tagLoving WivesMariko & Sumiko Fuck the Military

Mariko & Sumiko Fuck the Military


Sumiko, my wife's best friend, is visiting us over the Christmas and New Year Holidays. They went to High School and College together; and visit for one or two weeks each year... even though Sumi lives in California, while we reside in Hawaii. Needless to say Sumiko prefers to visit us more often.

They are the same age, 35; and stay in excellent physical shape. My wife, Mariko, works out at a local health club at least three times a week, two hours at a time. She has 34-C breasts and a tight, 23-inch waist. She also has a protruding pubic bone that causes many local fellows to get hard-ons when she wears her string bikini at the beach or skin-tight spats and short t-shirt around the neighborhood. Sumiko's body is very similar to my wife's.

Last night, Mariko and Sumi went to visit their former high school classmate, Tomiko, who is married to an Army Sergeant. She works at a U.S. Military Hotel and Resort on Waikiki as the manager of the Resort's main lounge. Many single military guys from all over the world stay at the hotel, while vacationing in Hawaii.

The girls returned to our home in Kailua at 1:00 in the morning. Both were so drunk, they could hardly walk straight or speak clearly. I was already drifting off to sleep, when they walked into the bedroom, giggling.

Mariko spoke first, "Honey we were bad girls tonight." I looked up at their grinning faces, "Did you flirt with some horny G.I.s at Tomiko's Bar?"

Sumiko jumped in, "Oh we did much more than flirt!" This remark caught me by surprise. As far as I know, Mariko had never cheated on me over the 10 years that we had been married. She had visited Tomiko's Bar several times; but, to my knowledge, did nothing more than chat with lonely military guys, who would insist on buying her drinks; even though Tomiko never charged her for her expensive cognacs.

I laughed, "So what exactly did you naughty ladies do?" Mariko had already taken off her sexy black, silk dress and had nothing on but her black, thigh-high stockings and thong. She never wears a bra. Sumi also took off her dress; which was white, with matching lingerie.

Before I knew it, they were lying on either side of me. By the way, I sleep in the nude. Mariko started rubbing my chest and playing with my nipples. Sumi stroked my bare thigh. Then, Mariko whispered in my ear, "Do you think you can handle two pussies tonight?"

I turned to look into her lust-filled eyes, "What's going on, Baby?" She looked down as she spoke, "As Sumi said, we've been naughty girls and now we are both extremely horny and need some relief. I told Sumi that you, being a man, would have no problem helping her too."

I smiled, "Now that is an offer that's too good to be true. For a jealous gal like you to allow another woman near my cock, something must have happened. Just how naughty have you been?

Sumi had taken off her bra and panties, while my wife and I were talking. Mariko moved her mouth above my nose and blew air across my nostrils. "Smell something familiar?" There was no doubt; it was the pungent odor of fresh male cum.

I had a look of surprise on my face, "Who was it?" Mariko placed her hand on the side of my face, "I'm sorry, I am very drunk and he was very handsome and charming. Plus Sumi was challenging me. I'm sorry; but it was just physical. I love you and always will. I just had a weak moment and gave into temptation."

Sumi laughed, "Yeah... a hard, 10 inch temptation!" Mariko interrupted, "It was the biggest, hardest cock I've ever seen... I couldn't help myself." They both started laughing, until Sumi added, "She couldn't help herself three times in thirty minutes. The guy stayed hard forever and had gallons of cum. Mi-chan swallowed so much jizz, she won't need to eat for a week!"

They both started giggling again. Then Mariko kissed me on the lips, shoving her tongue into my mouth. "Doesn't he taste delicious? His semen is almost like honey. He told me he's a vegetarian, which creates that yummy flavor. I could have kept drinking his spunk all night; but unfortunately, I sucked him dry."

My mind was spinning. Here I was, tasting the cum of a strange man; who had shot at least three loads of sperm down my wife's throat; and even though she said she's sorry, it sounded like she would like to do it again.

While I was thinking of how to react or what to say, Sumi pulled back the sheet covering my naked penis. It was standing hard in all 7 ½ inches of its glory. She quickly straddled me, and inserted my shaft deep into her juicy cunt.

"Unlike, your wife, I took four loads into my pussy. How does it feel? I had two Air Force pilots fucking me at the same time. I also have a couple of loads in my ass, if you're interested."

She started bouncing up and down, creating an erotic sloshing sound. Mariko stopped frenching me, "He wanted to fuck me so bad. He even offered to pay $500 to screw my tight twat, but I refused... telling him that it was the exclusive property of my husband. But if you get mad, I might go back there at let him have it for free!"

I realized that I was not only outnumbered, but also out-sexed. I was having a hard time focusing, as Sumi's sloppy pussy kept pumping me. Mariko took off her thong and straddled my face. I felt her clean, fresh cunt on my lips, "See", she said, "I saved it for you. I love you, Baby. I belong to you. But sometimes girls just want to have fun. Forgive me... Please!"

My tongue went to work on her tasty vagina, as Sumi exploded in a massive orgasm... her body shaking helplessly above me. "Oh my God, Mi-chan your hubby is so good; much better than those fly-jockeys. Can I do him again?" Mariko slurred, while nearing her own climax, "Sure be my guest. But after tonight, he's off-limits. This is a one-night stand... and I mean it." Sumi laughed, "Well, I'll just have to keep fucking him all night long." I didn't get to sleep until 7 a.m.; when Sumi finally passed out after four orgasms. Mariko conked out around 4:00 a.m.

Between the two of them, I received four blowjobs, licked them to orgasms twice...each, got sloppy anal sex from Sumi, fucked them to mutual orgasms twice and was given a rim job from both girls at the same time.

I'm a little confused. I don't like the idea of sharing my hot wife with other men; but if the end result is another steamy threesome with her and Sumi... it might be worth it.

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