tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMark & Tracy Ch. 03

Mark & Tracy Ch. 03


Gentle Readers - I'd like to thank all of you that read my first submission in this series and for all the positive feedback I received. As you can tell, the series is a bit different since part two. This chapter, obviously, picks up where the second ended. It helps to follow them in order to understand some of the characters. Again, please vote and any feedback, good or bad, is always greatly appreciated! Happy reading - Red

Tracy lay on her bed, face down, sobbing into the pillows. Why had she told Mark how she felt? She couldn't believe how incredibly stupid she felt at that moment. Sure, she was very much in love with him, but did she really need to ruin what they had by confiding that to him? As she lay there crying, she did not hear the stranger that had crept into the house earlier and seen Mark and Tracy as they pleasured one another.

By the time Tracy realized she wasn't alone, it was too late. He had straddled her from behind and had his hand over her mouth. His other hand yanked her hair back so that she couldn't move her head.

"Listen you little cock tease, and listen good," came a harsh, deep voice. His breath was hot against her cheek. "You're going to do as you're told and we won't have any problems. I saw how you weren't wearing underwear when you were getting into your car downtown. You didn't seem to have a care when you showed that shaved pussy at the gas station. Didn't even think twice when you got yourself off while at the carwash or when you fingered yourself while driving home afterwards. But since you like to display your shaved cunt so much, we'll just have to show you what happens to sluts that like to tease. Now, close your eyes and don't you dare open them."

Tracy did as she was told and felt the stranger put a blindfold around her eyes. He ordered her to sit on the edge of the bed. Being without the benefit of sight, Tracy did her best to get up and do as she was told. He grabbed her hand and she felt a silky sensation. "Put them on, now!" The order was very direct. It wasn't exactly a threatening tone, but it was one to be taken seriously. She figured that it was a pair of her lace thigh hi hose. She put them on and smoothed them out the best she could without being able to see if they were correct.

"Stand up and get into those shoes," he directed her. Tracy stood and felt around with the tip of her nylon encased toes. She found the shoes and was amazed that she managed to get them on without slipping them onto the wrong feet on the first try. She stood there, waiting for the next order. She heard him come around to her. His hands were rather strong, but not punishing. He used just enough pressure with them on her shoulders to make her kneel before him. She could feel heat and smell a slightly salty, musky odor.

She went to put her hands before her. The slap nearly caused her to fall flat on her back. Her jaw felt like it had been slammed into the wall.

"Keep your hands behind your back. I didn't want to hit you, but you'll do as you're told. Do you understand?"

Tracy lowered her head and nodded.

"Good," he cooed as he caressed her cheek and jaw. "As long as you do what you are told, we won't have to resort to that type of discipline."

Why did he keep saying ‘we'? Were there others in the room? Tracy didn't dare speak. Her jaw was still throbbing from the slap and she didn't want to chance that speaking when not spoken to was one of the rules that would result in another. She felt the heat again and could again smell the musky, salty odor. She clasped her hands tightly behind her back as she sat on her heels. She felt the smooth feeling of skin on skin. One of his hands was in her hair, holding her head still and forcing her to lift her face up. Was it his other hand that was rubbing her face? That was answered as she felt a wet sensation being traced over her cheeks, nose and then to her full lips.

She pursed her lips together. He tugged on her hair just enough to make Tracy start to yelp. As she opened her mouth, he shoved his cock into her mouth. He jerked her hair back hard.

"Don't even think about biting me, bitch. Just let it happen. If you decide to disobey, you'll be extremely sorry."

Tracy's mind flooded with a myriad of scenarios as she felt him rock his cock in and out of her mouth. She thought about just allowing it to happen. What if she did "Bobbitize" this guy? If she did it well enough, she'd get away with no problem, right? But then again, he kept saying ‘we'. If there were others here, they'd prohibit her from escaping. Why hadn't she just met Mark at the hotel like originally planned? What if Mark came back? She'd just have to suffer with this. Besides, was she actually starting to enjoy this?

The stranger used his hands to help guide Tracy's head up and down his cock. He didn't seem to really be in a hurry, wasn't entirely sure if he was even trying to get off at this point. He slowed altogether and told Tracy to stay on her knees. She heard him as he seemed to be dressing himself. She heard the zip of the pants and the rustling of cloth, probably his shirt. She was afraid but not totally fearful. He came back to her and helped her to her feet again. He took her hands behind her back and with a satin cord, tied them securely. He placed nipple clamps onto her nipples after sucking them to a nice hard point. He picked up her black trench coat and situated it onto her shoulders, buttoning it up the front.

"Now, I'm going to take the blindfold off you for a moment. Behave, please. I'd really hate to have to mess up that beautiful face of yours." He actually sounded sincere with that last statement. Could the asshole possibly have a heart? She stood still and waited. The blindfold was removed and she opened her eyes slowly. Tears were still running down her cheeks from earlier. He came around in front of her and with a gentle touch, caressed them away with his hand. She actually found herself leaning into his touch.

She looked up expecting to see a mask or some sort of disguise. Instead, there was a rather young, good looking man before her. He was tall. Probably 6 foot 3? He was of a relatively good build. Not overly muscular but not weak, either. His hair was blond and cut short. His eyes were a brilliant blue in the light of the bedroom lamp. His features were quite pleasant. If one was to see him out in public in any other situation, he'd be just a typical good looking guy. Not someone you'd think would break into your place, watch you fuck your lover and then take you captive. He traced her full lips with his thumb and again caressed the side of her face where he'd slapped her.

He took her by the elbow and walked her out the back door of her house, around the side of the yard, and down to his truck. He helped her get situated into the seat and even did the belt for her. "Not too snug?" He smiled? What was with this guy? "Any particular station you'd like to hear?"

This guy has got to be joking, right? "Uh, um, no... not really," she whispered with her head hanging down. Where was he taking her, she wondered?

"I'm going to put the blindfold on you again and lean your seat back. Let me know if you're uncomfortable, ok?" He replaced the blindfold, letting his hands gently caress her neck and shoulders afterwards. He lowered the seat back so that she was fully reclined. Even if she was uncomfortable, she wasn't entirely sure that he'd actually do anything to relieve whatever discomfort she may have had. He started the truck and began to drive. She could see nothing under the cloth covering. She let her mind wander back to Mark, as the man continued to drive. The gentle sway of the truck as they traveled was actually starting to lull her to sleep.

Some time later, Tracy wasn't entirely sure how much time had elapsed, she felt the vehicle stop and heard the stranger get out. She lay there, mind wandering all about again. He came to her door and helped her out. She could feel a cool, gentle breeze. The air was filled with the aroma of pine trees and rotting leaves. Was she in a forest? Where had he taken her? She could hear the click of the heels on the black top as he directed her away from the truck. She felt the sudden change of terrain beneath her feet as the heels started to dig into moist earth, causing her heels to slip from her feet momentarily.

She about fell over as she tried to fix the shoe, but he had continued walking, not noticing her plight. He felt the tug of her falling forward, and quickly turned to catch her. He bent down and removed her shoes from her feet. He swung her body over his shoulder and then continued his trek into the unknown. He started to rub her ass through the coat. She started to squirm a bit and he swatted her firmly on the ass. She heard his foot steps on what appeared to be wood. Next, the sound of a rusty, creaky door opening.

"Where the hell have you... ah, never mind. I see you're not alone," came a male voice from off to the left.

He set her down and replaced the shoes onto her feet. He told her to stay quiet for a moment. "I've brought a cock tease that needs to learn a lesson, boys. She knows that she needs to listen and obey or there will be penalties. She should be no problem."

Tracy's stomach dropped. Boys? How many of these sick mother fuckers were there? What the fuck is going on? She thought about running but where in the hell would she go? She couldn't remove the blindfold with her hands being restrained. She felt the stranger's hands on her shoulders again. He helped Tracy to move so that she was facing the direction of the voice. She could smell smoke from a fireplace and stale cigarettes. There was a lingering hint of beer also. He removed the blindfold from her eyes, whispering into her ear to just do as she was told and it would be fine.

Tracy opened her eyes and saw 3 other men, all quite attractive, well dressed, sitting near the fireplace. If these guys were all so good looking, why did they need to do these types of things? If she'd met any of them in a bar, she'd probably share a drink, possibly even date one of them. Why do something this drastic?

"Let's have a look, Chris." The request came from a rather dark haired, dark-eyed man. He was also younger than Tracy. She'd figure that he and the one that took her captive were both around 26? 27? She looked at the dark-haired man with somewhat pleading eyes, as if to say you really don't need to do this.

"Sure thing. I think you'll like what you see!" Chris slowly undid the buttons on the trench coat. He removed it from Tracy's body, leaving her in the middle of the room, hands bound, no way to cover her nakedness. Her nipples, even if they hadn't been confined by the clamps, would have been rock hard. The room was cold where she stood. She was humiliated but wasn't sure she wanted to be totally submissive. She held her head up defiantly and stared at the men.

"Oh, so we have a bitch, do we? Most would look down at their shoes, whimpering. But you? No, not you. You look at me as if you mean to fight. Well, slut, you won't be doing any of that. Let me assure you of that now. I have no qualms about distributing discipline as needed, even if it means drawing blood." He glared at her. She returned his stare, not seeming to back down. She couldn't understand why she was doing this. He was beginning to get a little unnerved by her unruly demeanor. He rose and crossed the room to her. He was probably 5' 10? Only a tad taller then her, but they could definitely look one another in the eye. He grabbed her by the neck with one of his strong hands. Chris stood there watching, as were the others. The man didn't squeeze hard, but just enough to make Tracy start to gasp for air.

"I do believe we're going to have fun with this one, boys. Chris, you've done a very good job. You may watch for now." The man never broke eye contact with Tracy as he spoke, but he now loosened his grip. Tracy took in a sharp breath and finally looked down towards the floor.

"David, I.." Chris began to speak.

"Chris, don't argue with me. I know you think you call the shots, but I believe you know the true boss around here. You've done a good job, now shut up and sit down. You may watch for now and depending on how good this little whore you've brought us here is, you may get a piece of her." David turned his stare to Chris, who backed off and sat by the fire, staring into the flames. David looked back to Tracy. He began to circle around her, inspecting her as he did so. His hands drawn military style behind his back. He walked behind her and bent forward to whisper into her ear.

"How should we start, hmm? Are we going to play nicely? Or do you need to be punished?" With that, David hit her hard against the back of her head, knocking her forward. Chris started to lunge forward to catch her, but the other two men by the fire held him back. One gave him a look that told him he knew better than that. He returned to staring at the fire.

Tracy lay on the floor, arms bound behind her, unable to break the fall. She had a small cut on her temple on the left side. It stung, but she'd get over it. She thought to herself if the asshole was going to play rough, she could too. But then thoughts of Mark and her kids came flooding back. Best not to make any mistakes. No telling what this David was capable of doing.

"Liam and Nick. Help the bitch up, would you. Get a cold compress for her forehead. We shouldn't be totally disrespectful to our guest," David ordered with a smug, arrogant snarl of a grin.

She didn't know which was which, but the other two men, Liam and Nick, were both in their mid to late twenties, she would gather. They were both on the tall side being around 6 feet. Both had very nice builds and they could have passed for twins. They had dirty blond hair and green eyes. Both set to their task to get something to wipe Tracy's face with. One gently cleaned the wound while the other applied a bandage. Both also gave her pleading looks to behave as they assisted her.

"Liam. Nick. You can have first dibs on this one. I think I'll just watch for now." David had undressed and was now sitting in a butterfly chair next to the fireplace. The heat from the fire now seemed to waft toward the middle of the cabin. There were a few chairs arranged near the stone hearth of the fireplace, a wooden country dining table near a window to the side with aged pine chairs. Tracy tried to preoccupy her mind while the Doublemint twins disrobed.

Both actually appeared to be somewhat nervous as they approached her. They stared at her for a moment and looked back at David as to figure out if he was joking. David remained seated stroking his cock slowly. His other hand cupping and massaging his balls. "Well? What are you two waiting for? She's yours for now. Enjoy."

With somewhat shaky hands, the two converged upon Tracy. One of them pawed at her large swollen breasts like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn. The other, stood behind her cupping her ass as he licked and kissed her shoulders and neck. The whole time, Tracy never once stopped staring at David. She felt the hands travel over her body. One of them tugging somewhat at the nipple clamps on her breasts. Her knees started to buckle somewhat. One of the boys brought the table toward the center of the room and helped her sit upon it. He undid the restraint on her wrists long enough to position her arms above her head, and lean her back onto the table. He readjusted them so that her hands were now tied to the end of the table.

The angle was somewhat awkward for her, how now her breasts were thrust up and her back was arched. She felt her ankles being shackled and bound to either side of the table. She now lay with her legs widely spread. She felt the last of her dignity leave her. She guessed the one between her legs to be Liam and the one that was starting to remove the nipple claims to be Nick. She didn't dare ask. Why be proper with men about to take advantage of you? In any other circumstance, she would almost truly enjoy this. Did she really just think that? Good heavens. What was going on?

Nick removed the nipple clamps and started to softly rub the tender nubs. He blew lightly on them, causing them to become harder then what they were. It was gratifying and irritating at the same time. Tracy bit her lip at the sensations. At the same time, Liam began to lick tauntingly at her clit. Her body was beginning to betray her. Her cunt was getting extremely wet with the attention that it was receiving. Nick positioned himself above Tracy to work on her nipples and breasts and to have her start to suck on his cock, which was probably 7 inches. The precum glistening at the tip.

She could feel an orgasm starting to well deep within her as Liam continued to lick and suck on her clit. She took Nick's cock into her mouth and he slammed it down into her throat without warning. At the same time she started to climax, moaning around the invading cock. She flooded Liam's mouth with her juices and the sensation of her moans around Nick's cock made short work of him as well. Her throat and mouth were overflowing with his load. Tracy started to gag. His cum flowing down the sides of her cheeks, her chin and down her neck. It pooled on the table and into her auburn hair.

Liam stood and positioned his 6 inch cock at the opening of her pussy. He grasped her thighs harshly and slammed into her body. Tracy screamed in pain. Liam was relentless with his thrusts. He pounded her cunt over and over again until finally he pulled out. She could her him grunt, as streams of his load seemed to burn into the flesh of her belly and thighs.

The two men, spent and somewhat disappointed that they couldn't last longer, turned toward the fireplace. Tracy lay there, now wholly humiliated, with their cum still on her. David looked towards Chris and motioned that it was his turn. Chris stared blankly back at David. He wasn't sure he wanted anymore to do with this.

To be continued....

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