Marina sits quietly at her desk and types at her computer as she spends her Saturday at work. On this particular day she has gone in to catch up on some things and is the only one in the office, along with two other women, Jodie and Christie. All three women are in their late 20's and are working on the same project which has been quite a stressful part of their lives for the last week. Marina sighs at her work and brushes her curly black hair back, putting on a face of frustration.

A few slow minutes pass until Jodie and Christie enter Marina's office, smiling as they walk in. They are both wearing nice tops with tight skirts and holding several beverages in their hands.

"Hey Marina!" the girls greet their colleague and moves towards her desk.

"Hi guys, so I've just been typing up the April report here and theres been a lot of changes so, you know, we'll probably have to sit down with everyone else on Monday to get some things fixed...." Marina replies while continuing to type.

"Yeah we got your emails so we'll get our stuff done as soon as possible, its just going to take a while with all this work!" Christie laughs a little as Jodie nods.

"Anyways, we brought you a coffee!" Christie smiles and extends her arm towards Marina.

"Ahhh, thanks guys!" Marina replies, shooting a smile back and taking a drink from the cup before continuing with her typing. "So if you guys wanna just talk out your stuff in here, and then I'll be with you in 5".

"Sure!" Jodie replies and walks out to retrieve some papers before returning to Marina's office to chat with Christie. The two girls talk in depth about their work while Marina sits on the other side of the desk, focused on her computer and taking sips from her cup. At one point Jodie whispers something into Christie's ear and then the two girls giggle to each other, glancing quickly at Marina. A few minutes pass and as Marina realizes that she suddenly has to really go to the bathroom, she stands up and moves from behind her desk.

"So, I'm ready to talk to you guys now, I'm just going to use the washroom and then I'll be right back" Marina states and begins to walk slowly towards the door. As she makes her way across the room, Jodie and Christie look at each other grinning and get up slowly as well, also heading towards the door. As Marina comes to her office door, Jodie suddenly gets in front of her and reaches a hand gently to Marina's arm.

"Oh, um so I'm just going to use the washroom...." Marina says with slight confusion as Christie now blocks the doorway as well.

"We'll we just thought with all this stressful work, we need to unwind!" Christie giggles as Jodie adds, "Yeah we want some fun, and now that it's just us and you in the office...."

Marina smiles out of confusion, "W-What do you mean?" she replies nervously.

Just then Jodie grabs harder onto Marina's arm and with Christie's help, turns Marina around so that her back is facing the door. "Hey what are you doing!?" Marina yells out with surprise.

Suddenly as the two girls back Marina up against the wall, they reach their hands into her form fitting white skirt and slowly pull out a thick, stretchy black thong. Marina lets out a small cry of pain as her underwear is pulled up. Jodie and Christie each have a hand on one side of the thong straps and they quickly hook the sexy underwear around the door handle so that Marina can not escape.

Next they move Marina's legs out from under her so that she is now in a type of lean against the door, somewhat hanging by her thong. The underwear is being stretched several inches out of Marina's skirt and is riding tightly up her butt crack.

"Owwww, why did you do that??!!" Marina shrieks out at the discomfort of her thong shooting up her butt and tries to reach her hands back to free herself.

"Haha, nice thong wedgie!!" Jodie laughs and pushes Marina down a little farther, making it hard for her to get up. Marina's legs are out straight and she struggles to get footing as her high heels slip and click against the floor. As her thong wedgie becomes worse Marina also realizes that her need to go to the washroom has increased, and now she REALLY has to go. Her knees bend in towards each other as she places her hands on her legs, desperately trying to hold it in.

"I see what we put in your coffee is working!!" Christie laughs and looks at Jodie who is also in hysterics.

"Seriously you guys, I really have to go, let me off!!!" Marina begs.

By this point, Marina has slid down the door so that she is in a mid-air hang with her legs out in front of her and thong stretching farther and farther. It is too hard for her to get up now and she begins to sweat and panic and she realizes that she cannot hold it in any longer.

"Oooohh, looks like someone has to peeeee!!! Jodie mocks Marina and gives her ass a quick spank.

Suddenly, as she is forced to endure a thong wedgie, Marina begins to feel a warm trickle starting in her underwear and it is clear that she is helpless. She begins to pee her skirt and feels a huge wet patch forming on the front of her tightly pulled thong, eventually running down her legs onto the floor.

"Hahaha, now it's a WET thong wedgie!!" Jodie can't stop laughing and points towards Marina.

"Oh no, nooo please!!" Marina cries out as she pees more and more until the whole front of her skirt is soaked, and she is left dangling by the door handle.

"Now that was fun!!!!" Christie laughs and motions to Jodie.

The two girls now move towards Marina and unhook her damp thong from the door handle, this time pulling the underwear up higher to a hook on the door that is a few feet up from the handle. "Ahhhhhh!" Marina screams as her ultra stretchy underwear is yanked up hard. Jodie and Christie lift Marina up with a struggle and then with a big reach, wrap the thong securely around the hook, slowly letting go of Marina. Marina drops instantly into another wedgie, but this time she is truly hanging, with her high heels a few feet off of the floor.

"How's that feel?!?!" Christie asks with mock sympathy as Marina rocks back in forth in pain. "No point in trying to get down, that is a SUPER wedgie hun, haaaaa!

"Owwwwww, what's wrong with you!?!?" Marina screams out as her sweaty and pee soaked underwear rides up her sore butt crack. Just as she is enduring this new pain, she notices another side effect to whatever her two work colleagues put in her coffee. She feels a sudden urge to go to the bathroom again, but this time she doesn't need to pee.

Oh nooo, nooo not this!! Marina thinks to herself as she begins to feel it coming and rocks her hips trying to get loose.

"Is that stuff kicking in sweetheart?" Jodie laughs as she knows what's going to come next. "Yeah, I can't wait to see you with your DIRTY hanging thong wedgie!!!" Christie joins in.

"Please I just want to get downnnn!!!" Marina begs again completely humiliated and in pain already. Then without much notice, she begins to feel warmth again in her underwear and no longer able to hold it, starts to shit her skirt and thong. It quickly fills up her thong and begins to come out the sides as Marina moves her legs back and forth shouting, "Nooooo!!!!"

Soon the warm shit is slowly sliding up her butt crack and adding another embarrassing aspect to her horrible hanging thong wedgie. The back of her white skirt now has a brown stain where her shit filled thong is pressing up against it and the feeling is terrible for Marina. She begins to fill her underwear more and more and the shit is now riding up her back and running down her legs.

"Thats gonna be one smelly thong hottie!!" Jodie teases and makes a motion in front of her face to indicate a bad smell.

"How's your stinky buttcrack feel now?!?!?" Christies asks as she makes mocking faces at Marina.

"Ughhhhh pleasseee!" Marina moans out as yet more shit goes up her butt. Finally after she has stopped, Marina remains hanging by her thong, gently swinging back and forth, completely soaked and covered in shit. Her thong has stretched as far as possible but wont rip, leaving her to suffer and feel her butt become number by the second.

The girls eventually let her down, trying to avoid getting dirty and slowly lift her back to the ground. However far from done, they force Marina over to her desk and bending her over it, begin to each grab onto her thong straps once again. They quickly yank the thong up higher and higher until it is over Marina's shoulders causing her to scream out as the warm shit shoots up her butt crack again.

"DIRTY ATOMIC WEDGIE!!!" Jodie and Christie shout out in unison as they pull the thong to the maximum and let it go over Marina's arms and shoulders. "Ahhhhh!!!!" Marina shouts out as the girls bring her to the floor and getting her on her knees, tie her hands behind her back with Jodie's belt. Christie then slips her own thong off and down her legs, holding it up in front of her victim, until finally wrapping around Marina's face. Marina is now on her knees, hands tied behind her back, thong over her shoulders, wet and covered in shit with Christie's sweaty thong on her nose.

"Well that was stress relieving huh Jodie??" Christie laughs with her friend as they both leave Marina's office saying, "See ya on Monday Marinaaaa sweetie!"

"Noooooo!!!" Marina moans out helpless with a mega thong wedgie.


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