tagLoving WivesMarking My Women Ch. 05

Marking My Women Ch. 05


Steve's "relationship" with Mary Ann, my darling ex-girlfriend, has continued without a break for almost a year now. It really seems as if it were yesterday that he informed me that he had first bedded her, describing in agonizing detail the particulars of his seduction of my lovely, "innocent" Mary Ann. It has been a year of angst for yours truly as I moved from agony to acceptance of their increasingly intense and complex sexual connection. Steve continues to communicate the more tantalizing particulars although the frequency of their lovemaking has made daily updates rather pointless. He beds her several times a week as their relationship has evolved, or perhaps devolved, from a romantic/dating connection into a more intense, complex, and sexually charged one. Steve, somewhat surprisingly, has admitted that their sexual chemistry is as close to perfect as he has ever experienced. "We just sexually mesh.". This I understood. There's no accounting for this type of connection, it simply happens. It doesn't help much knowing Mary Ann has this with Steve and her lust for his sex has deepened rather than abated over time.

I have learned to content myself with a platonic relationship with Mary Ann, which has gratifyingly grown and deepened over the past year. We're much closer now than when we dated. Obviously I give her something that Steve does not, so I am grateful for that – although Steve gives her his cock, which I do not. That's still tough but in this life you rarely get everything that you want. She has a glow, a radiance, which is the unmistakable sign of a woman who is sexually active and contented – yet this is coupled with than a trace of sadness as her emotional needs generally go unmet. My desire for her spikes every time we share coffee or a meal and my eyes play over the shape of her lovely breasts and prominent nipples which are always full and erect and which no bra can fully conceal. And I think that Steve has unfettered access to her lovely melons as he does to her absolutely perfect legs – and the treasure that lies between them. Given that sperm can live 3-4 days in a woman, it is likely that not a day has passed in the past year when his potent seed has not been alive inside of her body; countless millions of his active sperm cells swimming inside her sex. Once or twice I have glimpsed her panties as she sat across from me at a restaurant and felt both deflated and thrilled wondering if Steve's semen had leaked from her pussy and stained the material. I wonder at times if she can sense my angst. On a bad day I am sure that she can and that in some way she enjoys my discomfort. Mary Ann may be a sweetheart but in bits and pieces, over time, she has slowly but unmistakably jerked my chain, making clear the boundaries of our relationship; and perhaps savoring my discomfort? I never quite know.

It was several months ago that Steve and I met for drinks after work, a meeting he initiated so I figured something was afoot as we rarely socialize. It took only a few minutes of aimless conversation before he got to the point.

"Hey, I've decided to take Mary Ann to Hedonism next week and she's agreed to go. Time to ramp things up a bit and unleash her inner slut," he said with his typical shit-eating grin.

"Hedonism," I said? "Does she know what goes on there?" I was stunned – Mary Ann at Hedonism, the swingers resort in Jamaica? Pollyanna in a sexual paradise?

"I've been working her up to this – feeding her fantasies of enjoying multiple partners when we're having sex. It's taken awhile but she's starting to get off on the idea. I've told her how great she looks naked and how she'll enjoy the attention she'll get from everyone." There's no arguing that – Mary Ann's body is incomparable and she'd be a rock star with her clothes off.

"So, she's okay with this, being naked and maybe fucking other men?" I was both thrilled and aghast and it showed.

"Seems to be," he smirked, "so long as I protect her and see that no harm comes to her. Hey, you remember how wet she got during sex, well, dude, she starts flowing now when we talk about the trip. I had to agree that I wouldn't do any other women, but, hey, no problem. I'm going to slut her out and she wants to do whatever I want." Steve's attitude was triumphant. "So, what do you think about your ex now?"

"I think that you own her sexually."

"You can rely on that!" he laughed. "But, don't worry; I'll fill you in when we get back. Give me your women, and I'll give you back sluts." This was of course true.

There was an uncomfortable silence as I tried to absorb this news.

"Tough to take, isn't it? Well, I've worked hard to get her where I want her – completely submissive." He paused and continued, "Hey, no joke, I'll take care of her, dude. No harm will come to her but she is coming out of that small town shell and her motor is going. I'm taking condoms; that's one of her conditions." I was relieved. "And most of them are Magnums – hopefully we'll find a few well-hung bulls for her." I slumped in my chair. "And I'll take some photos to remind you how good she looks naked."

"You promise to keep me updated?" I asked, knowing that he would.

"Guaranteed!," he replied. "To show you what a good buddy I am, I thought maybe you'd like to come over to my place tomorrow. It's Friday and we always get together after work on Friday. Come by early before I pick her up and you can wait in the bedroom next to mine. I'll bring her back and you can listen while I do her. The deal is you have to stay put and not interfere or make a sound."

"Really? Yeah, sure, okay!" My answer was immediate.

"Great. See you tomorrow at 5:00." He got up to leave but turned back to me, "I'll make sure that she is vocal so that you know how good she is getting it." He grinned, "See what a good friend I am?"

Yeah, some friend, but who was I to argue with someone who was giving me what I so desperately wanted?

I thought about those ads cautioning about erections lasting more than four hours and wondered if I would come to some harm from being so hard for so long in those agonizing hours leading up to 5:00 on Friday. I lost track of how many times I got myself off but finally gave my poor, abused cock some rest while at work. I showed up right on time Friday. Steve wasted no time and showed me his bedroom. There was the bed which was so familiar to Mary Ann and which would be the stage for these two in a few hours. It hit me in the gut to see where she would soon lie naked.

"There it is, dude. The headboard's right up against the wall – next to the spare bedroom. You've got a ringside seat," he said with insinuation. "Time for you to settle in. Just lie in the bed and listen." I did as he said and as he closed the door he winked at me. "Hey, no self abuse! Keep the sheets clean, OK?," he joked. Yeah, I've got it, you jerk.

I heard him leave and fire up his car in the garage and settled in and after a few minutes dozed off. I was awakened a short time later when the front door opened. Mary Ann was giggling something. Hearing her sweet voice was a jolt.

"Go and get ready," Steve said, "I'll get some drinks."

"Don't be long," she said. "I'll be waiting for you," she said with her usual perky animated voice.

Steve was right – I could hear quite clearly next door as Mary Ann shed her clothes and got into bed. I closed my eyes and remembered the sweetness of her naked body, which would soon be enveloped by Steve's. I lay motionless, intent on not missing a thing. Steve came in a few minutes later.

"Well, someone sure is ready!" he laughed. I heard him set the drinks on the nightstand.

"Take your clothes off and join me," she said seductively, "I'm getting lonely."

"You take them off," he responded.

"Mmmmmm, gladly." I could make out the sound of his trousers dropping to the floor. Then, even more distinctly, I heard the nauseating, if muffled sound of Mary Ann fellating Steve.

"Yeah, baby, that's it. Suck it like you love it. Yeah....mmmmmmm, your mouth is so good, baby, so good." My cock was instantly hard. "You love my cock, don't you?"

"Mmmmmm, you know I do," she gasped between breaths as she brought him to a full erection.

"That's it – that's it, baby – make it nice and hard. Yeah, you're such a good mouth...." Mary Ann was really into it and I could hear their urgings and endearments to each other. It took all of my willpower to stay put. How I wished for a peephole!

"Come here," she whispered. I heard Steve crawl into bed and then a few moments of silence as they were obviously kissing. I imagined her tiny hand caressing his thick, veiny cock which must by now have been fully erect and ready for business.

"Do you want me to fuck you," Steve said hoarsely. "Tell me how much you want this cock."

"God, yes, fuck me with your big cock. I am so wet for you, Steve. Please fuck me!"

The headboard creaked noticeably as I heard Mary Ann moan. Steve had entered her body. His cock was now fully sheathed in her pussy. My precious girl was lying there with her legs spread, impaled on Steve's turgid, demanding penis, taking his sex bareback as she had always done. I thought I would explode as the bed creaked with each of Steve's thrusts.

"Oh god, Steve, I'm going to cum – you're making me cum," she moaned and I heard what I had never heard when I made love to her – the sound of her orgasm. Mary Ann's vocal pleasure was unmistakable as Steve brought her off. I thought I would explode in my pants, hearing this.

"You came good that time, didn't you," Steve said clearly.

"Yes," she whispered. "So very good. I needed to cum so bad."

"Am I the best you've ever had?"

"You are. You know you are," she said plaintively.

"Better than your old boyfriend?", Steve said demandingly and clearly to me as much as to her.

There was a noticeable pause before she replied. "So much better – so much better. God, how can you even ask?"

"Mmmmm, but you still see him. He wants to fuck you, doesn't he?" Steve had resumed his rhythm inside of her.

"Yes," she muttered as Steve pleasured himself. "But he never will. You own my body. You are sooooo amazing... God, I want you all the time."

"You tease him, don't you," Steve demanded as his thrusts rocked the headboard. "You enjoy making him want you – denying him." No response. "Say it," he said forcefully.

"Ohhhh, I don't know, maybe a little," she said hoarsely. "I don't want to talk about him. Just fuck me. Fuck me."

I heard them move, changing positions, and I knew from experience that he was taking her from behind, assuming the position Steve always assumed when he was ready to orgasm in a woman. Sure enough the headboard struck the wall forcefully with Steve's first deep thrust inside of her pussy.

"I want you to let him know how good it is with me," Steve said. "He needs to know he can't ever have you back. Do you hear me?" Steve was really going to town now as he took her forcefully, his voice husky and intense. I knew his orgasm was building.

"Yes, yes, I'll tell him," she gasped and then came with a shriek of total pleasure. I was lost in the torment only a cuckold knows and that only a cuckold craves. It was one thing to know that someone else was doing your 'woman', it was quite another to hear her confirm that her pussy now was owned by another man. And Steve truly now did have her completely in his spell.

"Just think baby, next week you'll have two men pleasuring you," Steve said aloud as he thrust with a steady rhythm.

"Oh, god, yes...," Mary Ann gasped, as she gratefully received the unrelenting pounding Steve was giving her.

"Do you want me to find you a big-cocked stud." No answer. "Tell me. Tell me!!" Steve demanded, his voice rising.

"Yes, oh yes, please, find me a really big one!" Mary Ann cried.

"Oh baby, I'm going to cum – right now!" Steve announced loudly.

"Yes, yes, give it to me!"

And the bed rocked and moved with each release of his sperm inside of her ravaged vagina. Steve groaned his pleasure as he emptied his balls completely inside of Mary Ann's sweet body. As he had done now countless times, he had just marked her with his potent, virile seed. I could all but see his muscled buttocks flexing as he gave it up inside of her.

And I wanted so badly the same release but dared not move or make a sound.

And then there was a silence and I knew that they were lying in each other's arms, spent and sated. After straining to hear clearly what they were saying I could only make out a few muffled words. Then as they had obviously done, I closed my eyes and dozed. And I thought of how her words had stung and wounded me deeply. There was no hope for the two of us to ever be lovers again. But still, she had not said that she would not see me. Hey, be thankful for small gifts, I thought.

They went at it again a short time later, more lovingly and less urgently this time. Mary Ann's whispered words of pleasure were tender and told of her longing for Steve. There was no escaping her desire and fascination with Steve but as I thought about it, it was also clear that their connection was primal; sexual; much more one of lust than love. Small gifts again, I mused.

Some time later the door to my bedroom opened and I sat up with a start. Steve walked in, still naked and made a gesture to me to be quiet. His penis was still somewhat distended though I could not make out any telltale sign of their mutual sexual juices, which must have by now dried.

"Mary Ann's asleep, so be quiet." Steve stood next to me and I couldn't take my gaze from the cock that had just been inside of my precious girl – I was mesmerized and frankly more than a little bit in awe as I always had been of his size and thickness. It was almost obscene to think of this sexual weapon pleasuring Mary Ann. No, it was obscene – and yet still completely compelling.

"So, did you like what you heard," Steve whispered and smirked.

"Yeah. You really gave it to her. It was amazing." I said quietly. "She was like an animal. You both were."

"Glad you enjoyed it. Hey, you'd better split now." I agreed – it was time for me to go while she slept. "She's dead to the world, but take a peek before you go."

I arose from the bed quietly and thought it best not to put on my shoes until I got outside. We tiptoed to the bedroom and I carefully looked and saw Mary Ann sprawled naked on the bed. She looked beautiful. One breast was exposed and though the sheet covered her pussy, I saw one leg stretched out carelessly as she slept contentedly. Just as I was about to turn to leave, I saw a wet shot spot clearly visible next to her. I slumped momentarily confronted with the unmistakable visual evidence of their passion. Steve motioned for me to leave and I silently walked to the door.

"Are you going to fuck her again?" I asked, knowing that he would.

"Count on it. I'll text you later with the final tally for the night. You can think about that when you two have lunch tomorrow.

"OK. Night."

My car was parked several blocks away and as I walked in a dreamlike trance I hoped I wouldn't encounter anyone, as my erection was not quite noticeable.

I got only a few hours of fitful sleep that night, my imagination still in overdrive and having slept a while at Steve's, oblivion did not come easily. I counted the hours until my lunch date with Mary Ann. I got to the restaurant almost 15 minutes early so that I could see her walk in. She was smiling and lovely in her short summer dress. She smiled, almost beaming at seeing me, and I melted. Her lean, lithe body made me mad with desire, but I smacked myself mentally and told myself to forget what I had heard and seen briefly only a few hours before – but I clutched for a moment thinking of Steve's sperm still fresh inside of her. I gave her a quick hug and a peck on her cheek and pulled out her chair. We made small talk and enjoyed a leisurely lunch. It was Mary Ann who broke the ice. I could tell she was shifting gears and felt a knot in my stomach. Would she do as Steve bade her to do?

"You know, I really enjoy seeing you," she finally said looking a bit askance. "But you know that we're just friends now, don't you? I mean, I don't talk about Steve much but we're pretty involved. You have to be okay with that if you and I are to go forward." That answered my question – she had done as Steve required.

"I know. I'm okay with that," I said, wondering whether or not I was being completely truthful. Of course the actual truth was too tangled for me to own up to. "You know, you never have looked so lovely and contented."

"I am, sort of." She paused.

"The sex must be pretty good at least," I offered, hanging with my emotions exposed, waiting on her reply.

She dropped her eyes for a few moments and then said carefully, "It is. It's very good. I wish there were more but you can't always get what you want."

"Yeah, I know." And that was the truth. I gulped not knowing what else to say.

Mary Ann continued after an agonizing pause. "Steve's taking me on a trip next week, so I can't see you next Saturday." She kept her eyes averted.

"That's great," I said with false enthusiasm. "Where are you going."

"Somewhere in the Caribbean. I don't really know exactly where." I forgave this small lie as she was being both protective of herself and my feelings.

"You'll have a great time. You haven't had a vacation since your divorce and that was years ago."

"No, I really haven't," she said without smiling. Then she perked up. "Anyway, I'll see you when I get back. Okay?", she said with a lovely, sweet animation. I love her upbeat, Susie Creamcheese personna so much!

"Yeah, sure, absolutely." There was a moment of unspoken sharing as she looked at me with her lovely doe eyes which told me of a truth which would not be shared.

"Well, I have to go run errands, so enjoy the rest of your weekend," she said as she rose from her chair.

"Yeah, I've got things to do as well. Take some photos, okay!"

"Okay," and she gave me a curious, inscrutable smile.

We walked out together and I thought that Steve's promised photos would be more eagerly anticipated than hers. I was in for a tough week I thought as I watched as her car pulled away. Would Mary Ann return with her Pollyanna sweetness still intact or would she be changed forever? Yes, it would be a very tough week indeed.

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