tagGroup SexMark & Ted & Craig

Mark & Ted & Craig


Craig lived with his mother, and since his father’s death four years ago, they had constantly argued over anything and everything. Craig had had enough and wanted to leave home, but working part-time didn’t give him much money and he couldn’t afford a place of his own.

Ted lived with two other roommates. He had grown tired of their untidiness and dirty habits, and wanted to move out; but Ted’s income prevented this.

Ted and Craig discussed their mutual problems over a coffee at their local youth club. The eighteen year olds decided that the best thing they could do was to find a place they could both share and at the outset, they agreed to set rules which they both swore to abide with.

Helen occasionally helped out at the youth club’s coffee shop and overheard the lads’ dilemma. She offered help by contribution of an old sofa, bed and cooker that were no longer required and was cluttering up our garage.

Two months later, and Craig and Ted moved into their two bedroomed flat in the city centre. Helen reminded her husband, Jack, of their offer to the boys and he arranged for a van to pick up the sofa, bed and cooker. The only problem was, was that the driver, Mark, was only available on Thursday, and Jack was working Wednesday night. Mark said it wouldn’t be a problem, but he required some help to lift the gear and some directions to the flat.

Helen told the boys of the timetable and they agreed to take some time off their work to be available to help; Helen would supply the directions.

Thursday came, and Jack made sure the garage was free of clutter, and then went to bed exhausted. Mark arrived just after 10am and with the help of Craig, who was picked up by Mark at the local shopping centre, they loaded the van. There was no need for Helen to join them, but she felt she needed to help in some way, so she jumped into the van between the two lads.

Although Helen was only ten years senior to Craig’s eighteen, he viewed Helen as in a parental role. Mark, on the other hand, considered himself as a ladies’ man and took every opportunity to flirt. With Helen sat next to Mark, her thigh touching his, he felt a stirring in his. He began to flirt with Helen; Craig sat silently, embarrassed by Mark’s tone of conversation.

“So, Helen, when was the last time you had a good man between your legs?”

“Cheeky beggar, concentrate on your driving,” she replied with a blushing face. Mark had come up in our fantasies on several occasions, but that was just where it ended, in a fantasy. He was ruggedly good looking, muscular and very good with small talk. He had boasted frequently about his ability to get any woman in bed. I had no qualms with his claims; I had seen the man in action on several occasions in the local bar.

Helen looked straight ahead, occasionally speaking about the weather, the kids (we have a boy and a girl aged seven and four), and the state of the roads in the city. Eventually, the van pulled up outside the flat. Craig and Mark offloaded the van as Helen made a cup of tea for the boys. She organised where the sofa should be placed and made sure Craig had plumbed in the gas cooker correctly by ensuring the burners worked correctly. Then finally, she made up the bed, covering the mattress with cotton sheets, tucking in the corners just like she did at work (Helen was an auxiliary nurse as well as an assistant at the youth club).

“That looks inviting,” Mark said, standing in the doorway to the bedroom. “How about we christen it?”

“Hmmm, I don’t think so,” replied Helen as she fluffed up the pillows.

“Thanks Helen, I don’t know what we’d do without you,” Craig said, appearing at the bedroom door.

“Hey, it’s no problem,” Helen replied, relieved that Craig had appeared.

The flat door slammed as Ted arrived. “Sorry I’m late, got held up sorting out a few problems with the lads. How’s it going?”

“Fine, just about finished,” Helen answered, “and you’re just in time for a cuppa.”

“How about something stronger to celebrate?” Ted offered as he produced a bottle of champaign from a carrier bag.

‘Pop’, the cork hit the ceiling as the champaign fizzed from the bottle.

“Oh, just like my ‘old boy’ last night,” Mark boasted. Craig and Ted laughed at the comment.

Helen decided enough was enough; she was going to call Mark’s bluff. “Okay, lover boy, how about we see what you’ve got?”

Mark needed no second invitation. He stood and released his cock from the confines of his Levi jeans. Ted and Craig’s mouths gaped and Helen felt a sudden tingle when they saw Mark’s nine inches of flaccid cock flop against his thigh.

“No wonder the girls like you, Mark,” Ted managed to say as he stared at Mark’s manhood.

“Puts mine to shame,” Craig added.

“Don’t worry lads, size isn’t everything,” Helen reassured Craig and Ted.

“No? Then why don’t we put it to the test?” Mark challenged.

Helen knew she was cornered. She could simply leave, but her stubbornness prevented her. She wanted to bring this arrogant, male chauvinist down a peg or two.

“Well, what do you say Helen, do you want to put it to the test?” Mark repeated.

“Come on then, I’ll prove to you that size doesn’t matter,” Helen replied, accepting the challenge.

The group entered the bedroom. “Right, everyone get naked,” ordered Helen. She decided that if she were going to fuck the three boys, she would be in command. The boys needed no second telling. All three were naked in seconds.

She knelt in front of them, Craig to her left, Ted in the centre, and Mark to her right. Helen took Ted’s cock into her mouth. It tasted salty and smelled musky. Her mouth took all of his six, hard inches deep into her throat. His pubic hair tickled her nose; her chin felt his balls as Ted slowly rocked back and forth.

In her left hand, Helen took Craig’s cock and began to wank him slowly to hardness. His was about the same length as Ted’s, but perhaps a little thicker.

Mark’s cock tapped Helen’s right shoulder. She responded by taking it in hand and pulling back his foreskin.

All three lads looked down at Helen’s nakedness. Her firm 36C breasts heaved as she gulped for breath. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a V. Mark was desperate to fuck this woman. The tip of his cock glistened with pre-cum as she slowly wanked his ten inches. It was a similar story for Craig too. As Helen stroked his meagre six inches, he too was damp with pre-cum.

Ted, however, was almost about to ejaculate. Helen sensed this and decided to swallow. She sucked a little harder as he pulsated in her mouth, his semen exploding from his cock, splattering onto the back of her throat. Ted’s knees trembled as he came, almost collapsing.

Helen stood, semen dribbling down her chin. “Here, let me,” Mark offered as he licked away the remnants of Ted from Helen’s chin. Helen knew then that her task was going to be difficult to achieve. It was then she decided to abandon her task in favour of a good gang-bang.

She lay back on the bed, “Who’s first?”

“Go on, Craig, once I’ve been there, she’ll not feel your little dick inside her cunt,” Mark jested.

Craig lowered himself onto Helen. His cock slid into her moist vagina. He felt the folds of her labia slip down his shaft. He wasn’t a virgin, but he was a novice. Within minutes, he was exploding his semen deep inside Helen’s pussy. Helen felt him explode and shuddered to her first climax.

As Craig lifted himself off, Ted who was now fully erect again quickly replaced Craig. He too slid in without any resistance. Ted fucked Helen’s sperm-soaked pussy hard and fast, squelching sounds betrayed their wetness. Helen felt the burning inside her as she began her second orgasm. This time, her vagina grasped hold of Ted’s cock, causing him to cum immediately.

“Excellent boys, I see you’ve managed to get Helen well lubricated to take my big fat cock,” Mark boasted. Helen laid half dazed as Ted stood, his cock slipping out of her pussy, semen running between her buttocks.

Mark knelt between Helen’s thighs, forcing her legs further apart, allowing all three lads to see into Helen’s open vagina. He took hold of his cock and traced it along Helen’s slit, from her swelling clitoris, past her vaginal opening and over her anus.

“I bet you’d love this in your bullet-hole,” Mark teased. Helen’s eyes remained closed, taking in the sensations of having two cocks explode inside her in just a couple of minutes, and the prospect of a third fuck her imminently. The tip of Mark’s cock rested on her labia, glistening with the mixture of Ted’s, Craig’s and Helen’s fluids. He pushed slowly allowing just the tip of his cock to enter Helen’s pussy, causing her to gasp lightly as she felt his size stretch her opening further than she had felt in a long time. He rested his weight on her body and the remaining eight inches or so of his shaft buried itself inside Helen’s pussy. Helen groaned as she felt the pressure on her womb. It was both painful and intensely pleasurable. She wanted Mark to fuck her: fuck her hard and fast. Once again, she began to cum and he hadn’t begun to fuck her pussy yet.

Mark knew he was having the desired effect on Helen, he felt her vaginal muscles contract, her breathing shallow and her body tense as he felt the tip of his cock press hard against Helen’s cervix. He lifted his abdomen, and then lowered himself again, as he began his long, slow strokes, fucking this woman.

Craig and Ted watched in awe as Mark’s cock retracted eight inches at a time, then buried itself to the hilt, and each time, there was no sign of his cock-head.

The friends took hold of their cocks; their mouths dropped open. Once again, they were hard and stood either side of Helen. She opened her eyes and motioned the boys closer. Alternately, she took each in her mouth, washing away any remnants of her juices and their semen.

After several minutes of Mark’s slow pounding of Helen’s pussy, he knelt and turned Helen onto her stomach, then, lowering himself once again, took her from behind. His cock immediately placed pressure on her g-spot causing Helen to erupt in a violent orgasm, almost passing out in the process. As he continued his steady pace, she recovered enough to regain some of her sense. She knelt, offering her ass to Mark in the process. He pulled out and placed the tip of his cock at her small brown ring, then applied a little pressure. Helen moaned in pain as she felt his giant cock try to split her ass open. But she wanted Mark to fuck her in the ass; she wanted it bad.

Ted took the opportunity to slide under the couple. He offered his stiffness to Helen’s pussy and his cock was soon engulfed in her wetness. Ted felt Mark’s cock move back and forth through the thin membrane that separated the two tunnels.

Craig, not wanting to miss out, offered his cock to Helen’s lips. She opened and began to suck hard, gasping for air from time to time as she was fucked in all orifices.

This was the first time Helen had ever been gang-fucked. She and Jack had fantasized many times about group sex, but neither ever thought it would become a reality. But, Helen’s fantasy was now a reality, and she was in seventh heaven. She didn’t want it to end, she wanted her pussy fucked, her ass fucked, her mouth fucked all night. But, all good things come to an end, and it was Mark who triggered it off when he emptied the contents of his scrotum deep in Helen’s ass. His shuddering climax was felt by Helen and Ted and they both came in unison within seconds of Mark’s ejaculation. The sight of Craig’s friends coming once again and the muffled screams sent Craig into oblivion too as he filled Helen’s mouth with his hot cream, almost choking her in the process.

That night, as they made love, Helen asked Jack what he’d say, or do, if either had the opportunity to live out their fantasies.

“As long as the lucky one told the other all about it, I’ve not got a problems,” Jack told Helen as she felt his cock harden.

The little guilt she felt disappeared. “Well, I got fucked by three cocks this afternoon,” Helen confessed, “and they’ve offered to do me again next week, if I’m up for it.”

“Well, as long as I can come along, that’s fine by me,” Jack told her as he exploded into his wife.

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