tagErotic HorrorMark of the Incubus Ch. 11

Mark of the Incubus Ch. 11


**Author's Note: Apologies for those who read this series that it took so long to post. Been writing other stories and trying to get this one just right. I feel that if I rushed it then it would cheat the readers and I don't like doing that. Hope you enjoy this chapter, it gets kinda crazy.


His hostile glare was as hard as daggers but Agnes only smiled, a feeling of victory dancing in her heart. Louis poured her orange juice as bacon sizzled and eggs hissed in the frying pan.

"Thanks, bro," Agnes sang.

She was wearing his business shirt. It was a trophy in a way. A small prize to show who was the master or mistress here.

"Fuck you," Louis hissed with anger roaring through him, his dark blue eyes trying to sear into her soul.

"You wish you could," Agnes chuckled with an evil glint in her indigo eyes that made blood rush to Louis's loins giving him a semi-hard on.

Agnes could practically taste his desire and rage. It was delicious. That moment she sensed her incubus lover coming downstairs. She sensed his anger as well. This should be fun.

James stood in the door frame, Agnes could feel his cold whiskey eyes burning the nape of her neck.

"Good morning, honey," Agnes sipped her orange juice speaking in a light yet dry tone. She turned to face him to see that he was shirtless with only boxers to cover him. She admired his rippling firm muscles on his lean body. He as like the Greek God Apollo if he lived in the American South.

"From your aura I can sense that the familiar is no longer in you but in your perverted brother," James's voice held an edge to it that made Agnes's insides shrink but she held firm.

"Was it a familiar?" she asked turning in her seat with an accusing tone. "Seemed more like a leash."

James simmered. The lovers stared each other down. Louis could cut the tension with a butter knife. It was hot, angry, sexual. Agnes and James could have stabbed each other or fucked on the table in front of Louis and not care.

Finally James surrendered with a shrug. His bare lean shoulders relaxing as he went to make himself coffee.

"You're getting clever," he said. It was half praise, half discontent. He raised his coffee mug to her and she raised her glass of orange juice. Their eyes locked as they both took polite sips of their morning beverages.

"It used to be you could read my mind," Agnes said. "Always knew what I was thinking but now I can hide things from you. That's good to know."

"It was for your protection," James explained gently. "The more connected we are the more we can protect each other."

"Funny how a bunch of guys keep telling me something similar," Agnes narrowed her eyes at Louis who placed some scrambled eggs and crispy bacon onto her fine China plate. "It's more of an excuse to control me and I won't have that anymore. You hear me?"

James sat beside her speaking in a soothing voice, "I'm not like those others."

"No," Agnes leaned in, her voice low and simmering with suggestion, their faces tantalizingly close for a kiss. "You're much better in bed."

She spoke the insult loud enough for her big brother to hear. She sensed the spark of jealousy. Louis dared to speak, "His cock isn't as big as mine."

Agnes made a flick of her wrist, the serpent inside Louis constricted making her older brother crumple over in agony forcing him to drop a plate. The plate shattered once it hit the flower pattern tiles.

Louis was in a great amount of agony for a few seconds until the snake inside him settled. Louis dry heaved for a few more seconds as Agnes sharply retorted, "It's not the size but how you use it that matters."

Louis trembled with fury. The indignity of it all. He used to be the Alpha but that role has since gone to his baby sister. When did she get so confident? She used to be so eager to please making it so easy to trick and manipulate her.

It was irritating as well as attractive.

James grinned. He was also finding this new Agnes attractive. She was becoming formidable. His hand traveled to her thigh. Agnes allowed him to message her leg, the act making heat pool into her loins.

As Louis cleaned up the shards of fine porcelain China, James's hand grew bolder as it moved up in between her legs. She wasn't wearing underwear.

Agnes was now anticipating James's desire or perhaps now she didn't feel the need for undergarments since she was horny almost all the time now. James sensed this as his hand crept closer like a spider to the intense heat between his lover's thighs.

Desire percolated between them. James reached her pussy finding it ripe with juices. Agnes spread her legs a little wider, her fingers gripping her glass, her breath hitched when she felt James dip his middle finger inside her molten depths.

James's thumb pressed her pink button as he slipped another finger in, pumping in and out sending tiny shocks of heat through Agnes's wanton body.

Louis watched the whole scene. He listened to his sister's shallow breathing, watched her tremble with passion.

Jealousy, naked and cruel, gnawed at his thoughts. Louis might as well have been the cabinets as James finger fucked Agnes right in front of him. But Agnes managed to steal a glance at her brother who was kneeling on the floor.

Her dark violet eyes were laughing at him. Louis felt himself grow hard. He couldn't stand up now without stretching his pants. Agnes's pants became small groans melting from her pink lips that darkened with arousal.

"You're an evil woman, Agnes Milton," James whispered seductively into her mouth as he silenced her moans with his sinful mouth in a carnal kiss.

Agnes practically jumped into James's lap. She felt her nipples tighten and harden with her sudden arousal as she felt the heat of James's bare skin through the white men's dress shirt.

James still had his fingers inside her. They went deeper into her throbbing wet cunt as her hips convulsed. James's thumb suddenly began to vibrate against her stiff clit. Agnes gave out a small cry of bliss.

"I love it when you do that," Agnes whispered breathlessly in between carnal kisses.

Agnes's whimpers were muffled by the demon's sensual mouth then suddenly she gave one more muffled cry, her whole body tensed then relaxed into James's embrace. Agnes laughed tired with desire.

Her love juices gushed all over James's fingers. He presented them to Agnes who took them into her mouth and sucked on them as if they were his cock. She tasted herself on James's fingers and closed her eyes, a look of rapture on her face.

James then placed his own cum coated fingers into his own mouth making a carnal "Mmmmm" sound then sensually, with tongues thrusting, kissed Agnes, exchanging the sweetened fluids of saliva and cum.

Agnes could feel James's iron hard member throb against her trembling, dribbling sex. James imprinted her neck with his smooth lips. His sexy dark stubble tickled her skin.

A smile fixed on her flushed face, her dark hair cascading in curls now a sexy bed head, Agnes looked over to a glaring Louis and gave him a coquettish wink as James nibbled on her white neck. She bit his ear playfully as Charlie came down stairs.

Agnes turned to meet her little brother's confused face. Charlie looked over to see his older brother cleaning up shards of a porcelain plate and opened his mouth to say something but decided better and closed it again.

"Good morning," Agnes chimed as she climbed off of James's lap. James didn't even go to wash his hands but dipped his cum, saliva coated fingers into his coffee that was steaming hot and stirring the black brew as if it were lukewarm chicken soup.

"Morning..." Charlie was cautious. He felt like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Louis made us breakfast," Agnes said brightly. "You like your eggs sunny side up right?"

Charlie nodded dumbly. Agnes ordered Louis to make Charlie some eggs. As her baby brother got himself some apple juice Agnes explained how she transferred her familiar into Louis, making him her pet.

She left out some details on the how only that kissed Louis not rode him like a cow girl riding a bucking bronco.

Charlie didn't need to hear the gross details. Just Louis cracked an egg over the frying pan, Michelle called as she walked in the door.

"Good morn—" Michelle stopped and her sunny face fell when she saw James, half naked sitting at the kitchen table casually drinking coffee. Michelle's mocha cheeks bronzed at the sight of him.

Then Michelle's green eyes became cold. Agnes sensed Michelle's lust and loathing as well as her shame. She decided to break the uncomfortable atmosphere.

"What's up, Michelle?" she asked. Michelle decided to end the discomfort as well by answering, "Just wanted to have breakfast with you guys."

"I'm going to get dressed," James took his coffee and went past Michelle giving her a wink. Agnes didn't think much of it but she felt the shiver of disgust ripple through her best friend as James brushed past her.


Michelle settled down after a while as they all ate breakfast. Michelle said she had just come from Trent Atwood's house.

"Seriously," Agnes shivered jokingly. "Weird Trent? That guy who wore all black even in summer and has a nose ring?"

"You liked him too once," Michelle defended. "He grew up kinda cute."

"Is that who you've been spending your time with lately?" Charlie asked with a wink.

Michelle sipped quietly. Suddenly Agnes's cell phone rang. She looked at the screen to see that it was Nolan calling her. Without so much as an "excuse me" Agnes jumped up and answered quickly.

"Nolan, hi," Agnes totally forgot about last night. Did he remember?

"Agnes!" Nolan sounded relieved then frustrated. "Last night you keeled over screaming in agony then the next thing I know I'm passing out! When I woke up you were gone!"

Agnes had made Nolan sleep the whole night. Once the sun came up the spell apparently broke and Nolan was at a loss for what happened the night before. A rush of guilt washed over Agnes like a bucket of ice water.

"I'm so sorry, Nolan, it...," How could she explain this without revealing her insane secret? Michelle and Charlie were watching her intently with anxious eyes.

"It was something I ate," Agnes figured telling half the truth would be enough.

"I thought you were out there somewhere dying!"

"What exactly do you remember?" Agnes's blood froze. Did she also make him forget that he saw her inner snake try to burst out of her stomach?

She heard Nolan's tired sigh on the other end, imagining him pacing up and down the living room, raking his fingers through his dark hair, his face in deep concentration.

"I... I just remember you falling to the floor in pain," Nolan said.

So yes she did make him forget that. Nice work. Perhaps she could salvage this. Agnes explained to him that she had an appendicitis and he had passed out. It was shaky but Nolan couldn't explain it any better.

Suddenly a frantic knock came at the door.

"Now what?" Agnes rose from her seat in a tired sigh.

"Who's that?" Nolan asked.

Agnes opened the door to see her high school nemesis standing in the door way wearing a white sun dress with short sleeves and large Hollywood Diva sun glasses, her blond hair in a pony tail.

"We need to talk. Now," the tone in her voice didn't leave much room for a choice.

"Nolan, I promise I'll call you back," Agnes said then hung up before Nolan could say anything.

"Who is it?" Michelle and Charlie were just as excited to see who the mystery visitor was. Michelle frowned when she saw Vesta standing in the doorway.

Vesta didn't wait for an invitation. She pushed past Agnes, "What the hell did you do to me, you bitch?"

Vesta rounded on Agnes who closed the door after her rude guest.

"Good morning to you too, Vesta," Agnes cocked an eyebrow not liking Vesta's demanding tone.

"Well if it isn't Southern Belle Barbie," Michelle crossed her arms thoroughly amused.

"What's blondie's problem," Charlie asked.

Vesta turned red realizing she had an audience. Agnes could sense Vesta's emotions that swirled around her like angry hornets. There was panic, hate, shame but also a strong aura of desire and lust.

Agnes could even hear Vesta's heart beating like a war drum as she looked Agnes up and down in her scantily clad appearance. The lust grew stronger. So that's why Vesta was here.

"Spit it out, Vesta," Agnes was growing impatient though she already knew the answer.

Vesta pulled down her one sleeve to reveal the bite that James had given her. Only Charlie was surprised, "Her too? Everyone's having incredible sex with a hot guy but me."

"Trust me you're lucky you like normal guys," Michelle grumbled.

"But you get super powers," Charlie pouted. "I make out with guys and nothing."

"Quiet, Charlie," Agnes ordered. "So I suppose we need to talk, Vesta."


Agnes, Louis, Charlie, and Vesta all went upstairs. Charlie was cleaning his room which was already clean but he liked to keep busy by moving around. Vesta was in the bathroom upstairs trying to calm down. Agnes led Louis up stairs to help her pick out an outfit.

Which left Michelle to do dishes that she volunteered to do.

Michelle was cleaning dishes when she felt a presence behind her. With lightning speed Michelle grabbed the dirty steak knife ready to plunge it into some flesh but a hand caught her wrist with even quicker speed.

"I like my women with fight," James grinned.

"You're such a creep, Abel," Michelle hissed, her green eyes poison.

James released Michelle's wrist with an evil smirk.

"Apologies, milady," James winked. "Need any help with the dishes?"

"I'm fine," Michelle narrowed her eyes but her cheeks flushed. James could feel her arousal like the summer sun.

"You're such a good friend, Michelle," James complimented. "Always there for Agnes."

Michelle was silent, turning back to the soapy water. James came from behind her and whispered into her ear making her loins permeate with forbidden desire, "Hope we're still friends too."

Then James disappeared into the next room going up to see Agnes and Vesta. Michelle grabbed hold of the counter, seeing the fractures left by Agnes's rage. The cracks grew and the soapy water began to boil as Michelle tried to ease the fast pacing of her heart.

She touched her neck where she felt the incubus's hot breath. Michelle still felt the heat prickle her skin giving her goose bumps.


Agnes rummaged through her closet trying to pick out a cute outfit. Everyone was wearing dresses and the weather was getting warmer again but with cool breezes. A simple red maxi dress with spaghetti straps should do it.

Agnes didn't put it on yet, putting it over her body as she moved in the mirror. She saw Louis glaring at her in the mirror with a mutinous look on his face. If it were possible he would murder her with his eyes.

"Why so pouty, Louie?" Agnes taunted.

"How long are you going to treat me like your whipped puppy?" he asked glowering.

"Sucks doesn't it? When you have to put up and shut up," Agnes tossed the maxi dress on the bed turning towards him with steely indigo eyes and flipping her black hair. "To not be in control."

Agnes saw the hatred in his dark blue eyes but Louis radiated with lust for her. It came off him in waves hitting her like the harsh sun. She felt a tingling in her pussy, her flesh became hot, aching to be touched.

Why not have fun with Louis like he did with her?

Agnes let the shirt fall gracefully off her shoulders letting her perverted older brother have a look at her luscious curves, her round breasts with their dark pink points, her shaven pussy that was drizzling with cum, and her round peach bottom ass with shameless abandon.

The demon hand print prominent above her right breast seemed to mock him somehow.

"You're a fucking whore, sis," Louis hissed. "A real bitch."

Agnes walked over to Louis, his cock stretched the limits of his cotton slacks as she stood on tip toes then whispered scandalously in his ear, "You're my bitch now."

Her hand rubbed his iron hard rod through his pants. Despite the intense loathing, Louis wanted to feel her soft skin against his.

He wanted those dark pink lips wrapped around his mammoth cock like before. To feel her wet hot mouth suck on his member, milking him until he was dry.

Instead Agnes went over to her bed and sat with her legs wide open, revealing her pink treasure, her ripe sex presented like a succulent fruit freshly plucked from the vine. It was an invitation that Louis fought to answer.

He clenched then unclenched his fists several times as he watched Agnes rub her dripping flower as she made purring noises. Louis was overcome with the urge to kneel before the bitch and lick her until she came and long after that. He wanted to taste his baby sister's cum as James did.

"Come on." Agnes spoke softly with a voice as sweet as honey.

Louis gulped. Sweat beaded on his forehead. His pulse quickened. Most of the blood had left his brain to go to a different one. His cock throbbed in protest at not being adhered to.

Losing all self control, the heat crawling up his spine Louis fell before Agnes diving straight for her ripe womanhood. But Agnes caught his chin in her warm, unforgiving grip.

"I didn't say you could taste it," Agnes's indigo eyes held danger and some hatred for him. That hatred cut into him like a scalpel cutting into a tumor. Was she going to make him beg for it? How much more humiliation was Louis going to take?

Instead, Agnes began to pleasure herself. She watched Louis watching her fingers plunge into her sex. Louis hovered over the center of her thighs, mouth watering at the feast before him that he couldn't have a bite of. It was torture but that was what Agnes wanted.

This was punishment. Punishment for all of his wrongs. For not being the proper big brother Agnes wanted. Charlie was a brother to her. The only thing Louis and Agnes shared was blood but even that meant nothing to her anymore.

Agnes came with a satisfied sigh like a whore, her sweet nectar drizzling from her pink petals. She licked her cum coated fingers with a smoldering look of a temptress. She then presented them to Louis who wasted no time and sucked on them. He sucked liked a newborn from its mother's teat.

Louis hated Agnes but at the same time loved her for granting him this one gift. This reward for being her good bitch.

"That's a good boy," Agnes spoke sweetly in a condescending tone that Louis would use on her. "As long as you remain a good bitch then maybe I'll let you touch me again... Maybe."

Louis nodded, Agnes's fingers still resting in his mouth. Agnes pulled her fingers out of her older brother's mouth, his dark blue eyes pleading, hateful, lustful. Agnes smiled as she roughly pushed him away, laughing as she saw his hungry bulge. She half expected to see that mammoth cock rip through the seams.

"Send Vesta and James in," Agnes ordered as she put on her red silk robe. But once she was left alone she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. For a moment she didn't recognize the person staring back at her.

Who or what was Agnes becoming?


Vesta stood before Agnes who stood with her arms crossed and wore a red maxi dress with spaghetti straps. Vesta couldn't stop staring at Agnes's heaving bosom. Heat crept into Vesta's cheeks as her pussy clenched, becoming moist.

But the hand print was kind of distracting. It reminded her of the bite mark on her right shoulder.

"James told me he marked you," Agnes began, her indigo eyes burning with hatred and jealousy. "Why he chose you I'll never understand."

James sat on the bed wearing his priestly garments looking amused. Vesta and Agnes could feel his excitement. The electricity between the girls was felt by all. Despite Agnes's hatred she couldn't help but feel a slight attraction to her high school rival. Was there no one that Agnes would be attracted to?

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