tagBDSMMark Surrenders Ch. 01

Mark Surrenders Ch. 01


As had become Mark's morning routine at work, he scanned different websites viewing various images of Dominant woman on the internet while thinking about how long it had been since his last sexual encounter. His need for sex required a daily release, and his mind continually came back to his frustration. While he had become skilled at pleasing himself, teasing himself, and thinking about various situations he enjoyed, he missed being touched, realizing more and more that he needed to meet someone. Lately, he had become preoccupied with porn and found himself drawn to BDSM videos. He'd always liked being in control sexually, so it surprised him how the idea of being submissive to a woman was so arousing. And even more surprised, he had become obsessed with videos of larger, curvy, dominating woman. Something about the combination of a powerful, curvy woman excited him in ways he found compelling. As he continued to search for videos, his phone alerted him to the meeting he needed to attend.

He hated these meetings. His boss thought to bring in speakers from various industries and backgrounds helped his team develop a broader perspective on issues facing them. Mark found most of these to be a waste of time and preferred to sit in his cubicle playing with himself. The lack of attention from a woman weighed more and more on him. He felt lost and wished he had met a Dominant woman able to help him let go and enjoy. He was tired of being with women who wanted him to drive, and the more he thought about it, the more he realized he needed a Dominant woman in his life.

Sheri, the speaker for today's meeting, came from a local law firm. She was a senior partner and had a reputation for being no-nonsense and tough. Mark knew of her by reputation but had never seen or met her. While the idea of the meetings did not interest him very much, knowing the speaker was a dynamic "Type A" woman did interest him more so than usual.

He made his way to the conference room thinking more about the speaker herself than the content of the presentation. The conference room was large with a light-colored oval table in the middle. Around the table were twenty black bonded leather seats with mesh backing. In the back right corner, up against the large windows, was a table used to set up refreshments and food. He walked over to the table, greeted a couple of co-workers and grabbed a muffin and some coffee. He'd recently started imagining himself being bound to one of those chairs while a woman teased him and ended up climbing on top of him to go for a ride. His mind seemed to be always thinking about some scenario involving a sexy woman rendering him helpless.

While he poured his coffee, Sheri arrived. Mark's back was to the room, so he did not realize Sheri came until she tapped him on the shoulder. "Coffee smells good, and I could use a cup for sure. Long night last night," said Sheri as she smiled.

Mark thought she seemed to be thinking about something amusing, but then she looked him directly in the eyes and introduced herself. They shook hands, and he noticed how firm of a grip Sheri had and how he felt as if she was scrutinizing him. Mark felt his cock move a bit as Sheri looked at him, still smiling. For a moment, he thought she was looking at him in the same way a starving person might look at food. "Get me a cup of coffee, Mark. Black, please," she requested. Without thinking, Mark did exactly what Sheri told him to do. She had moved to the head of the table and started to remove some papers and notes as she sat down. Mark brought the coffee over and placed it in front of her. Sheri whispered, "Good boy! I enjoy men who do as they're told." Her comments took him back a bit, and he found himself only able to smile and shake his head. "Do you need anything else?" Mark could not believe he asked her that. "Why, thank you for asking. Yes, some ice water would be good. Make sure there's lots of ice!"

Mark walked back over to the refreshments table and realized he had gotten hard. In fact, he could not walk as effortlessly and freely as usual and wondered if anyone else noticed. Mark filled a glass with ice, added water and walked back to her, still hard and, if anything, getting harder. When he sat the glass down in front of her, Sheri motioned for him to come close as though Sheri was going to tell him a secret. "Having a little trouble walking, Mark?" Sheri laughed, and he felt his cock even getting harder. "There is not enough ice in the water, Mark. I thought I made it clear what I expected. You will find it much more fun when you listen and do what I ask. Get me a glass with more ice now, Mark. I need to start the presentation, and you are holding me up."

Mark went back and got a glass full of ice for her. Sheri thanked him and told him to take his seat. He walked back thinking about what had just happened. How did Sheri do that to him? He remained hard, and all he could think about was her whispering in his ear. He took his seat as Sheri started her presentation. All Mark thought of was her voice and her large breasts.

Her presentation focused on issues related to intellectual property protection and what steps software companies needed to take to reduce the likelihood of problems down the road. Her style was succinct and polemical. Mark enjoyed her talk and felt as if she specifically made efforts to speak to him in a nonverbal manner. Sheri made direct eye contact and at times seemed to almost stop and gaze at him throughout the meeting. He noticed at times she looked away, with a slight movement of her eyelashes and then looked back at him again. Mark saw one time she discreetly licked her lips as she made eye contact with him. He took these as signs of her interest in him. At one point he noticed she slowly stroked her the handle of her coffee cup while again making eye contact. Aroused by her signals of interest, he found himself excited and hard all over again.

After about an hour, Sheri announced there would be a fifteen-minute break since she needed to make a call. Everyone started to leave the room. Just before Mark exited, he heard Sheri bark, "Mark, I need you to help me." He turned around and walked over to the end of the table to see what Sheri needed. When he approached her, she did not look up at him. "Mark, I need to make a call. Is there a private conference room or office available? This is a private call, so I need to be able to lock the door and have complete privacy." Sheri looked up at him and gently twirled her hair. "Can you carry my things and take me to an appropriate place?" Mark looked at her small pile of papers and folders and realized Sheri had carried everything in and did not understand why she asked him. He started to say something, but she interrupted, "Did you not understand me? Pick them up and show me where we can have some privacy."

Her tone surprised him, and his first instinct was to tell her where to take her papers and all. He did not like how she spoke to him. She had looked up at him, and they made eye contact. Suddenly, her beauty and the knowing expression she seemed to have made his knees weak. He found her sexy and his small brain took over. "Sure, of course. Let me get your stuff, and I can find you a place to make your call." He grabbed her stuff and started towards the door. By now, everyone had left and had shut the door. When they neared the door, Mark stepped aside to let her open the door. Sheri did not make any effort to reach for the door, and he looked at her obviously confused.

Sheri smiled at him knowing he did not yet realize her plans for him. "Aren't you going to open the door for me? The men in my life always remember their place and mine." Sheri's comment surprised Mark, but immediately he rearranged his load, so he could open the door and watch her walk through. "Thank you, Mark. You are a real gentleman, and I adore real gentlemen." Mark followed her through the door and pointed in the direction of the office. Sheri walked with Mark in tow carrying her stuff. Mark enjoyed walking behind her and watching her. She walked with her head up and her shoulders back. Her arms swung loosely back and forth as her hips swiveled from side to side. She walked with her weight more on her heels, accentuating her hips and ass. Mark felt a bit uneasy and unsure how to react to the feeling he had of wanting to do what she said. Again, he felt himself getting hard. He found the combination of her beauty and her confidence intoxicating and overwhelming.

They made their way to the room. Once again, the door closed, so Sheri stopped and did not say a word. Mark juggled his load and opened the door and waited for her to enter. It was a small office with a desk and two chairs, white walls, and no windows. Sheri walked in and looked around. "This will do nicely. Your choice met my expectations. Good boy." The words had an unexpected impact on Mark. He felt as if he needed to hear those words from her again and again. He felt his cock moving and getting even harder. Sheri told him to place the papers on the desk and close the door on his way out.

Mark placed the papers on the desk and started to leave when Sheri said, "Before you leave, Mark, I want to tell you something." Sheri approached Mark who stood with his back to the closed door. Sheri came right up to him and looked directly into his eyes. She got close enough that her ample breasts were touching his chest and for a moment did not say anything. Sheri watched him as he looked down towards her breasts, and she noticed his breathing had changed a bit. She knew his mind was a bit unsettled trying to figure out what was happening.

"Mark, I like you very much. You are smart, attentive, handsome, and respond very well to my leadership. I like men who enjoy strong women, and I prefer being with men who enjoy a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. I think you are really sexy, and I want you." She stopped to let her words sink in.

Her words washed over him, and he found her to be beyond sexy and unlike anyone he had met before. He liked her directness and her powerful way. His submissive fantasies suddenly seemed possible.

She took out a business card and slipped it into his pocket. "If you are interested, call me. I want to get to know you better, Mark. I do need to explain something to you, however, and you need to think about this before calling me. If you call me, it means you are looking for me to train you to be the man I desire. I am a Dominant woman, Mark. In my world, men are my toys. I expect nothing less than total obedience and compliance all the time. I am the boss, and you are my good boy. I do not expect you to understand what this all means until we have time to get to know each other. We will not do anything you are not ready for, and you will be safe, protected, and adored by me. You will, however, need to understand from our first meeting 'til our last, I decide everything. You listen, learn, and do. It is straightforward, Mark. You do as you're told, and I will rock your world. I want to have you, but you need to understand what being with me means."

She smiled and grabbed his rock-hard cock and his balls "I think you like this idea very much, Mark. You are so hard, and I know how to keep you hard and horny all the time. We will have so much fun together, Mark, and you will experience sex and intimacy in ways you have not before. Call me if you want. I am free all weekend, and I like starting off my new submissives with a weekend training session. So, let me know, handsome."

Her words and her grip on his cock disarmed him, and he realized he wanted her more than anything. "I do not need to think about it, Sheri. I want to please you. I want to learn how to make you happy and how to be your good boy. I have wanted this for a while, and you arrived in my life offering me exactly what I desire. I want to see you as soon as you have time for me!"

"Good boy. Wait here for a moment." She walked over to the table and grabbed her bag. She reached in and brought out a small unopened box. She gave it to him. "Take this with you. I will be in touch to explain what you are to do with it. Do not open it until I tell you. This is important. In my world, you avoid negative consequences by always doing as you're told. My punishments are severe and designed to modify your behavior. Submissives sometimes try to incur punishments intentionally because they like the play and attention. Punishment for me is just that: Punishment. I make sure it is not enjoyable at all, and if I feel like you are trying to set up a punishment scene, well, let's just say you will never again try to test me. Do you understand my instructions, Mark?"

Mark took the box, looking at it and wondering what it contained. "Yes Sheri, I understand and will do as told." Sheri smiled at him. "Good boy. Now go on back to the conference room, as I need to make this call. I still have more of my presentation to finish. I will be watching you closely."

After about twenty minutes, the conference room had filled back up, and Sheri arrived to finish her presentation. Mark noticed she did not have any papers or even her bag with her. She sat down and looked right at him. "I left my folders and notes in the office, Mark. Please retrieve them for me. I also left my bag, so grab it for me too." Without thinking, Mark got up and did as she asked. When he returned with the papers and bag, Sheri touched his arm as she thanked him. Mark felt a warm feeling envelop his body, and her touch caused another hard-on to happen immediately. He noticed she glanced down at his pants and then told him to go ahead and sit down. The presentation lasted another hour, and afterward, Mark went into the men's room. He had never masturbated at work before, but the past few hours had been a long tease for him, and he needed a release.

Leaving the men's room, he felt relieved and happy.

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by Anonymous

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by Zakfar11/13/18

Good start

@ Anonymous: Why are you reading a story in BDSM category if you're not interested in this type. Your comment is so illogical in every sense. Did you read this at all? You seemed to have just posted themore...

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by Anonymous04/16/18

So if she just views punishment as torture?

Why would he bother? This isn't BDSM, it's a sick person beating and torturing another human. What's erotic about that? She belongs in prison.

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by mrwidehorizons04/15/18

good start!

Looking forward to their weekend and what may be in that box.....

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