tagMatureMark Has Fun at the Office

Mark Has Fun at the Office


Mark had worked for the same company for five years, since leaving college and at 26 years of age he was beginning to move through the ranks, from laboratory assistant, to section leader, lab manager and now he was being considered for the position of 'technical manager.' However, he wasn't all about work, he liked to play too and during his five years at the company he had seen and taken part in his fair share of illicit romps at office events and parties.

As the laboratory was positioned on the first floor of the office block and not on the factory floor, this meant that he was able to watch as sexy women walked past the lab on their way to the coffee machine at the end of the corridor, - a pastime he loved!

It was early December when he noticed a new female employee sauntering past his window. Carol was no raving beauty, but she wasn't bad looking either and what she lacked in facial beauty, she made up for with her body which was awesome. She was middle aged, around 40 years old, quite tall at five feet nine inches with tight curly blond hair. Her tits were to die for, - not too large, but just right and just the right shape. They would be best described as two good handfuls. Her legs went on forever. It was just a pity that her facial looks didn't quite match her killer body.

Over the next few days they bumped into each other a few times in the corridor, exchanging smiles and pleasantries. She seemed like a nice person. One lunchtime when Mark came back from a run, he bumped into her and the two female colleagues and she became a little 'playfully suggestive' saying

"Ooh, all hot and sweaty, just how I like my men."

Mark just laughed and brushed it off as idle banter. He knew she was married with two children and so thought nothing of it.

It was a few days before Christmas when things started to happen as Mark had cause to go into their small office to chase up an order for some equipment. Carol was in there with her younger colleague, Tara who was a 22 year old Indian girl and had the biggest set of tits Mark had ever seen. It looked as though she might topple over at any moment. As Mark was leaving Carol rose from her chair and stepped in front of him. He saw her look up and followed her gaze only to find that a sprig of mistletoe hung above their heads.

"A kiss under the mistletoe is traditional at this time of year" she said.

Before he could respond she stepped into his space and he found her face to face with him. It would be rude to step away and say no so Mark heard himself say,

"Indeed it is."

They began to kiss, lightly at first, but within a few seconds she had stepped further towards him and put her arms around his neck. He felt her tongue probing as she opened her mouth and Mark opened his mouth to accept her tongue. The kiss went on and on and soon she was rubbing her crotch against his hardening cock. He heard Tara say

"Oh my God, I'm off. You two need a bucket of water throwing over you."

With that, the door slammed and they were alone. Carol's right hand immediately dropped from Mark's neck and she began to rub his by now engorged cock. Mark in turn started to rub his hand over Carol's firm arse. They still didn't break the kiss, tongues swirling around in each other's mouths. Then the sound of the door opening suddenly hit them and they broke apart. It was Carol's other colleague, Alma who looked slightly shocked.

"What's going on here?" She said.

"Just making use of the mistletoe." Carol replied.

With that Mark made his exit but found it extremely difficult walking down the corridor trying to conceal a rock hard cock bulging out of the front of his trousers. His mind raced through what had just happened and he couldn't believe it as he replayed the scene. She was obviously gagging for it.

That morning went by in a blur, all Mark could think about was that kiss, - the fact was that she was a middle aged married woman and she had been openly, suggestively rubbing his cock, obviously willing to take this further and let him fuck her. Lunchtime came and his colleagues dispersed. There were only three of them working that day, two were off sick with the flu that was doing the rounds and the other two had lectures at the university that afternoon, which meant he would be in the lab alone. Almost as soon as lunchtime began he heard the sound of high heels walking down the corridor approaching the lab. The door then opened and Carol appeared, looking around to ascertain who was there.

"It's ok!" he said as he approached her. "I'm the only one in here this afternoon."

She looked relieved and smiled.

"Good!" She said, "I was hoping for a private word."

"Oh yes, what about?" he asked as he came face to face with her.

"Nice kiss," She said. "I was hoping to arrange us carrying on where we left off!"

"I was hoping so too," he replied and he reached to the wall where a set of keys were hanging.

He took her by the hand and led her to a doorway at the end of the lab. He opened the door and led her into a room which had been set up as a miniature lecture theatre. The room was set up with rows of chairs all in concentric semi-circles, which were facing a desk. To the side of the desk about 8 feet away by the wall was a large sofa. The room, by the state of the dust on the desk, had not been used for a while.

"No one ever comes in here," said Mark.

"Sounds useful," replied Carol as she stepped forward and was now face to face with him

Mark leaned forward and they began to kiss. As they did so her hand found his cock and started rubbing it. Instantly he felt a return of his previous hardness. As their tongues met, he felt himself slowly and rhythmically caressing her ample tits and he felt her hand slowly undoing his zipper. He felt her hand enter his trousers and lower his briefs. Very soon his cock was free and she was now rhythmically jerking him as they kissed.

Mark broke their kiss and started to unbutton her blouse, but she pushed him away and sank to her knees. As she did so, she unhooked his trousers and pulled them down. His seven inch cock was now completely free and it bobbed around her face. She took hold of it and slowly pumped it.

"My, what a big boy you are!" She said.

"All the better to fuck you with," replied Mark!

He groaned as she took the tip of his manhood into her accommodating mouth and started to bob back and forth. The sensation of her tongue playing with the tip of his cock was almost unbearable. Back and forth she bobbed taking him deeper and deeper until his entire 7 inches was in her mouth and her nose was pressed against he abdomen. He felt the sap rising from deep within his balls and said

"I'm going to cum in your mouth!"

"Maybe next time" she said as she wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock to stop him.

"This time I want you to cum in my pussy. I want to feel your muck inside me whilst I'm sitting in the office with the others this afternoon."

The grip on the base of his cock had indeed stopped him cumming. He gently pulled Carol to her feet and once more their mouths met. She didn't lose grip on his cock during this process and was again gently pumping him as they kissed.

This time he did manage to remove her blouse to reveal a white lacy bra which held in place the most beautiful set of tits he had ever seen, big but not too big! As he unhooked her bra, her tits bounced loose and Mark was surprised at their firmness, - absolutely no sag there!

"Well don't just look, - do something with them" she said and obligingly Mark began to suck her left nipple whilst gently kneading the right breast with his left hand. Carol groaned and held his head to her breast. After a minute or two, Mark moved over to the right nipple and Carol again groaned approvingly. All the time she was gently pumping Mark's cock, or playing with his balls.

"Shall we move over to the sofa?" asked Mark, "we might be more comfortable."

"Sounds good to me," replied Carol.

As they walked across the room, both of them shed the rest of their clothing and Mark sat in the middle of the Sofa. Carol then straddled him and gently lowered herself onto his rock hard cock. Mark gasped as he felt his cock penetrate her pussy which was beautifully warm and wet. When she had lowered herself totally on to him, she just sat there as Mark played with the ample tits in front of him.

"You like those, don't you?" she asked.

"I've always been a breast man," he replied.

With that Carol began to gently bounce up and down on him, her head thrown back and her back arched which pushed her breasts further towards Mark who marvelled at the way they bounced in front of him. She began to pick up pace and Mark met her every bounce with a firm thrust. They carried on in this way for a couple of minutes and then Mark indicated that they should change position.

"I want you from behind," he said

"Ooh doggy style, - my favourite," replied Carol and with that she got down on the floor, on all fours, with her elbows resting on the sofa. Mark took his position behind her and slowly inserted his cock into her waiting pussy. She was still nice and tight and he soon began to pump away, gently and slowly at first, but then with firmness and with speed. Carol was now moaning as her beautiful tits swayed back and forth and Mark knew he couldn't last long.

"I'm going to cum" he cried, "I can't hold it."

"It's ok" she replied, "I'm cumming too!"

As she came, he felt his sap rising and he was soon pumping hot loads of cum into her warm pussy. "Oh God, you were good. I've not been fucked like that in years," she said.

"Thanks, you're not so bad yourself," he replied.

AS he slowly withdrew his cock from Carol, cum dripped from her pussy onto the floor. Mark sat on the sofa and pulled Carol to sit beside him. Immediately they began to kiss again and Carol's hand once again found what by now was Mark's shrinking cock. Mark looked at his watch and commented that they still had half an hour before they had to resume work. Carol smiled at him and said,

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"What's that?" He asked.

"That you are going to get the chance to cum in my mouth after all?"

"Hoping so!" He said and with that Carol lowered her mouth onto his manhood.

The sight of his cock in her mouth was so erotic. Carol had full lips and had the kind of mouth which was made for sucking men off.

She took him down to the base of his shaft and started tongue movements which felt exquisite. As she worked on his cock with her warm, wet mouth, Mark felt his shaft start to respond and he began to stiffen. Carol looked up and smiled, knowing that she would soon have him fully erect again.

Her mouth continued to work it's magic on a now fully erect cock for the next 10 minutes. Mark sat and watched in wonderment as his entire shaft disappeared into Carol's accommodating mouth. He watched his own cock disappear and reappear as Carol expertly took him right down her throat before almost releasing him from her mouth. He knew he wouldn't be able to last long under this pressure, especially when she switched technique to holding him in her mouth and wanking him. He felt his balls tighten and then he was pumping his load into her mouth. Carol didn't flinch. She took it all, not spilling a drop. She let go of his cock and opened her mouth to show Mark his hot white cum on her tongue. Then she did something his girlfriend had never done, - she swallowed it all.

They both just sat exhausted for a few minutes before deciding they had better get dressed. Mark asked about Carol's husband, only to be told that he had lost interest in that side of their marriage, so she had to get it where she could. Mark saw his opportunity and said that they could arrange to meet anytime as he had his own flat and she could always come over in the evening. Fully dressed again, Carol just smiled and as she walked out of the door, she just said,

"We'll have to see about that!"

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I want a story with Tara! Maybe Carol & Tara!

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by Anonymous12/29/17

Mark has fun at the office

Fair rambling. This tale is decent and suggestively erotic.
There are some finesse issues. Sofa, sofa. Sometime capitalized, sometimes not. There must be a reason for this but I can't find it.
The backmore...

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