tagNonHumanMarie Ch. 03

Marie Ch. 03


Marie awoke the next morning to a tinkling sound. The fog was slow to lift since she was used to taking her sweet time waking up. So it took a while for it to register that someone was stirring something somewhere in her apartment. She sat up quickly and stared out her bedroom door and into the kitchen. The intruder was blonde, when she turned and smiled Marie recognized her. She was the blonde that had been with Eva the night before.

"Finally, I didn't think you'd ever wake up."

Marie sat up to go see who was talking, but noticed that she was naked and pulled the covers over her bare body quickly deciding to stay in bed.

The blonde rolled her eyes and stopped stirring. "I'll turn around so you can get dressed."

Marie waited until she could see the back of her head and scurried out of bed, pulling a set of tattered flannel pajamas from her drawer and pulling the on. When she finished, she made her way into the kitchen.

"How did you get in here?" she croaked.

"Your key," the blonde answered as she shoved what appeared to be a cup of tea at Marie.

"How did you..."

The blonde rolled her eyes again and sighed. "Don't you remember anything about last night? Eva and Donovan musta worked you over good." Her Jersey accent was heavy. She wore low cut distressed jeans and a spaghetti-strapped black tee. She was model pretty and equally thin. Marie noticed how her honey-colored hair was long, almost touching her ass, and straight at the moment. She thought the curls from the night before looked better.

Marie flinched at the names and touched her neck where they had drunk from her hours earlier. "I remember," she muttered staring into the gold liquid in her cup. "Are you a vampire too?"

The blonde laughed sharply. "No, its noon and the windows are open. I wouldn't be here right now if I was a vampire."

"Oh," Marie said feeling like an idiot. "So who are you?"

"Amanda. Donovan sent me over to make sure you were alright and help you get ready."

Marie's hand shook at the thought of Donovan. He was the just type of man that could give a woman the shakes. He was six foot four, with black hair that hung past his shoulders, coal black eyes that didn't so much as see you as look right through you. Then, there was his body, broad shoulders, amazing chest, six pack abs, long muscular legs, and a nice, big dick. She could still feel his hands, his tongue, and his dick. Some of the tea sloshed out of her cup and burned her hand a little.

"Get ready for what?"

"You're visiting the mansion tonight. You have to look your best." Amanda smiled, flashing her perfectly straight teeth and cocked her head to the side.

"The...the mansion?" Eva put the cup on the counter before she spilled again. Her hands were yet to stop shaking.

"It's Donovan's house, but almost all of us live there."

"Look, Amanda, I don't mean to be rude, but I don't want to go to the mansion. I don't think I could face Donovan ever again. I'm fine...you've done your job, now you can leave."

Amanda's blue eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open in surprise. "You don't want to go?"

"No," Marie said hugging herself tightly. "I don't want to go."

Amanda's shocked expression turned into a smirk. "You got some nerve. Do you have any idea how long I've been a familiar? I've been feeding Donovan and biding my time until he decides to finally turn me so I can stop running daytime errands. He's ready to turn you tonight, but you don't wanna to go?"

"That's right," Marie said, raising her voice, "I don't want to go and I don't want to be turned into a vampire!"

Amanda scoffed and walked out of the kitchen. "That's just great. Just fucking great."

Marie followed her and watched as she grabbed a pale pink sweater from the couch and pulled it on. Amanda looked more than a little annoyed.

"Donovan's gonna to be pissed. He's gonna to be pissed at me, but he'll be back for you. Trust me, he doesn't take no for an answer."

Marie's mouth went dry at the thought of Donovan back in her apartment. Probably, alone with no female buffer between them, he might not stop at sex this time. He may not stop with a couple quick healing drink holes in her throat. He was a vampire; he could tear her apart and drink her dry if he felt like it and why wouldn't he if he was going to be as upset as Amanda claimed?

"Wait," Marie gasped when Amanda had her hand on the doorknob to leave. "I'll go."

Amanda slowly turned around to face Marie. She eyed her up and down and wondered just what it was that Donovan wanted about her. She was more plain that pretty. Marie had long, dark hair and eyes almost as dark as Donovan's. Her eyes were open wide, so they were almost round, but that was just from fear. Her nose was long and just a little pointy with thin nostrils, and her mouth was a bit too large. The worst part was that she wasn't even thin, she wasn't fat, but she wasn't thin either. Amanda had been shocked when Eva showed her who it was Donovan wanted the night before. A frumpy, dark, overweight girl alone in a bar, but there was no questioning Donovan.

He'd woken her roughly when he'd returned home that morning around four.

"Go to her," he said tossing a set of keys onto Amanda's bed. "I want her here tonight." He'd walked straight out of her room slamming the door as he left.

Amanda was used to his cold manner. Donovan was like the oldest grumpiest man in the universe. He'd been around for centuries and didn't waste time with pleasantries or idle chatter. He was direct and to the point. There was no questioning him...ever. If he felt an inkling of resistance he could easily force his will, but those occurrences were few and far between. Everyone worked for Donovan, from the local vampire sects to most of the European ones. There were even hundreds of humans he had under his thumb that had no idea what he really was.

As much as Amanda had wanted to question his choice in Marie, it was not her place. She loved Donovan and would do anything for him, even help him find another woman to suck and fuck. If history was any indication, he'd tire of her soon and send her away, whether he turned her or not. Donovan's love interests were fleeting, but Amanda was permanent. She was always there and always willing to do anything he demanded. She was counting on him realizing that soon enough and turning her so she could be his queen forever.

She dragged herself out of the bed and sighed as she palmed Marie's house key. This woman would be gone in a matter of months, and then things could get back on track.


Marie pulled on the black satin gloves that Amanda had purchased. The two had spent the whole day working on Marie's looks. She got a mani/pedi, a haircut and style, and a deep tissue massage which hurt like hell, but Amanda said was necessary to improve her circulation. Marie didn't want to think about why her improved circulation was necessary.

Amanda smiled from where she sat on Marie's bed. "Looks great."

Marie looked at herself in the mirror over her dresser and couldn't help smiling. She did look great. She had picked out a simple black evening gown, strapless so the satin bodice clung to her full breasts and the full skirt blossomed out below the waist, hugging her generous hips. The skirts moved easily swaying gently with every move she made. She felt like Audrey Hepburn in the elbow-length black gloves. Her dark hair hung down her back, long, heavy, and slightly blown out from her visit to the salon that afternoon. She wore no jewelry because Amanda had said everything she owned was either cheap or tacky and there was no way she would go jewelry shopping for another woman.

Amanda looked at the tiny gold watch on her slim wrist and sighed. "It's almost seven. The car should be downstairs by now."

Marie nodded slowly, but a huge lump rose in her throat. The car waiting downstairs was to take them to Donovan's house on The Hill. From what Amanda had told her, it was a massive mansion and it would be filled with vampires. There was a party tonight, for no special reason, just because Donovan had insisted on an event that evening. Marie was nervous about seeing Donovan again, but she was even more nervous about being in a mansion full of blood suckers. She felt like a lamb being led to slaughter.

"Are you comin', or what?" Amanda said impatiently from the doorway.

Marie frowned at her, but nodded. Amanda was rushing her out of the house, being the perfect little shepherd. That's what she was...a bleached blonde executioner with a Jersey accent.

"Let's go then," Amanda said turning sharply and walking towards the door. Marie grabbed her purse and followed like a good sheep.


Donovan's home was amazing. It was even more than she had imagined. Marie had assumed it would be large, but she'd thought it would be more Disney's Haunted Mansion, less Tara from Gone with the Wind. The red brick house was two stories with giant picture windows and bold white columns across the front. The porch was painted white and the front doors were stained glass, works of art themselves.

Amanda led her quickly inside and gave her one last look as they stood in the foyer. Her blue eyes traveled up and down, appreciating her own handiwork. "I gotta go upstairs and get dressed myself so you just go ahead into the den. Donovan will find you." She turned to go toward the staircase, but stopped to give one last instruction. "Don't talk to anyone unless they say something to you first."

Marie nodded. She hadn't planned on striking up any conversations with any of the people attending a party hosted by a world renowned vampire.

Amanda started back to the staircase and turned once more. "On second thought, why don't you come upstairs with me? I'm sure Donovan would rather see you before you got lost in that crowd. I'll take you straight to him. It's probably safer that way."

Marie gave a relieved sigh and followed Amanda up the stairwell. They climbed up until they reached a landing where two more sets of stairs continued on either side. Amanda glanced to the right before proceeding up the left staircase.

Marie was almost out of breath when Amanda stopped half-way down the hallway. The blonde was almost jogging in her Nikes while Marie shuffled behind her in heeled slides. Marie was glad when they finally stopped in front of a door. The piece of wood itself was dark, probably Mahogany with intricate carvings all over, a naked woman pouring a jug of water surrounded by children that either looked at each other or gazed at her, with a mountain range etched in the background. Marie stared at it and wondered if it was a painting originally that someone copied into the door. The detailing was terrific.

Amanda pulled the door open as quickly as she could and motioned for Marie to walk in ahead of her. Marie mumbled thanks and crossed the threshold. She was completely unprepared for what she saw.

She was in what must have been Donovan's bedroom. The carpet was dark red and the walls the same. The large room was filled with furniture, a black leather couch, mahogany coffee table, a twelve drawer dresser with mirror, and no less than three overstuffed settees. The only piece of furniture that concerned Marie at the moment was the bed. The size alone was impressive, easily a California King with four posters that looked more like the columns on the Parthenon. The most interesting thing about the bed was what was going on in it, though.

Donovan was on his knees behind a beautiful brunette who was really enjoying herself if her face was any indication. Her features were delicate, soft pink mouth hung open, her green eyes rolled wildly and her narrow nostrils flared. Her face was flushed pink and her dark hair swung untamed, damp with sweat as her breasts bounced.

On Donovan's left, with his fangs buried deep in her throat was a woman who looked similar to Eva. Her jet black hair was thick and brushed her ass since her head hung completely backwards. She was the only one who seemed to notice Marie and trained her dark eyes on her immediately. Her full lips turned up in a smile as she pulled roughly on a nipple with one hand and played in her black pubes with the other.

As Marie watched, Donovan fisted the third woman's red hair. She had been sucking his nipples and teasing the brunette's ass but Donovan forced her into a completely different stance. He pulled her to her knees, pressing her back against his chest and forcing her small, but pert little breasts out as her back curved against him. Her skin was pale and the two stiff pink buds seemed to point directly at Marie. The redhead's mouth formed a perfect "O" and her wine colored lipstick was smeared in a harsh streak across her white cheek. Marie watched her green eyes flutter closed as Donovan abandoned the raven-haired woman's throat to sink his fangs into the redhead whose scream turned quickly into a moan.

Marie wanted to turn and walk right back out of that room, but she was transfixed. She couldn't stop watching Donovan fuck one woman while he fed off the others. They all seemed so involved, even their moaning and sex sounds were in sync. The brunette would grunt, while the darker one sighed. The red head moaned and there was the unmistakable slap of flesh as Donovan's dick rammed deep into the brunette over and over. Marie stared at the orgy and felt something she hadn't really expected. Under the disgust and embarrassment was jealousy. Part of her wanted to run from that room, but there was a bigger part of her that wanted to pull all three of those skinny bitches off that bed and take the brunette's place under Donovan.

Marie jumped when the bedroom door slammed behind her and all activity on the bed came to an immediate halt. The four bedmates stared at her a moment before Donovan's blood smeared lips curved into a smile. He let go of the red head and pushed the brunette off his dick and flat onto the bed. She whined softly, but didn't protest too much. The Latina moved backwards, pulling a sheet over her ample brown breasts.

"Marie," Donovan said with a nod, not even attempting to cover his stiff cock. "I am glad to see you made it."

Marie found her voice and made it cold. "I can see that."

Donovan glanced at the three women around him and shrugged. "Let's call it an evening, ladies," he announced. "I will see you all downstairs."

The women silently slid off the bed and made there way toward Marie, still completely naked. They walked around her, each giving her an up and down glance when they passed and continued out the door.

Meanwhile, Donovan also left the bed, pulling a black satin robe from a nearby settee and putting it on. He walked towards her as he tied the sash.

"You look beautiful," he said when he stood in front of her. "You will be perfection on my arm tonight." He reached for her hand.

Marie shrank from Donovan's reach and watched his eyes narrow. Her breath caught in her throat as her feet began a slow march, closing the one foot gap between them bringing her less than an inch away. She tried to stop, but she wasn't in control of her own body. Her feet were doing his will.

"Are you refusing me?" Donovan asked placing his hands on her bare upper arms. "Do you wish to leave my magnificent home and return to that hovel you inhabit? Would you really cause me such insult?"

Marie shook her head roughly and her long dark hair swung wildly. "I'll stay, but please, just stay out of my head."

"Out of your head?" A small smile played on his lips.

"You made me..." Marie shuddered, "do things last night that I would never ever do. You made me ...you and Eva got in my head and took advantage of me. I'm not an idiot, Donovan, and I'm certainly not a whore."

Donovan's icy grip on her tightened, not enough to hurt, just enough to immobilize her as he leaned in to whisper, "Are you telling me you didn't like it?"

Marie didn't answer; her eyes fluttered shut and bit down hard on her bottom lip.

"Tell me you didn't love having your tight little pussy licked by a gorgeous woman. Tell me you didn't cum all over her face in ecstasy. Tell me that you didn't enjoy the feeling of my dick deep within you. Tell me your pussy didn't ache for me when you awoke this morning."

Marie's pussy flooded at Donovan's not so gentle reminder of their tryst the night before. Even if she hadn't consciously made the choice to be fucked right by a bad ass vampire and taste the salty sweet pussy of his femme fatale, she had loved it. She had never cum so hard in her life as she had around Donovan's big dick stuffed deep inside her with Eva cumming into her mouth.

"Tell me, Marie," Donovan whispered hotly, "Tell me now."

"I liked it!" Marie's confession slipped out before she could stop it. Her head swam with desire. Her nipples were stiff and brushed against Donovan's satin robe. She couldn't concentrate on resisting him much longer. Her legs were turning to jelly and her heart was racing.

"I will stay out of your head," Donovan said releasing her, "As long as you do not try to hide from me."

Marie stepped back and crossed her arms. "What do you mean hide from you? Why would I hide from you?"

"I do not mean physically," Donovan said with a grin. "You are trying to hide your feelings and desires from me. That will never work."

Marie shivered. "Because you're a...a..."

"A vampire? You can say it."

"A monster," Marie whispered touching the spot on her neck where he'd bitten her during sex.

"I am a carnal being, Marie. I live from the life of others. I do not take a life unless it's absolutely necessary, so I'm by no means monstrous. I have seen real monsters and you have no...fucking...idea."

Marie shivered again and turned from his gaze. Of course a vampire would offer up a perfectly viable excuse as to why he's not as bad as everyone else seems to believe.

Donovan gripped her elbow and swung her back around to face him. "Stay with me, Marie. Stay with me tonight."

Marie shook her head again. "I just saw you with another woman...three other women. Why would I want to be with you after that?"

"Those women mean nothing," Donovan said pushing her dark hair over her shoulders. He gazed at her pale neck, her racing pulse evident in the flicker of the carotid artery just below that soft skin. He ran a finger over it gently. "You are different."

Marie silently scolded herself for the way her heart leapt when he touched her. "I'll bet you told all three of them the same thing when you were trying to convince them to be in your harem."

Donovan chuckled softly. Her smart mouth was more than he'd expected. He'd thought her a timid wallflower when he'd first seen her and that opinion hadn't changed until that moment. She stood up for herself, which was more than he'd let any of his other female interests do in the past. This banter was new to him, since he wasn't controlling the situation, but for some reason, it was pleasant. "Your tongue is surprisingly quick, my dear."

Marie's expression went from exasperated to amused. "I believe you'll find me full of surprised once you get to know me, my Lord."

Donovan's perma-grin vanished and her last words seemed to echo through the room. "Why did you call me that? No one has called me that since I left Great Britain over two hundred years ago."

Marie rolled her eyes. "I called you that because I know who you are. I've known all about you for years and I really can't believe that you haven't figured out who I am."


Amanda took another sip of champagne from the flute in her hand and continued to watch the stairs. She had known exactly what was going on in Donovan's bedroom when she'd deposited Marie there. Donovan was nothing if not predictable. He fed at the same time every night and with his feedings came lots of sex. Amanda wished she could have seen Marie's face when she saw Donovan in the midst of all those women and all that blood.

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