Generally I hate going to the doctor. It can be so dehumanizing. I love life, and having my vitals checked by complete strangers really sucks everything right out of me.

I think Dr. Hernandez has the only medical office I enjoy visiting. It isn't perfect, but Maribel always manages to lift my spirits, and she leaves me in a better mood than when I arrived.

Maribel is certainly a beautiful lady, with kind green eyes and a gorgeous smile. Her attractiveness goes beyond the physical, though. It's the sincere way she listens while looking intently at me. My answers seem to matter to her on a human level.

Our conversations never last more than five minutes, but I always feel so alive talking to her. I have never tried to fool myself, though. Maribel seems to have a beautiful smile for everyone.

All that said, I have started to take a deeper interest in Maribel over the past year. Of course, my wife leaving me for her best friend certainly had to have something to do with this new found interest I had.

In reality, I haven't liked this change of feelings within me. Conversation with Maribel has become stilted. Worst of all, though, I actually started to get aroused during my last visit. We were talking about my change in weight, and I started letting my eyes wander to Maribel's own attractive distribution of weight.

Specifically, I was caught staring at tanned breasts that were struggling to emerge from an overly tight v-neck blouse. Our eyes met, and hers seemed to grow immediately cold and hard. She quickly said, "Dr. Hernandez will be with you in a moment," and exited before I could respond.

I don't remember much of that visit, but I know I snuck out the back door after seeing the doctor.

In spite of all this, only a few nights went by before I found myself fantasizing again. Alone in my house, cocktail in hand and lonely, Maribel took over all of my thoughts. I could clearly see her full Latin lips, bright red and pouting in a teasing way. Her long raven black hair cascaded down her broad, but sexy shoulders.

My cocked throbbed, as I envisioned Maribel's green eyes looking into my soul, inviting me to come to her. I touched myself, and started gliding my hand across my dick, as I imagined Maribel unzipping her tight nurse's smock.

My breathing slowed and deepened, as I thought of her breasts all but exploding at the freedom they were now offered.

"Muy bonita..." I whispered throatily, and Maribel threw back her head and laughed a rich, deep, lusty laugh.

Her perfect teeth and sensuous tongue grabbed my imagination, but only briefly as in my mind she ran her hands slowly across her boobs and then opened the front clasp of her bra. Deep, brown, hard, tits spilled down to her stomach.

I wanted this woman. I lusted for her, but that lust grew from something deeper, a hunger for intimacy with a truly kind woman. In spite of the lubricating alcohol, my fantasy slipped away, and I grew embarrassed in spite of being alone. I had no chance, I thought in self-pity.

My dick continued to ache into the evening, though. Finally, I gave in and spent over two hours watching porn, stroking my tits and cock, and then eventually shooting hard blasts of cum across my chest.

I tried to put Maribel out of my mind, but it was difficult. Then, two nights later while driving home in the rain my life changed. As I turned the corner, about a block from home, I almost crashed into a very large, very soaked woman.

Slamming on the brakes, I got ready to apologize, when the woman flipped me off. It had been a tough week, and something immediately snapped inside of me.

I jumped out of the car, into the rain, and shouted, "What the fuck? I am sorry, but you were in the middle of the goddamm road!"

Just as our eyes locked in anger, and just as I was noticing her tears and feeling like a shit, Maribel threw back her head and gave me that beautiful laugh.

I was so embarrassed, and in the midst of this, I had a humiliating flashback. Simply put, it involved me playing with myself while fantasizing about this very wet goddess.

Then everything changed. The air took on a new feel, and Maribel's eyes were kind again. I melted emotionally.

I started to stutter something about giving her a ride, but I don't remember the conversation.

I do remember taking a shocking visual inventory of Maribel's visual assets. In spite of the rain, and chilly evening air, Maribel was wearing a day-glo green party skirt with black polka dots. It had a low, low ruffled neckline, and her breasts were jiggling their way over the top as she laughed uproariously.

Maribel's slutty excuse for evening wear stopped just somewhere south of her ass. Her garter belts were exposed a few inches above where they connected to fishnet hosiery. Deep brown flesh spilled over everywhere.

I guess I had never before noticed how big she really was, but her thighs spilled over the top of her hose, and her meaty arms tightly filled the cap sleeves of her dress. I figured she had to weigh over 200 lbs, and she was definitely under 5'10".

Unkind people would call Maribel a fat woman. I wouldn't, but it has nothing to do with chivalry. My pants ached, as I realized that not only was Maribel a beautiful soul, she was my fantasy. I realized I absolutely needed to hold those thighs, caress them, and then strive to pleasure this woman any way she desired.

Her hair was dyed brown and pink, with natural streaks if black accenting the vision. An Aztec design adorned her left shoulder, Native American feather designs graced the sides of her neck, and a snake made itself at home on her thigh.

Even a glance at her shoes and earrings caused my breathing to pick up speed. The four inch gold hoops were slutty in just the right way. So were the five inch stilettos that did wonderful things for the muscles in her legs.

I had to force my eyes away from these delights, though, and I was soon glad I did. I saw pain resurface, and I longed to help. I reached out for her hand, and simply said, "Come with me." I opened the passenger door for her, and we took off for a two hour drive along the coast.

I grew angry as I heard Maribel tell me about how her boyfriend had humiliated her that night. At a friend's party, she had caught him making out with a friend. Instead of being ashamed, her boyfriend had called her a, "fat cow," and loudly stated that, "the only thing you are good for is a cheap fuck when I can't find any one else to screw."

Maribel had fled in hysterics, and was wandering aimlessly when I almost ran her over. We drove and talked, and then after two hours had passed, she reached over grabbed my hand.

Leaning on my shoulder, she recited the directions to her apartment. I soon pulled up in front of a well maintained older apartment building. As I struggled to get out of my seatbelt, Maribel was already exiting the car. Her beautiful, broad ass brought my cock to attention again, but the timing was bad, and I knew it.

I hopped out, and went to get the door. It was a bright blue door that taunted me, and guarded me from her private life. As soon as she unlocked the door, I briefly gave her a tight hug and then hugged and then returned to the car.

As the apartment door closed behind her, I sat in my car paralyzed with desire, and the fear that the most incredible woman I would ever meet had just come as close to me as she ever would.

I never heard her come back out of her apartment, but I did hear the car door open as Maribel re-entered my life, reaching over to kiss me on the lips.

Her mouth was hot and her breath musky, steamy from the struggles of the night. I tasted salt on her lips, but then felt my tongue being sucked into her mouth, while she grabbed my shaft and began to stroke me. I started to object, but only because I wanted her for more than a night, and I didn't want to screw things up.

Maribel stopped me cold in my tracks with a very rude, "Fuck you." I smiled as she rambled on about expecting me to be in her life for many nights to come, and with that the conversation was over.

What happened next is as surreal now, as it was that night it happened. Maribel pushed me back against my car door, grabbed the bodice of her dress and ripped it open. In the light from her porch I could just make out her bulging belly as it rolled over her panty line.

I moaned, as she ripped off a lacy green shelf bra. Her tits sagged down close to her belly button. One of her brown tits was pierced and hard, the other was pierced, too, but framed by her fingers that worked to make it even harder.

I leaned towards her, but she pushed me back, and exited the car. She stepped back into the light of her porch, and out of what was left of her dress. Raising her arms above her head she turned her back to me and began to slowly gyrate to a song that only she could hear.

It was like watching a beautiful painting come to life, and I was transfixed watching her massive ass, now free of panties, swaying in the cool night air. The elusive snake's head graced her left ass cheek and wiggled, beckoning me. Her hardened calves flexed as they supported her beautifully top heavy body. On her back two Latinas were tattooed in a lesbian embrace.

Maribel bent over, but continued to sway, and her ass now gaped open a bit. I was treated to an incredible display of untrimmed, wiry black hair that engulfing her ass crack and spilling along her inner thighs.

Then, just as quickly as the dance started, it was over. Maribel turned to me, licked her lips, pulled teasingly at her shimmering tit ring, and beckoned with a crooked finger. As I adjusted my pants, and worked to get the car door open, Maribel disappeared into her apartment.

I walked across the threshold, ready to look for her bedroom, when I saw her just below me on the floor. Her legs were wide open, one hand engulfed by her beautiful natural bush. The fingers of her other hand toyed with the ring in her nipple.

She bit her lip, moaned, and then implored me to, "Kiss my pussy." I didn't need a second invitation. I kicked the door shut behind me, dropped to the floor, and licked her hairy thighs slowly and with animal intensity. Both of her hands savagely pulled my face into an embrace with her pussy lips.

The tang tasted of a home I had never known. I felt her powerful thighs grip my head, and heard shudders and groans, as I ran my tongue between her lips and around her clit. My tongue took time to probe her fragrant hole, and then she forced me over and onto my back.

Deftly supporting her weight with her knees, Maribel began relentlessly driving her pussy into and across my lips and face. My scalp hurt as she pulled my hair, but I wouldn't have changed anything.

My hands searched for her tits, but I was playfully slapped away. Maribel laughed and instructed me that, "I can take care of my tits, you eat my pussy and grab my ass, OK?" Then her full weight bore down on me.

I gulped and gasped, but continued to feverishly run my tongue across the new found refuge of my baby's tasty pussy. I kneaded and groped her ass, and Maribel began to scream, "Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck!"

A massive shiver wracked her body, then one last clench and thrust, and she was done.

Dripping with sweat, Maribel rolled off of and lay next to me. We studied the ceiling without interest, and just held hands.

Pushing me over on my side, Maribel spooned me from behind, and whispered in my ear, "We're going to do this again soon, but now its your turn ..." I felt her right hand pinch my right tit, while her left hand wiggled under my side, stroked my belly and then began clutching my balls.

The night wasn't over, and, I was sure the best chapter of my life was just beginning.

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