tagErotic HorrorMark of the Incubus Ch. 04

Mark of the Incubus Ch. 04


Just like that the service was over. Mary rudely pinched Agnes's arm to wake her from her daydream.

"Get your head out of the clouds," she bit out, her face like an angry tomato, as they all walked out of the pew. Agnes felt a bit embarrassed as her panties were still soaked. She was afraid that it got onto the pews. It was so hot though people would think it was sweat. They filed out of the church to shake the hand of the new pastor. The women shook his hand the longest to the disturbance of their husbands and boyfriends. Each woman had a glow about her as if she was just ravaged on the spot by Abel's simple touch. Then it came time for Agnes's family to greet him.

"Pastor Abel," Mary lit up at the sight of him her face less red but still a human tomato. It was like she was a drunken teenager again. Agnes smirked but also a worm of jealousy gnawed at her bones watching James pay so much attention to her.

"Please call me James," he insisted, firmly holding Mary's hand with both of his. There was that afterglow again. Agnes was almost afraid to touch him. Almost. He finally turned to Agnes. Outside noises fell away to the sound of her beating heart, her blood that sang a song of joy and desire as Agnes approached him.

"And you must be Agnes," James held out his hand for her but she hesitated. After a rough push and irritated look from Mary, Agnes took the pastor's hand. Touching him was like touching an exposed electrical wire. The invisible mark on her chest burning. She hoped it wasn't glowing.

"Hi..." Agnes began but James finished: "I like to get to know all of my new congregation first before I do a sermon. Did you like it?"

Agnes couldn't even recall the words he spoke though she was sure she would have hung on every word. She only said "Yes". James smiled but not like he did with the other women. This smile was purely for her, genuine and warm. His dark eyes were full of promise. Sparkling with a hint of wickedness that made Agnes smile knowingly. Frank on the other hand wrinkled his short nose at how Agnes was paying so much attention to James.

"I can tell you and I are going to be good friends, Agnes," James's thumb made little circles on Agnes's wrist sending ripples of warmth and tingly sensations through her body. Agnes's sex became wet again, her arousal seemed apparent as James's smile widened. His lips slightly parted and Agnes wanted so badly to kiss them, taste them, suck on them.

"Agnes," Mary rudely interrupted again. Agnes would have loved to punch her mother in the eye. Just as the violent thought struck her Mary held her eye as she cried out in pain. She nearly collapsed.

"My head!" Mary cried out. "It's like a needle is being screwed into my head." After a moment the pain subsided but the shock stayed with Agnes. It couldn't have been her... right?

"Are you alright, Mary?" Michelle's grandmother asked. "Them migraines coming back again?"

"Fine...," Mary said a bit shaken but coming back to her harsh self again. "Just fine. It's probably this damn heat. It needs to rain. I just need to go home and lie down..." James watched Agnes leave. Their eyes locked and for a moment Agnes thought she saw some knowing glint in the pastor's eyes about what just happened.


Agnes's dream followed the same pattern as before. James tongue fucked her to orgasm then hovered over her ready to either kill or ravage her... or both. But this time Agnes found new strength as she found herself on top of the beast.

She had a pair of scissors she kept under her pillow in case creepy Frank got any ideas though she always locked her door; Agnes preferred to be prepared. Agnes held the sharp edge of the scissors against James's demon throat as it gleamed in the moon light.

Agnes still couldn't find any words to say. They were still trapped inside of her. She could feel the creature's supernatural masculinity as it pulsated against her now moist sex. The heat between her legs was almost unbearable.

The creature ran its hands up Agnes's trembling thighs, underneath her cotton shirt towards her breasts that became firm at his touch. Agnes felt her nipples harden, shuddering as she felt them brush against the fabric of her clothing. Her heart raced, pounding in her ears. She released a heavenly sigh as James's thumbs rolled her diamond harp nubs.

Agnes found herself grinding her hips into James's bulge causing him to growl low like an animal. Agnes threw away the pair of scissors away and in a frenzy of lust kissed James's demon lips. She allowed his tongue to snake inside hers exploring it as he had the deep recesses of her womanhood. James's claws dug into Agnes's tender flesh making her tingle with desire.

Her every nerve ending heightened by the erotic stimulation as Agnes tore off her cotton gown, practically ripping his buckled pants releasing his rigid demon rod then Abel pushed up deep inside of her. Agnes arched her back, her mouth open in a silent scream feeling the ecstasy of James's demon cock pierced deep into her most tender flesh.

Agnes didn't care who heard her as she cried out in passionate acclaim. James took one of Agnes's full breasts into his sinister mouth, his rough serpent tongue grazing against her sensitive nub causing Agnes to squeal in excitement. James nibbled on her nipple making Agnes grip the sheets as she cradled his head as he once more lovingly suckled her.

Agnes could feel herself approaching her limit. James muffled her cries of passion with his wicked mouth as she felt that explosion of bliss tear through her like the last one. Their tongues pressed against each other as both of their muffled ecstatic cries seemed to shake the whole house. Her inner muscles tightened locking around James's hard pulsating cock.

They lay entwine, James running his claws along Agnes's back digging deep into her flesh as the last warm tingling sensations subsided. But then she woke up again. The unforgiving summer sun once more glaring at her through the shabby blinds.

Why did she have to wake from that dream? Agnes groaned in despair until she realized she wasn't wearing any clothes. She saw her cotton top discarded on the floor and felt a warm stickiness between her legs. She looked to find a wet spot between her thighs. Was it really a dream...?


Because 2 of the cars were being used Agnes had to walk home. The humidity was so thick it was suffocating. Agnes had water with her but it was slowly running on empty.

Agnes shook whatever droplets were left behind in the thermos. She peeked inside to see that there was no more water to spare.

"Lord...," Agnes swore. She decided to catch her breath in the shade of an old oak tree, sitting on it's gnarled roots watching the wispy clouds sit in the sky. Even the heavens were at a standstill. Fuck this summer.

Agnes leaned back and closed her eyes. She tried to take her mind off the heat but her thoughts kept falling on James Abel. Thinking about him made her feel tingly all over starting in her pussy. Her hand traveled down between her thighs. She was so wet. Agnes began rubbing herself over her damp cotton panties, licking her lips, tasting the salt of her sweat. Suddenly her chest began to burn again.

"Agnes Milton...," she heard his silvery voice in the darkness behind her eyelids. She opened them to see James smiling at her with his penetrating sandalwood eyes. Agnes quickly climbed to her feet almost tripping her face flush from humiliation. Dear God please don't say he saw her trying to rub one out under a tree. The burning stopped though. Thankfully.

"Pastor!" Agnes's cheeks burned. The heat combined with her embarrassment made her dizzy. James was wearing a casual shirt and jeans. Agnes could see that the Pastor had a lean yet muscular frame. She wondered what it would be like to have him underneath her like last night...

"James, please," he smirked.

"James, what are you doing here?"

"This is my church."

Agnes looked around to see she had wandered off near the church. But... the church is very out of the way. It's not as if Agnes was an airhead. She knew every step from her house to the diner and back. She didn't remember taking any short cut...

"It's way too hot for you to be walking outside," James sounded concerned. "Come I'll take you in my car."

"I don't want to bother you," Agnes quickly called twirling a few strands of her dark hair that was up in a pony tail.

"It would be my pleasure," James took Agnes's hand and there was that feeling again. Touching an exposed wire sending electricity through out her whole body. Agnes could feel her core pulsing and weeping with need. She wanted to say no... right? The handprint on her chest began to tingle and burn. It was like her heart was a fiery drum. Agnes followed James to the car and they drove off together.


They drove up to Agnes's yellow house with it's peeling paint and off-white trim. No cars were there. Everyone was still out thankfully.

"Thank you for driving me, James," Agnes avoided his gaze, afraid to get lost in James's eyes. Speaking his name gave her such joy that she didn't fully understand.

"I like to help many members of my flock with anything they need," James smiled. Agnes felt a twinge of sadness to hear him say that. It was a pin prick to her heart. She wanted to be special.

They sat in silence in the Pastor's car. The heat outside compared to nothing to the heat that permeated between James and Agnes in the car. The tension was a living breathing thing between them. Naughty thoughts invaded Agnes's mind.

Without a word his left hand fell on her thigh and gradually began moving upwards towards Agnes's throbbing pussy that ached with desire. Agnes didn't say a word but closed her eyes. She moved her thigh wider to give James better access as his hand disappeared underneath her skirt. She sighed deeply as the sinfully handsome pastor reached her damp sex.

James moved closer to Agnes, his breath in her ear making her melt. A wild sensuality consumed her like a low burning flame. His fingers grazed her swollen clit through her damp cotton panties causing Agnes to shudder with delight. Gently he began rubbing her through the fabric.

A moan escaped Agnes's lips as she bucked her hips forward. Without even really thinking Agnes took James's wrist and guided his hand underneath the elastic. She even unbuttoned her powder blue uniform to reveal her mismatched pink bra that held up her ample breasts that she began fondling and squeezing, pinching her nipples through the thin fabric and licking her lips as she writhed in the cheap leather seat.

James smiled as his expert fingers dived between her full wet lips occasionally playing with her nub so engorged with Agnes's passion. Agnes's impassioned sighs and groans filled the car. James nibbled on her ear lobe groaning a little himself. She could sense his arousal; an animal instinct awoke inside of Agnes she never thought could exist. There was an invisible tether binding them together.

Then he finished her off. Agnes's whole body trembled in euphoria from this random act of cupidity.

"You are very special, Agnes Milton," James soothed. Did he just read her mind?


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