tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMariana Ch. 01: Shoe Shopping

Mariana Ch. 01: Shoe Shopping


Mariana was confused, embarrassed, scared, and not just a little aroused as she sat there in the shoe shop. She was nearly shaking from the combination of so many different feelings.

Derek was sitting opposite her, only a short distance away. He accepted the shoes from the VERY eager clerk, who she noticed took the opportunity AGAIN to peak up her skirt. The overt display shocked her. Her cheeks turned red as the blood rushed to them. It was not the only place blood surged towards. She could feel it down THERE. Her pussy was soaked. She would not be surprised if there were a visible wet spot. She had a hard time believing what she was doing. It had all started with a dare...


Derek was a fellow coworker that gave Mariana what she was looking for: a sense of being appreciated. He always noticed what she was wearing and gave her compliments. His comments always made her feel attractive, wanted, and she had to admit it, sexy. She would catch him looking at her as she walked by. His look would linger if she were wearing a skirt that day. It made her tingle inside. She pondered if what she was feeling was inappropriate. But, the very next day she started wearing progressively shorter skirts to work.

Mariana was more than a little conflicted. Both her and Derek were in a relationship. But it felt like harmless flirtation, and the smoldering look in his eyes when she dared to where THAT skirt made her knees weak. Her panties were constantly damp, her sex drive was through the roof, and she was loving it. They started to go for walks together and the topic turned more and more often to sex. He discussed it so openly and frankly, with no embarrassment, that she could not help but respond in kind.

Soon, she knew how much he loved women of all sorts. He remarked on how he loved when Spring came each year because the skirts started to appear. He confirmed what she already knew: he liked what he saw when she passed and it made her warm inside. In fact, it made her warm AND wet...

Mariana started to look forward to her walks with Derek more and more. She went by his desk and he never failed to track her as she went by. The day things changed, she wore a particular cute white skirt that was as high as she could reasonably go. It had a particular flair to it. To be honest, she bought the skirt just for him after hearing what he liked: something he called "flirty." Just trying it on made her body get all flushed. She felt slightly guilty about getting it, but she could not wait to walk by his desk wearing it.

On that Friday, she passed by his desk as normal. His head turned so abruptly that she thought it was going to swivel off. She gave her walk a little extra hip all the way down the hall, knowing his eyes were locked on her. As she returned, though, he stopped her. Started making small talk, asking her about this and that. She could barely follow the conversation as his eyes devoured her body. His intense gaze was everywhere and his smile and eyes were devilish. She saw hunger there and she could barely stand against its power.

He asked to walk with her later and she barely gulped out a "yes." When the time came, they started out as they usually did. She changed her shoes, because although they were cute, they were not great for walking.

"Those are my CFM shoes," she said.

He look puzzled and she whispered in his ear "come fuck me." He laughed and they were walking. Immediately, he told her how cute she looked in her skirt. She said an embarrassed thank you and they walked in silence for a little bit.

And then he dropped this on her: "Tonight when you get home, with your CFM shoes and that skirt, your husband will be ALL OVER YOU."

He laughed and she laughed nervously with him. That was the sweetest compliment.

"Nah, he won't even notice."

Derek stopped. He shook his head, looking her up and down again.

"He must be blind."

She blushed about three shades of red. Mariana found herself getting more bold and talking about how she liked all the remarks and enjoyed strutting by to be complimented. He looked surprised and gave a choked "thank you" when she said she liked it. And then descended an awkward silence punctuated by their footsteps.

He finally blurted out, "That skirt is awesome. It is about the shortest that is legal in this state." The joke got them both laughing and talking again.

She said, "That is not the shortest one I own, you know. It's just the shortest I could possibly wear to work."

Derek half laughed, half choked. "You mean, they get shorter?"

He looked incredulous. She nodded, blushing.

"Well, I have to see that!"

She looked at him, trying to decide if he were serious. "No, sorry, I cannot do that. I do have to work here, you know."

He seemed to think for a moment. "I dare you to bring it in and change into it for our walk."

She pondered. "OK. But, we have to get away from here."

The spark in his eye grew. He was enjoying this.

"Let's go to the mall."

She paused... "Hmmm, I will have to think about it."

He jumped on her hesitation. "Just imagine going shoe shopping in that skirt. It will be fun!"

By now, Mariana was not thinking straight. This conversation was making her nipples hard, her knees weak, and her pussy SOAKED.

"Let's do it."

She enjoyed the double entendre and the look on his face.


That morning, she nearly backed out. She felt a twinge of guilt and balked at, of all things, having to put on underwear that she had available. It was all so bland looking and cotton. If she was going to wear the skirt, she needed something to go under it. That is when she had the idea. And the idea was like a living thing, it started in her head and spent some time in her groin.

So, she stuck her little skirt in her purse, put on a pair of cotton undies and her normal conservative skirt, and headed to work. It looked just like any other day except for her absolutely rock hard nipples. The morning seemed to both drag and fly by. She could not keep her mind on work. Every time she would get some traction, she would see his hungry look going up and down her body, and she lost track of where she was and what she was doing.

Finally, a bit early for her, she gave up and asked if he wanted to go now. Of course, he gave a quick "sure" and they jumped in his car. On the way to the mall, they passed a hotel.

He jokingly said, "Hey, let's stop there."

She almost agreed before she realized the implications of what he just said and that he was joking. And, to be honest, she almost agreed after she understood the implications also.

"What am I doing?" she thought for the millionth time. But, she was past caring and then they had arrived.

They entered through the Sears, because that is where America used to shop (and where parking spaces were available). She detoured quickly to the ladies room before she could change her mind. She changed her conservative, mid-length skirt, for the ultra short mini. Looking herself over in the mirror, she looked sexy and slutty. If she bent over at the waist even a little, you could see her white cotton panties clearly from behind. Could she do this? She hesitated. And then she started feeling aroused, thinking about Derek looking at her. She left the room without looking back, her heart beating wildly in her chest.

His look was worth the moderate embarrassment she felt. He pursed his lips, looked deliberately at her legs and skirt.

"Nice," he said in an understated way.

She was not sure, but she thought she detected a slight bulge in his pants. She was even more flustered that she looked and her mind started to disassociate just a bit. She was almost all body now, and it was on fire.

"Where to?" he asked, his eyes with a mischievous glint.

Her glint matched his and she said, "I have an idea."

They walked through the mall, more than one head turning as they passed, every man that noticed was a flame in her belly (and, she had to admit, a little lower). She stopped, and asked, "Want to come in with me?"

They were standing in front of Victoria's Secret.

"Do you think I should?" he asked.

"Oh yes."

So they went in and she headed for the underwear section. They passed a host of cotton panties, two for $10, and arrived at thongs, lace panties, see-through panties, boy shorts, tiny ones. Just looking at them and picturing wearing them made her pulse pound.

"Which ones do you think I should get?" He picked up a see-through thong with a lace pattern in front and a barely there pair.

"You pick," he said.

"I guess I will go try them on," she said.

She entered the changing room and slipped on the see-through panties over her other panties. She could almost see her pussy through both of them: they were very sheer. The thought of having them on with nothing else under was making her crazy. The thought of HIM seeing them was just...


The pair hit the floor and the next one went on. These had just a string on the sides and back, with a tiny little triangle in the front. She was sure that if she wore them her lips would be plainly visible and her ass would basically be naked. It made her even wetter, and she slipped them off quickly before they got soaked. She was so turned on. She thought seriously of going to drag Derek into the dressing room right now and fucking right there. It was so tempting.

Mariana left the dressing room and looked around for Derek. She met his eyes.

"Verdict?" he asked.

She looked at each, shrugged, and bought them both. As soon as they were purchased, she headed for the ladies room again.

"I am going to put a pair on. Any preference?" she asked.

The look on his face was half shocked and half ... hungry...

"You pick," he repeated.

She went into the room and was tempted to not wear any. Just the thought of it made her SO WET. If she did that, she would be totally losing control. Did she dare?

She walked out with a new swagger. She met up with him and got about four feet past him before she realized he had stopped. She turned back and he was staring directly at her ass. There was no way he could see what she had on under that skirt, even as short as it was, but she felt exposed. Perhaps it was the fire that she saw in his eyes, the way that she knew, just by looking, that he was picturing what lay beneath her skirt.

She gave him this look. He shrugged, gave her a mischievous smile, and joined her again.

"I pick this time," he announced, and led her towards the escalator.

Oh my god, she thought. I totally forgot about escalators.

As she stepped on the first step, he whispered in his ear, "The teen that has been following us the entire length of the mall is about to get an eyeful."

She glanced back and saw a teen behind them, about ten feet. The boy hesitated before getting on the escalator, looking up. His eyes got wide, and she realized Derek was right... he was seeing. She blushed crimson and nearly jumped when she felt Derek's hand land on her ass and give it a gentle squeeze.

"Gotta give the kid something," he said.

She was mortified. Secretly, though, she was the most turned on she had ever been...

They went to, of all things, a high end shoe place. Suddenly, she remembered the full extent of the dare. Was she about to go into a shoe store wearing this outfit and what was underneath? She balked at the door. He waited. She was about to turn back, but her pussy nearly ached from the thought of it. So, she stepped inside, and he followed. She was running on auto-pilot now, almost in a dream.


Derek went off to find a clerk and told her to go to the boots section. She made her way there, and he met her with a young guy, maybe early twenties, geeky, a bit shy, and shocked at the sight of her.

"Can you help my girlfriend find a pair of boots in size 6?" he asked.

"Size 7," she corrected.

He smiles and says, "Bring a few pairs and we can measure her feet."

He found two chairs opposite each other. He gestured for Mariana to sit down. He sat across from her. She carefully sat, his eyes following her every move. She clamped her legs together, but did not cross them. She liked the way his gaze centered on her knee, which was fidgeting just slightly. He was staring, and it was making her nervous and her body tingly. The mood was electric, overtly sexual, getting more and more intense... and then the clerk arrived with three pairs of boots, breaking the spell.

The boots were the type that needed to be laced in a fairly inconvenient way.

"Help her on with those," Derek said.

The clerk bent down with a pair of boots, his hands shaking a bit as he took her foot. Derek stared into her eyes. She felt her leg being pulled out from center, and realized the clerk could now see directly up her skirt. She thought of closing them and slapping the clerk for his rude behavior, but Derek's look stopped her. Her panties were totally exposed and Derek continued to lock stares with her. So, she let it happen. The clerk shakily laced the boot, doing a rather poor job of it, and his attention became increasingly obvious.

After finishing the boot, she closed her legs again. Derek continued to stare into her eyes and it was like his stare was redirected to her pussy. When the clerk took her other foot, she spread her legs willingly, further apart, boldly, naughtily. The clerk actually gasped, and she spared a glance at him. His eyes were locked right THERE and when she looked up, she knew that Derek understood this too. It was making her crazy. She was fairly sure that the see-through pair she had on were completely transparent. She was so wet she would not be at all surprised.

She wanted Derek's eyes on her, not the clerk's. He continued to look only at her face. Increasingly, it became not a want, but a NEED for him to see. She started to move the leg that the clerk was not holding out and back, trying to draw his gaze with the motion. She knew that the panties were being sucked into her pussy and that the clerk was seeing her lips. When Derek held her gaze, her eyes deliberately met his and then looked directly at his lap, where she could see an obvious and large erection in his pants. She looked up at him and licked her lips. He smiled and she realized that he knew it was a game and that he was winning.

The clerk finished with the boots. Almost reluctantly, she closed her legs and stood up, shakily. The boots look fantastic on her. She confirmed this when she looked over at Derek and saw his approval. Derek made a walking motion with his fingers and she walked away slowly, deliberately swaying her hips so that the skirt rose up.

"Those are very nice, we will be taking a pair of those," Derek said.

"How about a pair of heels?"

The clerk was only too eager to go off to look for some. Derek gestured for Mariana to sit down. He slowly took off each boot, running his hands up to her thigh but no higher. He still held her gaze and she looked down at him, lust slitting her eyes. After the second boot was off, he softly nudged her leg aside. She eagerly opened for him.

He looked directly at her panties and said, "Very nice see-through lace, Mariana. They do appear to be wet, however."

She blushed from head to toe and clamped her legs closed.

The clerk was still looking for heels, and she felt Derek come up behind her. He whispered in her ear, "I dare you to take them off before he gets back."

Her head started to spin. The warm breath on her ear and neck made her so aroused. The request he asked her is naughty, wanton. She cannot. He continues to stand behind her, making her feel his presence. She realizes his hard cock is just inches from her hand and she gasps.

Suddenly, she stands up and walks... no... struts towards the restroom. She goes down the aisle, no one is in front of her. Looking over her shoulder, the only person behind is Derek. Her body is so alive, every nerve is tingling. Her most intimate place has nearly a mind of its own. She looks back, reaches under her skirt, and pulls her panties down, enough to have them fall right there to the floor. His surprised and enthralled look is her reward. Still facing away, she bends over at the waist, picks them up, and comes back to him. She walks back over to him and puts the pair in his hands.

By the look on his face, he definitely enjoyed the show. He shoves them in his pocket and directs her to sit directly across from him. The air between them is thick with sex, and again, the clerk shows up to break the mood. Mariana was more than a little nervous now. Letting this random stranger look up her skirt with her skimpy panties was one thing, but now she had nothing on at all!

She clamped her legs together, her knees touching, and nervously sat there. Derek was grinning at her when she looked up at him. His gaze kept starting at her face, traveling slowly down her body, and stopping, looking directly at her knees. Each time he did this, her head spun... she actually got light headed with the thrill.

The buckles on the heeled shoes were much simpler than the boots, but the clerk was eager to help. Again he took her left foot, but this time she kept her legs tightly closed, denying him a view. Derek continued his gaze trick, each time sending a thrill directly to her mid-section. On the third traversal of her body, however, his eyes travelled slightly up, locking on the midway point of her thighs. If she spread her legs in the slightest, he would be staring directly at her pussy.

His hand reached down to his lap, and he stroked his hard cock right in front of her, through his pants. Almost without thinking, she stared. His hand continued to stroke and the point of his attention did not waver. He made a parting motion with his hands that was unmistakable. She looked down, blushed, and shook her head. But she could not keep her eyes down: they traveled back to where his hand was stroking his hard cock. And again, his hands made a parting motion.

Her resistance crumbled and the leg that she was holding tight swung open. The clerk gasped, but she barely noticed. Instead, her entire attention was on Derek, who continued to stroke his cock, and on seeing her bare pussy, lick his lips. The whole thing was too much for her. The clerk, the feel of her bare pussy being ogled, it just sent her over the edge. She moved her face to her shoulder, muffling her cries as she spontaneously started to cum. It wracked her body and despite trying to stay still, her hips thrust once or twice, lewdly pushing her slit almost into the clerk's face.

She nearly passed out. There was definitely a small period of time when she was insensible. When she became aware of her surroundings the first thing she did was to check on Derek. His completely shocked (and not just a little smug) look was priceless. He knew what had just happened and he was enjoying it. She glanced down and the clerk was shuffling away, a notable wet spot on his pants. Derek and her both looked at each other, giggled, and got out of there as quickly as they could manage.

They rejoined the mall and her brain was in hyper stimulated sex mode. The feel of walking with that skirt and no panties was almost more than she could bare (she thought of the word "bare" and it made it even worse). They headed again towards the escalator. He did a "after you" gesture and she was on it before she realized what he had just done. Now, she could not hide behind him.

Everyone on the up side of the escalator had a really good shot of seeing her bare twat (yes, she used that term in her head) as they came up. She looked at the men on the up side and noticed a couple of double takes. Did they see her? She was not sure but she was on fire. It was like her entire being was just one big sex organ and it was being stroked at every turn.

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