Marjorie's Lover


Marjorie was in love, deeply in love and each night as she went to bed she carefully prepared for the morning visit of her lover. Her lover was very famous and yes, work lives as they are, the amount of time she could spend with her lover was very limited. Perhaps, as time went on, things might get better and they could meet during the day, but for now Marjorie was more than happy for her early morning affairs.

To make sure she got enough rest at night, so she could be so wantonly energetic in the morning she made sure she left the caffeine and chocolate alone. She'd clean up the house in early evening, and let herself relax with a good sexy book before bed. As she read she imagined the sumptuous things she could share in the morning, imagining the fingers running freely over her skin, the wonderful wetness they could share and the arousing taste. Often, after daydreaming of what might happen the next morning, she would fall asleep and dream it all over again.

In the morning when she woke up she would stroll over to the mirror and let her nightgown slip to the floor. While looking over her body she would let her thoughts drift away as her hands gently caressed herself, moving over her breasts, gently toying with her nipples, watching them harden. Her hands would move downward over her tight stomach and through the curly hair. She would then move her fingers into her slit, first slipping into her pussy to pick up some of her wetness and then slide upward where she would tease herself just a bit, just to get ready for her shower.

Turning on the water she'd let the steam build and then step inside, feeling the water splash all over her body. Lathering up she would soap herself all over starting at her tiny feet working the soap between each toe and then up her ankles over the firm muscles of her calves. She then would spread the lather over her thighs, inside and out, feeling her hands and fingers move over the skin and light stubble of hair.

Grabbing her razor she then would slowly, carefully shave herself making sure she'd be perfectly smooth for her lover. Carefully pulling the razor along her soap slick skin she'd shave every inch, imagining being touched all over. Rinsing off, she let her hands slide over herself again making sure she was smooth as satin. Now, being more careful, she'd get some shaving cream and spread it along her inner thighs, right up to the edge of her pussy. She was proud of the soft and sexy hair she had there, so she only shaved around it for a sculptured look. Where hair looked good, she wanted beautiful hair, where hair looked bad, she shaved.

Shampoo and conditioner was next, for the hair on her head and especially on the hair between her legs. Just washing herself became a sensual delight as she ran her fingers through her hair, massaged her scalp and then washed her bush, massaging her clit a bit more. No, not enough to make herself come, no she would stop just in time, building herself up for her lover.

Her soapy fingers worked up her stomach and under her breasts, lifting them and then gently kneading them. Then her palms would follow their full wonderful curves to her nipples where she teased herself just a bit more. As she stepped out of the shower, she tingled all over, hot and ready for her lover.

She'd dry her hair some with a towel and then comb it, but she would leave it wet for her lover. Drying the rest of herself off, she'd pause at the mirror again, teasing her nipples so they'd be full and firm. Then she'd reach between her legs and slip a finger into her wet opening and then let it move up to her clit where she would circle it slowly, letting the sensation roll over her getting closer and closer, but stopping just before she came.

By the time she came out of her bedroom and moved to the door she'd be shaking in anticipation, ready to come for her lover at his first touch. With a deep breath she'd open the door and immediately breath in his fragrance, hear his gurgling response to her as he moved to him and gently touched his smooth, white skin.

Then her fingers would slip between her legs and find her clit for yes, yes, yes her final wonderful release. Waves of pleasure would shoot though her body as she rubbed her clit listening to the wet gurgling of her lover as the last drops of water ran through the coffee grounds and filter and trickled into her cup. Pulsations coursed deep inside her as she carefully grabbed the cup and held it to her lips, taking that first most perfect sip.

Only in the warm afterglow of their lovemaking would she reach out, caress his white skin and whisper to him, "I love you Mr. Coffee, I love you so very much."

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