tagLoving WivesMarie Ch. 05

Marie Ch. 05


This is another part of our first attempt at erotica. It is recommended you read the previous parts before reading this one. It is in the Loving Wives section and is a fantasy that involves sex outside wedlock. If this type of thing offends you, stop reading! If you choose to read this, we sincerely hope you enjoy it.


I woke up long before I wanted, the blare of the alarm jolting me out of a deep slumber. Marie was still in my arms. It was Thursday morning and all I could think was one more day before I could watch rehearsals first-hand.

A couple weeks ago, we were your average middle-aged married couple. Recently had become empty nesters and were enjoying resurgence in our sex life. We had many fantasies that were brought up during sex, but nothing could have prepared me for what had taken place in the last week or what was to come.

I reluctantly got out of bed and headed to the shower. It felt great, but nothing compared to what it felt like a couple minutes later when Marie stepped in and without a word, dropped to her knees and gave me a quick blowjob. I only lasted about five minutes before she was swallowing my sperm. Given everything I had done the night before, I shouldn't have been able to cum so quickly, but I'd been on a sexual high for several days.

We finished our shower by soaping each other, letting our hands and fingers linger to provide maximum enjoyment. As was customary, I was able to get Marie to orgasm in less than a minute, with but a single digit strategically maneuvered. After we were both temporarily sated, we grudgingly exited the warm confines of the water, taking extra time in toweling each other off.

I had to dress quickly and hit the road as I was heading out of town for the day. One of our plants about 150 miles away was having some extreme issues that needed my attention, so off I went. It became apparent early on that the problems were going to keep me there for more than a single day. As much as I would normally prefer to be in my own bed, with my gorgeous wife, ever night, this feeling was compounded given recent events.

It was with terrible regret that I called Marie Thursday afternoon and let her know I couldn't get home until Friday night. Friday being the first time I could be at rehearsals in person, it would take a team of wild horses to prevent me from being there.

We only had a couple minutes to talk and she asked if she should call when she got home. I let her know to call regardless of the hour. She said she'd try to behave in order to not have much to tell. I laughed under my breath and told her I loved her and looked forward hearing from her later.

I didn't get to my hotel until about 10pm and was seriously whipped. I lay down to watch a little SportsCenter and the next thing I hear is the phone ringing. Still half asleep, I picked up the receiver and mumbled, "Hello."

Marie didn't completely recognize my voice and said, "Ed, is that you?"

"Yeah baby, I was asleep. It was a very long day. What time is it?"

"It's a little after midnight."

"So, how was your night? I'm sure it was better than mine."

With a little pout in her voice she began, "Well, this conversation won't be as much fun without you here. I know you love it when I entertain myself in your absence, so I'll be doing that as I talk. If I pause a little too long or my voice breaks up a touch, you'll know why."

It was obvious she was trying to make this as pleasurable for me as possible. It also sounded like she would enjoy it a good deal herself.

As I started taking off my clothes I calmly replied, "I don't want to sound over anxious, but don't leave me hanging. Get started and don't leave out anything."

As she started, I could hear a muffled humming noise in the background. I assumed she had gotten out a toy to relax her. "Ummmmmm, I may have crossed a line tonight, ummmmm, but it wasn't my fault. Ummmmm", she almost mumbled into the phone. "I was only helping Brad out, so he wouldn't get into trouble."

At those words I began stroking my cock slowly, knowing I didn't want to finish before Marie.

"Honey, I was good until I got a break about the middle of rehearsal. I was back near the dressing room and Brad came up to me with a problem. He said that after we got out Wednesday night, he'd gone to a bar near his place. He apparently got lucky and spent most the night doing to her, what he did to me at my audition. You do remember what he did to me at my audition, don't you?"

I thought back and responded, "Yeah babe, I remember."

During the pause before I answered, I could hear the humming sound get louder and then softer, louder, then softer. I assumed Marie was also remembering her audition and was reliving it vicariously through her little battery operated friend.

"Well, as Craig explained to us then, it's important that the men find the women of this play sexy. He feels the only way they can show that's the case is for them to be hard during the scenes. Brad was afraid he wouldn't be able to do that and after the break, he and I had the couch scene together. He hemmed and hawed for a second and then asked if I would actually suck his cock before climbing on his lap, like I did with Max the night before."

"I'd like to tell you I took a minute to think about it, but I'd be lying. Ummmmm. I told him I'd help him out anyway I could, since it was because of him I was even there. You're not mad at me for that are you?"

I knew most men would be angry, but I was having trouble not making a mess all over myself, so I just whispered, "no."

There was another pause, for almost a minute this time. I could hear my wife moaning and again the hum of her toy changing in volume. Finally, she came up for air and said, "I'm glad you're not mad at me cause I really did want to do it. With everything he did to me at the audition, I never did suck him."

I sat in my hotel room, just listening to her voice and picturing what Brad had done for her or more specifically to her during the audition. I was slowly sliding my fist up and down over my erect shaft, already having trouble keeping the slow pace, but I wanted to enjoy her every word.

"So after the break, we met near the couch. Brad took me in his arms, bringing his lips to mine. We began to make out with our hands drifting over each other. He grasped one of my breasts giving it a firm squeeze, then doing the same with just the nipple. Knowing what I was about to do to him, this felt even more exciting"

She paused briefly, her breath was heavy as she continued, "As his hand came off my breast, it moved up finding the strap to my dress. He slid his thumb under it and pushed it over my shoulder. Then did the same with the other side. My light dress dropped, getting hung on my hardened nipples. He moved both hands to gently cup my face while brushing his lips over mine, nibbling my bottom lip as they passed."

"He took his hands from my cheeks, over my shoulders and down my back, pushing my dress enough to release it from my nipples, dropping it to the floor. As my breasts were revealed, Brad's mouth smothered one of them. The sensation of his warm tongue running over my nipple was creating a tingling sensation all over my body, but especially in my pussy, which was almost dripping with wetness. One of his hands moved between my legs and as a finger touched my cliiiiiitttttt..." Her voice trailed off as I heard her suck in air hard.

Again Marie paused for a minute and I heard her breathing reach a crescendo, then a couple whimpers that indicated she was having a strong orgasm. It took all my control not to join her. I released my manhood, but was concerned I would cum even without touching myself, particularly when I could hear the wetness of her juices as the vibrator was being stroked in and out of her delicious lips.

"Sorry, I wish you were here. I could really use you right now."

"Baby, I would love to be there giving you whatever you need, but it sounds like you are taking care of things pretty well yourself", I said with a tinge of sarcasm in my voice. "Do you need to take a minute to calm down a little or can you continue? That sounded like a big one."

"I'm fine; I've had a lot of those tonight." She took a big breath and kept going, "Brad held me up until I got my legs back from my orgasm. OH! I forgot to say as soon as he touched my clit I came."

I only said, "I had that feeling with your reaction a minute ago."

"So, after I got my senses back, I figured I should help him out. I looked him in the eyes and held his gaze as I lowered myself to my knees, sliding my hands down his body as I went. As I felt the top of his jeans, one hand traced the outline of his cock. At the same time, I leaned in and nuzzled my lips and face against it. I began kissing the outline as my hands moved up to his buttons and starting with the top one, I undid them."

Again, her breathing was getting labored and I could hear the vibrator through the phone going at a much faster pace. With some difficulty, she kept going, "I got the last button open and all I could see was a small tuft of blond hair where his shaft met his torso, so I reach a hand inside and wrapped my fingers around his still flaccid cock. I suppose it's a good thing it was still soft cause I bent it over to get it out. As the head cleared his jeans, if flopped out onto my face."

"It was so beautiful and was so soft to the touch. I began kissing it lightly as my hands pulled his pants to the ground. I took some time to study it as I hadn't the chance to see it this close before. It was light in color with no hair except the little patch above it. His balls were the size of eggs that would have dwarfed a smaller cock, not a problem for Brad. As I was kissing it all over, my hands were also beginning to caress and stroke, my tongue darting out to lick his balls and wet his shaft. I had completely forgotten we were on stage and was just appreciating the gorgeous manhood in front of me."

She paused and quietly asked, "Are you still okay with this."

"Ask me again at the end of this conversation, when my dick isn't so hard," I flatly stated looking down at the traitor I had once more gripped between my legs.

She hesitated only a couple seconds before going on, "Well, at this point Brad was not completely limp, but had a long way to go for a full erection. I started to stoke him with more conviction, running my tongue over his balls and sucking them each into my mouth. This was having the desired effect, so I nudged him backwards to sit on the couch. Once sitting, I grasped his shaft with both hands, as if it were a baseball bat, squeezing firmly as I brought them from the base to the head. This is when I lowered my mouth to his cock and first licking the pre-cum from the head, I put the head in my mouth."

She was quickening the pace of her account and was beginning to sound as if she was physically running a race. Almost out of breath, she carried on, "I began stroking with my hands and mouth, only swallowing about three inches each stroke. Then I moved my hands to fondle his balls, leaving just my mouth on his cock. I took longer strokes with my mouth until I couldn't go any deeper. Brad was starting to thrust up at me and was definitely breathing harder."

"Just when we both were in a nice rhythm, he stopped. As a result, I pulled off his cock and looked up with what I'm sure was a perplexed look. He just said he thought he was hard enough and she should sit on his lap."

"I have to admit that I let out a small whimper as he helped me up to the couch. Once I was on his lap, a hand around his cock, rubbing it along my lips and clit, the whimpering ended. He was massaging my butt cheeks while I rolled my hips, allowing my pussy to slide the length of his shaft. At the same time we were sharing deep kisses and thoroughly exploring each other. That's when I did iitttt."

As she finished her sentence, I heard an orgasm overtake her. She was grunting and moaning for a full minute before I even considered asking my next question.

"Marie, what did you do?" I asked almost rhetorically.

Panting and barely able to speak, she managed, "I sat down on his dick. It was pulsing in my hand and I was so horny, I just had to do it. I was so wet that I slid completely down on him in a single stroke and I had an immediate orgasm. I just kept rolling my hips and then sliding up and down for a couple stroke, then rolling my hips some more. God, it felt fantastic!"

"Brad grabbed my ass harder and we were feverishly kissing as we fucked like a couple possessed. It only took two or three minutes before he yelled out he was cumming, slamming our hips together and holding me down hard. As I felt the first of several spurts deep inside me, I had one of the strongest orgasms of my life."

"I collapsed in his arms and could still feel his cock twitching inside me. It was giving me a series of mini-orgasms that cascaded one to the other. As we caught our breath and I raised my head to look at him, I began to hear clapping behind and to the side of us. As I looked around, there were about a dozen cast and crew, along with the director, giving us an ovation. I know from our performance, my skin was rosy, but when I realized we had been watched, I turned a much deeper shade of red."

I was in a bit of a daze on my end of the phone. I had sprayed cum up my chest and stomach, and was still lightly stroking my rod. As I became more coherent, I realized my cock was still mostly hard. My breathing was slowing only slightly as I asked, "What did you do then?"

Ignoring the fact this was far from what the average husband is expected to say after being told these events, she replied, "I had to get up immediately and get out of there. Brad helped me extricate myself from his penis and as it plopped out, so did a large amount of his sperm, running down his semi-hard cock and my thighs. I got to my feet and headed to the ladies dressing room. When I finally got behind the door, I could still hear clapping and some laughter. I realized what I had done, as I felt more cum running down my inner thigh and I began to feel terrible guilt."

"I thought I was alone and when I heard, "Are you okay, Marie?" It was Erin as she was walking toward me. She made her way to me and could see I was about to cry. She put her arms around me and ran her hand over my head holding me against her. Between the guilt and the embarrassment of my very public display, I just broke down in Erin's arms. I only cried for a couple minutes before she got me calmed down."

Marie paused and took another deep breath before saying, "She calmed me down by taking my face in her hands and placing a firm kiss on my lips. It stopped my crying instantly. She pulled away slightly, looking me in the eyes and leaned back in giving me a more passionate kiss while sliding her tongue past my lips. I met her advance and quickly got caught up in the heat of the moment. When we came up for air, I started to whine about what I was going to do, how I was going to explain things to you and how I could continue to rehearse with Brad's load leaking out of me. Erin stopped me with a finger across my lips, took my hand and led me over to a couch. Sitting me down, she took a cushion, setting it on the floor in front of me. She kneeled on it, laying her breasts on my parted legs. Looking up at me she said she could take care of Brad's cum and all I needed to do was to sit back, relax and enjoy."

"Without thinking, I reclined as Erin moved closer to my messy crotch. She worked her way up my legs, kissing my thighs, licking stray sperm as she went. My legs cleaned, she was almost touching my pussy with her mouth when she hesitated only long enough to deeply inhale. She looked up, smiled at me and with the look of lust in her eyes she swiped her tongue through my labia, sending a shiver through my body."

I stayed silent, eyes closed, picturing the scene in my head. My cum-slicked dick was again rock hard and I was involuntarily stroking it. I listened to every word Marie said, but though I knew I should be pissed, I was instead aroused beyond reason. I just couldn't miss a word and was almost giddy waiting for each one. I didn't know how to explain what I was feeling, but I honestly didn't care because it felt fantastic.

"After running her tongue up and down my pussy, she stopped at my clit and began showing it some serious attention. This was when I came on her face for the first time. As I was coming down from the euphoric moment, she nibbled on my clit, just shy of biting me. This sent me back over the edge. Erin gave me no rest as she pushed two fingers inside me as far as she could and then removed them. She looked at her fingers, glistening with Brad and my juices, and licked them clean. Without a word, she bent back down, scooping under my ass with both her hands and burying her tongue in my vagina. She sucked and licked until my hips were bucking out of control and I could hear myself screaming."

With those words, I shot another load all over myself, at the same time, hearing Marie orgasm again. I needed a minute, as did she. Without me saying a word she picked up where she had left off.

"I must have fainted for a couple minutes because when I came to, Erin was looking at me face to face. All she said was she thought I was clean and then she kissed me hard. I could taste myself and Brad's cum. The sheer naughtiness had me grabbing Erin's ass and pulling her tight. As with our previous intimate encounter, we were interrupted by a knock on the door."

Marie explained, "It was Craig. He stuck his head in and asked if he could come in and talk a minute. I nodded and he entered, coming over to the couch and sitting beside me, while Erin had rolled to my other side."

"Craig wanted to let me know I wasn't in any kind of trouble. He understood that with the highly sexual nature of the play and the significant personal contact between actors, this was bound to happen. In the same breath, he asked that I try to control it or at least be more discreet. This "pep talk" may have felt more earnest if Craig hadn't been rubbing the erection in his pants and talking to my tits the entire time. I suspect if Erin hadn't been in there, he may have tried to fuck me or maybe get a blowjob. Just as well Erin was there because I can't promise I wouldn't have done it."

"We talked with Craig for a minute or two, the cleaned up and went back out to join the rehearsal. Nothing of significance happened after that, but Brad did talk with me, thanking me for, as he called it, an incredible fuck. I'm sure I blushed as I thanked him for the same."

There was an uncomfortable pause. I was trying to think how to react and to come up with the right words, when she said, "Honey, I hope I didn't hurt you. I never meant to do that and if I need to, I'll quit the play. Please let me know what you're thinking?"

I took a mouthful of air and tried to explain, "Marie, I'm not mad and I'm not hurt. I just came twice listening to you describe your night. I can't accurately explain what I'm feeling and certainly don't understand why, but you haven't hurt our relationship tonight. I love you as much now as I did before your audition. Anything happening is as much my fault as yours and I don't know if I even want it to stop. Tomorrow night I'll be there and see what's going on first hand. After that, we'll talk at length and make sure we both come to a mutual understanding so neither of us gets hurt. For now, sleep sound knowing nothing is wrong between the two of us."

There was a deep sigh on the other end of the phone and then Marie said, "I love you. No matter what happens from here that will always be true."

I was exhausted and could only say, "I'll be home around 5pm so we can ride to rehearsal together. I miss you and wish I was there, but I'll see you soon. Good Night and don't worry about anything."

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