tagIncest/TabooMarlee Pegs Her Dad - A CFNM Story

Marlee Pegs Her Dad - A CFNM Story


I think the title says it all, but if you don't understand CFNM, it stands for Clothed Female, Naked Male. I hope you enjoy the story!


Finding the front door locked surprised Marlee. It didn't make sense. Though Mom was at work, Dad's car sat in the driveway. Marlee didn't have her key. Instead of knocking or ringing the bell, she walked around the house and found the side door locked, too. That felt as unusual as being sent home early on a Saturday, but what choice did they have after a water main break had left the restaurant without water?

Instead of knocking, Marlee walked around the house. She had one more door she could check. The big, sliding glass doors on the back of the house leading into their family room where Dad had set-up his new TV. The massive 70 inch TV was Dad's pride and joy. He had spent most of a weekend hanging it on the wall, running cables, rearranging furniture, and setting up a stereo that turned the family room into a theater.

It felt good having a Saturday off for a change and she smiled as she walked towards the patio in front of the sliding glass doors. The family room was washed in the glow from the big TV. She pulled open the door, stepped inside, and froze at what she saw.

Dad sat on the sturdy coffee table in front of the couch. It took Marlee a second to digest what she saw on the big TV screen and it held her in place because it confused her. Was that girl fucking a guy? She blinked hard and quickly figured it out. The pretty blonde wore a big strap-on dildo around her waist and, yes, she was fucking her co-star. The man laid on his back with his knees pulled to his chest. The camera angle showed the woman, her swaying breasts, and her thrusting sex toy. The man's long, hard prick stretched up his stomach as the toy slipped in and out of his ass. For whatever its worth, they both looked very happy. Marlee's attention quickly turned to Dad.

Dad bounced up and down on the coffee table, as if demonstrating a horseback ride or how it felt to ride along a bumping road. It took half a second longer for Marlee to realize Dad was riding a dildo!

"Oh-my-God!" she squealed as all the pieces clicked into place.

"What the fuck?" Dad asked, standing, turning, moving off the big toy that had been up his ass and dropping to the floor to hide his hard-on all in one big, freaked out move. His look of surprise and object panic was the funniest damn thing Marlee had ever seen. She had never witnessed her dad so startled and she felt a big grin stretching on her face. "What are you doing?"

Marlee started laughing. She couldn't help herself. Between the look on her Dad's face and ridiculousness of catching him jerking off, she melting into a helpless case of giggling. "Interesting movie choice," Marlee finally managed, still grinning as she spied the remote control on the couch, too far away for Dad to grab. On screen, the man getting fucked had reached his limit. He came in thick, ropey strands that shot across his stomach, Marlee began laughing again.

Geoffrey looked forward to days when both his wife and daughter worked most of all. Those were his days to hang-out alone and blow off some steam. He had waited twenty minutes after Marlee had left before getting started incase she forgot something and came back home. Eighteen year olds were still teenagers.

Naked and hard, he moved through his house setting things up. The first thing he always did was start the porn on the big TV downstairs. He loved seeing hot, naked bodies fucking and sucking in 70 glorious inches of high definition. Next, he locked the front and side doors, just in case someone came home. It had never happened, but if it did, they would have to knock or ring the bell and that would give him a chance to set things right. He never thought about locking the sliding glass doors leading to the patio. Why should he? No one ever used that door as an entry.

Playing with his ass was Geoffrey's deep, dark secret. He had stumbled across the thrill of anal pleasure as a young man and had never found a woman interested in playing back there. He once made the suggestion to his wife, Debbie. She had asked if he was gay and he never brought it up again. Geoffrey wasn't gay, he just enjoyed the feel of assplay.

He had kept his secret to himself, never mentioning it again while maintaining his solo play. He had his favorite toy, a nice sized dildo that felt so good in his ass. He liked the big balls molded into the latex toy's base. Its shape made it possible for him to stand it up on a table or chair. On a smooth surface, like the strong, stout coffee table, the bottom of the dildo worked like a suction cup, clinging to the surface while he bounced up and down on it.

Geoffrey had been close before Marlee interrupted him. He had waited three days for Saturday to arrive. During those three days, he had played with himself, brought himself close to an orgasm and then withheld it. He had been saving himself for Saturday and Sunday.

He never heard the well-oiled sliding glass door opening. He had been lost in the video playing on the big TV. Oh, that tight blonde looked so hot wearing that dildo. Like Geoffrey, the man in the video had been eager to get fucked. His co-star had teased him about fucking him, rubbing the toy against his shaved cock and balls, teasing him with her fake fuck stick before giving it to him. Geoffrey had waited until the couple onscreen began fucking before he lowered himself on his toy. In his mind, Geoffrey knew she was fucking him.

That shocked and surprised voice had startled Geoffrey. Oh-my-God! Marlee had squealed. Panicked, Geoffrey had turned and hit the floor in front of the coffee table all in one move. He saw his pretty daughter standing behind the couch wearing a surprised look that quickly changed into a huge smile. He had barked at her and it didn't make a difference. She was laughing, laughing at him, and Geoffrey felt lost. What could he do? His clothes were upstairs. His big toy stood waiting for his ass on the table, glistening with lube, and his daughter was laughing at him. It took him a moment to regain his bearings.

Marlee moved to the couch and sat down as she kept an eye on Dad. The shocked look on his eyes slowly dissolved into an amused gaze. He looked trapped and Marlee thought that was funny, too. She watched him trying to regain his composure.

"Okay, Marlee, you caught your Dad jerking off. Big deal, you know?"

"I'd say," she agreed, smiling so hard it hurt her face.

"Could I please have some privacy?"

"So you can finish?"

"No, so I can get dressed and then we can talk about it if you'd like." He pulled the hefty toy off the coffee table and it made a soft popping sound as he broke its suction.

"Did you queue up a bunch of videos or is this a compilation?" Marlee asked, noticing the scene on the TV had switched right into the meat of another man offering his ass to another woman wearing a strap-on.

"Turn that off," Dad requested, belatedly adding, "Please?"

"It's okay, Dad. I've seen porn before," she said. "And this is really good stuff!"

Geoffrey felt light headed as his world spun out of control. What was wrong with his daughter? Why was she sitting on the couch and torturing him like this? Why wouldn't she leave? He glanced around the room for an escape path and didn't see one. At least he had pulled the toy down. Geez, she had to catch him with his toy! He felt embarrassed, ashamed, and confused by her smile and how she sat on the edge of the couch. "Marlee, please," he repeated, begging her for an ounce of decorum.

"I've already seen everything," she said, still smiling and enjoying the role reversal. "Go ahead and finish."

"Very funny," Geoffrey said. That wasn't going to happen. He tried remembering where the buttons were on his big TV. Somewhere, he knew there would be a button to turn off the big screen, but he had always used the remote control and wasn't sure where to find that button. He wouldn't risk turning his back on his daughter while fishing for a button.

Watching the man onscreen getting fucked up the ass delighted Marlee in ways she never expected. The actor apparently enjoyed it. His cock was hard. She knew porn stars were paid to be hard on camera, but she also knew guys couldn't fake hard-ons. If the actor was hard, didn't that mean he was excited, too? And, if he was excited, didn't that mean he enjoyed it? Marlee thought it was hot seeing that big man on his knees while the petite woman fucked his ass with her strap-on. "Is that Mom's toy?"

"No," Dad said and Marlee quickly did the math.

"She doesn't know you like that, does she?"

Geoffrey swallowed hard. How much did he want to tell his daughter? "She, um, it's not something she. . ."

"Knows about?"

"It's not something she wants to do with me," he said, deciding that was the best approach.

"Ah," Marlee said, looking as if she understood on a deeper level than Geoffrey expected. "So this is our little secret then, right?" Geoffrey quicking nodded. When Marlee asked, "Are you gay?" Geoffrey was struck with how much she favored her Mom.

"No," he quickly answered.

"You just like it up the ass," she added, making a statement rather than asking a question as if she intuitively understood. He nodded. He didn't have a better answer. "Well, I think it's hot."

"Excuse me?" he asked, stunned.

"I'm serious. I like fingering my boyfriend's butt."

Geoffrey felt his eyes bulging in surprise. "Um, TMI?" he suggested, using the shorthand version for Too Much Information. Marlee tilted her head and gave him a puzzled look before bursting out in another barrage of laughter.

"Really?!" she joyfully shrieked. "Please tell me you didn't just say that!" It wasn't the shorthand that amused Marlee, it was how Dad dared to suggest her fingering the ass of a boyfriend could possibly be too much information. Especially considering their current situation.

The silliness of his comment wasn't lost on Geoffrey, though he didn't laugh, smile or even smirk. Instead, he gave her a resigned shrug as an apology.

"Oh wow!" Marlee said as something happened on the TV screen that distracted her. Geoffrey resisted the natural reaction of looking. "Damn, Dad, you missed it. That guy came sooo much!"

"I've seen it before," he said, hoping to dismiss it.

"Really? So this is something you do on a regular basis?" Marlee asked, quickly picking up on what that meant. She nearly felt bad when her Dad winced. "Yeah, you really walked into that one."

"You're enjoying this too much."

"Am I?" she asked, considering his statement for a moment before dismissing it. "I don't know. I'm not the one naked and hard. You are still hard, aren't you?"

"None of your business," Geoffrey said, instinctively covering his hard-on. He hadn't thought about it until she mentioned it, but he was still hard, really hard. Three days of anticipating his private time had left him needy and he felt as if his only escape would be finishing what he started. That feeling sent another shiver of panic through him. What if that was true? What if he was stuck with a massive hard-on until he finished getting off? How would he hide it from his daughter? As if torturing him, his hard-on throbbed with unsatisfied need.

"You should finish what you started," Marlee giggled, firmly believing she meant it as a joke until the words escaped her mouth. Suddenly, the words didn't feel so outrageous.

"I'm fine," Dad lied. She knew he was lying, even if she couldn't see his hard cock. She had caught how he had covered up when she asked if he was still hard. She could read his need in his eyes. Dad wore that same needy look her boyfriend would get in his eyes.

"I've already seen it," Marlee offered.

"Because you snuck up on me," Geoffrey reminded her, setting the record straight.

"Snuck up on you? No, I found the doors locked and came in the only way I could," Marlee shot back. "How did I know I would find you in the family room jerking off?" She stared him down and repeated, "The family room, Dad, you know? It's not as if I snuck into your bedroom or something."

"I am not doing it in front of you," Geoffrey insisted, exercising as much parental authority as he could manage. "And you should probably go to your room right now." It didn't work. Marlee laughed again.

"Oh no, that's not going to happen," she said, settling back on the sofa and crossing her arms across her chest. "In fact, I was kidding before, but now?" She shrugged. "Now I want to see it." Dad stared at her without budging. "I can wait all day," she said without a smirk, even though she was using a line he used to use on her. Finally, she went for his jugular. "I can certainly wait until Mom comes home."

Geoffrey felt his heart sink at the mention of his wife. "I thought this was our secret."

"It can be," Marlee said and Geoffrey knew he was in trouble.

"You're blackmailing me," he said.

"No, I'm offering to let you finish," Marlee said, uncomfortable with the word blackmail. "I'm not asking for money or special favors or anything like that."

"Except you want to watch me."

"I've already seen it," she reminded him.

"You weren't supposed to."

"Doesn't that really matter?" she asked. "Come on, do it. I want to see." Dad didn't budge. "Would you like me to help you?"

"Wha-?" he stammered. "How?"

"I could work the toy for you."

Geoffrey felt his cock reacting to her suggestion. His swollen, needful member strained and throbbed at the idea. "No," he said as flatly as he could, except his answer didn't matter to his daughter. He watched Marlee stand. He hid. She walked around the side of the coffee table and he did what he could to keep his back to her, trying to hide his nakedness and his toy from her. He felt foolish. "Stop it!" he cried out, feeling even more foolish. What the hell was he doing? How the hell could he get out of this? Should he just run for the door? He would, except she stood between him and the stairs and there was no way he was going to run outside naked.

Huddled, with his back to his daughter, Geoffrey felt something snap inside of him. Running was out of the question. Trying to hide and shield his body from her felt foolish. When she started giggling as if this was a game, he gave up.

"Fine," he said. "You want to see your Daddy naked and hard? How's this?" He stood, turned, and faced her. He didn't cover up. Instead, he held his hands at his sides, holding the slippery dildo in his left hand as he faced her. His hard cock was shiny from his stroking. Geoffrey preferred using lots of lube when he was jerking off. And, like the men in the videos, he kept his pubic hair shaved. That was something his wife enjoyed, too. She liked when he shaved his cock and balls. He knew she assumed he did it for her. In reality, he did it to be more like the guys in the videos he liked to watched. Those men always kept their cock, balls and assholes shaved cleaned. He did the same thing.

"Oh Daddy," Marlee squealed with glee as she admired her father's long, hard cock. She had caught a good glimpse of it when she had caught him jerking off, but this was different. Instead of a glimpse, she could really see it. He was hard, really hard. Hard like her boyfriend got when he was really hot. Even better? He was shaved down there. She had seen that in videos, but never in real life. Her boyfriend refused to shave for her. He had said he would be embarrassed in the showers at the gym. Seeing the shaved parts of a man thrilled her.

"Happy?" he asked, his voice filled with scorn.

"Happier," she amended, using a joke line they often shared as a family. Her eyes drifted to the toy Dad held. It looked big and hefty and she wondered how he kept it hidden from Mom. Without warning, she made a play for it, grabbing the molded balls and snatching it from his hand.

"Hey!" Geoffrey cried out, caught off guard. He tried to keep hold of the toy but it was too slippery with lube. Marlee pulled it right out of his hand and stepped backwards.

"So big," she giggled, immediately pressing the flat, half-balls of the base against her crotch. "Okay, bend over, Daddy!"

"Stop it!" he said, trying to grab it away from her. Instead, his hand slipped off of it.

"Oh, you're making me hard," Marlee giggled, dancing a bit farther away from him and shaking the toy at him. "Did you want to do that again?"

"Ha, ha," he said, still hoping to shame her into giving up. "Okay, so now you've seen me naked and you've seen my toy. Can I go?"

"No way," Marlee said, having entirely too much fun. Dad's cock looked good. Maybe she should be grossed out about seeing her Dad naked and hard, but she wasn't. Instead, it felt fun, like a game or something. Besides, she liked how silky smooth his cock and balls looked. She felt giddy with power. It wasn't often she got the best of Dad. "Bend over and I'll fuck you," she giggled.

"Fuck you," Geoffrey said, immediately regretting talking that harshly to his daughter.

"No, fuck YOU," she corrected, still laughing. Worse, his cock throbbed as he looked at her holding the toy against her crotch and shaking it at him. How many times had he imagined a woman doing this for him? Sure, he had wished it was his wife, but his libido didn't care. Marlee's playful glee and giggles played directly into Geoffrey's deepest fantasy and he couldn't stop his body from reacting to the play.

"You know that was up my ass," he tried, hoping to gross her out.

"Bend over and I'll stick it back up your ass," she said, clearly not intimidated.

"Is that what you want?" he said, still trying to shame her out of her play. "You want to fuck your Dad up the ass?" He was tempted to turn around and offer his ass to her. He glared at her. She kept smiling and gave him an eager nod. Geoffrey felt full of anger and dismay when he turned around. He put his hands on his knees and poked his ass at her. "Fine. Go for it!"

He was kidding, of course. He didn't mean it. He was calling her bluff and nothing more. Except Marlee didn't catch any of that. She saw his puckered manhole glistening at her, ready and lubed from his earlier play. She was already holding the toy in a ready position. Seeing him bending over meant only one thing to her, he wanted it. She stepped forward, pressed the tip of the fake cock against his puckered entranced and pushed.

Geoffrey's ass welcomed the intrusion, gobbling up the toy as his daughter offered it to him. She had the toy inside his asshole before he even realized what the hell was going on. He started to pull away until Marlee's hand cupped his shoulder and pulled him backwards. It wasn't a firm grasp or a strong pull. Geoffrey knew he could break her hold, just as he knew he didn't. Instead, he followed the direction of her pull and pressed backwards against her while whimpering, "Don't."

"Too late," Marlee squealed with joy and buried the toy deep inside his ass. "Take it, bitch. Take it like a man!"

Geoffrey felt his head spin as conflicting emotions swirled. His body welcomed sensation of the toy filling his backside. Years of fucking his ass had conditioned his body to want his ass filled. The big toy felt natural inside of him. It thrilled him. Meanwhile, he knew it was his daughter doing it. He knew he should stop it, he should break her hold and run from the room. He was her father! He was her dad! It was up to him to stop this, wasn't it?

"Oh yeah," she purred, sliding most of the way out before pushing back inside of his ass. "Take it, Daddy. Take all of it."

"Please," he begged, no longer sure if he was begging her to stop or for her to keep going.

"Can you cum like this?" she asked, fucking him faster. "Are you going to get off on my dick or do you need a reach around?"

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