tagBDSMMark Surrenders Ch. 04

Mark Surrenders Ch. 04


Mark was still processing his trip to the bathroom as he slowly walked back towards the conference room. This time, his slow pace permitted anyone to interrupt him. George, an engineer on his team, had heard a rumor that his project was going to be canceled. Mark's mind was still in the bathroom, finger fucking himself, and he was trying to refocus on the meeting. He tried to focus on his engineer's concerns, and all he could say was not to worry. Mark didn't even hear the engineer going on about the changes the marketing team wanted to make, and abruptly cut off the conversation. "Look, George, I need to get back to the project status meeting. Just calm down and relax, okay? I'll find out what's going on, but for now just focus on what you can control, not what you can't!"

And then, Mark just walked away!

His engineer stood there, stunned and motionless. He had never before seen Mark react with such a lack of empathy, and he didn't know what to make of it. One of his peers who had overheard the conversation walked up to George, watching Mark walk away. "What's up with him?" Both stood, shaking their heads before heading back to their cubicles.

As Mark headed back to the meeting, he grappled with the question his CEO had asked. The same issue seemed to come up with almost every project: We need to add more features to the project now, or we won't achieve some sales opportunity, or we won't satisfy some customer requiring something. Mark had been doing product development for fifteen years now. The methods, technologies, and tools had changed dramatically. Product development cycles had shrunk, and the productivity level of engineering groups had improved at least five-fold. When he started, it was common for a product company to release significant updates about every eighteen months and minor updates every six months. Now they released three to four revised versions of each product a year. But despite the schedule, there were still constant attempts to add more features to projects underway.

Well, some things never change, Mark thought. Always questions about adding resources he had to counter, having his team work increasingly longer hours, or even at times accused of padding the schedules. Even though he had 100% support from other executives and board members, these constant time-wasting, emotional conversations felt old, and he noticed himself having less patience than in the past. His life had become 100% about his company, working 70-80 hours a week at the office, traveling regularly, and even coding at times to keep projects on track. It had taken a toll on his personal life, and meeting Sheri had reinforced it. He knew he'd need to be available for her if he wanted to have anything more than a casual relationship.

As he entered the conference room, he found an animated discussion going on regarding the supposed need to add five new features to an algorithm for compressing HD video streams. The debate continued for longer than usual. Mark's scattered mind had trouble regaining its focus. He knew the VP of Sales and his CEO had to leave soon to make a presentation at a local media company, so rather than trying to short-circuit the lumbering discussion, he let the scheduling issue terminate it.

Sure enough, the meeting ended with the discussion unresolved, and Mark went back to his cubicle, checking the time. Noon. Time for lunch. He decided to eat by himself today. Most Fridays, he ordered lunch in for his team and they ate together, but not today. He ordered in for them as usual but left them alone so he could contemplate Sheri and his submission. He noticed his ass felt a little sore, not too sore, but the slight pain made him hard, thinking about what had happened. He went across the street to a salad place to pick up lunch. He then walked down the Embarcadero to people-watch and contemplate the weekend ahead.

It was a sunny and warm day in San Francisco. The walkway along the bay was full of people eating lunch, tourists walking, skaters, people jogging, and all the other activities sunny, warm days generate in San Francisco. He watched a beautiful woman step towards him. She walked with the sun at her back causing an effect like a silhouette to occur as she neared him. He smiled at her as she passed, and she smiled back.

Sitting and watching, eating his salad, he started thinking about the little box. Last night he had scanned bondage and adult toy sites, trying to figure out what was inside. He thought it had to be some sort of gag, or collar, something smallish. A blindfold? He started to become obsessed with the box. Sheri knew making him wait reinforced her dominance over him and caused him to think of her often. As the day moved along, he kept wondering about the box and wanting to open it, but he didn't want to do anything to displease her. Rewards, not punishments, he kept thinking.

He started to head back to the office. It was 1:30 pm. He did not expect to hear anything from her until 5 pm. As he walked along Market Street, he felt his phone vibrate. When he looked at the message, he stopped and smiled.

"Hi, Handsome. I have another task for you to do before you get to my place tonight. Is now a good time for me to explain it to you?"

Mark stopped and leaning up against the side of a building. "Yes, I am on Market Street heading back to the office. I have time, Goddess."

"Good boy. You are such an attentive boy. I have a package I need you to pick up for me. You are on Market Street? Are you near Second Street?"

"Yes, Goddess. Next block."

"Perfect, my toy. There is a store on 2nd street between Market and Mission called Pleasure Emporium. I have placed an order that you need to pick up and bring tonight. Go in and tell them you are here to pick up something for Mistress Sheri. Do not open it or look inside. I will know if you do. You must pay with cash. They do not accept credit cards. Ask for Sara. She is expecting you."

Mark knew about the store, though he had never visited it. He had seen reviews online and knew it was a controversial establishment that was popular with BDSM players. "Yes, got it, Goddess. I will pick it up now."

"Good boy, I am excited about what I got! Some new things for our weekend."

Mark crossed over and walked down towards the store. The store was on the corner of 2nd and an alley, so windows were facing the street and along the alley. Frosted windows to prevent passersby from viewing the inside along with minimal signage installed by the store owners to placate other merchants in the area.

Mark entered and felt excited as he stood there, looking around. It was clean and well organized. He noticed two employees, both females in their twenties, and a few customers. One of the employees, wearing a tight, black skirt with a loose tank-top, noticed him standing there looking around. He felt old as she walked over to him and asked if he needed help. "I'm fine, thanks. Just going to look around a bit. I'll let you know if I need any help. Thanks."

The store seemed organized around the different types of items. The counter and POS were in the middle of the store. Merchandise was everywhere, and Mark felt like a kid in a candy store. He had never been inside a store like this before. The left side had bondage equipment; all kinds of paddles, restraints, hoods, gags, PVC items, clothing, and kits, as well as how-to books lined the walls. Looking towards the right side, he saw an extensive selection of vibrators, dildos, strap-on harnesses, and anal plugs organized by color and size.

He walked over to the display of paddles, floggers, canes, and straps which created some anxiety, as he wondered what she meant when discussing punishments. Mark had never played with anyone who enjoyed spanking him or applying other kinds of painful stimuli. He did not know how he felt about it, and looking at the various paddles, floggers, and other instruments of pain available, he felt trepidation. One of the paddles grabbed his attention. A black acrylic paddle, 18 inches long, with two large studs on one side. They looked to be about an inch wide and rose about a ½ inch above the surface. The idea of someone using it on him seemed crazy and almost abusive to him.

He decided he needed to avoid punishments. Not knowing anything about Sheri's preferences, he assumed spankings were going to be part of his life going forward, and he made a mental note to talk to her about concerns and qualms regarding pain. He decided to pick up the package and leave before the idea of spankings and the apprehension it caused became too much for him.

He walked over to the counter, and the other twenty-something woman employee greeted him with a smile. He noticed her beauty, not in a classical sense, but in a sexy and naughty way. Her look, dark-haired and smiling, with lots of ink and piercings, along with deep, dark blue eyes, made him wish for a moment he was 25 again.

Her beauty combined with her youth caused a temporary effect as if she had hit the mute button on his thoughts. He gathered himself together and asked for Sara. He noticed she seemed to giggle to herself.

"Are you Mark?"

"Yes, I am. I am here to get something for Sheri."

Sara looked up at him and smiled. "I do not have anything here for a Sheri." She replied with a knowing smile.

This confused Mark. "She told me to come here, ask for you, and you had something I needed to get."

Sara laughed. "Do you call her Sheri? Or is there some other way you address her, Mark?"

"Mistress Sheri."

Sara smiled. "Yes, I do have something for Mistress Sheri!" Sara pulled the bag out from under the counter. "$175.50 please, Mark."

Mark felt a combination of excitement and embarrassment. He wondered how much she knew about him and Sheri. While reaching for his wallet, he asked Sara, "Do you know Mistress Sheri well?"

"Yes, she is my mentor. I spend time with her each week doing different things. She is a great teacher and has opened an amazing world for me. I love her."

"Oh, are you in law school?"

Sara smiled and laughed loudly and shook her head. "No, I am not in law school, silly man."

Her comment left much to the imagination. Mark expected her to comment further, but she just smiled and rang up the sale. Her remarks made him wonder if she knew about Sheri and what they were enmeshed in. Thinking Sara knew made him uncomfortable. He looked at the time, 3 pm. Two hours to go. Back to work time. He thanked Sara, grabbed the bag and left. Thankfully, it was a plain brown bag.

He arrived back at the office and went directly to his cubicle, placing the bag under his desk. He sat back in his chair, feet on his desk to think. Sheri had given him the box to wonder about and now the bag. He wanted to open the bag and look inside. He picked up the bag and placed it on his desk. Mark scrutinized it and noticed a very light drawing of a penis. The image had tape over the top and along the fold of the bag. He realized if he removed the tape, chances were the image would be damaged. Wow, she does not leave much to chance. She is good. She wanted me to find the drawing to remind me she is in charge, he thought to himself.

Mark placed the bag on the floor and checked the time. 3:30 pm. Mark turned his attention to his emails and started to work on a status report. Sheri and the little box kept popping into his mind as he struggled to write.

Finally, 5 pm. He looked at his phone but there was no text. Nervous and wondering how long Sheri planned to make him wait, he put his phone down again. Immediately he heard it buzz. Mark grabbed his cellphone, swiped to open the message app, and she had texted 3. Swiftly he logged into his email.

His inbox contained two mail messages from her. Mark opened the email titled, "Readme first."

"Good afternoon, Mark. I am giving you instructions for opening the little box and what to do with it. I want you to open the box now, review the instructions. Then read the second email."

Mark grabbed the little box from his desk drawer. He looked around to make sure he had privacy and opened the box. He ripped it open like children do on Christmas morning. He quickly realized it was a black vibrating anal plug. Fuck, he thought. She has intentions towards my ass I didn't realize. OMG. He read the instructions. OMG, she can control this remotely.

Mark felt excited and submissive as he held it in his hand. Oval shaped with an increasing girth towards the bottom, he thought it might be too thick for him. The finger fucking had worked, but the plug was wider than a few of his fingers. Now he knew why she suggested lube. He needed to get some.

Mark thought about the remote control capability of it, and he recognized her dominance would extend beyond the bedroom to include controlling him between play sessions. He wasn't entirely sure how he felt about that, but being a slave to a sexy woman, letting go of so much, and just enjoying the ride were what he wanted. Being submissive felt like it would both simplify and complicate his life. Mark tended to overthink things. He realized he needed to stop obsessing and enjoy the moment. Sheri had started to teach him how to let go.

Mark downloaded the app needed for the vibrator. He knew she expected him to do so even if she hadn't specifically told him to. After launching the app, he configured the plug and played with it a bit. Mark figured out how to operate it in Bluetooth mode and realized it also worked over a Wi-Fi connection.

Satisfied he had complied with her instructions, he turned his attention to the second email.

He opened it and read her words:

"I hope you like your new toy! I do very much. We will use it often. I really love your cute ass, and I have a fetish for ass play. You need to learn to take increasingly larger and broader objects inside your ass, and this plug is an excellent training aid. I know it looks intimidating, but it will be easy for you to insert if you use lots of lube. Tonight, right before you leave work, you will insert it, and inside it stays until I tell you to take it out.

"Remember: be at my place at 7 pm. I gave you instructions for tonight. Follow them. See you at 7!"

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by Anonymous

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by Emirus05/05/18

Nice touch

That was a nice touch with the butt plug. 👍 I’m sure it wasn’t just me that thought it would be a cage. Perhaps that’s what you intended. 🤔 If it had been a cage my interest would havemore...

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by Anonymous05/04/18

He never showed up

She found the crushed plug on her doorstep. She got the message and she stayed away from him.

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