tagAnalMarlene Runs The Gauntlet

Marlene Runs The Gauntlet


Marlene sat quietly in Mr. Mills' office. She knew what was at stake and what task was being required of her, but she didn't know if she could go through with it all. She had been working as a porn star for two years now but she only in all of that time had done lesbian scenes and non-sexual porn like up skirts and such. Her virginity was still intact.

It was just about two years ago that she had reluctantly signed a contract to do porno scenes that were predominantly with women for Triple X Productions. Mr. Mills had tried to get her to do more but Marlene was too smart during the negotiations. She agreed to a two year 12 movie deal that included 10 lesbian movies and then two movies that were deemed 'wild cards'.

In those wild card movies, Mr. Mills could have Marlene do whatever he wanted her to do. She knew this and that is why she begged for a chance to get out of it all. Triple X Productions had already shot the 10 lesbian movies with her and it was now time for Marlene to honor the rest of her deal but she just couldn't do it. She needed an out. That is when Mr. Mills suggested she run The Gauntlet.

Marlene Stewart grew up in the Deep South, in a place called Pecan Grove, Mississippi. She was the last child of fourteen, and the only girl born to Henry and Mabel Stewart. Needless to say she was very special in their eyes. Marlene had always been spoiled and protected, her 13 big brothers always saw to that. Growing up she had very few boyfriends because of all of that protection. Those who did take Marlene out rarely did so a second time due to the fear instilled into them by the whole Stewart clan.

It was all she could do when she turned 18 and could go to college that she chose the furthest one from her home that would accept her. That college ended up being the Newberry School Of Beauty in California. Marlene was going to major in Cosmetology and hopefully open a beauty salon someday, or at least work for one.

Going to college was one of the practical reasons why she wanted so bad to leave her hometown. Getting away from her over-protective family was the other. If she was ever going to meet a man, get married, and settle down she was going to have to do it very far from Mississippi.

Newberry College was hard. Marlene barley got by in the four years she attended but she did pass and got her degree in Cosmetology. Now she needed to use that knowledge to begin her career. The question was how she was going to do all of that without the money needed for such a life plan. Enter Mr. Mills.

Marlene was always very pretty despite her statuesque 5'11" height. She proudly displays a 40-24-36 figure on a 128 lb. frame. Her very long legs and long strawberry blonde mane got her plenty of looks from the boys over her school years. Modeling just might get her the money that she needed to start her off on achieving her Salon dream.

It was on a Saturday morning that Marlene and two of her college friends, Dakota Davey, and Millie Carnes went to the Tri-X Modeling Agency in Los Angeles to try and get some modeling gigs to earn some money. Millie was very plain looking and she really was only along for the ride, but Dakota was every bit the beauty that Marlene was. Standing at 5'8" 121 lbs. with measurements of 32-23-37, 'Dee Dee' as everyone called her was a smoking hot American Indian girl. Dakota's mother is from Colorado, and is part of the Kiowa Indian Tribe. Her dad was an Irishman though which made her brown skin several shades lighter than her ancestors looming like a smooth melted caramel color.

Neither of them knew that Tri-X was also affiliated with Triple-X Porn Productions. From the first moment he met her, Mr. Mills knew that he needed to get Marlene signed to a porno contract so he could film her having sex. She had quite the body put together on an extreme and unique female height and he immediately saw dollar signs.

Dakota signed a standard 3-year deal and had ended up becoming one of Triple-X's top female porn stars pretty quickly. He couldn't get Marlene to sign a standard deal though. His silver tongue just couldn't talk her into betraying her strong religious southern values.

So Mr. Mills had an idea. He told her that he would bankroll her beauty salon and even help her find a location for it all but she needed to sign a deal with Triple-X. It was the lightest sex deal that he had ever offered any girl. He sweetened it with the lesbian scenes for the majority of it but the last two movies had to be hardcore. It was mandatory.

Marlene couldn't pass it up. She knew that her family would never approve but none of them watched pornography and these movies would be shot way out in California, miles away from the sticks of Mississippi. She was still heartbroken that signing this deal would mean that she would have to eventually give up her virginity and go against her Christian values. She pushed both of those troubling thoughts to the back of head though. She saw this as her big chance, and she blocked out the last part of the deal and finally signed on the dotted line.

Now it was a year and a half later. The last two movies were set and were about to be filmed and the 27-year-old Marlene was panicking. She begged Mr. Mills for a way to get out of her contract. Having sex before she was married was immoral to her. She was having second thoughts and even started crying. He didn't have to give her a shot to get out of it, but he saw a chance to lock her up for a longer term with more sexual possibilities like he originally had wanted. So with an evil grin the cagey porn executive talked her into, the cagey porn executive talked her into a new version of The Gauntlet specifically created just for her.

Because Marlene was saving her vagina for marriage, she had agreed to allow for anal sex if it meant a chance to get out of her deal. What she didn't know was the amount of anal sex she would be signing on for in The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet was a sex maze that Mr. Mills had created years ago and was running in several locations around the country in the seedier parts of towns. It was a collection of container-sized rooms stringed together in a warehouse connected by doors and hallways in which women would choose a direction to go within the maze where they would be required to perform sex acts for periods of time that were recorded and sold for his porno company.

The purposes of a woman agreeing to play such a game was usually for a chance at a money prize or in Marlene's case, a chance to get rid of an undesirable signed agreement with the company. And because she was trying to avoid vaginal sex, Mr. Mills mad a complete maze solely for the purposes of anal. Each room in the maze was geared towards it. Marlene sat nervously waiting in the office. Just then, Mr. Mills arrived and began to explain the agreed rules.

Mr. Mills: "Okay Miss Stewart, to be clear I'm going to explain what it is you are required to do here. When you begin, you will first get completely undressed right her in the office in front of me. You will then go out this door right here where you will be in the first hallway of The Gauntlet. There will be three doors marked A, B and C. You will choose a door and enter into that room. The Door will lock behind you to prevent you from going backwards. You will then walk to the podium in the room and you will read the instructions and follow them to a T. Your sexual partner(s) will then enter and you will have 60 minutes of that rooms deed that will be recorded."

Mr. Mills walked to his desk and sat on the edge of it and then continued.

Mr. Mills: "There are seven hallway levels in all. Along the way you might hit a penalty hallway, which will bring you back to the beginning of the maze. So please try and choose wisely. There are also double jeopardy rooms. Those rooms are doubled in time and in sexual partners. Those rooms are also interracial rooms, I'm sorry miss Stewart I know how you feel about that."

Marlene's eyes widened at that news but she didn't say anything. It was bad enough she'd be letting white guys put their penises into her ass, she couldn't fathom letting black men do so too. Mr. Mills continued.

Mr. Mills: "In the last hallway, marked #7, your choice of doors will have a penalty room a prize room and a room to the street. The penalty room of course brings you back to the beginning of the maze. The prize room will contain your clothing and your Triple-X contract that will be null and void at that point and you will be done with us and can leave. You understand that I am not rooting for you to achieve this because I have such great plans for you."

He creepily smiled at her, which made Marlene very uneasy. Even though she was in this industry for close to two years she really was sheltered from the different fetishes and sexual acts that were in the company's repertoire. He continued.

Mr. Mills: "The door to the street will mean that you are NOT free of your contract and there will be an extension to it."

Marlene: "What kind of extention?"

Mr. Mills: "Well, not only will you complete the last two movies on your current contract, but you will also be signed for another five years with our company and this time... you will be fair game for any movie and how many movies we plan to star you in. This is non-negotiable. We at Triple-X feel that we must have something at stake to gain given that we are risking losing part of a deal that was already signed. It's only fair my dear."

Marlene's heart sank. This was her chance to get out of this whole business without losing her vaginal virginity but the stakes of losing would compromise her whole way of life. She definitely could never return to her home if she lost and ended up in full on pornography for five years. It was bad enough that she had done lesbian movies, and she was about to have a bunch of anal sex. She was really conflicted.

Mr. Mills: "Miss Stewart? What it boils down to is this; either you run The Gauntlet or you report to Studio Six on Monday morning and fulfill the rest of your original contract. What's it going to be?"

Marlene: "Well...I'm going to have to go through with The Gauntlet."

Mr. Mills: "Very well. Please sign this five-year deal. I am a man of my word. If you find yourself in the prize room this contract will also be there and it also will be null and void."

Marlene looked it over quickly and then signed it. She was a little nervous that she could be swindled here, but she did trust Mr. Mills because he had always been straight with her in the past. She signed it and handed it back to him.

Mr. Mills: "Thank you Miss Stewart. Now... please remove all of your clothing so we can get started."

Marlene stood up and began to remove her clothing. First she pulled her t-shirt over her head and her braless size 40 breasts flopped out like bouncing jello mounds. Mr. Mills held out a plastic bag and she put the shirt in it all the while staring at the creepy smile that he suddenly had across his face again.

She quickly removed her shoes and then her tight yoga pants, and then her thong and put them all in the bag. Mr. Mills put her contracts, the old one and the new one into the bag too. He then reached into his desk and pulled out a stack of money and showed it to Marlene and then put it in the bag as well and then tied it all up.

Mr. Mills: "Miss Stewart that was $500. You can call it another gesture of good faith that if you find the money room then you can keep everything in this bag with your clothing. Remember; if you hit the street do not come back around to the front because we will not let you in. Go home and report back to work on Monday morning."

Marlene: "But how am I supposed to get home completely naked and without money?"

Mr. Mills: "That's you're problem. I suggest you enter into the first hallway now."

Marlene slowly walked towards the door and opened it. She could see the first set of doors marked A, B and C across the hall from where she stood. She heard the door lock behind her. After about two minutes of deliberation, Marlene walked over and opened the door marked B. Inside there was a podium, and a weird bench with straps hanging from both sides of it. Further into the room. She walked to the podium and read her instructions:

[You have entered a five guy anal room. You will straddle across the bench and await your five partners who will take turns penetrating your anus for the next sixty minutes.]

Marlene's heart started to beat a little faster as she did what her instructions had said. The bench was weird looking but it was padded and comfortable. The padding at the end of the torso part of the bench was a little higher and it pushed her ass a little higher up into the air. Her knees and legs were in place on the lower padded slats of the bench and it seemed that her ass cheeks were spread wider by the way her legs were positioned. She waited for her partners to arrive.

Just then the other door opened and 5 guys walked into the room and they were all naked. Marlene looked up and watched them enter. They were all white guys and their hairy penises were dangling between their legs. She didn't really understand how any of this was supposed to work. She'd never touched a man's penis before, let alone had one inside her asshole. But she realized that this was her best play if she wanted to keep her virginity and wanted to be done with the porno business altogether.

She felt hands near her ankle areas as a couple of the men strapped her legs down to the lower slats of the bench. Next her arms were strapped at the wrists and they were pulled tightly forward. Tied tight enough to restrain them but not tight enough to hurt her. Marlene now was tied in place with her virgin ass opened and waiting to be violated.

Next she felt a cool gel-like substance being applied generously to her asshole. The man that was applying it slipped his index finger first knuckle deep into her tight hole a couple of times making the application. Marlene's pussy started to get a little wet as he touched her. For the next 15 seconds she felt the cold air of the air conditioning blowing between her legs and then she felt the man put his hand on the small of her back just above her ass and with his other hand he started pressing his penis against her puckered asshole.

"Owwww!" she shrieked as the man pushed his pecker into her tight virgin stink hole. Each thrust was as painful as the one before it as he worked himself in and out trying to open her up. After a couple of minutes, he had gotten almost four of his six inches into her before finally removing himself completely.

Man number two then got into place and he started to stab into her like the first guy had been doing. He began to get a rhythm going and suddenly the pain disappeared and it started to feel good. Marlene started to pant and breath heavy and whimper some soft sounds of pleasure as he fucked her ass.

The next man then took his turn and Marlene began to really start enjoying what was being done to her. In fact, she couldn't believe that she had deprived herself of this pleasure before today. After a few minutes, the man currently fucking her couldn't take it anymore and he shot his load deep into her anus. The feeling felt warm and a little alarming so she clenched up a little which only felt like a tight fist around his cock and made him cum harder.

For the rest of the hour, the five guys took turns fucking Marlene's tight asshole. They were opening her up and filling her with sticky cum every other guy before finally a bell rang and they all stopped. A few of the guys untied her arms and legs and then they all left. Marlene then stood up and walked to the door stiffly because her body was in the same position for so long.

In hallway #2, She saw a portable showerhead hanging on the wall that she set to it's most powerful stream and used it to spray out her ass a little. She took a quick drink from the water bubbler that was there and then proceeded to the next set of doors. She decided to stay with door B.

[You have entered an Ass Licking Room. Five men will enter the room and you will spend the next hour licking their assholes and taints clean. Proceed to the mat and get on your knees.]

Marlene couldn't believe it. This is something that was truly unexpected. She had to 'lick' assholes? It just couldn't be. Why would anyone want to do such a disgusting thing? She seriously thought of quitting right there and then. She was very close too. Finally after much deliberation, she decided to stick things out. Quitting now would only be bringing consequences that she didn't want to begin with. Staying the course was her only option so she walked over and kneeled down on the mat and waited.

The door opened and five different naked white guys from the last room entered. Marlene's jaw dropped as she saw the men. They were all overweight and very hairy. This was obviously going to be a much more disgusting chore than she first anticipated.

The five men turned their assholes towards Marlene's face and the bell rang to start. She hesitantly got close to the first man and almost threw up from the smell and quickly pulled away. 'Does this guy not know how to wipe his ass?' she thought to herself. She composed herself and approached again. This time she used her hands to spread the man's ass cheeks and stuck her tongue right in.

It was the grossest thing that she had ever done. As she rotated her attention from ass to ass, each one had a different disgusting surprise waiting for her. One guy had very stinky gas. Another had bits of toilet paper stuck in it. Even worse, one guy had hemorrhoids. Marlene felt very sick but she did what she should do and she licked each asshole that was in front of her.

The hour seemed to last a week but finally the bell rang and it all came to an end. Marlene entered hallway #3 and spent some extra time washing her lips and face and rinsing her mouth out with water.

When she turned around and looked at the next set of doors, her last experience turned her off from door B so she chose door A instead. Big mistake. Door A was a penalty room and she was back in hallway #1 at the beginning.

The setback was painful. She knew that door B in this hallway was going to be 5 guys anal so she chose door A. It was a rest room.

[You have lucked out and have chosen a rest room. You have 30 minutes of rest before you must enter the next hallway.}

She sat on the couch that was in the rest room and thought about her next hallway move. There was no way she was picking B again and having to lick those disgusting assholes. The 30 minutes went quickly and it was time to choose another room. She chose door C and hit another penalty room. It was quickly back to hallway #1.

This choice was easy because she had just done it so she chose Door A and took another 30-minute rest. Each time she fell back to hallway #1, she knew she had that rest room and she would use it. Back for a 3rd time in Hallway #2 the only door she hadn't chosen was door A.

[You have hit a double jeopardy Ass Licking Room. Ten black women will enter the room and you will spend the next two hours licking their assholes and taints clean. Proceed to the mat and get on your knees.]

She was mortified. Ten naked black women of all sizes entered the room and got into positions around the kneeling Marlene. At least things were cleaner and less foul smelling this go around, and she was used to sexual acts with other women but never with black women. Still it was a bunch of women and her time in the first ass licking room earlier made things easier. The two hours finally came to an end and Marlene entered Hallway #3 again. She chose door B.

[You have hit a double jeopardy Anal Room. Twenty black men will enter and you will straddle across the bench and await your ten partners who will take turns penetrating your anus for the next two hours.]

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