tagNonHumanMark of the Wolf

Mark of the Wolf


Luke paused to examine his reflection in a storefront window. He adjusted the line of his suit and finger combed his hair back off his forehead. His eyes locked on the strand of silver hair among the dark brown hair on his head that started at the beginning of his part and swept across his head and back along the right side. His dark brown eyes, well spaced and deep, were set in a face that while not handsome was still considered very attractive.

Everything had to be perfect tonight, tomorrow would be the full moon and he would have to be on the packs hunting ground in the hills of West Virginia for the next 5 days. The cycle of the full moon made his life difficult, at best, and sometimes impossible. Luke was a werewolf, but unlike the werewolves of legend his pack did not hunt humans, they hunted on the pack preserve to quench the hunger that overtook them during the cycle. Luke would be joining his father, mother and siblings along with the rest of the pack at the preserve tomorrow afternoon well before moon rise, so that the pack could hunt and roam in peace.

The pack was his family and his life, all that he did, he did to support the pack. This was as it should be and what he had been taught since child hood. Teaching of the pack and its lore was his Grandfather's responsibility and for the most part Luke had paid strict attention to what Grandpa had said. There were those times, however, when other things such as the cycle or the raging imbalance of his hormones during puberty, a time when he came into his own as a werewolf, when his attention wavered. He had missed or ignored the lessons for that time or lost them in the haze of adolescent sexual fantasy, thoughts of the opposite sex and what he would do when he had a chance to run the mating ritual. He heard that much of the discussion that fateful day, how the mating ritual would begin at the start of the cycle. What he lost were the consequences of starting the ritual without the proper preparations and what would happen if mating was attempted immediately prior to the cycle. To rut without preparations or too close to the cycle had consequences that would have to be dealt with. As far as Luke was concerned most of what Grandpa taught in the class regarding this were old fashioned and outdated, mostly myths and legends anyway.

But tonight he had a date with Anita, a woman he had been dating for the last few months. Every time he seemed to be getting close to making love to her the cycle came up and he would have to leave. He was determined that tonight would be different. Tonight she would be his. She had let him know in no uncertain terms that she was interested and would not rebuff his advances should he care to make them, and he would most assuredly make them tonight.

Anita was beautiful, long blond hair streaming down her back, high cheekbones and an ivory complexion. But the thing about her he could not get out of his mind were her eyes, silver with black whorls. Those eyes had haunted his dreams now for months, almost since the first time he met her. They reached to him and held him and would not let go. He could literally lose himself in her eyes for hours if he wasn't careful.

His hair straight, his suit brushed free of wrinkles, his step sure and quick, he approached the door to her apartment building. They had planned a night of dinner and dancing and he wanted her in his arms now. His finger pressed the button and he took the steps to her third floor apartment three at a time. When he got to the door she was there, waiting for him. As he neared her fragrance wafted down the steps to him. It was intoxicating and invigorating. He could feel his cock swell in his pants when he first caught the scent.

They left for their favorite restaurant, Jimmy D's, where both feasted on blood rare steaks and all the trimmings. After dinner, a stop at The Blue Moon for some drinks and dancing. As they moved together across the dance floor their bodies seemed to move as one. A sinuous, sensuous grace that stirred the body and the libido. Their sexual excitement rose to new heights as they moved and swayed and finally they could take no more and left for her apartment. They barely got the door closed when they began a long lingering kiss. Their mouths locked together their tongues sliding in and around each other's mouths. Pausing for a moment to catch their breath, his mind wandered back to his time listening to the lore of the pack, something about the mating ritual and the significance of the cycle of the moon. A flickering thought that was soon overwhelmed by the nearness of her, her scent her feeling and the hard driving blood pumping through his veins.

Piece by piece the clothing that they had both so carefully picked out for this evening's seduction were removed and discarded until they were both nude and in the bedroom standing over the bed. Their mouths still locked together their hands roaming freely over each others bodies they stood there reveling in the nearness of the other and the high sexual tension that held them both. The fact that this time was more powerful and unlike any other time that either of them had made love did not enter their minds all they could sense, all they could feel, all they knew was that they wanted each other and that nothing was going to stop them from having each other. The passion they felt overrode any other thought or feeling and made them like animals savage and fierce, yet loving and seductive. As they kissed and fondled each other they were oblivious to things around them and even about themselves and each other. If not for that they still might have disregarded changes occurring around them as a trick of the flickering light from the other room shining around the edge of the door. The fact that Luke had sprouted a tail momentarily or that Anita's ears at one point seemed to elongate and stretch would still have gone unnoticed.

All they felt was the driving passion and desire that swept through them. The more they reacted to the passion the more their passion rose. His hands flying over her body, pinching her nipples, then sliding over her belly to push deeply into her pussy. Her hands on him stroking his erection and then tracing across his belly to end up locked together behind his back as they embraced and kissed. As their frenzied movements and caresses built in intensity their bodies seemed to blur and morph, hands became paws then hands again, noses and ears stretching then returning to normal.

Falling back on the bed, he on top of her, they continued their frenzied foreplay. His hands roamed freely over her as if searching for something, hers locked around him holding him tight to her only to release him as he began to kiss and lick her neck and chest. Once released he moved quickly downward licking and kissing from her neck to her navel and then swiftly moving down to her pussy. The smell of her was intoxicating, he had never felt this with any other woman.

At first all he did was bury his nose in her pubic mound and inhale the scent of her pussy. The longer he did this the more excited he became. The smell of her, the essence, was maddeningly arousing. Finally his tongue snaked out and tasted, the taste was ambrosia, sheer heaven. He began licking up and down the lips of her pussy from top to bottom, bottom to top, long hard licks that drew moans of pleasure from her. The taste and fragrance of her drove him on harder and faster making her writhe in passionate ecstasy.

Her writhing brought her face around in line with his cock. In one deft movement she licked his cock from top to bottom, swirling her tongue around the base and then licking quickly and sensuously around his cock until the head rested on her lips. In one deft movement she took his whole cock into her mouth and down her throat. The rhythm of her movements matched his frenzied licking on her pussy.

The changes to their bodies continued as they licked and sucked each other, lasting longer with each frenzied moment of lovemaking. They were coming so fast that it was hard to determine which was their true form, human or wolf. The tails, ears, noses and such were a blur of shapes shifting and changing morphing and growing. Finally, the changes did not go away; the human shape was being replaced slowly by that of the wolf.

As their passion reached a crescendo, he pulled himself off of her and stood unsteadily on his two hind feet, the feet of a wolf. She turned her sleek golden haired body, that of a wolf with human breasts and pussy. She assumed a position on the bed where he could take her from behind and waited for him to mount her. He dropped to all fours and jumped up onto the bed, heedless of the transformation that had taken place, the dark brown hair on his wolfen body the perfect counterpoint to her sleek golden haired torso. He mounted her and in one swift savage thrust, slammed his cock in and out of her in animalistic passion.

The transformation was complete, they were for all intents and purposes, wolves rutting on the bed. His cock pistoned in and out of her pussy hard and fast, the knot at the base inching closer to her with each stroke in and out of her. As they fucked, they began to growl and moan, the sounds of two animals mating and joining themselves for life.

His cock was hammering into her and she was responding and moving back towards him, allowing him full access to her pussy and getting all the sensation physically possible. It seemed to her that she could feel him in her pussy more than she had ever felt any male with whom she had made love. She could feel every part of his cock in her, sliding through the sensitive lips and tissues of her pussy, bringing her a pleasure she had never known. Her body quaked as her orgasms began and continued as she had one orgasm after another. The farther he got his cock into her pussy the stronger the orgasms became.

He could feel her pussy grasp his cock tightly as he rammed it in and out of her. He felt her orgasms begin as her pussy began to spasm around his cock. The touch of her pussy on his cock was like a velvet glove griping his cock with increasing pressure, bringing him closer to orgasm. His cock moved in and out of her as his forepaws grasped her and pulled her back against him pulling his cock deeper into her, almost up to the knot near the base. As her orgasms increased in intensity, it became harder for him to move his cock in and out of her pussy. He rammed it in all the harder, making her move and start to slide across the bed. Finally, he felt the knot touch the lips of her pussy and turned his head upward and whined.

She felt the knot hit the lips of her pussy as a strong wave of orgasms struck her. Her forelegs collapsed slightly and she came close to losing her balance, this caused her for a moment to relax her pussy and allowed him to ram the full length of his cock all the way into her pussy, knot and all. Once his knot was inside her, she was rocked with the strongest orgasm of all, causing her to throw her head back. He felt the full contact of her pussy on his cock and felt his balls contracting in preparation for his orgasm. When his cock was fully in her and locked in place by the contraction of her pussy from the orgasm, he threw his head back and howled just at the same moment that she also howled. That primal sound, along with the spasming contractions of her pussy on the length of his cock, pushed him over the edge and began his orgasm. He had never felt an orgasm like this, his cock pumped load after load of cum into her, filling her pussy to near overflowing. The only thing holding it in was his cock blocking the entrance to her pussy, and the lips of her pussy contracted tightly around his cock in the throws of the strongest orgasm she had ever felt.

They remained locked together like that until the throws of orgasm had waned and they both began to relax. His cock slowly slid from her pussy, which still grasped it tighter than any pussy his cock had ever entered. They both collapsed onto the bed curled in their wolfen forms around each other. His cock just inches form her face as her pussy was near his. Both began to lick the other and clean each other's sexual organs with their tongues. As they finished, the transformation that had taken both of them began to disappear. Their bodies, slowly morphing and changing, became human again.

As the transformation completed, he slowly moved himself around to lay with her in his arms. He slowly stroked and nuzzled her hair. In the low light he noticed that a strand of her hair was now white, bringing to his mind the words his grandfather had spoken in the class on the mating ritual. "When the ritual is complete and they are joined for life, she will take on the aspect of his clan as he will of hers."

He leaned back and turned on the light beside the bed. Gazing deeply into her eyes he noticed the steel like glint of her iris and wondered. "What clan are you from?" he asked.

As she gazed back at him, she noticed the same steel gray glint in his eye. The strand of silver hair fell down across her face and it was then she knew the meaning of his question. "I am of the Glowing Star clan," she said "which do you belong to?"

"Silver leaf is mine," he said.

"Sweet heart, you do know the significance of what we just did, don't you?" he asked.

"Yes dear one, I do" she purred.

Stroking her hair, he thought back to when they had met. The attraction to her was immediate and complete. The time they spent together had been the most satisfying of any relationship he had ever been involved in. Everything about her had screamed to him that she was the one woman for him. Now it was a fait accompli. They were joined for life. All that they had done this evening was a prelude to the mating ritual. The nearly raw meat for dinner, the dancing, and the foreplay, even the night was perfect being the night before the full moon. All these things came back to him as they lay there caressing each other.

"There is one more thing that you should know," she said. "This is something that the males are not told. I am at my most fertile at this time of the month and there is a good probability that you will be a father in about 9 months."

"Then we will have to go down to the Court house in the morning and make it permanent." he said. "I should marry my life mate and the mother of my children."

She smiled and rolled on top of him, playfully nipping his nose. "Are you interested in trying for twins?" she asked.

Smiling broadly as he grabbed her nipples and began to rub her pussy. "Sweetheart, twins run in my family."

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