tagRomanceMarianne Ch. 01

Marianne Ch. 01


I wasn't always like this. It just seemed to come out of blue. I was sitting at work, minding my own business as usual. There was nothing special about today; it was a day just like all the others before it.

I had to work on a day that most of my coworkers had off so it was just me, my supervisor and another coworker in the office. Actually, it was pretty much just me alone in the office because the other two were out on the property most of the day.

Now, I won't lie, the events that lead to my amazing afternoon weren't planned but I also can't say I didn't want it to happen.

I'd been looking at my coworker, Matthew, for quite some time now. He's a very attractive man with a great ass! To be honest, I never in a million years figured he reciprocated my feelings of lust. I'm not exactly what I figured was his type; I'm not tall, blonde and slender. I have had many dreams about him, nothing too risqué, just he and I together, holding each other, kissing and touching. I really liked the feelings he gave me in those dreams and I must say I secretly wished something would happen between the two of us.

Today he came in, avoided as he did most days (which is why I always assumed he didn't care much for me). I had to ask him a question and went into his office to talk to him. He was just getting ready to walk out the door to meet with my supervisor when I walked in with my papers. To keep myself from bumping into him I put my hand out to stop myself. It rested on his chest and I could feel his warmth under his shirt. I didn't want him to know I was slightly aroused by something as simple as touching his covered chest, so I pulled my hand away quickly, maybe a little too quickly. He was a bit surprised and said "I don't bite you know". I just smiled weakly, handed him the papers without asking my question and walked away feeling like a dope.

The rest of the morning was pretty boring; the phones didn't ring much so my supervisor decided to leave early.

"Matt will lock up after you leave at 5:00, just make sure you shut off the lights, you know the routine. Have a good afternoon Marianne."

"Yes Pete, I know, you have a good afternoon too!" I said and waved good-bye, relieved to be alone in the office.

About an hour later I heard Matthew walk in, I didn't look up I just kept working. He called me into his office to get some papers to copy. I made the copies and brought them back to him. He was standing in the middle of his office just staring at me I was curious so I stared back. His gaze was beginning to stir something inside me so I had to look away; I didn't want him to know how he affected me. I had to work with this man; if he knew I had a crush on him I thought it would be too embarrassing to see him everyday.

"Are you feeling okay Marianne? You don't look so good."

"I'm fine Matthew, do I look sick or something?"

"Oh no, don't get me wrong, you look great, you just look uncomfortable."

"Well, I'm okay, thanks for asking though" and I turned to walk away. He touched my arm and it sent electric shocks through my whole body.

"What's your rush, I'm not done looking at the papers you brought earlier."

"Oh, right, sorry" I tried to smile but I think it came out more like a grimace because he laughed.

"Why are you so nervous around me all of the sudden? Is it because you touched my chest earlier? You know, it's no big deal."

"Really? Okay, I just didn't want you to think I was trying to flirt, you know, sexual harassment, crossing a line, nothing like that" I rambled on. He laughed again.

"Don't worry, I wasn't offended and I didn't feel that you crossed any line. In fact, it was sort of nice."

"It was!" I tried to sound calm, but the look on my face must have given away my surprise that he liked me touching him.

"Yes, it was! Don't be so surprised. Why do you think I avoid you most days?"

"I sort of figured it was because you didn't like me much. I notice you talk to everyone in the office a lot but you only talk to me when you have to."

"It's not because I don't like you, just the opposite, I'm attracted to you, that's why I avoid you. I was afraid other people in the office would notice the way I look at you"

"I never even noticed you looking at me why would anyone else?"

"You never did? Really? I guess I must be better at hiding it than I thought" he chuckled nervously.

With that said, he took a step closer to me. The butterflies in my stomach were growing and I felt a little lightheaded. He just stared at me, his deep blue eyes melting me. I wanted to speak but I didn't know what to say. He moved a little closer and I took a step back hitting the open door. He reached behind me to close the door and his chest pressed against mine. My breath caught in my throat and my nipples got instantly hard, I just knew he could feel them against his chest. I was right because he looked down and smiled at me. He leaned even closer causing me to back up against the now closed door, pressing his body against me. At this point I could feel why he was smiling; he had a huge erection! It was now pressed firmly against my belly, he pressed harder and I let out a soft moan. By now I was so aroused I could hardly see straight, all I knew was that I wanted him.

The feeling must have been mutual because he leaned down and softly kissed me on the lips, he put both arms around me and pulled me closer to him. He slowly licked my lips with his soft warm tongue and gently slipped it into my mouth. I couldn't hold back my cries and I let out a loud moan that made him grab me harder and kiss me more passionately. His tongue was like fire in my mouth, dancing with my tongue, rubbing against my teeth then against the roof of my mouth. It was so intense that I almost came just by his kiss. I put both arms around him and held on tightly afraid that I would collapse in ecstasy.

I began to run my hands up and down his back then down to his firm ass; I squeezed it and pulled him even closer to me. I could feel his hard cock getting even harder as it rubbed against my belly; it felt so good that I had to touch it. I slowly reached my hands around and began to massage his swollen cock through his jeans, this time it was his turn to moan. He stopped kissing my mouth and began making his way down my neck to my breasts. The feeling of his warm mouth on my neck turned me on so much more that I started to unbutton his jeans and reach in to feel his cock through his boxers. This drove him even wilder and he pulled my sweater down to expose my bra. He didn't waste any time with unhooking it, he just reached in and pulled my breasts out so he could kiss and suck my hard nipples.

The feeling was so amazing, his mouth was so warm and feeling him gently nibble and tug on my nipples was getting me closer to my climax. I had never been so turned on by a man sucking my nipples; I have to say it was a great feeling. I was so lost in the intensity that I forgot about rubbing his cock, so he grabbed both my arms and pinned me against the door while continuing to gently bite and suck my nipples.

By now we were both fully aroused and wanting the same thing, to fuck our brains out! He slowly moved his hands down to my hips and worked his way into my pants. I was wearing underwear, but not much, they were my little pink thong panties. He reached his hands behind me and began to massage my ass while kissing my neck and breasts and telling me how much he liked my panties; I could only coo a response and reciprocate by slipping my now free hands into his pants to feel his ass.

Our breathing was becoming more sporadic and we feverishly began taking each other's clothes off. I took his pants off first then his boxers, and then he slid off my pants, leaving my panties on. Then we took each other's shirts off and he not so gently ripped my bra off. The passion was amazing and I didn't even care that he'd ripped my bra; all I cared about was the gorgeous naked man in front of me with the huge hard-on. We kissed passionately while using our hands to explore each other. I used mine to feel his entire cock and gently massage his huge balls. He was busying himself by rubbing and pinching my right nipple with one hand and gently teasing my clit with the other. All the while we kissed and kissed and kissed till it seemed like an eternity passed.

I was so aroused that my juices were running down my legs, he took a step back to watch, and then ripped my panties off as well. There we were totally naked in his office, me against the door, he standing a foot in front of me with a huge erection and a look of amazement.

I took a step forward, wanting to be in charge for a brief moment, and kneeled in front of him. I took his cock in both hands and began to slowly stroke him. I smiled up at him and then slowly, very slowly, began to slide the head of his swollen cock in my mouth. I eased my way down further and further till eventually I had him all the way in my mouth and down my throat. He let out a sigh and put both hands on my face to caress me while I gently sucked his hard cock. I didn't want him to cum to quickly so I kept my rhythm slow and easy, sliding up and down on his beautiful prick while rubbing my tongue on the bottom side of his entire shaft. He was huge, but that didn't stop me from taking it all in and rubbing my chin on his balls. This caused him to gasp for air while mumbling how great it felt.

I have to admit I was so turned on that I was about to climax right there, on the floor, kneeling in front of him. I began making little noises and he knew I was close, so he stopped me, took his cock from my mouth and said, "we'll have none of that yet".

His office was big, thank goodness, and it had a sofa, even better. He led me to the sofa and laid me down on it and knelt in front of me, "now it's your turn". He took my legs and spread them so I had one leg over the back of the sofa and the other over his shoulder. I was quivering with excitement, knowing what was going to happen. He stopped and just stared at my soaking wet pussy, then took his hands and went to work. He had one hand making small circles over my swollen clit and the other was gently rubbing my engorged pussy lips. It felt so good all I could do was moan my encouragement to keep doing what he was doing.

The more he rubbed the closer I was to orgasm and he knew it so he stopped rubbing with his hands and lowered his head. I almost came the second his mouth touched my pussy, but he pulled back and told me to relax, so I did. Again, he lowered his mouth to my expectant pussy and began to slowly lick up my juices. It was the best feeling I had ever experienced and I wanted it to last forever, apparently, so did he because he just kept at it, slowly licking up my wetness and then teasing my clit to make me wetter. It was wonderful, I'd never been licked so gently or for long and I was reveling in it!

After licking me for what seemed like an hour (it turned out to be just that) without having an orgasm, I couldn't take it anymore; I began begging him to let me cum.

He said the magic words, "Would you cum in my mouth?"


I laid my head back and let it happen. He wasn't done with me yet, he wanted me to have the most intense oral orgasm he could give me, and he succeeded.

He didn't just lick me, he started to suck on my pussy, not just suck but also gently tug on my swollen lips and tease me by sliding his tongue in my more than willing pussy. That wasn't all. While his mouth was sucking me closer to my orgasm, he reached up with both hands and began to lightly pinch my nipples. That sent a shockwave through my whole body that resulted in me squirting juice in his mouth and all over his chin and I hadn't even cum yet! When that happened he growled like an animal and went nuts, sucking harder and pinching my nipples so hard it would have been painful if it hadn't felt so good.

He knew I was almost there and he didn't let up, he just kept sucking and pinching till I was writhing on the sofa and grinding my pussy on his face. All at once the world faded away and all I could focus on was this beautiful man between my legs giving me the most pleasure I'd had in my entire life....and I came! I climaxed so hard my legs shook, my body convulsed and I was screaming his name over and over and over. I look back now and am thankful that we were alone, but at that moment, I didn't care.

I came so much that he stayed between legs sucking up my juices and moaning as if I was giving him pleasure. That was almost enough to send me over the edge again, but he wouldn't let me.

He stood up and pulled me to a sitting position. His bulging cock was right where I wanted it, in front of my mouth, so without waiting for him to offer it, I took it in my mouth. I wasn't teasing this time, this time I wanted to taste him, and I needed to feel his hot cum shoot down my throat. He protested at first, saying he wanted to be inside me, but I ignored him and just kept sucking, faster and faster. I had one hand at the base of his shaft and the other cupping his tightening balls. Now it was my turn to make him scream!

He began a perfect rhythm of fucking my mouth with both hands on my shoulders holding me there to take it all in and I did. I moved my hands to his ass so I could feel his muscles flexing as he thrust his cock in my mouth. I sucked his long shaft all the way to base.

As he fucked my mouth faster and harder with each thrust I could feel his huge balls bumping against my chin. The feeling was so intense that I could feel another orgasm building. The harder he fucked the louder he got, soon he was screaming my name and I felt the first shot in my mouth.

The taste drove me wild and I grabbed his ass and shoved his cock all the way down my throat while I rubbed my tongue on the bottom of it. This caused him to swell more and shoot even more streams of hot cum down my throat, it felt and tasted so good that I started to cum again and began to moan while he screamed my name.

When he was done coming, I held his semi-hard cock in my mouth till I felt it begin to swell again. He asked me if I had cum again and I nodded as I breathed hard.

He smiled and said, "Then lay back, I'm not done with you."

I lay back as he knelt on the floor and grabbed both of my legs, he put them both over his shoulders and smiled.

"If you thought it felt good the first time, wait till you feel this."

Having said that he slid his hands under my ass and lifted it off the sofa so my pussy was right in front of his mouth. He didn't spend any time teasing me with his fingers this time; he went right to sucking my pussy. Because of the position of his hands he had control over my hips and he began to pull me closer to his mouth with each suck of his warm mouth.

The feeling was so intense that I couldn't help but cum again and again. When I was on the brink of passing out from the pleasure he sucked one last time stood up.

"Are you ready for me?" He was breathing hard and holding his hard cock in his hand.

I opened my eyes and saw his huge cock pulsing, a drop of clear liquid dripped from the tip.

"Yes, I'm ready". I licked my lips involuntarily as I remembered the taste of his sweet cum.

He lifted my left leg over the back of the sofa and the other he draped over his arm so he could control how far my legs were spread. Kneeling, he positioned himself between my legs; he took his engorged prick and rubbed it on my wet pussy, spreading my lips so he could slide in easily.

Because I was so wet he slid right in. I haven't been with many men (he's my third) so I'm still considerably tight and he was definitely the largest cock I ever had inside me. His cock was so huge it felt like I was splitting in two nonetheless it was a great feeling.

He started slowly at first, sliding his cock all the way in so I could feel his balls pressing against my ass then sliding out so only his head was between my lips. He did that for a while and it was driving me wild, I wanted him to fuck me harder but he wouldn't, he said he wanted it to last.

So, there we were fucking in a slow rhythm, him thrusting deep inside me, me pushing up my hips to meet each thrust. I don't know how long we did that all I remember was my next orgasm. He knew I was close so he thrust his cock as far as it would go and started to grind it into me.

The sensation of his cock that deep in my pussy and his balls rubbing against my ass was too much and I climaxed. I screamed his name, clawed his back and had the hardest most intense orgasm I'd ever had while being fucked (the other most intense orgasm was when he licked me). The whole time he just looked down at me, smiling with satisfaction.

"I hope you're not done because I'm still not finished with you."

I just looked at him, amazed that he wanted me to cum more.

"Oh yes, I want you to cum till you think you'll pass out." He smiled wickedly.

"Okay" was all I could muster.

He slowly pulled his cock from deep inside me; I was so wet I could hear my juices on him. He asked me to please sit up and I did. He sat down and asked me to sit on him. Gladly I jumped up and positioned myself over his long shaft, my breasts were right in his face and he couldn't resist the urge to suck and pinch my nipples.

That made me even more aroused and without thinking, I slide down his huge cock in one swift motion. With one nipple in his mouth and the other between his fingers, I was ready to cum again, this time I wanted it on my terms.

I began to quickly go up and down on his cock like a well-oiled piston. The friction must have been too intense for him because he started to moan and asked me to slow down. I was on the brink of another great orgasm and I couldn't stop; I just kept going, up and down, faster and faster, feeling him swell bigger and thicker with each motion.

It must have been too much for him to handle and he had to cum. He put both hands on my hips and started to slam his huge cock deeper and deeper, grunting like a wild animal, he still didn't have enough of my nipples and he kept going back and forth, sucking one, then the other. That was all it took to push me over the edge, I was in the midst of my orgasm when I felt his cock swell then spasm and his first shot of cum shoot inside me. I could feel its warmth spreading inside me as I continued my own climax.

When we were both finished, he held me tight and I laid my head against his neck listening to his heartbeat as it slowly returned to normal. It was so peaceful and comfortable, it felt right, to be with this man that I'd only known eight months and hardly spoke to. None of that seemed to matter, it just felt right. His cock was still inside me and even though he'd just had an orgasm, he was still slightly hard.

He picked my head up off his neck and looked deep into my eyes and kissed me.

"I've never done anything like this before. I am not usually attracted so intensely to a woman the way I am with you"

"I can understand what you mean, I've never done anything like this in my entire life. I'm usually very slow when it comes to men"

"You could have fooled me, the way you sucked my cock"

I felt my cheeks flush when he said that, embarrassed about my actions.

"Don't you dare be embarrassed about that, you are amazing"

"Thank you, I thought the things you did were pretty amazing," I laughed nervously

"You did eh? I'm glad you thought so, I don't usually act that way or do things like that. I'm actually very shy around women and I never make the first move"

"MMMmmmm, well it was wonderful and I enjoyed myself immensely." I laid my head back on his chest.

"Marianne, can I ask you something personal?"

"More personal than what we just did?" I asked with a smirk on my face.

"You have a point there, but still it's personal, and if you don't want to answer the question, I'll understand"

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