Marian and Ryan Ch. 04


"That was wonderful, Ryan. You're really getting good at eating my pussy. I see you're ready to fuck, and I don't want to delay either." She transferred her seductive smile to Aaron, who grinned back at her. "I haven't forgotten about you," she told him. "I'm hot for your dick, but it's still Ryan's turn. Don't go away, though, because yours is next."

Not needing any more of an invitation than that, Ryan moved forward on his knees and leaned forward, supporting his weight on one hand that was placed beside Marian. His other hand guided his cock, and the target it was aimed for was held open by its owner, who reached down and spread her pussy lips. When he made contact, Ryan rubbed the head against Marian's wetness until his cock was as ready as she was.

She was about as ready and willing as anybody could possibly be. Marian held her pussy open with her thumbs while her fingers guided Ryan's cock until it was pressed perfectly against her. "Okay, Ryan, give it to me!" she urged the young man.

"Oooooo, yeah. Like that," Marian murmured seconds later when she felt the head of Ryan's cock pass between her thumbs and wedge into her needy pussy. "Ooooo, God, that feels good."

His beautiful neighbor's slick, wet pussy felt good to Ryan too, but she had taught him to always take his time. He paused, letting her get fully prepared, and thrust forward again, driving in two more inches of his hard shaft. Marian no longer needed to hold her pussy lips apart, and she moved her arms so she would be able to hug the man who would be sprawled over her. With another thrust, his cock was almost all the way inside, and Ryan curled his arms under hers to rest his weight on his forearms. She reached up to hold his shoulders while her thighs spread more widely, and she hooked her legs around his hips. When she felt his cock surging the rest of the way into her pussy, Marian pulled herself against him, and their bodies came wetly together. They both moaned in bliss from the incredible pleasure they were already sharing. Ryan drew back and thrust forward, meeting Marian's body again, and this time his pubic hair tickled her bare pussy. Once again, they moaned a duet of pleasure.

Over and over, they repeated the same happy tune. She could feel her pleasure mounting, on its way to ecstasy, and she enjoyed every second of the trip. Marian's body began thrashing back and forth and from side to side on the bed under Ryan, and her hands caressed his muscular body as he moved above her. With every stroke, she pulled her body against his, reveling in the way his big dick crammed her pussy so full. Marian glanced at Aaron, as he watched her and Ryan, his cock as big and as hard as it had been when it was in her mouth. She grinned and winked at him, letting him know that his turn would come soon.

But not until after she had cum, and Ryan had cum. Although she wanted it to last, Marian could feel her orgasm building and she knew, from his breathing and happy sounds, that the man above her would also cum soon. "Start fucking my clit, Ryan," she told him. "You know how."

He did know, because she had taught him. He moved slightly higher on her body, so he would be fucking down, with more contact with her clit. Ryan also started fucking Marian faster, because he knew that was what she wanted, and he wanted it too.

She affirmed this for him. "Yeah! Yeah, like that!" she urged him. "Really give it to me!"

Ryan really gave it to her, ramming his cock in and out of Marian's pussy the way he knew she loved so much to get it. Her movements under him became more strenuous. She had plenty of room to move around under Ryan, and Marian used all of it, with the uninhibited pitching and rolling of her body becoming wilder by the second, while her hands slid up and down on his body. She knew she was on the verge of a glorious orgasm, and Ryan knew it too.

When she passed that point and started cumming, Marian cried out ecstatically. "Oh, God, yes! Keep fucking me!"

Ryan had no intention of doing anything else but that. He plowed his cock into her pussy even harder and faster, feeling Marian's clit scraping against it with every stroke. Her arms were wrapped tightly around his back and her legs were squeezing his hips, as she bounced up and down on the bed under him. With every thrust of his cock, his pubic hair soaked up her gushing juices and his balls slapped against Marian's ass. She fucked back to meet him every time his long shaft plunged into her, matching his pace and his enthusiasm, until her back arched, every muscle in her body clenched, and she jammed her pussy against him for a climactic time.

After her orgasm, Marian completely relaxed on the bed, her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face. Ryan didn't stop or even slow down. For another dozen strokes, he drove his cock in and out of her pussy, while his climax welled up inside his body. His cum spurted into his condom, and he continued fucking the beautiful brunette under him, until he had ejaculated twice more. Finally through, Ryan relaxed on top of Marian, but he continued supporting his weight on his knees and elbows.

They lay happily, while Aaron awaited his turn. The incredibly erotic sight of his pal and the beautiful older woman fucking like that had his cock hard and eager and, to save time before his turn started, he went and rolled a condom onto it. He was so anxious that it seemed like a long time, but was no more than about two minutes before Ryan started to get up. Carefully, he pulled his cock, which had barely started to soften, from the place where it had given and gotten so much pleasure. Even as one young man backed away from her body, Marian smiled at the other one, and raised her arms, offering her dripping pussy to him.

It was an offer Aaron could not refuse, nor did he want to. He quickly replaced his friend between the lady's legs and leaned forward over her, supporting his weight on his splayed out hands on either side of Marian's body. She reached down and spread her pussy lips with the fingers of one hand, while her other hand guided his thick cock to the place she wanted it. When the tip pressed against her, she rubbed it in her extreme wetness to spread the lubrication. When she and it were ready, Marian urged him onward.

"Okay, Aaron, stick that nice, big dick into me."

Eager to do as she wanted, he gave a firm push. Marian felt the head wedge into her pussy, spreading her open and sending joy rocketing through her body. "Oh, yeah, that feels so good. Take your time, and give it me nice and slow."

Although highly aroused from what he had seen and done already that day, the edge had been taken off Aaron's urgency when Marian sucked him off earlier. He heard what she said, and followed her direction, thrusting into her dripping wet pussy and plunging two inches of his hard shaft into the pink hole that was making it so welcome. It was as wet and as warm as Marian's mouth had been, and tighter. He could already feel the muscles inside her pussy massaging his cock, and they felt even better than her tongue had.

The dick that had just surged into her felt great to Marian too. Her pussy was already somewhat distended from the fucking she had gotten from Ryan, but Aaron's dick was thicker, and she could already feel it stretching her. She removed her hands from her lips and raised her arms in welcome.

Aaron had watched his friend, and replicated the actions of Ryan. With another firm push, more of his cock was imbedded in Marian's wet pussy, and he leaned forward and slid his arms under hers. With one more thrust, almost the entire length was inside her. He supported his weight on his forearms and knees, and waited for the lady to make the next move.

She didn't make him wait very long. Marian wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his hips, and pulled him the rest of the way into her. For the second time that day, her clean-shaven pussy was tickled by a young man's pubic hair, dark brown this time. "Mmmmm, you're nice and big and thick," she whispered to him.

Smiling at the compliment, Aaron slowly pulled his cock out, paused briefly, and thrust it forward. Marian flexed the muscles in her thighs and fucked back to meet him, as she had with Ryan. As their bodies came wetly together, she murmured happily. Aaron drew back for another stroke, paused for a second again, and thrust forward. Marian's expression of joy was louder as their bodies met that time, and it was echoed by Aaron.

Those expressions grew louder and their meetings of their bodies became wetter as they continued with what they were doing. The thick shaft surging into her pussy was stretching her opening even better than Ryan's had, and pleasure swirled through her body from every inch of its presence. She thrashed on the bed under Aaron, as she rammed her pussy back to meet him. As their fucking continued for a long time, using slow, deep strokes, she could feel her level of pleasure, high to begin with, building slowly toward what she knew would be ecstasy.

"Mmmmmm, Aaron," Marian whispered to the man above her. "I really love your dick. It's so big and hard, and you're going to make me cum. But first, I need you to move up just a teensy bit on me. Yeah, like that," she said as Aaron moved his body higher on hers, so his cock would have more contact with Marian's clit.

The first thrust into her pussy from the new position sent even greater thrills sweeping through Marian's body. "Yeah! Yeah, that's good. Now, fuck me faster," she told the man who would momentarily be bringing her to an orgasm.

Aaron was more than happy to do as she said. Even though Marian's talented mouth had taken the edge had been taken off his horniness earlier, the long period of driving his cock in and out of the seductive brunette was bringing him close to another climax. He could feel her clit scraping against his cock every time he drove it into her or pulled it back, and he was sure he would be cumming in a few seconds.

Marian beat him to it. "Yes!" she cried joyfully, as her climax began. "Keep fucking me!" she urged her partner, quite unnecessarily, because he had no thought of stopping their tremendously pleasurable activity.

While her fingernails dug into his back, Marian's legs wrapped themselves even more tightly around Aaron's hips. She bounced up and down, still meeting every thrust of his cock, until she climaxed, uttering an even louder cry of joy as her back arched and her muscles spasmed. After her orgasm, Marian relaxed, as well as she could, with Aaron's thick cock still plowing in and out of her pussy. That lasted less than a minute, until he gave a guttural cry and climaxed, squirting a big burst of semen into his condom. He didn't stop, but kept ramming his cock into the wet pussy that had been so hospitable, until he had ejaculated two more gobs of his cum. He was through, probably for the next few hours at least, and his cock started softening even as it stayed in the wet, pink place where it had given and received so much pleasure.

Although she would need a few minutes to catch her breath, Marian wasn't through. She had sucked off one man, and her pussy had been thoroughly fucked twice, after having been eaten to a climax, but her ass still lacked the thrill of being crammed by a stiff cock. Still lying on her back with Aaron sprawled on top of her, she saw Ryan kneeling beside them. His dick was fully erect, and he expected to have more fun with her, but he didn't know where she would want it.

Marian knew exactly where she wanted it. After giving Aaron a minute or so to recover his strength, she whispered to him of her appreciation. "That was just wonderful. Your dick made me cum like crazy. You are really some terrific stud."

Too inexperienced to recognize the flattery, he smiled back at her. "You were great. The best I ever had." That was the truth, because she was also the first. Slowly, he drew his almost flaccid cock from her, got to his knees and backed away.

While smiling lasciviously at Ryan, Marian reached out and fondled his bare cock. "You know where I want this, don't you?" If he didn't, he soon learned. "First, put a rubber on your dick and bring the bottle of Aqualube from on top of the dresser."

With great alacrity, Ryan did as he was told. Of the three places where his cock had been inside Marian, her ass was his favorite. It was the tightest and warmest, and the Aqualube would make up for the lack of moisture. When he returned, plastic bottle in hand and his cock encased in latex and bouncing up and down in front of him, Marian had rolled over and was lying on her belly with a pillow under her waist. She felt him getting onto the bed, parted her legs for him, and reached back with her hands to spread her ass cheeks.

Ryan looked lustfully at the beautiful pink rosebud that was waiting for him. He moved closer, took the cap off the bottle, and held the neck against the delightful place where his cock would soon be. With a few twists, he made a slight penetration, and he squeezed the sides of the bottle to squirt in some of the Aqualube. Ryan squeezed it again to add more. Marian was tight there, and she was always telling him how big his cock was, and how good it felt, and he wanted to make sure to use enough lubrication.

Marian smiled when she felt the coolness gushing into her ass. She smiled again, even more lasciviously, when she felt Ryan's finger being inserted to spread it around the inside where it would be needed. He made sure to use more than enough, and was careful to spread it thoroughly. After he removed his finger, she knew Ryan was using the Aqualube to cover his cock, and she avidly awaited him with her cheeks spread.

He didn't make her wait very long, because he was just as eager as Marian was to get his cock imbedded in her tight ass. She was still holding her cheeks apart, so he used the fingers of one hand to pull open her rosebud, while his other hand held his cock to guide it into her. He pressed the end against his target, rubbed it around to mingle the lubrication, and gave a solid push. Ryan grunted happily when he felt the head of his cock wedge into Marian's ass, to be squeezed by her well-trained muscles.

Bolts of pleasure shot through her body from where Marian's ass had been penetrated. Still holding herself open, she sighed happily at the exquisite pleasure, took a deep breath and waited for it to get better. That happened almost immediately. Ryan gave another push, and more than an inch of his hard shaft spread her tight opening even more. "Ooooo, that feels really good," she murmured. "Now, take your time, and put your big dick all the way in me."

That was Ryan's intention too. Still holding her rosebud open and guiding his cock, he gave another thrust. This time, almost two more inches lodged inside Marian's ass, and he no longer needed to hold her open or guide his cock. Placing both hands on her hips for better leverage, he thrust forward again, and most of his shaft was where he wanted it.

Marian wanted it there too, and she stopped holding her ass cheeks open. She had been lying face down, but wanted to take a more active part, as she usually did. "Let me get to my knees," she told Ryan.

With his cock buried most of the way in her ass, he and Marian slowly arose in unison, until they were both kneeling. She looked back at him, smiled, and leaned forward, wrapping her arms around the pillow and leaving her ass high in the air. Wanting to make it better for both of them, she bowed her back, presenting an even more inviting target. Answering the invitation, Ryan started thrusting his cock the rest of the way inside her. Marian felt it surging into her, and fucked back to meet it, taking Ryan's cock the rest of the way inside her ass and feeling his legs pressing snugly against her cheeks.

For a few seconds, they stayed in that position, his cock imbedded as deeply as he could get it, with the muscles in her ass massaging him and sending waves of joy sweeping through his body. It felt even better to Marian. Great breakers of pleasure throbbed outward from where her rear pleasure channel was crammed so full by his cock and, especially, from where its thickness was stretching the entrance to her ass. As wonderful as it was to both of them, they knew it would get even better, so Ryan began slowly withdrawing his cock. When he reached the point where just the head was still inside, he thrust forward again, burying his shaft so deeply in her that he felt his pubic hair flattened against the insides of her ass cheeks. The happy pair moaned in joyful unison from the excruciating pleasure they were both already receiving.

The blissful duet continued for a long time, as Ryan repeatedly drew his cock back and rammed forward, and Marian's ass thrust back to meet him every time. Fascinated, Aaron watched as his friend slowly plowed his cock in and out of the beautiful lady's ass. He had heard of people doing what they were doing, but he thought it was just gay men. Besides having more sexual fun than he had ever had, he was gaining an education.

Marian wanted to continue that education, and get something out of it too. She could feel her pleasure mounting, and knew her orgasm was only a few minutes away. Wanting to get Aaron involved as more than a spectator, she turned to him and made a request. "You really know how to give a woman a good time, Aaron. Can you play with my clit and help me cum?"

When he moved forward to do as she wanted, Marian turned her head back toward Ryan. "I'm getting ready to cum," she told him. "Really give me that nice, big dick now. Hold onto my hips so I don't fall over."

He was also more than happy to do what Marian told him, because he could feel his climax approaching also. Ryan shifted his position slightly so he could plunge his cock into her ass harder and just as deep, and increased his pace. With both young men following her instructions, Marian's joy was on its way to being complete. Ryan was ramming his cock all the way into her ass, pulling it most of the way out and driving it back in again. Aaron was stroking her clit at the same pace, smearing her gushing juices all over her pussy. She spread her knees farther apart, for better balance, because her whole body was thrashing from side to side in front of Ryan. Marian was glad his hands were on her hips because they helped her stay upright.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she exclaimed, at the same pace, as the driving of Ryan's cock into her ass and her thrusts back to meet him. "Oh, God!" Marian cried out joyfully, as she started cumming.

The movements of Marian's body became even more strenuous and Ryan, knowing what was happening, continued pounding his cock into her ass while holding onto her hips to keep her upright. Aaron thought he knew, and kept stroking her dripping clit, thinking about licking off the juices that were running all over his hand, and wondering if they would taste as good to him as they had to his friend. For almost two more minutes, Marian continued cumming, until she climaxed, all the muscles in her body clenching, her back arching and her ass jamming back against Ryan for a final time. After her orgasm, she slowly fell forward, and he stayed with her until she was face down on the bed again.

He didn't stop fucking, but kept driving in and out of Marian's ass until he climaxed also, pumping three bursts of his semen into his condom. Leaving his cock buried deeply inside her, he relaxed, supporting his weight on his elbows that ended up on either side of her. While they lay in a happy pile, Aaron sniffed at his hand. It smelled great and, when he licked off the fresh juices from Marian's pussy, they tasted even better. He hoped to come by the following Saturday, or even sooner, and that he would get a chance to eat her pussy as Ryan had that day.

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