tagErotic HorrorMark of the Incubus Ch. 02

Mark of the Incubus Ch. 02


Agnes waitressed at the local diner. The only diner in Paradise Falls. Working 15 hour shifts all Agnes had to show for it were lousy tips and a red ass from farmers pinching and slapping it all day. But what was worse was seeing her ex, Beau, sitting there at the counter waiting for her.

"What do you want, Beau?" Agnes stood behind the counter with her hands on her hips glaring at him with his smug blue eyes that would often make her knees wobble.

"To see you, of course," Beau flashed that goofy smile that always made her melt. He leaned forward with a look Agnes knew all too well. No. She wasn't going to let him charm her with his stupid grin.

"I'm working," Agnes miffed. But Beau could be relentless when he wanted to be. He had an athletic build. A solid wall of male chest with defined muscular arms and taut abs not too bulging but perfect enough to make a girl's pussy weep. Agnes loved kissing those abs then reaching his pelvis, teasing him before she would take all of him into her mouth.

"Come on, baby," he cooed.

"I'm not your baby," Agnes shot Beau an angry look. "Where's your girlfriend, Vesta?"

"Look I know I've been a jackass—"

"Well now you're all caught up."

"But I want you to know that things don't have to change between us."

"You're getting married to Vesta in a few months," Agnes began cleaning a table that had left her a $10 tip with Beau nipping at her heels. Beau grabbed Agnes's arm, his puppy dog eyes pleading for her. "Just one more night then please. One more night before I'm chained to Vesta for life..."

Damn his eyes. Damn his smile. Agnes could never resist them. But it was more than that. Maybe it was the spell finally working? Perhaps one wild night would make Beau realize he belonged with her and not boring proper Vesta Gerard.

"Carl, I'm going on my break!" Agnes called as Beau pulled her out the door to his truck.


It was a lovely evening. Perfect summer sunset. The crickets singing as the temperature cooled down after a brutal heat.

Beau pushed Agnes down on the floor of the pick up truck. Memories of having sex under the stars came flooding back. Agnes unbuckled Beau's pants setting free his already raging erection. Agnes struggled to get herself unbuttoned. Once she finished revealing her luscious breasts snug in a white bra Beau kissed her ample cleavage as he settled himself between her wanton thighs. Agnes bucked her hips impatient for Beau to be inside of her.

"Hold on I need to get your underwear off first," Beau chuckled.

"Hurry up I only have 10 minutes," Agnes urged.

Beau reached beneath Agnes's skirt, feeling the cotton fibers. He almost tore them he got them off her so fast. Agnes didn't even think of condom. All she wanted was Beau. She felt the head of his cock against her already moist mound that she liked to shave. Mostly because of the heat. Agnes smiled as she rose her hips accepting Beau's masculine pride. Beau pushed his way into the damp petals of her womanhood groaning as he felt Agnes's muscles clamped then melted around him. Agnes kissed his neck, inhaling his Old Spice body wash. His thighs smacked against hers as she put her hand down his pants.

After a minute or two of grunting and spasming Beau rose up. Agnes knew what he wanted. She took his engorged flesh into her hand...

"That's it, baby," Beau coached as he moved Agnes's hair away from her lovely face. "Suck it for me."

Agnes traced her tongue along the shaft then kissed the mushroom head. She giggled as she felt the hard pulse of his arousal. Beau shuddered with need as Agnes wrapped her pink lips around his rigid flesh. Beau sighed as he watched it disappear into Agnes's seductive mouth.

"Oh God... no one does it like you, Agnes," Beau praised. Agnes slowly traced her teeth along Beau's pulsing manhood sending waves of joyful sensations through his spine. Beau took hold of her head and gently began to pump his cock inside Agnes's mouth. She gargled at first as she felt the head of Beau's cock hit the back of her throat but Agnes was always best when it came to oral sex. She relaxed her throat muscles then allowed Beau to continue fucking her face. She could sense him ready to erupt.

"Agnes!" Beau cried out her name as he came. Agnes smiled as she felt him shudder. She tasted the saltiness of Beau's hot seed as it oozed down her throat. She sucked it hard one past time as Beau pulled out.

"Damn, Agnes...," Beau sighed. Agnes kissed his pelvis bone then up his ab muscles, her soft lips touched his freckled abdomen as she felt them tense then relax as the crashing of his orgasm subsided.

"I think I need a break," Beau chuckled. He collapsed onto the floor of his truck leaning back and looking at the setting sun.

"You always need a break," Agnes mockingly sighed. But she settled next to him as he wrapped his strong bicep around her shoulders.

"You're too much," Beau laughed.

"More than Vesta Gerard? I still don't get why you're marrying her."

Beau suddenly frowned.

"I don't want to talk about her," Beau spoke bitterly. Then the light of sanity came back on. Beau was no longer the smooth Don Juan but the same asshole who treated her like crap.

"Fine...," Agnes smoothed out her hair. Romantic moment gone. Agnes began re-buttoning her shirt and smoothing out her hair.

"Where are you going?" Beau started up.

"My break's over," Agnes retorted. "I have to get back to serving paying customers."

Beau didn't run after her. He never did. Agnes suddenly felt a hole in her heart. A searing hole that threatened to spread then devour her. Turning her to ashes. Why did she do this to herself? Agnes escaped into the bathroom hiding in a stall where she sat down on the white toilet and cried. As she sniffled and felt sorry for herself she felt that same burning pain on her chest. Agnes looked to see a hand print, glowing as if she were being branded. It felt like it too.

Agnes rushed out of the stall and looked into the mirror. But a few seconds later it faded. Then she heard a dark voice, the same dark voice that took her on the ground of that maze: I'm coming for you...

Agnes was filled with dread. What was coming for her?

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