tagGay MaleMark's Unexpected Visitor...

Mark's Unexpected Visitor...

byJack Gates©

Marks Unexpected Visitor Has A Tasty Morsel.

When Sal's away Mark likes a flute to play.

Before you start to run away with the idea that I am a musician, the flutes I love to play are usually attached to some nice young man who is quick to elongate at a mere touch.

I am just a normal everyday guy with a nine to five everyday existence. Married to a tall statuesque blonde goddess who works more hours than she is with me at home. When she is with me, she has either got a headache or she is two tired to tango. This leaves me with a lot of time to get up to mischief.

What does a virile young man of 37 get up to in all this spare time? Needless to say I am called upon to act like an housewife, we do not have any children so that in itself is a blessing and in another way a bug-bear. Meaning there is no curb on my stupidity. The fact I get little sex makes me highly sexed. Like the rich of Nottingham I feel robbed. In my case, the spoils I have to give away is gallons of excess sperm. The receiver of the produce of my loins is my wife's soiled knickers. As up to recently I had not summoned the courage to find other outlets or inlets as the case may be. I usually stirred up the desire to masturbate by reading porno, watching porno by any means possible.

The day things changed I was laying on the nuptial bed with an assortment of magazines around me, and as my bent of late was homo oriented, because of the fact the last time I went swimming I saw a guy having a shower pulling himself off when it was obvious he knew I was watching him. I wanted to join in his fun, but I had left my guts at home.

It affected me, these things do. I imagined myself sucking the guys cock I had seen. I often drink my own sperm and wondered what another guys sperm would taste like. Sally used to suck my cock and I loved watch her relishing the action. The way she tongued her lips afterwards.

I digress. I was laying on the bed with Sal's knickers wrapped around my cock when the front door bell rang. I slipped on my boxers and a T-shirt and ran down to answer it.

There was a young guy, about twenty's standing there in all his physical splendour.

'Hello, Sir! My name is Tony, I am around selling kitchen ware, one of your very kind neighbours said you would be interested.'

A cheerful soul who was completely soaked through as if he had been standing under a shower with his clothes on. He showed me various badges and credentials and he was causing a puddle on my stoop. I asked him in and threw him a towel out of a basket which had just come out of the dryer.

He slipped off his jacket to reveal a very muscular build and a muscular bulge in his pants.

He looked so like a guy who I had just been gawking at in my porn magazines. I wondered if Tony had a cock his size?

'Come upstairs and get out of those wet things and I will put them into the spin-dryer for you. You can have a shower while you are at it. You will be in for pneumonia if you don't. My name is Mark, by the way.'

'Thanks very much Mark, you are very kind. All I have been getting is no thanks all morning.'

I led the way up stairs and I was conscious that he may be staring at my ass through my thin boxers. I felt my cock stretching naughtily.

We had just got into the bedroom when the phone rang down stairs. I quickly showed Tony the bathroom and was embarrassed when his eyes dropped to my tented shorts. I fled down the stairs three at a time.

It was some one trying to sell me double glazing. I let the guy ramble on a bit, then I told him politely that I already had it. Back in the bedroom I got a shock. Tony was laying naked on the bed, sniffing Sal's knickers and looking at one of my magazines with the centrefold revealing a guy sucking another guy off. His other hand was on a very erect cock of goodly proportions. I pretended not to noticed and picked up his wet clothes and ran down stairs and piled them all into the spin dryer. On the way up stairs I listened for the shower motor, but it wasn't on. He was laying on his back smiling at me.

'Come on Mark, you want to taste this cock of mine, don't you? Get naked and come over here.'

'I'm a married geezer, Tony. I am not a homo! I inherited those books from a neighbour after his wife found them.'

'Then why are you standing there with a cock as hard as mine. I'm bi-sexual, if you want to fuck me you can.'

'Honestly mate, I have never done anything with a guy. I don't know as I want to.'

'But you have a hard-on and you had one before you went down stairs to answer the phone, I saw it. Do you want me to suck your cock. you can pretend it's your wife. What's her name?'

'Sally. She is out working just now.'

He got off the bed and walked over to me and put his hand out and stroked my cock through my shorts. It immediately stuck up for more.

'Let me see it, can I take your shorts down?'

I stood there shaking as he dropped to his knees in front of me and he arrested my hard cock into his mouth as my shorts hit my ankles. I moaned audibly as he sucked my cock deep into his mouth. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend it was Sally, but I could not conjure up a vision of her. All I saw was Tony even with my eyes shut tight. A very naked Tony. His hands moved round to my buttocks.

'No, Mate. Don't touch me there. I don't want that!'

'You don't know what you are missing. Do you fuck Sally up her ass?'

'No, I do not!'

'Perhaps you should, you may keep her at home some more. Lots of women love anal sex. Maybe she is getting it somewhere else, Mark. Invite me round when she is at home and I will start the ball rolling for you. She has a nice bum smell what she leaves in her knickers. You can fuck her pussy and I will fuck her bum at the same time. She will love that.'

All the time he was talking he was massaging my cock and suddenly my spunk burst out of my cock which he caught in his mouth and he sucked my balls dry which almost made me collapse to the floor.

'Did you enjoy that, Mark?'

'Oh! Yes! It was fantastic!'

'You can't refuse to suck my cock, now. Can you?'

He went back onto the bed and opened his legs wide and motioned me forward. I kicked off my shorts and pulled off my T-shirt and moved over and knelt between his legs. I took his cock into my hand and started to gently masturbate him.

'Are you married, Tony?'

'Yes, for eight years.'

'Do you fuck her up her ass?'

He smiled and replied, 'She was a blind date, met her at a friends house with two other couples. We were playing strip poker. Nancy and I were the first to lose all our clothes so we were both on forfeits. I was told to fuck Nancy. I did not have a condom and the rules of the game I was not allowed to borrow one. Nancy was not on the pill then so I was told to fuck her in her ass. She told me she was willing to try anything once and she would not have played the game if she had not been willing to take part. Every one there spit on my cock and her asshole to provide lubrication. It was the first time for both of us. I was very surprised when she confessed to me afterwards that she had loved it, but she only wanted to do it with me. We were both book worms so it didn't take us long to get all the gen on it and we just grew together in our quest for further enjoyment from a new way of fucking. We still do it, even though we have both spread our wings to bi-sexuality. have watched her do it with women and she's seen me with men.

I was down playing with his cock, my nostrils flaring at the smell of it was so close. A drop of white juice emitted from the little hole in his knob and I flicked my tongue out. For the first time in my life I tasted another guys spunk. He put his hand on my head and pressured me down and his prick was at my lips. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and it rolled in, over my slavering tongue and I gulped when it hit the back of my throat. I pulled back an wrapped my hand around his shaft. It must have been all of eight inches. I had read about deep-throating and seen guys do it on videos, but I was scared to do it. I rolled my tongue round his mushroom like prick-head and started to lick up and down the shaft and around each of his balls, tempted to go for his anus, but chickened out. I wasn't in to fucking, me doing it to him and definitely not him fucking me. Saying that, his hands were on my bum cheeks and I trembled when his fingers traced up and down my crack. I moved away a bit so he could not reach my hole. He was moving his hips aggressively, fucking my mouth and suddenly he pulled my hand of his shaft and then he forced his cock into my throat. I gagged, wanted to be sick, but was unable. He held still and I felt my throat muscles relax. He pulled it out and then straight back in again and I was surprised that it went back in so easily. He started to pump it in and out and I was snatching air and gulping around it he started to moan that he was coming and I pulled back until his knob was in my mouth, just in time as he started to fill my mouth with sticky globules of spunk. His pumping action spurted more sperm into my mouth. I swallowed it with out thinking, it wasn't unpleasant, tasted like my own actually. I had sucked my first cock! I loved it!

'Have you two finished?'

I jumped like a jack-rabbit and spun round to see Sally standing in the doorway in her blue pin-stripe business suit. Her lap-top bag in one hand and her week-end bag in the other. I was amazed she did not look angry. Her eyes were not on me, but Tony's cock, it was still erect and slimy. He was looking at her and holding it up towards her. She turned and left the room without saying anything more. That frightened the shit out of me. We were getting dressed when she suddenly came back into the room stark naked. She had a body to turn on a dying man. Her tits were swollen, nipples erect and protruding, the pigmented areolae cushioning each nipple was swollen to show her complete arousal.

'Don't stop boys, lets fuck! It is the top of my fuck fantasies to have two cocks in me at the same time. You would not disappoint a girl, would you?'

Tony shucked off his shorts and shouted, 'Whooopeee! Bring it on, Sister! Bring that lovely asshole to Tony!'

She just stood there running her hands into her loins and parting the lips of her already juicy vulva and then prodding it deep with a finger. She came to me and fed the finger into my mouth and stroked my rapidly hardening cock with her other hand. This was a Sally I had never met before. The juices I was tasting was hers and a male sperm which was not mine. She had been recently fucked. The thought made me horny. I pulled her onto the bed into Tony's outstretched arms their tongues met as they kissed and his hand went into groping mode between he open legs. Her loins were raiding his in depth groping fingers and she moaned out loudly when he switched his slimy fingers to her arsehole.

She moaned out, 'Oh! Yes do that! I want that! I want your prick up my ass, Tony! Fuck me in my ass.'

Why the hell had she never said that to me? She has a delightful bum! I would have love to screwed it for her!

She pulled me around and pushed me back onto the bed and aggressively mounted my cock and impaling it into her pussy.

'There is KY Jelly in that drawer, Tony. Use plenty, I don't like it to hurt too much, Darling.'

Sally was rocking on my cock as Tony industriously lubed her asshole and he wrapped his arms round her as she moaned out loud and bucked her hips forward.

'Aaaagh! Oooh! Easy! You are big, Boy! Oh! Mark! he is filling me up with cock! Oh! You feel it, don't you, Darling? You must be able to feel his prick against yours inside me?'

'I can feel it. I'm going to be fucking your ass from now on, Sweet Wife. If anal is what you wanted, you should have told me without you looking elsewhere for it!'

'You should have told me you like doing it with men.'

'I didn't know myself until, Tony turned up on our doorstep. Previously it was me browsing through mucky magazines to get myself off because you were away such a lot!'

All three of us was rocking together, it felt so good, so intimate. Three naked people locked together like this was so sensual. I was holding Sally down crushed to my chest and we were pleasantly tongue kissing. I was playing with her beautiful tits. Pinching her nipples which was making her mooooo passionately.

My wife and I gave Tony a big order and a big kiss to send him on his way and then we went back to bed, she reading my sexy books while I pile-drove my cock into her ass.

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