tagBDSMMark Surrenders Ch. 02

Mark Surrenders Ch. 02


Mark woke up earlier than usual and jumped out of bed. Happiness permeated through him. Sheri had not left his mind for very long. He thought how long it had been since he woke eager to start his day. His mornings often moved slowly, and until he had his coffee, his mind focused on the issues he knew waited for him at the office. Lonely and stressed out from his job, Mark tended to leave for work later and later. He had noticed how his passion for work had started to recede and his loneliness seemed to always be on his mind instead.

But this morning, he felt excited anticipating his weekend ahead with Sheri. Excitement poured out of him as he thought about her and their weekend together. He felt giddy and wanted to sing! Suddenly, life seemed full of opportunities, and he even looked forward to preparing for the design review meeting. He thought to himself, "One sexy woman squeezes my balls and cock, and everything changes for me. I am so easy!" For so long he had wanted to meet someone like Sheri, and this morning everything seemed possible to him!

Staring out towards the east bay hills drinking his coffee, his mind seemed calm and focused. His emotions were near the surface but quickly contained. Standing in front of his sliding glass doors looking east across the Bay Bridge, he noticed his big bright smile gazing back from the glass door. The weather was gray, wet, and cold, but all he saw was sun and warmth.

He thought about how she felt like a magnet to him. There was just something about her pulling him towards her, this extraordinary woman who had completely captured his attention. He hoped that spending more time with her and learning more about her would cause it to bloom into something more than mere attraction. Or, if not, then at least he felt happy and alive for the first time in too long.

* * * * *

Mark is 58. He was 5 feet 10 inches, and his body is toned and muscular from working out regularly although his body did carry some extra weight. Mark is handsome to most and had graying hair and a short beard. His beard had begun turning white, and he'd considered shaving but liked his look with a beard. He still had the stamina and could please his partner and himself multiple times. He felt like his sexual skills were as good as ever. He often got opportunities to date or for sex but had grown tired of being with women who do not seem to know what they really wanted. He always felt pressured to initiate sex, decide where they may go for drinks or dinner, or just choose everything. He had a brief encounter with an assertive, commanding woman who liked taking charge. The sex they had amazed him, and she took care of him as well. He loved not knowing what might happen at any given time, and he found it empowering to be able to allow his mind just to focus on her pleasure. Having to please her in all kinds of ways excited him and created a sense of satisfaction he had not felt for a long time.

Mark's job at his company involved leading a team of about 15 software engineers. They were working on developing algorithms to improve data compression for video, audio, and image sharing on the net. The work required senior-level programmers and designers, and his team included some of the best coders in the industry. Like most high-tech companies, the demand for talented software engineers exceeded the available supply significantly. Mark had a reputation for being able to recruit and retain some of the best talents in the industry. Inside his company, he was known for no-nonsense leadership, a clear vision, and an ability to motivate and retain top talent despite the recruiters who were always targeting his people with opportunities from other companies. For most engineers, the project under development mattered as much as anything, so Mark always made sure his team received the most challenging and exciting ones. His company wanted him to take over the entire engineering organization, but he preferred to work with a small, talented team on exciting, leading-edge projects.

In order motivate and maintain his team, Mark needed to provide specific types of leadership. Software engineers are not like people in marketing, sales, finance, and other kinds of functions. They require a different sort of management. Everyone has different needs and desires. Some just want to code and minimize human interaction. Others desire to be architects and designers as much as coders. He had a few he needed to kick in the butt all the time to avoid distractions. Still, others require constant reinforcement about the importance of their specific tasks.

He started a weekly beer meeting that allowed everyone to blow off some steam and gave everyone a chance to bend his ear over their grievances, or new-found technology, or methodologies their engineering friends were using at other companies. These events had helped to provide his team with a feeling of having a voice in the direction of the project as well as making sure Mark kept abreast of new ideas.

Mark had developed his people-reading skills to a high degree. He had learned how to look at each of his team members individually and find ways to give them what they needed to feel valued and listened to, and most importantly, satisfied. While he may not have realized it at the time, he had been preparing himself to be someone's submissive.

To be an excellent submissive requires many skills. The most important is the ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally, anticipate things and find ways to please your Dom without needing constant instruction. Good submissives care more about their Dom's pleasure than their own. As part of leading his team, Mark had perfected many of the skills needed to be in a relationship with a dominant woman. Mark enjoyed knowing when he made his team happy with either a decision or action he took on. Knowing his team felt he had their back all the time brought him a level of satisfaction and joy he sometimes did not understand. He wondered why others feeling good provided him with a sense of belonging and being part of something bigger than just him.

Sheri is 50 years old and stands 5 feet 4 inches with blond hair. She has a solid and curvy body even though she carried a little extra weight. Sheri had bounteous breasts and broad hips creating insane curves, a beautifully ample butt, and a small waist. She stayed healthy and well developed from the swimming she'd done since her childhood. Sheri has deep blue eyes and a pretty face. Most men find sexy, but Sheri is only interested in snagging the kind of man she really wants.

Sheri became a top-notch attorney specializing in Intellectual Property and Trademark law, one of the more complex areas of legality. The advent of the Internet and the ability of companies to build and deploy products to consumers worldwide had introduced considerable new business opportunities while increasing the complexity of protecting intellectual property from misuse and theft. As time passed, she focused more and more on the legal aspects in this area. Sheri became known for securing the absolute best product companies as her clients. It was known throughout the high-tech industry that her law firm was the cream of the crop compared to the competition, and her personal visibility within the legal profession meant she was the most sought-after attorney within her firm.

Sheri was an alpha woman who always led, and in her firm, mostly men were on her team. Through the years in her relationships and encounters with men, Sheri had noticed most men seemed to defer to her on all kinds of things. Through the years she'd started to develop an interest in the idea of a Female Led Relationship. Most of the men Sheri tended to date seemed to slip into a submissive role. She believed many men wanted to surrender to a strong woman, and she liked being the alpha in her relationships. She had been with one man, Dave, a partner at another law firm, who as their relationship developed naturally fell into that role with her. The connection with Dave lasted a couple of years and of all her experiences with men, it was the most fulfilling and fun. Her time with Dave reinforced her desire to build a long-term relationship with her leading.

Dave was an alpha male type who was the senior partner for ligation in his firm. He'd developed a reputation as a worthy and highly effective litigator. Sheri had first noticed him waiting for a hearing on one of her cases to start. Watching him in action made her wet. He had command of the courtroom in a way she rarely saw. He argued his case efficiently. While she had her doubts, he had won the argument while managing to get some very damaging evidence excluded from the case. She wanted to go beyond bedroom play into 24x7 domination with him but wondered how two alphas might work together.

It turned out she had nothing to be concerned about. Dave immediately confessed to her his desire to let go and to allow her to lead him where she wanted. He told her he felt stress from always being in charge. All day long everyone, attorneys in his firm, his clients, and others involved in his work looked to him for leadership, guidance, and motivation. He told her he needed to become vulnerable and let go of feeling the need to always lead. It exhausted him, and he felt like he needed balance and being with a dominant partner seemed like a good option. He had said he always enjoyed pleasing women sexually and the few times a woman had been able to take control, even if just in the bedroom, had excited him and created a sense of intimacy he liked.

For Sheri, the idea of having an alpha man on his knees excited her more than anything. She also felt vanilla relationships tended to fail and thought there were many reasons. She knew a Female Led Relationship required a high level of communication and intimacy, honest conversations about desires and needs more than in vanilla relationships. She also felt having roles defined helped to work through problems and issues as they arose. She knew the sex in a kinky relationship had an intensity and passion she had not been able to experience in vanilla relationships. Sexually, her skills and passions took every one of her partners by surprise. She had power both in the bedroom and out of the bedroom that men found exhilarating.

Mark had given Sheri his cell phone number. She had told him to expect to hear from her soon. It had been a couple of days and the weekend was approaching. He knew to be available over the weekend, and he had cleared his schedule. He continually checked his phone for her texts, but as of Thursday morning, she had been silent. He wondered if she might have changed her mind or if he missed something she'd expected of him. He thought about texting her a couple of times and once had a text ready to go, but thought better of it.

She had gotten into his head, and he knew enough about this kind of relationship to realize it is all about seducing and controlling the mind. He remembered reading a blog posting about attracting your submissive partner, and the author had focused on ways to engage the brain. Her point had been that if you entice and capture the mind, the body and all else would follow. He thought her lack of contact might be intentional and designed to make him anxiously wonder and wait for her. It worked, as he could not ruminate about much else. Every time his phone vibrated, which for him is often, he got excited, and even a bit hard, but thus far all the texts he received were work-related or from friends.

Mark had a long day of work ahead to prepare for a design review for the newest algorithm under development. To make sure the presentation went well, he needed to focus on the details of the design and make sure the code was robust. Mark locked himself in a conference room with no windows to reduce the likelihood of unnecessary disruptions. Concentrating on anything but Sheri had been a challenge, but he had finally gotten into a rhythm and eventually had let go of his anxiety over her contacting him. Mark had hours of work to do, and reviewing design documents and code helped him relax. He had finally stopped thinking about her texting him.

Buzz, Buzz. He had sat his phone on the desk, and the vibrations got his attention. He picked up his phone and opened his text app. The text merely said, "Respond when you are alone and have about 15 minutes." At first, he did not connect the message to her. His mind was still engaged in the last block of code he'd reviewed, and he did not really make the shift. Mark tended to ignore everything else when doing detailed design and code reviews. He looked at the message and put his phone down. Not really thinking about anything but code and design, it took a few minutes for his mind to shift and for him to realize it was Sheri. Upon realizing that, he hurriedly grabbed his phone and quickly navigated to her text. He looked for a few minutes, his mind racing, heart pounding, and noticed his cock moving. He responded -- "I am alone and have 15 minutes."

He waited for her response and seconds seemed like hours to him. He found her so sexy, and her voice echoed in his mind. Finally, after what felt like a long time to him: "Good. I have lots going on today, so I do not have much time to deal with you, so I am going to be direct and brief". Mark responded, "I understand."

"Here are how things are going to work this weekend. You will arrive at my house at 7 pm. You will pick up sushi from Yoshi's near my house. I will call in an order for us. Since you must be at my place by 7, you need to pick up the sushi by 6:30. Understand?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Goddess."

"Good boy. Friday at 5 pm I will text your instructions for dealing with the little box I gave to you. I want you to come wearing no underwear of any kind. I want you to have very tight pants or shorts. I want to admire your cute ass!"

"I understand, Goddess."

"Good. Now, I need to make sure you are spending as much time thinking about your Goddess as possible. I am going to give you some specific instructions now. I expect compliance, but if you have questions you want to ask, you still have some freedom, as I have not yet decided if I want to own you or not."

"Okay, Goddess, I understand I can ask questions now if I need to and that I may not be able to in the future, so I need to take advantage of this time to make sure I am clear on your expectations."

"Good boy. I will text you one of three numbers randomly. The number one means you are to stroke your cock 5 times and repeat, 'I am Sheri's Toy, and she owns me.' You have 15 minutes to complete the task and let me know you did it. If you are somewhere you cannot find a safe and private place to do so, you have more time to find one. For each one I send, five strokes, so two means you stroke 10 times. Confirm you understand."

"I understand, Goddess. Five strokes within 15 minutes per thumbs up, then text you to let you know."

"Good. Smart boy. The next number two means you are to finger fuck your ass five times. You might want some lube on hand, lol, to make sure it does not hurt very much. As you do this, you are to say to yourself, 'my Goddess owns my ass.' Same rules about time, place, and what happens when there is more than one of the number. Confirm."

This one made his heart skip a few beats and caused his chest to get heavy, and he noticed his breathing seemed faster. "Yes Goddess, fuck my ass."

"Who's ass?"

"Sorry, Goddess. Yours."

"Good, subbie. The number three means there is an email message for you to review as quickly as possible, got it?"

"Yes. Check my email as soon as possible."

"Great! You are off to a good start. I am planning our weekend together, and I may have you pick up a few things from my favorite store. I will let you know. For now, go back to work. Make sure you watch for my texts, I expect responses quickly. Never make me wait for you. Talk to you soon, handsome."

"Thank you, Goddess. I will watch for your texts and your instructions tomorrow. Thank you"

"Good boy, you are pleasing your Goddess. One, One, lol, have fun."

Mark noticed his breathing was fast and he could feel his heart beating faster. His cock was hard the entire time they chatted, in fact, it immediately got hard when he realized it was Sheri. Mark unbuckled his belt, and his cock popped straight out. He grabbed his cock and stroked it from the bottom of his shaft to the head. Mark squeezed his head harder and then repeated the strokes 10 times. With each stroke, he said out loud, "I am Sheri's toy." He texted her to confirm he had done as expected. His cock felt hot, and Mark wanted to hit the men's bathroom to finish but realized her instructions were specific and did not include a release. He sat there, pants down towards he knees, cock swollen and bulging out, and feeling a desire for her rushing through his mind and body. He knew she had him and wondered if he created a similar passion within her.

Slowly he refocused his mind on his work. He had lots more to do and needed to focus but knew it would be easier said than done.

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