tagIncest/TabooMariella's Secret

Mariella's Secret


Author's note:

I used some of the comments from my first story submission (Baxter's Plan) to improve my writing style for this new story. FYI, this story has a character with a double-digit dick too. If you can't get past that, then you might as well skip this story.

If you don't have a problem with that, please vote and leave a comment if you liked it.



Mariella Varone stood at the foot of the bed. She had dreamed about this moment for two weeks. Her heart was thumping aggressively as she worked up the nerve to make her fantasy a reality. She glanced to the right at the leather chaise lounge by the open window. Her best friend Alexis was sprawled across it, completely nude. Moonlight and a gentle breeze flowed over her supple body. She playfully sucked on a cherry Tootsie-Pop. Mariella had one in her mouth moments earlier. Lexi gently rubbed her vibrator between the folds of her beautiful camel toe as she whispered:

"Now or never Ella."

Mariella's gaze returned to the man lying on the bed. The matching nightstands had vanilla-scented candles that Lexi arranged and lit moments earlier. The flickering candles bathed the man with an ember glow. He was splayed out on his back and his large six foot, five inch frame dominated the kingsize bed. He wore a black, silken blindfold that Lexi had securely tightened. She also brought foam earbuds along with her father's noise-canceling headphones for him to wear. The man was completely blind and deaf now. He only had touch, taste, and smell to rely on now.

Mariella was enraptured by his tanned, muscular body. Her eyes locked onto his beautiful but intimidating penis. She knew it was large, but now that she was up close and personal, she didn't realize that it was this large! She had thought that her ex-boyfriend's cock was big but there was no comparison to the one that throbbed in front of her. It was at least ten inches long and it's girth was about as thick as her wrist.

That was not what worried Mariella the most. What worried her most was that the completely oblivious man in front of her was moments away from fucking his daughter.


Two weeks ago:


It was Friday, June 20th. Mariella and Lexi had graduated from high school last week. They have been joined at the hip since Lexi moved across the street when they were seven years old. Their big thing was the Friday sleepover. Mariella could only think of a handful of times when they didn't have a sleepover. She was getting ready to go over to Lexi's house when she heard her father yell:

"Mariella!!! I need your help with this damn remote!"

Their old television went kaput a couple days ago, so Marco replaced it with a massive 75 inch Samsung. Mariella thought it was a strange choice though. He almost never watched movies or shows. The two things her father watched consistently were Inter Milan soccer and CNN. He didn't seem to have any interest in celebrities or pop culture. If you showed him a photo of Angelina Jolie or George Clooney, he probably wouldn't be able to correctly name them. Mariella thought it was like pulling teeth when she would try to convince him to watch a movie together.

"The match is going to start in ten minutes and all I see is static!" he fumed.

It took Mariella a moment to realize that he had pressed the, "TV/VIDEO" button and had switched the source to antenna. She explained to him what he had done and switched it back to the satellite.

"Papa, this TV is too nice to waste on just soccer and the news. It has the Netflix app built in too. I know you are not a fan but there has got to be something that you might like."

Mariella quickly popped it on to show him what he was missing. Her father pointed to one of the movie covers and shouted:

"That girl looks just like you! Who is that?"

Mariella glanced at the photo her father had pointed to. "Salma Hayek. You think I look like Salma Hayek?"

"You don't? What are you, blind!?! You two could be sisters. I think I'll watch one of her movies after Inter crushes Juventus!"

"You should probably take a shower first, you are drenched in sweat." Mariella mentioned.

"I just came back from my run. You'd be sweaty too if you ran five miles."

Mariella's father was wearing a white, wife-beater and black Nike running shorts. Mariella couldn't help but notice how his biceps joined to his striated shoulder muscles. Marco's wife Agatha ran off with her boss Carl six months ago. He was going stir crazy around the house so he started working out to keep himself from going nuts. At 39 years old, Marco was in better shape now than his old college football days.

After admiring her father's chiseled body, Mariella sarcastically asked, "Are you planning to replace Daniel Craig in the next James Bond movie?" His reply was:

"Who's Daniel Craig?"

"I give up Papa! I'm going to head out to Lexi's for our sleepover. I'll be back by noon tomorrow."

Mariella stood on her tiptoes to give her father a kiss goodbye. He had to stoop down in order to oblige as she kissed his forehead. She grabbed her bag and then headed across the street to Lexi's house.


Mariella looked at herself in Lexi's full-length bedroom mirror. "My father told me that I looked like Salma Hayek. He's nuts, right?" Lexi replied with:

"Ella, do you even have to ask? You could be her freaking clone! God!...I would kill for my ass to be half as bootylicious as yours! Bigger boobs wouldn't hurt too." Lexi grabbed her iPad and typed in a Google search for, "Salma Hayek."

"Jesus! Look at her measurements Ella! Five foot two inches tall, 115 pounds, and her measurements are 36-25-35 with a 32D bra size! You both have the same gorgeous black hair and that mediterranean olive complexion. The only differences I can see between you two is that you're Italian, have blue eyes and are two inches shorter."

Mariella snatched her friend's iPad for more details. "Well, it looks like according to Google, she's 24 years older than me, gave birth to twins, and is married to a French billionaire. Remind me to start looking for a French billionaire." Mariella added.

Lexi whined, "It's not fair! I don't look like anyone and neither do my parents. You look like a hotter, younger version of Salma Hayek and your dad looks like a roided-up version of Antonio Banderas."

Mariella's eyes went wide as she shrieked, "Oh Fuck! My father said he was going to watch one of her movies tonight. What if he watches, "Desperado"? What the hell will he think when he sees a full-frontal scene with an actress that looks like his daughter, grinding on an actor with more than a passing resemblance to him?" Lexi laughed for a moment, then answered with:

"Either he will store that away in his brain for spank bank material or he will tear your clothes off and ravish you when you get home! I'm rooting for the latter. Hell...I named my vibrator, "Mr. Varone!""

"Ewww Lexi, that's gross!"

"Ewww-Gross, my ass Ella! Your father is a sexy mountain of a man! You just can't see the forest through the trees."


Mariella and Lexi turned their heads in sync when the doorbell rang. The delivery boy finally showed up with their pizza and a two-liter bottle of diet coke. They bounded down the stairs like a pair of leopards. They had been goofing around in Lexi's room for nearly three hours and were ravenous. Mariella paid the delivery boy while Lexi went to the kitchen to grab some plates, cups, and napkins. They met up in Lexi's living room.

"Ella, put the movie in. I'll find the remote." Mariella started to walk towards her bag to grab her blu-ray of, "Magic Mike" when she quickly stopped in her tracks.

"Dammit! I forgot the movie at my house! I'll be back in a sec Lexi."

Mariella trotted barefoot across the street to retrieve her movie. She walked into the kitchen and swept the case off of the island. Mariella was about to leave when she heard a noise coming from the TV room. Sometimes, her father would doze off on the couch while watching the news. It took a lot of effort to wake her father since he slept like the dead. Mariella was about to enter but stopped dead in her tracks when she heard a deep moan.

She glanced in and saw her father on his favorite chair...and he was definitely not sleeping. His wife-beater was balled up in his left hand, his shorts were on the floor and his right hand was stroking his cock...his large cock.

Mariella's eyes went wide! In part, because of discovering her father masturbating. But the real reason was because of what her father was masturbating to. Emblazoned across their new TV was, "Desperado". Specifically, a nubile Salma Hayek frozen on top of Antonio Banderas. Mariella's father had paused the movie at the sexiest moment. She couldn't believe what she was witnessing!

Mariella couldn't take her eyes off her father. His hand journeyed in a slow, piston-like motion. He started at the base and smoothly finished with a twisting motion over the head of his throbbing penis. Marco spit into his palm for some natural lubrication and continued, his eyes never diverted away from Salma's succulent bosom.

His daughter's breathing began to quicken. She realized that she was gently rubbing her hand between the thin material of her yoga pants and her vagina. Her camel toe was now perfectly defined as a wet spot had begun to form almost immediately. She briefly placed her middle finger in her mouth and then slid her hand inside her yoga pants. Her finger briefly grazed her clit as it plunged repeatedly into her tight pussy.

Mariella was entranced by the causality of her father's muscles as his hand roamed up and down the shaft of his cock. His abdominal muscles would momentarily pop into tight definition with each breath he took. She was very close to cumming and by the looks of it, her father was on the verge as well.

His breathing was ragged and his hand was furiously punishing his large cock. His body concluded with a tightly choreographed arrangement. Marco's head rolled back. His wife-beater pressed tightly against the head of his cock. And every muscle seemed to clench simultaneously as he loudly grunted. His orgasm exploded like a cascade of fireworks going off.

Mariella's fingers were a blur of carnal determination. They plunged deeply into her tight slit. She bit down on the blu-ray case in order to quell the scream that she wanted to belt out as she came. Her eyes closed momentarily, her legs began to quiver uncontrollably, and her toes curled tightly. When she regained a semblance of control, Mariella took one last lustful glance at her father's sinewed body as she inaudibly snuck out of her house.

Lexi quickly opened the front door as Mariella walked up the steps of her front porch.

"What took you so freaking long? You've been gone for ten min...WHAT THE HELL?!? Did you piss yourself?" Lexi asked as she stared at her disheveled friend. Mariella replied with:

"Give me your hand."

Lexi reached out and Mariella placed her hand tightly against her heaving chest. Lexi could feel her best friend's heart pounding like a jackhammer against her palm and asked:

"What...The...Fuck...Happened... TO...YOU!!??!!"

Mariella breathlessly replied with, "I need to borrow some pants first."

They raced up the stairs to Lexi's bedroom. Mariella peeled off her grey yoga pants followed by her completely drenched pink thong. Lexi rummaged through her drawers and tossed a sky-blue pair of shorts to her best friend. Lexi couldn't help but be jealous of Mariella's fine apple-bottom. It was barely contained in her favorite pair of shorts. They both crawled on top of the bed. Before Mariella spilled her guts, she made her best friend swear that she would never repeat this to anyone...ever!

"I promise! This will never leave my mouth until my dying day...now tell me what the fuck happened at your house!!!"

Mariella went into painstaking detail to describe how she found her father pleasuring himself. Specifically, to a woman that he had previously mentioned having a striking resemblance to his 18-year-old daughter. Mariella revealed to her best friend that she had furiously masturbated to what she had witnessed. As the words poured out of her mouth, she noticed that Lexi's nipples started poking through her t-shirt and her breathing had sped up. She even showed Lexi the Magic Mike case with the perfectly embossed bite-mark on the corner. When Mariella detailed their intertwined orgasms she revealed one more striking detail with a whisper:

"I think he might have said my name when he came."

"No Fucking Way!" Lexi screamed. "I need you to repeat EXACTLY what it sounded like when he was cumming."

"When he started cumming, he started to loudly grunt and it sounded like, UNNGGGGHellaaaa! It was hard to be sure though since I was twenty feet away and squirting like a fountain, but it kinda sounded like Ella."

Mariella's conflicting emotions were slamming into her like dodge-balls. She felt like a pervert for uncontrollably rubbing one out to her father. She never thought about her father in a sexual way before and was scared that it only took 10 minutes to go from zero desire to 100% wanton lust. Mariella wondered how they could be in the same room without him noticing the hunger in her eyes.

"I can't believe that I'm about to tell you this Lexi, but I want him. I want my father in a bad way." She whispered. Lexi was so jealous of her best friend. She retorted with:

"Join the club! I've been masturbating to dirty daydreams of your hunky pop for three fucking years! Look, I've got a naughty idea about how you could fuck his brains out but it involves me seducing him first. You got problem with that?" Mariella shook her head, a small grin escaped her lips.

"Good! Now first things first." Lexi reached between her mattresses and pulled out a large red vibrator. "Me and Mr. Varone here are going to go to the little girl's room. He is going to scratch the huge itch that I got from your story. Afterwards, I will hash out the details of my idea with you." Mariella noticed the mischievous smile on Lexi's face as she closed the bathroom door.


One week ago, Friday afternoon:


Mariella and Lexi were in the pool, horsing around. They noticed Mariella's father coming out of the kitchen with a plate of spicy italian sausages and two large peppers. One red...one green. Mariella nodded to Lexi and began climbing out of the pool. Her father headed over to his grill and was about to make them dinner.

He turned towards the pool to ask the girls how many sausages they could eat but nothing came out of his mouth. He saw his daughter climbing the corner steps of the pool and his brain broke for a second. Mariella was wearing a tiny, burgundy bikini with gold highlights. Her father recognized it almost immediately. Her bikini looked just like the one that Salma Hayek wore in that vampire movie. (Marco had been catching up on Ms. Hayek's filmography whenever he had some alone-time.)

She had quickly tilted her head to the side in order to force some water out of her ear. Her father observed as her long, black tresses flipped from the right to the left. A spray of water droplets flew off her hair and body as her amazing bosom jiggled and tried to escape the confines of her small bikini top. His mind flashed back to the actress that he had masturbated to over a dozen times so far. He felt a sharp twinge of shame as his loins tightened for a moment. He managed to squeak out:

"New suit?"

"Yup. Lexi and I both got new suits at the mall today. She got the racy one though." Her father's eyebrows raised up for a second as he contemplated to himself:

"Holy Shit! That's not the racy one?!?" He was going to have to keep his wits about him, otherwise this will be one crazy-awkward dinner.

"How many sausages do you want?" Mariella's father asked. She said one and mentioned that she needed to use the little girl's room. Mariella sashayed into the house, her sexy bottom swayed with conviction. The only thing little about his daughter was her stature.

"Lexi, how many sausages do you...fffuck Meee!" Marco turned to see that Lexi had climbed out of the pool as well. Mariella was not fucking kidding when she mentioned that her best friend bought the racy one.

Lexi's bikini was white, tiny, and completely see-through since it was soaking wet. It literally left nothing to the imagination. He could easily see her nipples, areolae, and the small golden ring that pierced her right nipple. Also, Marco could tell that her daughter's friend was completely shaved bare. Her bikini bottom looked like it was painted onto her camel toe.

Lexi walked up to him and with a seductive lilt said, "I can handle one large italian sausage, Mr. Varone." Marco tried to think of anything unsexy to prevent his cock from tearing through his shorts like a wet paper towel. (Inter Milan's rival A.C. Milan popped in his head along with a couple of other images but a close-up of Hillary Clinton's ugly mug did the trick.)

"Can I ask you for a little favor, Mr. Varone? I have really fair skin and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind applying some sunscreen to my back and shoulders? I wouldn't want to burn."

He agreed and Lexi quickly retrieved a bottle of sunscreen. Marco swallowed hard when he realized that Lexi's bikini bottom was the tiniest of thongs. (Hillary Clinton...Hillary Clinton naked...Hillary Clinton naked and eating corn on the cob!) Her thong looked like it was tied together with kite string.

Her behind and breasts were smaller than Mariella's but four years of gymnastics had made them firm. Her legs were a strongpoint as well since she was around four inches taller than her daughter. Lexi told him to hold out his hands and then proceeded to squeeze out a dollop of sunscreen on each palm.

"Your hands are sooo large, Mr. Varone! They could probably coat my entire body with lotion in under a minute. She looked up at him and he noticed her brilliant green eyes and the light arrangement of freckles on her nose and cheeks.

Marco and Lexi walked over to the sun lounger by the pool. Marco adjusted it so it was completely flat. It looked like a square-shaped futon with a comfy mattress that was deep red with vertical white stripes. They each took a seat on the edge and as Marco briefly rubbed his hands together, Lexi turned away so her back was facing him.

Lexi grabbed hold of her flowing auburn locks and tossed them over her right shoulder. She finished up by pulling the bow on the back of her bikini in one quick motion. The two white strings dropped down and swung around to her front. Her back was completely exposed to him. She had grabbed her mane of hair and held it up in a ball above her head with both hands. Marco couldn't help but notice the hint of her breasts come into view from each side of her strong back.

Marco tentatively placed his hands on the small of her back just above her exposed ass crack. He slowly began working the sunscreen upwards, toward her shoulders. A moan escaped Lexi's lips as he lightly dug his finger tips into her shoulders.

"Mmmm, I think I found your calling. I might have to start paying you to work out the knots of my shoulders on a regular basis. How much for the Happy Ending?" Lexi whispered.

He believed she was dead serious with that question. Marco was desperately trying to think of a comeback when he realized that he needed to flip the sausages before they burned. As he stood up, he heard Lexi say, "Wait!" He turned back to see Lexi get up as well.

As she rose, her top briefly dangled away from her body. Marco caught a brief glimpse of her fantastic, firm breasts. She asked him to hold out his hands for a second. He held them palms up and watched as Lexi wiped the excess sunscreen off his hands. She then spun around and grabbed her taut behind.

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