Marie's Webcam Ch. 01


Then one evening Marie must have decided that she had waited long enough. It was only about 9 o'clock when Marie came up to me and asked if I was ready for another show. I was. I told her it was a little early for going to bed, but she just smiled and said "I have a plan."

I stood in the hallway as I watched her walk into the office and sit back down. She typed a bit and then stood up and turned the monitor again for me to view and then walked into the hallway. Instead of stopping by me, she just smiled and continued walking into the bedroom. I was curious what she had planned, so I walked carefully up to the monitor and took a look. All three guys were online. I scanned the conversation and found what I was looking for. 'Well guys, I'm going to go lounge in the bathtub and do some reading. See you tomorrow!'

I called out to Marie, "A bath, huh?" Marie didn't bother to answer.

A few moments later Marie appeared in the hallway with a huge smile on her face. She was completely naked but had a towel draped over her right shoulder. The towel obscured her right breast, but her left breast and her pussy were easily visible.

I was in shock. As I stood there staring at her, my mind went through the same rigmarole as before. I knew it wasn't a good idea for her to show her naked body to her coworkers. While she could always claim it was unintentional and avoid any serious work-related repercussions, these were still people that she worked with and saw almost every day. At the same time, I was very aroused by the thought of these guys seeing her completely naked as I was seeing her now. I looked at her, pretending that I was seeing her nude for the first time. I let my eyes roam down from her face to her exposed left breast, taking in its every curve. I looked at her small, perky nipple and areola. My eyes slid down to her tummy and then to her crotch. I could see her patch of trimmed pubic hair and the faint outline of her pussy lips. I then let my eyes drop further to take in the sight of her sexy thighs and long legs. She was truly a sight to behold.

I finally brought my eyes up to meet hers. The entire expression on her face was something that I was unaccustomed to. Her eyes, her mouth, her cheeks all revealed the arousal and excitement that she must have felt about the prospect of walking in front of the cam nude. At the same time, I think she was rather embarrassed that she was about to intentionally expose herself so fully.

She closed her eyes. I knew that she was working to regain her composure. A few moments later, her eyes opened and a neutral expression appeared on her face. And then she started walking into the room.

All three guys were watching their monitors when Marie passed rapidly in front of the cam on the way to the bookshelf. All six eyes grew wide as they stared with intense interest at the sight before them. It took only a second before she was at the bookshelf. As she stood there, they all just stared at her naked backside. Her cute little buttocks were bare, as were her legs and back. Part of her back was hidden by the towel, but otherwise she was completely exposed from behind.

"Did they notice me?" Marie asked while still facing away from the camera.

I chuckled briefly at her question before answering, "Yes, they noticed. They're all staring at your butt right now."

Her butt slightly flinched. Then she asked, "well, does it look like they are enjoying the view or are they just staring?"

"Oh, they're enjoying the view. No doubt, honey. They also appear to be greatly anticipating you turning around."

"Yeah? It's going to take me a minute here. I can't believe I'm doing this."

"Take your time hun, they're not going anywhere."

With that, she stood quietly for a bit, periodically picking up a book, looking at it, and putting it back on the shelf. Finally she said, "here goes" and started slowly turning around while looking at the back book cover.

And then there she was, standing completely nude in front of her cam while her three coworkers stared at her body. Two of them had these huge shit-eating grins while the third looked more in awe. I couldn't believe that they were all staring at my naked wife. I kept looking at her cam image, knowing that all three of them were seeing that image of her. The only thing they couldn't see was her right breast as it was covered by the towel. But her left tit, her lean stomach, her legs and her patch of pubic hair were all being stared at by them.

How many times had they checked her out at work before now? How often had they looked at her ass in different pants? How often had they checked out her tits and been delighted whenever they got treated to a brief sight of cleavage? They didn't have to wonder anymore about what her body looked like. It was now naked before their eyes.

Marie didn't stand there for long. It was just 20 seconds or so. Then she brought her head up from her book and walked just a bit too quickly out the door.

And that was it. We hugged and kissed and both returned to watching their expressions as they continued to watch her cam. We watched them for just a minute or two before heading back into the bedroom to recount the event and eventually make love.

After the love-making, after the arousal of her flashing her coworkers wore off I began to really question whether it was such a good idea. Not that it mattered at this point. Truth be told, it was all harmless fun. All five of us enjoyed it and they probably had plenty of screen captures to remember the occasion. I just hoped that this bit of harmless fun wouldn't jeopardize Marie's job or otherwise cause conflict at work because Marie really did enjoy her job.

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by Anonymous06/30/18

Great story

Thanks for sharing this story. The experience sounded dangerous, daring and exciting. It takes quite a bit of courage to take a chance like this, hopefully the aftermath was mostly positive with no seriousmore...

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by Daflinger02/20/18

Great Story

I like you imagination. Cheers

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