tagGroup SexMariana at the Movies

Mariana at the Movies


Mariana has just been dropped off at the mall. She was wearing a tiny little denim mini skirt that barely covered her firm round ass and showed off her naturally tanned firm thick legs very well. Her tight white shirt said "Daddy's Little Girl." It wrapped around her 28d very nice showing off lots of cleavage and her tiny firm tight mid section. Today she had put her hair in pigtails making her look younger than her 18 years of age. She told her parents she was going to meet up with some friends and she would be home later. Truth be told, she just needed to get out of the house.

Her family was truly a great family but Mariana never felt she fit in. Both her parents were hard working blue collar workers who did everything to give her everything she always wanted. They lived in a descent home, in an average neighborhood, and earned an average living. All of Mariana's family were decent people who treated her with respect (well more like a little 5 year old. But to her family she will always be the baby.). Mariana wanted to leave the "goodie two shoes" image at home. She didn't want to hear anybody fussing over her or talking to her like she was in preschool. Can't they see I'm a woman now?

Mariana walked up to the ticket booth and bought one ticket. The man behind the counter gave her a strange inquisitive look before he handed her the ticket. She slowly made her way to the movies. The lights were still on and Mariana could see there were only like 8 men scattered throughout the theater. She sat alone in the middle isle close to the exit one seat down from the end. Her popping gum made a few of the old men turn and look at her. Their puzzled looks made her giggle.

The lights dimmed and the preview began. All were very cheesy movies parodies of the big money making movies from a year ago. Mariana saw the men move closer to her. Before the main attraction started she had a man on their side of her. The movie began. She laughed at the cheap disco music and the outrageous pseudo names as they appeared on the screen.

"Do you want some popcorn?" asked the stranger on the right.

"Need a drink?" asked the guy on the left.

Mariana reached into the popcorn box. It was empty except for a hard thick cock. She kept her gaze on the screen as she began to play with it. The man on her left guided her hand pass the drink onto his cock as well. Mariana sat there jerking off two complete strangers as the porno started.

Each man moved his hand onto her firm thick thighs and felt her smooth inner legs as they made their way up to her tiny little white g string thong. Mariana spread her legs so they could feel her up better. Her nipples become so hard and long when he men pulled her thought aside exposing her tiny pussy. They began to take turns playing with her tiny small bald pink tight pussy. She left their fingers invade her tiny body as she feverishly stroked their hard cock. The men moaned and continued to finger bang Mariana.

From behind, Mariana felt a pair of hands come over her shoulder and under her shirt. They took each nipples between their fingers and squeezed and played with them for a seconds before pushing down her shirt. The man played with her tits as the other two played with her pussy. When she threw her head back, she came face to face with another hard cock. It quickly disappeared into her mouth. Mariana sucked the huge cock and moaned on it; she grinded on to the fingers that were in her pussy as she jerked off the other cocks. Mariana stopped sucking and jerking off cocks long enough to moved on the lap of the man to her right. Her skirt was round her waist so it was easy for the man to guide her tender round Latina ass onto his cock. Slowly the cock penetrated her ass. She went down all the way. Both waited for the man on her left to get between her legs and shove his cock into her little pussy. Then Mariana found the third cock which she processed to suck once again. Mariana fucked and sucked the three strangers like a whore. She wanted their fat cocks in her tiny holes. Mariana worked her magic and soon had each one of them exploding. She swallowed the load without a problem. Some did get on her chin but her long tongue cleaned that up. The two other men came deep in her pussy and her ass. Mariana could feel their man juice deep inside her making the wetter than before. The men made their way back to their seat to finish watching the movie.

Before Mariana could sit down another man had come put behind her. He pushed her forward over the seat into a doggy style position. She left him shoving his cock into her pussy. Mariana spread her legs and welcomed the stranger. Two other men stood on each side of her face pointing their cocks at her mouth. She took turns sucking each cock. The men took turns pulling her pigtails on their cocks. The slapping sounds came from the man who was pounding her tiny pussy. His skin was meeting with hers as he shoved his cock into her. Her body rocked back and forth as he fucked her deep. These three horny old men could not hold long against this young woman whose body was made for sex. Mariana was again swallowing cum and feeling it up her pussy. She milked every cock good and dry.

Mariana had to wait for the final two men to get into their positions. Again she was sitting on a man's lap as he drove his cock into her ass. The other one was standing in front of her tity fucking Mariana and making her lick his cock every time it got close to her face. Mariana handled the men like an expert. She did not miss a beat fucking or sucking both men. Her little whimpers and moan made it unbearable for the men to last long. This young nymphomaniac fucked and sucked them with reckless abandonment. Again Mariana made these strangers cum. She swallowed and milked their cocks. These men made their way back to their seat as well.

Mariana sat their half naked and satisfied. The movie was about to end so she decided to watch the last few minutes before she left. Mariana tried to clean up and fix her clothes as best she could. She walked out of the theater before the light went up again. Outside the usher greeted her.

"Did you lick the movie," he asked.

"I loved the movie but the audience participation was the best," she smiled back.

"I think you'll be seeing a lot of me," she told him.

Mariana walked away shaking her ass anxiously awaiting the next weekend.

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