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Mariah's Angel


This is a small homage to one of my favorite Christmas movies. I hope you enjoy reading it.


Gabriel couldn't believe his good fortune. After waiting for a hundred years, he was being given another chance. Finally, he would be able to earn his wings. He had failed on his first assignment, but this time he wouldn't make another mistake.

He entered Nicholas's chamber and saw the angel waiting patiently for him.

"Are you prepared Gabriel?"

"Yes Nicholas. I shall not fail him a second time."

"He believes you won't," Nicholas said kindly.

"What am I to do?"

"You are needed to help a lost soul," he replied.

With a wave of Nicholas's hand images of the earthly world appeared before them. The images soon focused on a young woman crossing a busy intersection. Black curls framed her heart-shaped face. Striking amber colored eyes peered out beneath long sooty lashes. A straight and slender nose rested above a lush pink mouth. Gabriel thought that she was incredibly lovely.

"She is your assignment. Her name is Mariah Hallowell and in a few hours she will jump off a bridge to her death."

Gabriel couldn't believe it. This beautiful girl seemed to have the whole world in front of her. What would cause her to end her own life?

"Why would she do such a thing?" he asked.

"Mariah has suffered a great many losses recently," Nicholas said, his voice full of sympathy. "Her mother died of cancer, her husband betrayed and abandoned her, and a few months ago she miscarried her first child with little chance of conceiving another. I'm afraid that she has lost all hope."

Gabriel was immensely saddened by her story. It was a lot of misfortune for one person to bear. He looked at her image more closely and saw the grief and despair radiating from her.

"I promise to do all I can to help you Mariah Hallowell," he vowed. "I shall help you find hope again."


A long time ago, Mariah Hallowell used to love Christmas. It was without a doubt her most favorite holiday. There was a certain magic to it that the other holidays lacked. The world just seemed better, brighter somehow. It really did feel like a time when miracles happened.

Then her mother died last Christmas and then the holiday didn't seem as magical anymore. After that, the rest of her life began falling apart. She lost her husband and then she lost her baby. Losing her husband had hurt but losing her baby almost killed her. She had no one and nothing to live for; she didn't even have the hope of having another child one day. Going through the motions of each passing day had become unbearable.

It was Christmas Eve and her loneliness felt even more overwhelming, but soon she was going to end it. Mariah stared at the cold rushing waters of the river below her and thought if the fall didn't kill her then the hypothermia would. Her body was trembling, she didn't know if it was from the cold or her nerves. It's now or never, she told herself and then lifted one booted foot onto a lower rail. She hoisted herself up and got one leg over the railing.

"It's quite beautiful out here."

Mariah froze in place and silently cursed. She made sure no one was around, where did this person suddenly appear from? She then turned her head and was taken aback by the stranger standing near her.

It wasn't the fact that he was probably the handsomest man she'd ever seen that left her speechless, it was that he seemed to be glowing from within. It was silly but he seemed to radiated goodness and warmth. He looked almost otherworldly.

"Don't you think so?" he asked, giving her a dazzling smile.

Mariah nodded and couldn't help but be mesmerized by his crystalline blue eyes.

"Although I think the view is much better from this side of the barrier," he softly said.

"Please just leave me alone," she quietly pleaded.

"I can't," he replied and then gently circled his hand over her upper arm.

"You can't help me. No one can help me."

"You're wrong about that, but I'm not here to help you," he announced.

"You're not?"

"No," he said with a smile. "I here to kiss you."

Before she knew what was happening, the stranger lifted her off the railing and was carrying her in his arms. She began to protest but was silenced when his mouth came down upon hers.

At first, Mariah was too stunned to do anything, but then soon felt lost in the pleasure of his kiss. His lips were soft and firm at the same time. When his tongue sought entry into her mouth, she eagerly opened her lips. He tasted like sweet dark honey and she couldn't get enough.

Mariah briefly realized that she was on her feet again and was pressed wantonly against the handsome stranger. Her hands were around his neck and her fingers buried in his silky black hair. In her mind, she thought it seemed rather unfair that a man should have such luxuriously soft hair.

She didn't know how long they had been kissing, but she knew she didn't want to stop. This was the most alive she felt in months, perhaps ever. Her whole being seemed to be humming with energy. She loudly moaned when she felt his hands cup her ass, causing her belly to press closer against his large erection. It was crazy but she wanted this man to take her here and now. She wanted him to bury himself deep inside her over and over again until they were both spent.

Suddenly much to her disappointment, he began to pull away from her slowly. She actually whimpered when their lips parted.

"I haven't kissed a woman like that for a long time," he said, breathing heavily.

"Me too," she replied. "I meant a man for me."

He grinned at her and she felt her knees weaken. What was it about him? She had never had such an overwhelming physical response to anyone before.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Gabriel," he said, brushing a lock of hair that the wind blew into eyes. "What is your name?"

"Mariah," she replied, leaning her face into his warm palm.

"It's nice to meet you Mariah," he responded. "It's brutally cold out here. Can I buy you a cup of coffee? We can talk about anything you want to or maybe I can just listen."

Mariah shook her head in the negative. She didn't feel like talking, but she didn't want him to leave her yet.

"Gabriel, will you walk me home?"

"Yes. I would love to," he said without hesitation.


Gabriel hadn't expected this turn of events. He hadn't been sure how he was going to talk Mariah out of jumping, but when he saw her there looking so sad and beautiful all he wanted to do was kiss her, hold her against him, and comfort her. He also didn't expect the tremendous physical reaction he had to her. It took all his self-control just to pull away from her sweet lips.

They walked side by side, as they made their way to Mariah's apartment, which she said was just a few blocks away. The streets were quiet but he could see the bustling activity within the homes they passed. He saw Mariah steal some longing glances towards some of them and saw her face grow glum. He took hold of her hand to bring her attention back to him.

She gave him a small sad smile.

"Where did you come from Gabriel? Don't you have a family to be with tonight on Christmas Eve?"

"My parents and siblings passed away a long time ago."

"I'm sorry," she said and then gave his hand a comforting squeeze.

"Thank you."

They had walked about another block when she quietly said, "My mother died last Christmas Eve. I miss her so much it hurts."

Gabriel wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to his side. "I'm so very sorry sweetheart."

Tears began flowing down her cheeks. She wiped them away but she couldn't stop crying. Gabriel stopped walking and held her in his arms as she wept into his chest.

Minutes passed before he felt Mariah relax and finish her crying. His heart actually ached seeing her in so much pain. When he heard her sniffling, he reached into his pocket and gave her a handkerchief.

"You're the first person I've met who still carries a handkerchief," she said before wiping her very red nose.

"Well I keep one just in case a beautiful woman needs to cry in my arms."

"Do women cry in your arms often?"

"No," he said, smiling. "Not very many."

"Is there a woman in your life right now?"

"No. I wouldn't have kissed you if there was," he replied. "I believe in being faithful to the person you're with."

She seemed pleased with his answer.


Mariah led Gabriel up to her third floor apartment. It was strange being home again since she never expected to be back. She unlocked the door to her apartment and they went inside.

"Let me just turn the heat on. It's so cold in here," she said. "You can hang your coat in the closet over there."

Now that they were finally here at her place, Mariah felt a little nervous and was unsure what to do next. Did he expect a cup of coffee or did he expect to spend the night in her bed? Even before she had married, she hadn't been the type to invite men over to her house upon just meeting them. However, Gabriel seemed different and she felt safe in his presence.

When she turned around to face him, she saw that he already divested himself out of his outerwear. A thin black cashmere sweater and dark gray slacks fit his muscled form to perfection. The sheer size and breadth of him made her small cozy apartment feel even smaller.

Mariah took off her coat and compared to him she felt very shabby wearing her old college sweater and worn jeans.

"Here let me get that for you," he offered, taking her coat and hanging it next to his.

"Would you like a cup of coffee?" she asked, as he walked back towards her.

"No thanks."

"How about something to eat then?" she said, when he was standing directly in front of her.

He shook his head no, causing a black lock to fall onto his forehead. She reached up and brushed it back into place. Feeling emboldened she caressed the side of his face and then let her hand slide down until it rested on his upper chest.

"Would you like to kiss me?"

"Most definitely," he answered.

Gabriel leaned down and softly kissed the center of her forehead. He kissed her left cheek, then her right cheek, and then the tip of her nose. His mouth finally settled onto hers and he gently kissed her.

When their kiss ended, Mariah sighed and rested her head against his chest. She thought how good it felt to be held close to someone again. Holding Gabriel was both comforting and arousing. His large body made her feel safe but it also reminded her of how long she had gone without sex.

She suddenly needed to feel what it would be like to touch his heated skin. Slowly she raised the hem of his sweater and his lightly tanned skin revealed itself inch by inch. She ran her hand across his firm stomach, admiring the bumps and ridges of his muscled torso. When she slid her hand under the top of his pants, he halted her actions. She looked up at him questioningly.

"Mariah if you continue I won't be able to control what happens," he said in a tortured voice.

"I want to be with you tonight Gabriel. I need this," she confessed. "I've been alone for so long."

Gabriel looked conflicted. It seemed there was an internal debate waging inside him.

"Don't you want me?" she timidly asked.

"More than anything," he quickly replied.

He leaned forward and kissed her again, but there was nothing gentle about this kiss, it was all about possession. He kissed her hungrily as if he couldn't get enough of her. His hands went to grip her waist and then slowly moved down to cup her ass.

She tried pulling up his sweater again but was having a hard time so Gabriel took charge and tossed the garment aside. Mariah looked her fill. His shoulders were broad and chest was wide. Dark hair light sprinkled his chest and trailed down to his trim waist. He was utterly beautiful.

Before Mariah could roam her hands across his impressive chest, he grabbed the bottom of her sweater and pulled it off her. She looked down and was glad she was wearing one of her prettier bras. It gave her large breasts incredible cleavage.

His fingers lightly skimmed the tops of her breasts and her nipples instantly hardened. He then undid the clasp at the front of her bra, freeing her generous breasts. He pulled away the rest of her bra and dropped it on the floor.

"So lovely," he murmured. He then cupped her breasts into his hands and teased her pink nipples with the pads of his thumbs.

Gabriel bent down, teased her right nipple with the tip of his tongue, and then did the same to her left nipple. Mariah moaned as he took turns alternatively kissing and licking the soft flesh of her breasts. When he was done, he took a nipple into his mouth, suckled eagerly, and then did the same to its twin.

His hands moved off her breasts, slid down her small waist, and settled onto her curvy hips. He undid her jeans and lowered them to her feet. When she was free of her jeans, Gabriel then hooked his thumbs under the sides of her panties and slowly pulled them down her legs. When he reached the ground, she kicked them aside.

"Mariah you are perfection," he said, looking up at her.

She looked into his eyes and saw he was being completely sincere.

Gabriel leaned forward and began trailing kisses up her left thigh to her hip. He kissed her belly button and then licked his way down her flat stomach.

"Spread your legs a little," he gently ordered.

Mariah complied and quickly felt his warm wet tongue on her pussy. She cried out in pleasure. After a few seconds of licking her, he suddenly stopped.

"I need a better taste," he said.

Gabriel pulled her down onto the sofa behind her. He grabbed her legs and firmly held them wide apart. He first gave long slow licks that drove her crazy. Then he began teasing the folds of her pussy with tip of his tongue and she whimpered in pleasure. When he suckled strongly on her clit, she instantly climaxed, screaming her pleasure. He continued his assault on pussy her until her orgasm died down.

"I can't wait Mariah," he said desperately, after releasing her.

Gabriel tossed the throw blanket lying on the sofa down onto the floor. He then lifted her off the sofa and laid her down on top of the blanket. He quickly divested himself of his pants and shoes and was standing above her completely naked.

His cock was as impressive as the rest of him. It jutted out in front of him, long and thick. She had never seen one so large. She wanted to taste it, wrap her lips around it, and have him fuck her mouth with it. But she would have to wait for that later she realized when Gabriel quickly dropped to his knees and placed himself firmly between her open thighs.

She moaned in pleasure when he took his cock and rubbed its head up and down her pussy.

"You're so wet for me," he told her.

He pushed the head slightly in her and then slid it out again. He then rubbed her clit with it.

"Please," she begged him.

"Please what?"

"Stop teasing and fuck me," she demanded.

"Whatever you want," he said, before plunging his cock deep inside her.

Mariah gasped at his entry. His size was overwhelming. She never had been stretched so wide or filled so deeply.

"You feel like paradise," he groaned.

They remained completely still for a few moments, enjoying the feel of their connection. Before long though Gabriel was slowing moving and thrusting his cock inside her.

"Oh yes," she purred. "Faster."

He increased his tempo much to her delight. She wrapped her legs around him and continued to take his steady pounding of her pussy.

Gabriel then reached down and began fondling her large bouncing breasts with one hand. He teased and pulled her already hard nipples.

"Yes, play with my tits," she encouraged him. "I loved it when you sucked on them."

"I loved it too," he replied, and then his voice lowered. "I want to put my cock between them and fuck your beautiful tits."

If it was even possible, she became wetter with his admission.

"Yes, later," she said, smiling seductively at him. "Then I'm going to take your big cock into my mouth and suck you dry."

"Oh fuck," he moaned.

Her provocative words achieved their desired results when he began pumping his cock harder and faster into her.

"I'm going to come," she cried out, unable to take it any longer.

Gabriel leaned down and kissed her while her body exploded in ecstasy. Mariah was sure she was going to pass out as wave upon wave of pleasure hit her entire being.

Mariah felt Gabriel tense up and then felt him come inside her. He grunted in pleasure as he pumped her up with his seed. When it was over, he kissed the side of her damp neck but made no move to leave. He seemed content to remain buried inside her.

"That was amazing," he said into her ear.

"Yes it was," she replied. "Let's do it again."

Gabriel chuckled. "We should go find some place softer."

"There's a big soft bed in the other room."

"Well then let's go."


Gabriel never really considered himself the best of angels. He had spent one hundred and thirty years in the afterlife and still he had yet to earn his wings. He probably would have to wait another century for sleeping with her, but he didn't care because being with her, for however brief their time is, was well worth it.

As he watched a naked Mariah walk in front of him, he admired her lush shapely ass. She quite literally had the body to tempt an angel.

She turned around to face him and have him a mischievous smile. "Go lie on the bed Gabriel. It's my turn now."

He wasn't a fool to argue with her and did what he was told. The sheets underneath him were cool, but the woman climbing above him was supremely hot.

Mariah placed her hands on either side of his face and bent her head to kiss him. She slowly licked the outline of his soft lips and then he groaned when she briefly slipped her tongue into his mouth. Her mouth trail down his neck, licking his smooth skin with her tongue. She slowly moved her mouth down to his chest, scraping her teeth against his flesh. Gabriel hissed his pleasure in response. Her mouth continued to move lower, until she finally reached her intended goal.

She took his cock into her hand and gently began to stroke it up and down. When her tongue reached out and licked its' head, he nearly jumped out of his skin. He whimpered when she ran her tongue at the base of his cock and then back up to the head.

"You taste good," she purred. "And its' so big and hard."

"Please Mariah," he begged.

"Please what?" she teased.

"Suck me!"

"With pleasure."

An instant later, she took his cock into her mouth. If he hadn't been technically already dead, Gabriel was sure he would have died again. She pleasured him with skill and enthusiasm. She couldn't take him in completely for he was far too large but she still took a lot of him into her mouth.

When he thought it couldn't get any better, Mariah suddenly stopped and then wrapped her spectacular breasts around his erection. He began thrusting his cock in between the luscious mounds and it felt as wonderful as he imagined it would. It got even better when Mariah licked at head of his cock every time it emerged from her cleavage.

"How does it feel?" she asked him after a few minutes.

"Amazing," he groaned. "I'm going to come pretty soon."

"No don't," she said. "I want you to come inside me."

She released him and then lay on her side in front of him. Gabriel moved closer to her. He lifted her left leg and placed it over his leg. He guided his cock at the entrance of her core and plunged inside her wet pussy in one smooth stroke.

Mariah gasped. "Oh fuck. It feels even bigger this way."

Gabriel thought that she felt hot, tight, and perfect. Everything about her was perfect. Sex had never been this good when he was mortal. Why couldn't have she existed when he had been alive?

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