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Gentle Readers - Just a little note to you all. This is my first submission to the site and it's sort of plain vanilla compared to what I've written for myself and a "friend" in the past. But, I found it to be somewhat fitting that I would use a first time with my lover as the topic for my foray into Erotic writing. This is more of a romantic story more then an erotic one. I hope you enjoy it and be gentle with your comments. Hopefully future stories that I submit will bring more of the kind of reading you are looking for. – Red

Tracy sat across the table from Mark at the steak joint they decided to stop to eat dinner at during the business trip in Kansas City. She couldn't believe she was spending the evening alone with him at last. They both worked for the same Company as Investigators but worked out of different states so they only got to see one another when the whole region got together for meetings. They'd been on assignment a few times before, but never alone. Tracy was giving presentations to Mark's office of responsibility and so he was accompanying her to the KC office to assist her with anything she needed help with.

Mark was a former police officer and Marine. He was a little shorter then Tracy but good looking as the day was long. He was 5 foot 6 inches tall and had brown eyes and hair. He was in pretty good shape too. He was 34 and she was 29. She stood 5 foot 7 with shoulder length red hair and brown/green hazel eyes. She had curves in all the right places. Her breasts were a full 42 D. She had hips that Mark loved to watch move as she walked and he'd often thought of how it would feel to have his hands on those hips.

They were both married. She had 2 kids and he had 4. Her husband was an ass and his wife was a frigid bitch. Tracy had always been attracted to Mark but didn't know if he felt the same. Since sex was almost non-existent in her marriage, she often dreamt of Mark while she masturbated. She often wondered what kind of kisser and lover he would be. As she sat across from him, she noted to herself how he actually listened intently to everything she had to say. She loved the way he laughed and his shoulders would bounce when he was truly tickled by something that was said.

He was considerate too. He held doors for her, offered to carry her luggage and help her set up for the presentation in his office earlier that day before they made their way down to KC for the meeting they'd have tomorrow. She was amazed at how easily they conversed about things in general and how she didn't get embarrassed at all when the subject turned to sex. They both joked about their first times and talked about the more wild things that they had done.

Tracy thought at one point that Mark was rubbing his leg against hers under the table, but brushed it off as nothing as the table was sort of small and that it was probably just from a lack of anywhere else to put his leg. Mark paid for dinner and helped Tracy with her coat. They went to a liquor store and headed back to the hotel. He escorted her to his room where they sat and fell back into the same easy conversation that they had shared at the restaurant. He surprised her when he lit her cigarette for her as he lit his and then began to rub her feet and calves as they talked.

Tracy could feel herself getting wetter as they talked and he continued to massage her feet and legs. It was getting warm in the room and she went to excuse herself to go back to her room to change.

"Here, you can wear this," Mark said as he took of his t-shirt.

She just about came right there when she saw his broad shoulders and strong chest. He had a tattoo in the same area of his chest as she did. His was a Globe and Eagle, the Marine Corps emblem. Hers was just a Celtic trinity knot above her left breast.

"Um, Thanks. I'll, ah, just go and change in the bathroom," she said.

She noticed that the shirt was just a bit too tight in the chest but she loved the fact that she could smell his scent on the shirt. She fixed her hair in the mirror and went back into the main room. Mark had put the radio on and asked if she'd care to dance.

"Sure. But I suck," she replied. Mark raised an eyebrow and looked at her. "AT DANCING!" she quickly spat out.

He chuckled. He held her close as the song was a slow one. She loved the feeling of his arms around her and how gentle he was. She giggled nervously and pulled away and sat back on the couch. She didn't trust how she felt at that moment. She was very horny and had wanted him, but didn't want to do something that might embarrass her if it was not what he also had in mind.

She noticed he was rubbing his neck and looked uncomfortable. Tracy climbed onto the bed behind Mark and began to rub his shoulders and neck. One of her favorite songs came on and she sang as she continued to massage him, returning the favor of his earlier gift to her of the leg and foot massage.

"Mmmmmm, that feels good," he said. "You're a pretty good singer, too."

She could feel herself blushing again. "Thanks, Mark. My God you're tight in the neck. Stress gotcha big time, eh?"

He just groaned which pretty much told her she was correct. She finished and as she went to get off the bed, she fell forward, her breasts brushing against his shoulder and arm. He caught her and helped her right herself. They'd both drank way too much and she noticed the time was getting very late.

"Uh, I, uh, think I should be getting back to my room. I need to get some sleep or I'll be totally useless tomorrow. Besides, I need to check to see if the family called." Tracy picked up her sweatshirt and car keys and started towards the door.

Mark followed her. "Thanks for the massage," he said as she turned to look at him.

"Sure," she replied as she went to hug him, "any time that it bothers you and I'm around, let me know."

As she pulled away he leaned in to kiss her. She thought it was going to be on the cheek. Instead he gave her a light peck on the lips. They started to pull away from one another but looked into one another's eyes. Again, they leaned into one another, her arm still around him and his around her. She was still holding the items in her other hand as they again kissed. But this time it was more then a peck. They began to kiss one another hard and she wrapped her other arm around his shoulders and dropped the items in her hand onto the floor. She moaned as his tongue parted her lips and searched out her tongue.

She stumbled backwards and he caught her, never once breaking the kiss. He pinned her against the wall, her arms held above her head by his strong hands. He kissed her cheeks and lips again and moved towards her neck. He pressed against her as he licked and nibbled on her ear lobe. She moaned loudly and struggled to move her arms to try to bring him even closer if it would be possible.

"Stay the night with me," he whispered into her ear, slightly out of breath.

Tracy felt like she'd never had before. She wanted this man more then anyone she'd ever wanted and couldn't believe how idiotic she sounded as she replied with "Are you sure?" All she could think was duh, you dumb shit.

He pulled away and looked her in the eyes. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life," Mark replied. Tracy returned his gaze and bit her lower lip. She tried to find the words, she knew her lips were moving but nothing was being said. She just nodded her head yes and they began to kiss one another with a renewed passion. She was being guided backwards toward the bed. She could feel the mattress against the back of her knees. He pulled the shirt he had given her over Tracy's head and his eyes were riveted to her chest. Her breasts were heaving as she tried to catch her breath. He looked up at her and gave her a smirk as he pushed her down rather forcefully onto the bed.

He grabbed her knees and pulled them far apart and climbed between her legs onto the bed. He grabbed her wrists and pushed her arms up over her head pinning them down on the mattress. He leaned toward her and teased her as if to kiss her. They looked into one anothers eyes and held the gaze for a few moments. His eyes traveled down to her full pouting lips and back to her eyes. He continued to position himself so that his full weight wasn't on her, but she did notice that his cock was hard and pressing against her pubic mound. She started to move her hips up and down. He just shook his head. "Be still," he whispered as he began to kiss her neck. He let go over her hands and began to lay on his side. He took his time exploring her body. He made his way to her breasts and undid the front closure on her bra, releasing them.

Slowly, he ran his palm over her erect nipples. The sensation was nearly a tickle to her but it was a strong enough one to make her pussy even wetter then what it was before. Tracy bit her lip as Mark began to lick and suck her nipples one at a time while gently groping the flesh of her tits. He then licked his way down her stomach and positioned himself at the foot of the bed. He undid her pants and started to slide them down her hips. He was shocked to find that she wasn't wearing any underwear and that she was shaven without a trace of hair on her pussy. He licked his lips and grabbed Tracy's legs to pull them a little wider apart.

Tracy moved back a bit on the bed as to not have to make Mark kneel on the hard floor. He grabbed a pillow and put it under her hips and wrapped his arms under her legs and over them so that her legs rested on his shoulders. He slowly kissed his way up her thighs and started to tease her clit with the tip of his tongue. As soon as she felt it, Tracy's head flew back on the bed and her back arched. Her hands dug into the bedding and she held on for dear life. The feelings were so intense. She'd never been this wet and had never ever been so easily turned on before. Her breathing became halted and she noticed that she was actually holding her breath in anticipation. He took one long lap from her ass up to her clit with his tongue. He looked up at her from between her thighs. "You're wet," he said with a smirk, her juices glistening on his chin.

"You seem to have that effect on me," was all she could think to answer with. The next thing she knew, Mark was eating her pussy like a man possessed. She could feel the orgasm about to hit and forgot where she was. The sound of her gutteral moans almost seemed to echo in the room. She stopped and looked down at Mark. He laughed at the look on her face.

"Don't worry," he said reassuringly, "this is an end unit and the room next to mine is housekeeping. I love hearing how much this pleases you. Be as loud as you want." That's all Tracy needed. She let go and had the most intense orgasm she'd ever known. She bucked and grabbed at his hair. He grabbed her hands instead and they clasped each others hands as she rode out the electrical shocks that pulsed through her cunt as she came over and over again. She was amazed. She'd never had this many orgasms just from oral sex before, but then again, no one, not even her husband had been able to make her truly cum.

Mark never stopped. He eased up just enough to let Tracy catch her breath but he continued to lick and finger her soaking wet pussy for nearly an hour. He expertly knew how to flick his tongue over her clit, how to find the "magic spot" inside her pussy that made her moan. Tracy finally managed to find the strength to tell him no more and pushed him away from her. He crawled up next to her and caressed her body as she lay panting. She turned to him and they kissed gently. She could taste herself on his lips. She licked her lips as she looked into his eyes. She continued to lick and suck on his lips and chin, making sure to get every drop of her juices off of him. Tracy began sucking and nibbling on his lower lip as they kissed, sort of link a mini blow job. Mark groaned as she did so. She pushed herself up onto her side and rolled Mark on to his back. She straddled him and kissed her way down his body. She got of the bed and brought him to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. She kneeled between his legs and began to lick and suck his cock into her mouth.

If anything, Tracy loved to give head. Oral fixation was her reasoning for it. She was just starting when he came suddenly in her mouth. There wasn't any real taste to it which surprised her. He quickly held the sides of her face and apologized. "I'm sorry. You know the old Irish saying, 'You can drink or you can fuck, but you can't do both!'" She giggled. He helped her back to her feet. Tracy started to find her clothes to get dressed. Mark lit them both a cigarette and turned to look at Tracy. "What are you doing?"

"I'm getting dressed to go back to my room," she replied with a child-like quality.

"What the hell for," he asked sounding a bit hurt.

"Well," Tracy started, "I thought since..."

"I asked you to stay with me tonight and I mean it. Now get your ass back in this bed!" Mark was trying to sound authoritative but it just made Tracy laugh. She stood up as straight as possible, which made her breasts jut out even farther and snapped off a crisp salute.

"Aye, Sir!" She jumped into the bed next to Mark and they both laughed. He handed her the cigarette and she took a deep drag.

He caressed the side of her face and she turned her head to rub her cheek against the palm of his hand. "Thanks, baby," she said. He just looked at her. He watched her as she finished her cigarette. She was used to sleeping by herself and wasn't sure how this was going to go. He held her tightly and she snuggled up to him, laying her head on his chest and shoulder. He held one of her hands and they drifted off to sleep.

Tracy didn't remember hearing anything but she could smell coffee brewing. She wasn't quite awake and was beginning to wonder if she had been dreaming, when she felt Mark between her legs. His tongue made quick work of bringing her to another intense orgasm. Tracy even managed to tear the sheets on the bed and even ripped a hole in the mattress when she came. "Now THAT is a wake up call," Tracy giggled as he came up to kiss her.

"Good morning, sexy," Mark said as he kissed her. He had placed two cups of coffee next to the bed. "I wasn't sure how you liked it."

"Mmmmm, black...." she replied. They finished their coffee and Mark laid back. Tracy looked at him and wanted to know what it would be like to still make love to this man. She must have been biting her lower lip because Mark was giving her that look of "What?"

Tracy got on top of Mark and started to kiss his lips. She sucked on his chin and started to nibble on his ear lobe. He started to moan. She started to pinch and tweak his nipples with her fingers and he just about shot out of bed. "Hey! That's not fair!" Mark gave her a look. She just looked at him. She could tell his cock was hard so she grabbed it and started to guide him into her pussy which was still soaking wet.

Slowly she took his cock into her pussy and she began to ride him. Mark grabbed her breasts and played with her nipples as Tracy arched her back and began to grind her hips as she picked up the pace. Mark grabbed Tracy's hips and began to ram his cock deep into her cunt. Tracy start to rock her hips forward as Mark quickened the pace again. She could feel herself about to cum and Mark wasn't that far behind her. Her muscles gripped his cock harder with every thrust and she started to groan. She grabbed her breasts and started to suck on her nipples. Mark couldn't believe the sight. He moaned and yelled he was close. "I'm gonna cum!"

She rocked her hips harder as he pounded into her. She could feel him exploding deep within her.

"Fuck me harder, baby... Fuck me harder... I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum.... I'm, I'm..." was all Tracy could manage to get out before she was hit with a huge orgasm.

Mark flipped her onto her back and finished riding out his climax by thrusting hard and deeper into her. He collapsed on top of her and they laid there for a while caressing one another. They both decided it was time to shower and get ready to go to the office to do the presentation. They could always pick up where they left off later. Mark told Tracy that he was sorry, but that he had to head back to his office after the presentation but that he would call her later to work out the next meeting.

The presentation went off with out a problem and the two lovers stole a moment alone together before they had to part. They thanked one another for the wonderful night. Tracy had so many things she wanted to say to him but the time wouldn't allow it. They kissed good bye and Tracy watched as Mark pulled out of the parking lot. She finished packing her items from the presentation away and loaded the trunk of her car. She had a long drive to the next meeting site but her mind was definitely preoccupied of the thoughts of what might happen next.

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