tagSci-Fi & FantasyMark Becomes the Frog Prince

Mark Becomes the Frog Prince


Mark the Adventurer: born into a primitive barbarian village in the frozen north, Mark was banished from his home for ravishing too many women, killing too many men, and generally just causing too much trouble. He has been a wanderer ever since, making money as a thief, mercenary, and monster slayer. He is extremely selfish and hedonistic, thinking only of immediate gratifications without any thought of future consequences, a trait which has lead him to both fortune and ruin many times. He was born with an extremely large penis (which lead to accusations that his mother had copulated with a horse) that has proven to be his ultimate weapon. He is rather short, greatly muscled, with rough but boyish looks, and spiky brown hair.

Cadence Cupidia de Eros: The youngest daughter of the Emperor of Cytheria, she has been mostly ignored by her siblings because she is so far down the line of succession. Although very kind and compassionate by nature, Cadence is EXTREMELY naive and gullible, which has proven to be her fatal flaw. She lived a very sheltered life until Mark the Adventurer broke into her father's palace and kidnapped her after it was discovered that Mark and the Empress Tamora, her mother, were having an affair. Mark easily pressured Cadence into becoming his girlfriend/sex-slave, and has since been complicit in most of his adventures, using her healing magic to keep Mark on his feet during tough battles. Although shy and proper by nature, a secret part of her craves to be a slut and loves being treated as such by Mark. She is rather short, very curvy, has short messy blonde hair, freckles, and is always blushing.


Mark the Adventurer was doing what he usually did when he couldn't find some slut to spread her legs for him; he was masturbating. He couldn't help it, he simply needed to ejaculate once or twice a day or otherwise he'd become uncontrollably aggressive and horny, which always lead to problems. Every week this happened to him. He'd get horny, his massive cock would spring up like a devil's horn, and then Goddess help whatever poor living thing crossed his path, because if it had a hole Mark would fuck it, and if it didn't have a hole Mark would make one.

Mark was doing his best to alleviate his condition as both of his strong hands stroked his massive cock with enough force to strangle a python, but no matter how hard he flogged himself he just couldn't get his dragon to spew. He gave up for a minute to catch his breath, and to wipe away the sheen of sweat that covered his naked body. He was lying in the shade, under a tree, in what appeared to be a private garden he had unintentionally trespassed into. Although only about five feet high, Mark was a solid mass of muscle bursting with an infinite supply of vitality. His cock was just over a foot long, 1/5th his total height, and it was sticking up into that air arrogantly, as if declaring its lordship over him. The monstrous thing was so thick he could barely get his own hands around it, but he struggled to do so, because he needed to cum if he wanted to go back into the village without endangering the locals.

What few pieces of armor and weapons he had were piled up behind the tree. Naked, he sat in the shade, fervently urging his monstrous muscle to release itself of its poison, but it was being just as stubborn as he was. Mark's cock didn't just want to shoot out its massive load of barbarian-baby-batter, it wanted a pussy, a mouth, an ass, or at least a big pair of tits to be smothered between. Mark's cock didn't want a pair of rough hands.

Mark lowered the plum-sized head to his mouth and began licking it. His cock was so long and his muscular torso so short that he could easily suck himself off, and he did so, twirling his tongue into the slit of his one-eyed dragon, teasing it into submission.

He was ready to go find Cadence, his traveling companion, and just bang the living daylights out of her again, but he had promised to give her little pink cunt a week off to recover from the string of brutal copulations they had enjoyed the days prior. Cadence was a petite little girl, once a princess of the powerful kingdom of Cytheria before Mark kidnapped her, and any more poundings from his foot long battering-ram were likely going to impair her ability to walk. Right now she was off in some other part of the garden, playing with the paint set she had bought in town.

Mark was about to finish himself off by inserting a finger up his tight asshole and tickling his prostate, but just then he heard the sound of people talking. The sound of women talking!

"And do you know what happened then, mother?" a young sweet voice said.

"No, my sweet, what happened?" an older, more matronly voice asked.

"The princess kissed the frog and he became a handsome prince, and then they lived happily ever after!"

Mark crawled over on his hands and knees, dragging his iron-hard cock through the grass like a plow, to get a better look at that two women who had interrupted him. He could see them through the bushes, and they were mouthwatering.

Clearly a mother and daughter, they were each icons of sexuality in their own ways. The younger girl couldn't have been more than one or two summers past her eighteenth year, but her body was tall, slender, and nubile. Peach skin, long silver hair, and a tight little ass that was just begging to be split open. She was not wearing much clothing, only a few pieces of white lingerie that left her pink nipples totally exposed, and her little cunt was hidden behind an almost transparent white thong.

Her mother, a woman in her mid forties, was also dressed in similar negligee. A white corset pushed up her mountainous breasts and her thigh-high white leather boots accentuated her plump round ass. Her hair was done up in a heavy bun, and it was all silver.

Mark's cock was getting so hard that it began to dig into the ground, and he salivated with insane lust. This was not the first time he had seen women in such a state though. The small kingdom he was in (Vulvia or Alusia or something like that) was a culture of sensuality and the erotic arts. Men and women who had come of age would shamelessly flaunt their perfect bodies in public, and orgies were a common social gathering. Theoretically it should have been a perfect place for a barbarian like Mark to get pussy and ass at every turn, but it wasn't.

The Vulvians or Alusians (or whatever they were called) were snobby and racist to the extreme. Their sexual acts could get depraved and dirty, to be sure, but they was always very polite and organized. Everything had a certain way of being done, a certain number of stupid rules that had to be followed in polite society. That was not the kind of sex Mark had. Mark fucked pussy like he was trying to kill it. Mark fucked girls so hard they'd lose their short-term memories. Mark fucked like sex was warfare. Mark fucked while dripping with sweat and mud and whatever fluids his lovers dripped onto him. Mark was dirty, and this kingdom did not welcome dirty.

"Mother, do you think if I catch a frog and kiss him that he'll become a handsome prince, and he'll take me away to his island, where we'll make passionate love forever and ever." The girl was wiggling her perfect little ass excitedly, only a few feet away from where Mark was hiding. He could smell her. She smelled sweet.

"Ivorline, don't act so childish. You're old enough to know that in real life men are nothing but disappointments. Besides, your father sees fit to marry you off to the Prince of Ludzel, the red headed one."

The childish twenty-something made a gagging noise. "But mother! I don't want to marry that gross little loser. He isn't even pure-blooded, I hear he had an elf for a great-grandmother. You're the Queen, you should be able to fix me a better mate. Preferably, someone handsome . . . and rich . . . with a really big cock."

The mother--The Queen!--Mark realized, sighed. "My dear, sweat, stupid little Ivorline, marriage has nothing to do with looks or wealth or cock-size. Marriages are political, nothing more. Besides, if you want a big cock you can always have an affair with one of the slaves. That's what I do."

"You're right," the daughter admitted. The two woman embraced one another, the mother's gigantic breasts smothering her daughter's budding nips, and Mark's cock almost broke in half when he saw them kiss. It was not a motherly kiss, it was an erotic kiss. Their tongues wrestled, and Mark could hear the daughter whining a little in sexual frustration when the mother pulled away.

"I'm going to bathe," the Queen said. "You may join me if you wish, but I'll want to judge how your erotic studies are coming along, so that little tongue of yours better be ready, because my rose is itching to be licked."

The daughter moaned happily and the two walked hand in hand to a large marble fountain that was situated in the middle of the garden, in a spot where the trees had been cleared so the sun could warm the water. The women discarded their clothing in slow, sensual motions, as if they knew they were being watched. Noblewomen acted that way, Mark knew, because the liked being watched, and so every moment must be a performance.

Mark began to strangle is cock with such impatient force that the bush he was hiding in shook, but the stripping nobles luckily didn't notice him. Captivated, he watched as the tall, curvaceous queen lowered her ivory body into the shallow clear waters of the fountain, leaning provocatively against the low marble bowl, her long legs spread open. Mark gasped in erotic fixation as the young daughter, her perfect blue eyes sparkling and lower lip bitten, dove between her mother's legs and began to lick at her mother's velvet curtains. All Mark could see of the princess now was her little ass wiggling in the air as her mother's large breasts heaved with excited breathes.

"Oh my," the Queen gasped as she pinched one of her big, pink nipples. "You really are coming along well in your studies."

The princess's head bobbed back up. "And my sex-teachers say I'm an even better cock-sucker than I am a pussy-eater."

"Well, I do wish we had a Frog Prince here now, just so I could see what a good little cum-chugger you are, but for now--" the queen roughly grabbed her daughter's head, forcing her back down to the wet cunt below, "eat me you little bitch."

As Mark watched the insanely sexual incest below, he determined that he simply needed to fuck these two prissy royal sluts, even though that would likely result in him becoming a fugitive in yet another country. He just wasn't sure how he should approach these two perfect sex-bags without ruining his chances of getting twelve inches deep into each of them.

"Mmmmm," Princess Ivorline moaned between her mother's legs. "I wish I had a Frog Prince right now. I'd suck his whole green body if it got me some cock right now."

And there it was. A brilliant idea just popped into Mark's deviant mind.

He was going to become a Frog Prince!


"Cadence! Cadence! Cadence! I need you help! Right fucking now!" Mark yelled excitedly, jumping up and down, still buck-naked, his large erect cock slapping against his iron-hard abdominals.

Cadence sighed and put her paintbrush down. She had been painting a small landscape of the garden when Mark interrupted her, very obviously horny because his bulging twelve inches of cock looked to be twitching as blood struggled to work its way through the constricted, taught flesh.

"Okay, fine. Just make it quick this time." She spread her legs and pushed her panties aside, offering up her hairless, pink, princess pussy. Cadence was an adorably sweet eighteen year old girl, not much taller than Mark, but very well rounded with large breasts and a firm ass. Her short blonde hair was always slightly disheveled, and her freckled face had a perpetual pink blush to it.

Mark groaned in impatience at Cadence's misunderstanding, but he plunged two of his fingers into her well-worn cunt anyway, causing her to squeak erotically. As he fingered her he told her what he wanted from her.

"No, dumby. I'm giving you a break remember. But right now there are two super-fucking-sexy bimbos just waiting for the Frog Prince to come and fuck their silly brains out."

"The f-Frog p-Prince," Cadence huffed as a little orgasm jolted through her body. She hadn't wanted to cum, but she was born with the hyper-sensitive libido of a nymphomaniac. It was a common trait amongst the royal family of Cytheria. "But he's just a children's story."

"Yeah, I know, but I've got a plan."

He leaned over to whisper his plan into her ear, just as he also began to batter her erect clit with his heavy thumb, reducing her to a clumsy, orgasmic mess.


Princess Ivorline sat at the edge of the fountain, completely naked except for a pair of astronomically expensive diamond earrings and a diamonds piercing in her belly's navel, her wet silver hair clinging to her slender body. She was very energetically and frantically fucking herself, almost plunging her whole hand into her tight, royal pocket.

"Selfish mommy," she groaned. "You could have fucked me too."

Her mother, the Queen, had just enjoyed a series of explosive orgasms thanks to her daughter's burgeoning talent in cunnilingus, but was now happily asleep on a sunny patch of grass nearby, leaving her horny daughter to her own devices. Ivorline was desperate to cum, and her sloppy work almost hurt her as her palm loudly slapped against her stubborn clit.

"I wish I was as good at masturbation as I am at sucking cock," she whined, tweaking one of her light pink nipples in her other hand.

"Don't worry Princess," a new voice said, "I'll save you!"

The Princess squeaked in shock and almost leapt out of the pool. Who was that? A barbarian? A brigand? An evil necromancer or some shitty person like that? No. There was something sticking up out of the nearby bush. It was big, and long, and thick. It was also green and had two big, cartoonish eyes on its bulbously curved head.

"Are you," the Princess gasped, "a frog?"

"Why yes!" the thick, foot-long frog said. "What else would I possibly be! And I am not just any frog!"

"Really?" the naked, shivering noble asked, taking a step closer. She was dripping from head to toe, and as the cool air kissed her wet skin it caused her little nipples to perk up. She stopped masturbating, which caused a steady tension to build in her body, like a flood of sexual energy building behind her tiny, pink dam. Her naive mind was dizzy with desire, and her young body was literally quivering with eagerness.

"Indubitably, indeed, and forsooth!" The pulsing, musky green frog said in a noble voice. "For I was not always a mere frog."

"No?" she gasped.

"No. Once . . . I was like you."

She bit her lip. "You . . . you were a princess?"

The frog twitched angrily. "No, you stupid little slut . . . . I mean, no, you intelligent, beautiful nymph. Once, I was a man of noble birth, the heir to my father's throne, and the ruler of a vast empire. I . . . was a Prince!"

Princess Ivorline gasped so deeply that she almost pissed herself. Her clit was tingling so fiercely that she thought it was going to pop right off of her pussy. "You . . . you're the Frog Prince!"

The frog curved upward, a long vein pulsing down its thick length. "Indeed . . . I am."

The Princess fell to her elegant knees and grabbed the frog with both of her slender hands, tucking eagerly at the huge amphibian. Ivorline had rather long fingers, but even they could not wrap around the frog's girth completely, and he was so warm to the touch that it sent a shiver down her spine, causing her little ass to wiggle.

"If . . . If I kiss you . . . will you turn into a sexy prince?"

"You know it."

Ivorline was practically drooling as she leaned over to give the engorged frog a kiss right on the big crevice that slit his head into two sections. His scent was musky and masculine, filling her senses with dazing pheromones that made her eyes water. The taste was salty and savory, and without even thinking about it she began to run her little pink tongue up and down the slit, savoring its salty taste. The frog began to quiver so strongly that it shook her hands, and he moaned in pleasure. She leaned back, expecting that the magic had began and any moment he'd change into the prince of her dreams, but he did not. He was still a big, fat, thick frog.

"Hey," she whined. "Why aren't you a sexy prince yet?"

He was gasping. "You . . . you have to kiss me harder than that. The curse keeping me this way is particularly powerful, so you need to put a little more effort into it.

The Princess groaned impatiently, stroking his long body for some reason. "Fine. I'll break this stupid curse. I'll fucking shatter it."

Ivorline dove down and began kissing him again, this time with way more tongue and way more force, just the way she and her sisters had been practicing on one another. The frog immediately began to quake with magical energy, but he still wasn't changing. Ivorline figured that she needed to kiss him on his entire body, so she ran her tongue around his curved head multiple times, and tingled his underbelly with her fingers. She stroked him as she ran her mouth up and down his length, slathering his entire body with her royal spit. At the end of his substantially thick body was a strange fleshy pouch with two apricot-sized balls in them. Ivorline had never actually seen a frog before, being such a spoiled princess, so she guessed that these were his feet, and she kissed them as well. The balls were the saltiest part of his body, and she enjoyed sucking their wrinkled, leathery skin free of every last delicious drop of salty sweat. She did all this, but still he did not transform.

"What the fuck!" she whined in her high-pitch voice, slapping the frog across the face. "I'm beginning to think that you're not a real prince at all. You're just a talking frog."

"No . . . so close," he grunted. "The curse . . . almost . . . broken. You have to . . . go deeper."

Her large blue eyes crossed in surprise. "Deeper?"


Suddenly two human hands burst out of the bush and grabbed her roughly by the sides of her silvery head. Her big blue eyes blinked in startled confusion right as the frog's head rammed into her quivering little mouth, and then began to plunge down her throat. His body was so thick that she could feel every muscle in her jaw stretching to accommodate it, and the feeling of his bulbous head tightly penetrating her esophagus was truly unusual. Kissing this frog had suddenly become a lot like her felatio classes, but whereas her teachers and fellow students only had cocks measuring seven inches at most, this twelve-inch monstrosity was truly beyond her experience.

She whimpered and squirmed trying to get away, but the large hands holding her head felt strong enough to squish her skull like a grape, so even as the frog began to burry its full length down her gullet, and his spherical feet came to a rest on her chin, she still could do nothing. He held her there, his head so deep down that it was kissing the opening to her stomach. She tried to breathe but her airway was totally blocked, and she began to gag. Lines of drool spilled from cheeks, and bubbles started to form in her nostrils and tears rolled down her cheeks. She was going to choke to death.

But then the frog began to pull back, the engorged rim of his helmet-head tickling every centimeter of her throat as he came out. She managed to take a breath when he retreated into her mouth, but he never totally pulled out. The moment she had enough air to survive, he knew, and he plunged back in. His head struck the back of her throat so hard that must have bruised it, and he kept going down until his ball-feet slapped against her chin. He pulled out again, bringing a wave of spit spilling out her mouth, which cascaded down her firm tits and flat stomach, and it dove back in again.

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