tagLesbian SexMarina Pt. 02

Marina Pt. 02


Interview and new life.


Next day at noon I was standing at the entrance of large house on the shore of Washington lake on Mercer Island. House was surrounded by spacious garden and high fence was hiding everything that could happen on this yard from the other world. I was extremely nervous. "Is it really will solve all my problems, or I just wasting my time here?" Finally, I got courage and pushed bell button.

The door was opened by a beautiful woman about 35 years old.

- Hello, I have a job interview with Ms. Clare, - I said.

- You are late by 5 minutes, - woman gave me attentive look, - you must be Marina. Come in. If you will get this job, you must learn to be punctual.

- I'm Sorry, Ms. Clare, - I tried to explain myself, - but, I missed the bus and...

- Remember one more thing, young lady, - Ms. Clare interrupted me, - I don't care why it happened. If you fail to complete a task this is your fault. Remember it well if you want to stay here. And now, stop wasting my time and follow me.

- Yes, Miss, - I replied the only thing that I could and followed her thru the richly furnished lobby to the living room.

This room was also very well furnished. Heavy dark wooden furniture and leather chairs. Pictures in rich frames and wooden panels on the walls. Ms. Clare sat on the leather arm chair and pointed on the small ottoman in front of it.

- Please take a sit, young lady, - her voice was amazing. It had so much power and confidence, that every phrase was sound like an order for me, - I want to here about you to understand if you will be a good fit for this position. Tell me, why do you want this job.

Originally, I was thinking to tell that I have experience as a housekeeping in rich houses and that I want to continue working in this area. However, under such a powerful look of the eyes of Ms. Clare I was not able to lie, and I told everything. All true: about job that I lost, about apartment that I about to lose and about her ad that I saw in the club.

- Why did you go to that club? - Ms. Clare asked, - Are you lesbian? Tell me about your experience and I also want to know about most enjoyable sexual encounters you had. Tell me everything, if I feel that you are lying or hiding something you will not get this job.

And I told everything again. Not only because I was need this job so hard, but also because I was not able to disobey under Ms. Clare's magical sight. I told her about my experience with Tanya and Linda. She asked me to describe everything in details and I did. I was ashamed when described what they did to me, but I was even more ashamed when I told how I liked it. My face was on fire, and when I

looked up to the Ms. Clare I seen that she is smiling.

- Don't worry, young lady, - she said in other soft manner, - There is nothing to be ashamed of. Many people enjoying this lifestyle, but most of them are too afraid to try it or even to admit that they like it. You were lucky enough to have the experience and brave enough to admit that you liked it.

- Thank you, Ms. Clare, - I replied, - you are the first to whom I had convinced. For some reason I want to be honest with you...

- This is very good, young lady, - Ms. Clare leaned forward and caressed my face, - I think you might be excellent fit for this position. Let me tell you a little bit about this job. This is not so much housekeeping job, although most of the time you will be executing housekeeping duties. The main your responsibilities will be sexual services to me. In simple words, for the duration of the contract you will become my sex slave. I will be allowed to do anything I want to you with just a few limitations. In a return you will get half million dollars at the end of the year. You also don't have to worry about any money spending this year. All your expenses for food and cloth will be covered. Also, all your property will be put away for storage for this year. The only disadvantages are that you will not have any days off or holidays during this year and you have to live in bdsm lifestyle for this time. The last one, however, taking to consideration your experience, might even be pleasant for you. Of course, you are absolutely not trained to be a slave, but, it might be even interesting experience for me. Before I will give you official offer I have last to test, I must be sure that your performance on level, so if you want this job...

Ms. Clare moved at the edge of the chair and lifted skirt of the long dress that she was wearing. She was not wearing underwear today. I stared at the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. It was cute pussy with small lips and tiny clit. It was almost completely shaved, there was just thin line of hair, that was like pointing to the place that I wanted to kiss so bad. I slipped down from the ottoman and kneeled before Ms. Clare, who reclined back in chair. I approached my face to the precious pussy, at that time I was thinking neither about money, not about job, all I was thinking is that I want to kiss this pussy. I

breathed in divine scent, it was smell of aroused adult woman with some notes of flowery-fruit aroma. I pushed out my tongue and licked pussy lips of Ms. Clare all the way from down to top. I felt some dizziness from the sour-salty taste on my tongue, it was the tastiest thing I ever tried in my life. I thin I lost myself there, I covered Ms. Clare's pussy with my lips. My tongue flited all over her pussy and clit. It was slid in and out. I was kissing and sucking, licking and tickling. I was not hear and not seen anything. There was just that leaking beautiful pussy, and I had to satisfy it. All I felt was amazing smell in my nose, yummy taste in my mouth and divine touching under my tongue and lips.

Everything ended abruptly. Ms. Clare pushed my head away and returned skirt on it's place, hiding precious from my eyes.

- Wow, looks like you really want this job, - she uttered with moan. And just now I noticed tears of sweat on her forehead and blush on her cheeks. - I am satisfied with your performance. But, if you want to make me cum, it is privilege and you must prove that you deserve it. For now, I am making you offer to become my slave. Please take a printed copy of contract on the table at the door. Read it carefully, especially chapter about contract termination and limitations. Fill your personal information and if you want this job, you must be here tomorrow at noon sharp. If you ring to the door a minute later - offer will be not valid anymore. You must prove to me that you worth the money and effort I have to spent on you. Now, interview is over, you can go.

- Thank you, Ms. Clare, - I was not able to say anything else, I felt robbed. I was near the haven and now something inside me was empty. I automatically turned around, went to the door, grabbed clear plastic file with several pages of paper inside from the table by the entrance and left the Ms. Clare's mansion.

I recovered from this obsession only on a bus stop. Entire ride home I was not able to concentrate on anything. I was looking in to the window, stupidly smiling, enjoying taste of Ms. Clare's pussy in my mouth. When I got back to my apartment I found piece of paper pinned to my door. It was last notification that I must sign new contract or move out in two weeks. The effect of the letter was like bucket of ice water, it reminded me that I have to make important decision, and I have less then one day to make it.

There was so much advantage in accepting the offer I got. I don't have to worry about job or place to leave for a whole year. And after the contract will be over I will have enough money to buy my own place to leave and I will be able to work part time and go to college... On the other side, Ms. Clare will be able to do anything to me for the whole year. Again, if I will behave good I will be allowed to lick her pussy, which was so delicious. Finally, I decided to read contract carefully and then decide.

I began by filling my personal information including social security and bank account number on first page, so I don't have to spend more time if I decide to take the offer. Then I jumped to responsibilities of Ms. Clare. According to the contract she had to provide me with place to live, provide me with food and everything to fulfill my needs. She also had to transfer one hundred thousand dollars to my account immediately and another four hundred after one week of the contract begins. Also, after one week she had an option to terminate contract. Well it was not looking too bed, if Ms. Clare decide that I'm not good for the job - I'll end up with hundred thousand which will be enough to find new place to live and will give enough time to find new job. Next section of contract was listing things that Ms. Clare was not allowed to do to me. She was not allowed to sell me to anyone, she was not allowed to leave permanent marks on my body, like tattoo or burns, and last thing she was not allowed me to inflict damage that will require hospitalization. There were also few lines where I could write more restrictions. I spent few minutes thinking what I would not like to be done to me and was not able to find anything not covered by existing three things. I decided to come back here later if I think about anything. My responsibilities were noticeably short: I had to execute every order I will receive from Ms. Clare except limitation listed above. Few more pages of contract were full of small font talking about some legal staff I was not able to understand. I tried to read all of it, but it was so boring, that I fall asleep.

When I woke up the room was filled with daylight. I looked at watch in fright. It was 10am already. I still had enough time to make it to Mercier Island on time. I quickly went in to shower. Dressed my favorite dress, packed some of my personal staff, like underwear, cosmetic, and toilet accessories. Grabbed file with contract and rushed to the bus stop. On my way to Ms. Clare on the rear seat of the bus I did everything I could with my hair and applied light makeup. I ran from bus stop to the familiar mansion and was ringing at the door at 11:55. I made it on time. I really decided to accept the job offer. Ms. Clare opened the door and looked at cute gold watch at her wrist.

- You made it on time. You are learning fast, - she smiled to me, - This is very good. So, you decided to accept the offer. Come with me, my dear.

I followed Ms. Clare to the office room where I signed the contract which she put in to safe.

- As of now you are officially my slave. From now on you only address to me as Mistress. - her voice changed completely. Now she was ordering, not asking, ordering! - Did you understand this, slave?

- Yes, - I answered.

- Yes, who? - she asked.

- Yes, Mistress. - I corrected myself.

- This is better, slave, - Ms. Clare got the empty box and approached to me, - next time you will be punished if you forget it, slave. Now get undressed and put all you stuff to this box. It will go to the storage with other your belonging from your apartment.

I complied. I placed all my cloth to the box.

- Bag and everything inside too, slave, - Ms. Clare said, - You will not need any of your old stuff anymore. Follow me to your room. - Yes, Mistress, - I replied.

Ms. Clare, or should I say, Mistress, escorted me to the small room under the stairs. There was double bed, night stand and soft arm chair. Room had wall closet and adjacent bathroom with shower cabin, sink and toilet.

- Lay on the bed and spread your legs, slave, - Mistress ordered.

- Yes, Mistress, - I complied.

- This is good, - Ms. Clare, took a good look at my privates, - keep it always shaved like this. Also, you should do enema every morning, so your ass is ready for use all the time. Is it clear?

- Yes, Mistress.

- I have to leave now, - she said, - when I will be back, in about 2 hours, I want you to wait for me by the door wearing just this.

- Yes, Mistress, - I already used to this response. I took from Mistress the beg she was holding out to me.

My Mistress left the room and I opened the bag. There was pink dog collar and leash. There was also a picture of naked kneeled girl with collar on her neck. Leash was attached to the collar and the other end of it girl was holding on her palms in front of her. Doesn't look like something super difficult so far.

I watched at the alarm clock standing on nightstand. It was 12:30. I decided to spend 2 hours I had to inspect my room. I looked at the closed. It was mostly filled with maid uniform. I took one hanger out and looked at it. There was pair of stockings, short black dress with laces. White apron and small black hat with white lace on a clip. I took it away and inspected the rest of the closet. There were few more sets of cloth with strange labels: "naughty schoolgirl", "cheap whore" and others. I think I'll have to participate in some kind of roleplay games. Well it appeared to be even interesting. I closed the closet.

There was nothing more to explore in the room, so I moved to the bathroom. There were bathrobe and few towels on the hangers. I looked in the cabinet under the sink and found set of very expensive cosmetics. Behind the mirror was all toilet necessaries I need. All brand new and very expensive. There was blow-dryer at the mount on the wall and large rubber enema with long hose hanging on special hook inside shower cabin. I decided that I need to take enema to be ready, as my Mistress said. I wanted to be good girl, so maybe, she will let me to eat her pussy again. I took the enema and carefully explored instruction printed on the side of it. It took me some time to do enema to myself. I showered after that and dried my hair and applied makeup. I looked at the clock. It was 2:15 already. It was just about time for Mistress to return. I put a collar on my neck attached leash to it and went to the entrance.

I kneeled on the rug by the door, took the leash on my palms and began to wait. I waited for quite some time, my hands tired and I gave them a rest, thinking that I will have enough time to get to position when I hear door opening. I spent on my knees almost an hour. Clock in the hallway showed 3:15 when I herd key turning in the lock. I just had enough time to raise my palms holding the end of the leash and lowered my head down, just as girl on picture.

- Good, slave, - Mistress closed the door and stopped next to me.

She grabbed the end of the leash and pulled me toward the stairs to the second floor. I began to raise to follow her, but was roughly pulled forward, such that I fell back on rug.

- Follow me on your four, slave, - Mistress said, - act like a pet when you on leash.

I obeyed and followed her on my knees and arms up the stairs, there she dragged me along the hallway to the master bedroom. Mistress removed the collar and ordered me to help to undress her. I raised from my knee and removed long dress from the Mistress. Then I removed her bra and kneeled before her. I removed her stockings one by one. After each beautiful leg got free, Mistress moved it to my face and I kissed each of her divine toes. When I was reaching out to her pantie, I was stopped.

- No, slave, - Mistress said, - take them out with your teeth.

It took me some time to do it. I had to run on my knees around Mistress pulling panties a little bit from each side until they finally fell. Mistress was laughing watching on me. Once undressed, she pulled me by the hair to the bathroom and right in to the shower cabin.

- Wash my body, slave, - was her order.

I grabbed sponge and body wash and started to wash divine body of my Mistress. Her body was amazing. Nice breast of about DD size, flat belly. Hips were nether wide or tight. Long gorgeous legs and cute round tight butt. I had good ability to explore this body of the true goddess while I was washing every square inch of it. Of course, I left the most precious spot to the end, However I was interrupted when I was about to start washing my precious.

- No, slave, - I heard voice from up top, I was kneeled at this time, - sponge is to rough. Wash it with your tongue.

- Yes, Mistress, - answered I happily, and leaned forward kissing and licking this precious pussy.

- Now, slid finger into my ass, slave, - Mistress ordered.

I complied. I gently slid my right middle finger in to her anus and started moving it in and out, and at the same time was moving it in circles inside. I also did not forget about tasty fruit in my mouth and I was continuing my work of the tongue inside Mistress's pussy. It was a totally new experience for me to eat out woman in the shower. Warm water running on the body of my Mistress, it was flooding my face, my eyes and sometimes my mouth. Because of it I was not able to enjoy the smell and taste of my Mistress, but moans that she was making was also a good reward for me.

- Now switch, slave, - Mistress said after about 10 minutes of me pleasing her, - tongue in the ass, finger in the pussy.

I moved around my Mistress, such that my face was in front of her perfect butt cheeks. I spread them and stuck my face in between, trying to get with my tongue as deep as possible. Meanwhile, my pointing finger of the right hand slid into her pussy and thumb was placed over the clit. I was moving my finger inside of my goddess and thumb was playing with her clit, while my tongue was rimming her anus. After about 5 minutes of my moans from up top interrupted and I felt vibration of Mistress's body. And I felt with my finger and tongue like her magical holes are contracting in orgasm. One more loud moan and body of my Mistress relaxed. Then her hand grabbed my hair and pulled me out of the shower cabin. She dragged me back to the bedroom and dropped me on the carpet.

- Stay on your knee and place head on the floor, - she ordered, - now arch your back and stick out your dirty butt.

After I complied, Mistress saddled me, and I felt like she is trying to stick her finger in to my anus.

- Relax, your fucking butt, slave, - she finally was able to stick it in, - Did you ever had anal sex, slut?

- No, Mistress, - I answered, feeling some pain in the ass, as she was moving her finger inside.

- Well, we will fix it soon, - Mistress, giggled, - Is it hurt, slave?

- A little bit, Mistress, - I answered, and felt that she is trying to squeeze one more finger inside.

- Its ok, slave. It will hurt at the beginning, but you will learn to like it, - Mistress finally stuffed second finger inside my hurting anus and now she was moving them inside quite actively.

She was moving them in and out, tried to spread them inside. She was rotating and twisting them. At the beginning I did not felt anything but pain. However soon I began to feel rising excitation inside, especially when Mistress started to play with my clit. My sobs of the pain changed to the moans of pleasure and I felt that my orgasm is approaching. When I was few second away from it, everything stopped. Mistress removed her hands from my anus and clit and slapped me on my right butt cheek, then on the left. And again, and again. She was slapping my ass until I started crying and begging her to stop. Then Mistress raised and rolled me over on my back. I was about to scream because my freshly whipped ass was laid on the carpet, which was also painful, but Mistress sat on my face covering my open for scream mouth with her privates.

- Now I will ride, your fucking slutty face until I cum all over it, slave, - Mistress said, - Take a deep breath, slut.

It was good advice; too bad I did not follow it. I do not remember much of that ride. Mistress was sliding up and down my face. Her juice was covering my nose, cheeks and mouth. I was trying to catch a breath of the air when she slid down my face, but next time she was moving back up and I was sipping in more of divine juice in my nose. Finally, riding was over. Ms. Clare relaxed sitting on my face, enjoying her orgasm. Her juices were dripping in to my mouth and I was enjoying two things at the same time. I was finally able to breath by the nose and my mouth was full of divine nectar of my goddess.

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