm presses into her chest as Amira draws Liric right against Maria, making the both of them blush bright red. They laugh, still panting and then kiss each other deeply as the pent up passion between them both explodes and Amira tightens her tentacles around them both as she feels their sexual power flow through her.

"I think she wants us to get to know each other better..." Liric chuckled some before moving his hands up to softly press through the soft jelly of red slime covering Maria's chest and his hands touch her firm breasts with tender softness. He enjoys the panting hot gasps coming from her and moves his fingers so they stroke and press along her nipples enticing yet more moans as his touch sends streaks of pleasure through Maria's body. She giggles while also moaning more and her own arms suddenly wrap around Liric holding him tightly and then she felt her body being guided by Amira again, shifting up and into Liric's lap. The red slime surrounding them both softly stroked their bodies with its sticky warmth almost as if bonding them all together the passionate joy flowing between them all letting them experience each other's pleasure. Maria could feel that intense heat from his manhood's thick shaft as Liric could feel her hot moist folds against it, both of them looking deeply into each other's eyes as Amira leaned her head between them both whispering to them in a lustful voice...

"Let's us become one, let us become lovers forever..."

To be continued...

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