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Marital Changes



Over breakfast, my wife says to me, "We need to spice up our sex."

My first thought is, she didn't say 'I think' she gave an order. Stated a fact. My other thought is, what does 'spice up' mean exactly? We've been married for 32 years, are in our mid fifties. Our kids are grown and gone, creating grandkids. But we're both still in good shape, can do just about anything we did when we were twenty. Anything involving sex, at least. We've always had what I thought was good sex. We enjoy each other's bodies. I love her body, her breasts, her butt, her legs, her pretty face, her delicious, juicy pussy. I think maybe she married me because I loved licking her pussy, sucking her clit, and apparently other guys had not. So how do I answer this?

"Yeah," I replied, 'We've probably slowed down some. We should probably do it more often." And that's true. At first we were at it all the time and lately it's probably every four or five days. I've also thought maybe I've been too preoccupied and should show her how sexy I still think she is. Because she is still sexy.

"Well, that, too," she says "But I mean add something, do something different and exciting. More of a turn on. We always do the same thing. It's great, I don't mean to complain. You've always been a great lover. But we're in a rut."

What the hell does she mean? I eat her, she sucks me, we fuck. I guess we could fool around a little more but that's basically it, isn't it? "What do you mean, add something?"

"Maybe, just to see what it would be like, maybe add someone."

"June, I don't think I could watch another man fuck you. Maybe I'm old fashioned but we're married, all that forsake all others and such. And we've been married a long time. I love you, I'm committed to you."

"And I love you. I'm committed to you, too. I'm just talking about sex not love. And I didn't mean add another man. How about another woman?"

Another woman. "Oh," is all I can manage to say. Wow. This is from left field or something. I wouldn't be able to watch her fuck another man but she would be willing to watch me fuck another woman. Finally, I manage, "June, I can barely satisfy you, I don't know if I could handle another woman., stay erect long enough to do you both."

"With three of us, we would interact with each other. We would satisfy each other. It wouldn't all be up to you."

This time I didn't even manage an 'oh'. She and another woman would do each other. That never entered my mind before. I think my mind freezes. I can't process this. At least not right off. "I've never thought of that before," I say out loud. Dumb but what else? Then I had a thought. "Do you have someone in mind?"

"I haven't exactly asked her but maybe Myrna Braddock, I think she might. I know she likes you a lot."

That's another one from left field. Myrna Braddock. Some women are sexier looking than others. I don't know why, it's more than just the way they're built It's something about their attitude or something. I thought June was sexy when I met her and I was right, she is. But the first time I ever saw Myrna Braddock, about five years ago, I immediately thought of sex. She just seemed to ooze it some how. I mean, she has a great body, even at our ages. But there's more, I thought she actually wanted me. Just something in her look and the way she talked to me. Her husband, Jack, was alive then and June and I were doing great together so I just let it all fly though my mind and go away.

But there's something more about Myrna. What the heck is it? June already knew her. How? They went to school together, was that it? I looked at June. She's looking at me expectantly. She wants me to agree. Do I want to be naked in bed with Myrna and June? Do I want to find out just exactly how sexy Myrna really is? Do things with her body. And watch those two do things with each other? Have they already done that? Has June been having sex with Myrna all along?

"Have you already had sex with Myrna?"

"Oh," she answers. I can see her mind working. "Yes," she finally says. "Years ago, before I ever met you. In high school. Not recently. But I've thought about it. remembering how it was then. And I'm pretty sure she has, too. I think we've been afraid to bring the subject up. When Jack was alive I guess I just figured they were like us, active sexually with each other and satisfied with everything. But recently, I think she's remembered about us years ago, too. I can see it in her eyes."

"Did you like it back then? I mean being with her. Did you do everything with each other?"

"Maybe I shouldn't have brought this up. Look, we were both popular girls, lots of dates. We double dated a couple times. Before a date I'd go to her place or she'd be at mine and we'd dress. We'd also talk about the boys and how far we'd let them go and about how frustrating it was to remain being good girls. We'd also talk about each other's bodies and how to show off our breasts and stuff. So we touched each other and we both liked it. Then we talked about what sex would be like with a boy. Then we watched each other masturbate, then we masturbated each other. Then we both admitted we wanted to so we sixty-nined and ate each other. Then we did that a lot. We also were sort of ashamed of it, both saying we weren't lesbians but really wanted boys and this was just until we did the real thing. But we kept doing it and remained virgins to boys until we went to different colleges. Then we never saw each other again until a few years ago. And no, I've never been with any other female since then. Does that answer your question? Is that what you needed to know?"

"I'm not sure I needed to know all that but I'm glad you're being honest. Well, for me to be honest, I have to admit that I think Myrna is very sexy. I know I'd love to get at her naked body. But I'm married to you and I love your naked body and I don't want to risk screwing up everything we have just so I can get at her. I could live very well if I never touched her. But if it happens, yeah, I'd probably love it."

She just looked at me with a screwy, shit eating grin. "Well, we've talked too long, it's late. We both need to get to work. But I'm pretty sure it's going to happen."


Ever since Myrna moved here, I've been thinking about when we were in high school. I've been afraid to do anything about it. George and I have a great sex life and we have so many years together now that there's no way I could cheat on him or do something behind his back. But the way Myrna's been looking at me, I know she remembers, too. And I'm sure she'd love to renew our sex. Maybe, like me with George, she had such good sex with Jack that she didn't need any more but since his death I can tell she's been thinking about it.

When I went off to college, I know I purposely became more active with boys just to prove to myself that I wasn't a lesbian. Probably a little too active. But it meant that when I finally met George I had enough experience to know that sex with him was the best ever. He truly loves oral. A couple other guys would lick me a little if I made it plain I wanted them to but George wanted to. Loved to. Really liked eating me. Still does. I knew if I married him, no matter what else might happen, I'd always have good sex. And I have. So why screw it up now?

My memories of being with Myrna are just too good. I have to give it another try. Now, with George agreeing, it seems like the perfect time to make a move and see what will happen. At work I call Myrna and arrange to meet her for lunch.

After we're seated, have made some small talk and placed our orders, I say to her, "Myrna, remember when we were in high school?"

She grinned. "I sure do. Those were unforgettable times."

"Did you ever try that again, I mean with another woman?"

"Yeah, once, but it wasn't that good. Jack and I had good sex for years. I hated cheating on him but there was a sexy woman at the country club that made a move on me and I went along with it. It was fun, sort of. I mean orgasms are all good, aren't they? But it wasn't like us. She had toys, dildos, vibrators. But it wasn't as good as sex with Jack and I felt guilty all through it so it didn't last long at all. Why, did you?"

"No. Lots of guys but no women. I think I was over compensating or something. Then I found the best lover ever and married him and we've had a lot of good years together. But once you moved back, I can't stop thinking about us back then. I don't know how often I've been about ready to see if you were still interested but didn't have the nerve to do it. I guess I couldn't bring myself to cheat on George, to hide anything from him."

Myrna smiled, a really dirty smile. "Well, if you had, I would have agreed. Like you, I'm reminded of us being together every time I see you. That was sort of magic time back then, at least in my mind."

"Mine, too. Sex, yes, but sort of pure or innocent in some ways. I've never felt quite the same with anyone since. Now, I'm glad to hear you say you're interested, too. Because I've done something. I know I can't lie to George, at least not about anything serious, so I suggested that our sex was stale, we needed to spice it up. Add someone else. Add you, Myrna. He's even agreed to try it. What do you think?"

She just looks at me for a moment. "You and George?" she asks. I nod yes. "All in bed together, naked." She just looks at me for a moment. Then she smiles. "I'm sure I would like that. But how do we do this? I mean, it isn't just you and me, we can't ignore him. In fact, I like him. I wouldn't want to ignore him. I haven't had a good erect cock in a couple years now, since Jack died. So how would we do it?"

"I don't know. We'd just do whatever we feel like. I'm sure we'd figure out a lot of things to do with each other."

"I'm not sure we should just wing it like that. Maybe it wouldn't go well. We need to plan at least a little. I think you and I could easily figure out what to do with each other." She grins. "We did it often enough. Remember? We even joked about the fact that the year was 69. So I think we need to make sure George feels part of it. We need to make sure George is very, very happy with the experience. Then it can go on and on and we can get together however we want. I mean, if I spend the first time sucking him and fucking him, don't feel hurt, we'll get together with each other eventually."

"Look. I love George. He loves me. We're committed to each other. I'm not doing this to lose him. To you or anyone. So don't try and steal him. I'm just doing this to add something, not take away anything."

"Oh!. I don't want to steal him. Hell no. I don't want another man permanently in my life. I was very happy with Jack but I'm also very happy without him. I'm comfortable financially. I have children and grandchildren. I don't want to complicate things. But I agree that adding something could be terrific."

"O.k. then why not come over for dinner Friday evening and we'll all end up in bed with each other."

"I'll be wet down there from now til then just thinking about it. In fact, why dinner? Why don't I just come straight from work to your place, we can start early."

"George won't get home as soon as us, he's always a little late on Friday."

"All the better. We can start without him, catch up on everything we've missed for years. Then we'll be hot and ready when he gets there. Hey, can you get off early? I can see, maybe I can."


As we prepared dinner, June told me, "I had lunch with Myrna today and we talked about what you and I talked about and I invited her to come her to dinner Friday. Tomorrow. She suggested that instead of dinner, she'd just as soon come here right after work. I told her that you probably wouldn't be able to come home that soon and she said that was o.k., it would let us two get re-acquainted better. I don't know whether you agree with that. I can always call her and change things."

"I was thinking that since you and I have been together so long and get along well and she might feel like sort of an interloper that we needed to go out of our way to make her feel comfortable. So maybe it's just as well that you two get things going between you and then I join in a little later. So unless you're uncomfortable with it, why not just leave it like that."

She hugged me and kissed me. "I love you George. I was afraid to even bring this up because you might feel jealous or angry about my being with someone else sexually but instead you're thinking of me and trying to do what will make me happy. Well, after dinner I intend to make you happy. Maybe wear you out. Maybe it's not a good idea, I don't want you too tired to perform tomorrow."

"Don't worry about tomorrow. A day is plenty of time for me to recover. Sometimes I think too much time away from sex makes for less stamina, having lots of sex builds up my abilities instead of hurting them."

Anyway, after dinner we headed to the bedroom and undressed . June almost attacked me. I ended up on my back on the bed, her kneeling next to me trying to swallow my very erect cock and using one hand to manipulate my balls and the other to almost jerk me off just ahead of her lips. She had to move that hand almost out of the way as she did her best to deep throat me. She came closer to getting me all into her mouth than she ever had before.

She slurped and licked and sucked. She lifted her mouth free for a moment as she moved around a little to get at me from a slightly different angle. "I want to make sure I do this better than Myrna ever will. I'm sure she'll try and outdo me if she can," and then she fills her mouth again. Everything about sex is good so I can't really rate a great blow job ahead of a great fuck but at the time it's happening, it's one of life's top moments. Just as I've always liked tasting her pussy and getting her to orgasm, she's always seemed to like my cock in her mouth. I don't know for sure what two women do with each other but I can't imagine June every wanting another pussy more than my cock.

I finally came. June just kept sucking, drawing every last drop out of me. Some of my cum leaks out around where her mouth is holding my cock along with her saliva as she swallows and makes slurping noises. "I just love your cock, George," she finally says as she looks up at me, still holding the base with one hand. She then leans down and licks around, takes me back into her mouth and licks and sucks me clean and then sits back, looking at my deflating cock with a satisfied smile on her face.

I pull her up to me and kiss her, wrapping my arms around her. I roll us so she's on her back and I start kissing around her face, her neck, as I move my hands to her breasts. She has great breasts, not huge but perfectly shaped. A size that seems to last. Even after all these years, they're not sagging but just as desirable as the first time I saw them.

I move down to them, fondling both and kissing one, then sucking on the nipple, then moving to the other. She moans in contentment. I've probably done this over a thousand times by now and she still loves it and so do I. But it's all preliminary to getting further down. I don't want to hurry it, I kiss all around, over her stomach, her belly button. Interesting, her belly button is lower on her than mine is on me. Mine is closer to my waist, hers closer to her pussy. Which makes it easier to slide on down between her legs. She moves her hips, raising her legs, to make room for me. Because I've eaten her pussy a thousand times, too, and she seems to enjoy it more as time goes by.

Actually, I think maybe I do too. The more I lick her the juicier she gets. Her lips seem to open more, her insides swell a little, pushing her clit out more. So the shapes my tongue feels change as she gets more and more aroused. I know not to hit the clit right away but when we finally get to it, to work hard on it, give it all the attention. So after licking up and down, I don't need to use my fingers to hold her open any more and I slide two of them into her vagina and start moving them in and out as I get my mouth to her clit. I get my other hand around to hold her butt and lift her, or try to, to hold her pussy tight to my mouth as I work on her.

It never takes long. As I suck on her clit, push it around a little with my tongue and keep on finger fucking her, she finally screams and fluid comes gushing out. I pull my fingers out and try and get my mouth over her whole pussy to suck as much of it in as possible. I get some of her fluids in me and taste them with lots of them also all over my face. In the past, I've sometimes kept sucking on her, eventually moving back to licking her clit and getting her to another orgasm, or perhaps just keeping the first one going. But this time, I want to satisfy myself so I slide up over her and get my now erect again cock aimed at her and start pushing in.

Maybe someone has a good explanation of how a good fuck feels. All I can do is feel how terrific it is to have my erection getting forced into her warm, tight insides as she makes it plain that she wants it in her. "Fuck me, fuck me," she says over and over amidst various moans and little screams. It makes me realize that as great as it feels for me, she's feeling it just as much or perhaps even more. While I get to orgasm again eventually, I don't think I ever have the mind blowing experience she seems to have.

This night she orgasms well before me. That means I sense her insides grasping me and seeming to try and milk me, while she gushes fluid. I stop pumping for a moment and just push in as hard as possible and hold it. Then I pull out, roll her over, get her on her knees and I push back in her again and repeat everything. After we both orgasm and sort of collapse, we hold each other and kiss and press against one another and fall asleep


I leave work as soon as I can. When I get to my house, Myrna is already parked in front, in the street. I pull up next to her, press the button to lower the far window and call out. "Why not follow me and park in the driveway rather than the street. Just leave room for George to get in." She does that, then gets out of her car and comes into the garage where I am. I press the button to close the garage door as I unlock the door into the kitchen. We both come in and I hurry over to turn off the alarm. We then look at each other.

"In high school," I say, "I could pretend that each time it was sort of spontaneous, that we didn't intend to, it just happened. But I guess I can't do that now."

Myrna says back to me, "After the first time, it was never spontaneous and I think we both knew it. If we didn't, we wouldn't have been in such a big hurry to get naked. So all we have to do is do the same. Let's just get upstairs and get naked."

So that's what we do.

"You have a terrific body,"Myrna tells me.

"Well, a little thicker in the middle than back then," I say.

"Both of us," she says, "No one could stay as skinny as we were back then."

"Well, you've come close. George has commented on how sexy you are."

Myrna suggests maybe the way to start is to take a shower together. We've both been working all day. The shower stall in the master bath is too small for two people so we go into the other bathroom to use the shower that's over a tub, with a sliding glass partition to keep the water off the bathroom floor. Enough room for us to maneuver.

She really does have a great body for her age. I put a hand on each of her breasts. "Your breasts are bigger than they were in high school." I move my hands so my fingers splay out around her nipples and I purposely squeeze both a little.

"That feels great," she says, reaching to take hold of my breasts, too. "Yours may even be better, they don't sag as much as mine." And we're standing there almost against one another, feeling each other's breasts.

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