tagSci-Fi & FantasyMarooned on Gronk Ch. 02

Marooned on Gronk Ch. 02


A few hours later both women hung limp, softly moaning, still bound at the wrist and held together by the tit tubes. Neither was fully conscious the constant internal wriggling sending them into a half crazed world of their own.

The inquisitor had left them long ago and now only two sweat covered guards watched over them. The vat was beginning to ripple with exhausted worms, one by one the creature vacating the women's anal cavities after failing to find suitable lairs to gestate in. The pussy deep ones however had found their ideal nests. By the evening of that first day these worms had shed their skins and rather like some strange insect pupated into thick green cocoons.

The Major could feel the pod slowly ever so slowly growing wider and wider in her pussy shaft. She couldn't see her groin but she could tell the tip of her cocoon was poking from her slit as it enlarged to the size of some crazy toy American football.

"Uggggg Major," Kitty moaned her eyes looking beaten and resigned. "They're ugg too big I feel so...ugggggg"

The young officer had two of the cocoons inside her tight young shaft. One had been forced hard against her cervix deep inside her the other was almost half way out of her slit her pussy forced to remain in a gapping grip on the pod at its widest point. She tried over and over to force it out with her pussy muscles but it was stuck to the deeper one making her unable to eject it.

Both women could feel tiny worms, hundreds of them wriggling inside their protective eggs, slowly growing getting ready to hatch.

The women fell into an uncomfortable suspended sleep. The Major dreamed of home, of her husband then of the crash, the hopeless decent to an alien uncharted world.

Jane was awoken by the sound of a struggle. Her long lashed eyes flicked open the stench of hot semen in her nostrils. Kitty was screaming and yelling as she was been lifted out of the vat. The two Gronk guards had unclipped the tit tubes from the women as they slept then argued about which one to take before finally picking the porcelain white figure of Kitty her fabulous tits more than a hand full even for a Gronk. Jane shifted on the ropes then felt her bulging groin.

"Hell" the pod was massive now, forcing her thighs apart her pussy lips in a constant exhausted gape. Kitty was even more open and froglike and as the Gronk's lifted her young officer from the vat Jane could see the fat green dome of one egg sprouting from a incredibly open pussy.

"Uhh get off me you bastards," She screamed unable to resist much more than verbal abuse, her cat walk long legs kicking fruitlessly.

Both officers knew what they wanted.

"Oh God Major they're going to fuck me. Oh Jez no no ohhhhhhh!"

The Gronks were already refastening her wrists behind her sweaty back pulling hard making her large melons thrust up and out invitingly. One pushed her onto her ass, her legs apart egg pod gaping; the woman looking so pale against the dark stone and jet black oily Gronk bodies.

The Major could not take her eyes away as the creatures unbuckled the little clothes they had on and suddenly both creatures stood there naked and aroused. Kitty gave a moan of horror as she sat legs apart tits thrusting between two standing wanton males, like a photo still from a porno shoot.

The Gronk's had strange twisted cocks bent like bananas but also warped like the branch of an old oak. They were about 7 inched long with a bulbous almost tulip like head; below was a fat sack with what she would come to realise were three testicles. But it was above the cock riding piggy back that made Kitty begin to shudder in revulsion. It was another writhing tiny cock about the size of an index finger. It appeared to move on its own like a worn or snake sniffing the air its tip a large hole almost all its width. It looked like a ting animated segmented pipe.

Kitty screamed to the Major for help as both Gronk's peered down touching her buried pussy egg. They chattered in their language oblivious to her moans and pleas. They tapped the hard egg making the creatures inside rattle around Kitty going cross eyed with the sensation.

Kitty felt so humiliated the young blonde gritted her teeth as the beasts lifted her legs at the ankles pushing them back towards her shoulders. Her ass came into view and her cheeks parted under the cramping position they were putting her in. The Gronk's wiped away hours of semen bath to find her tight little ass hole. It had been at that point the inquisitor had entered to continue his interrogation.

The Major had spat her answers back at him and he felt his own lust growing. Such a feisty and determined one; maybe his lord would bestow her to him as a gift?

He looked at his impatient minions naked and erect, both now frozen to the spot awaiting his order.

"You may not be witches after all." He surmised, stroking his beaked chin. "To survive a night in the worm vat is a feat no witch temptress could bear." He felt down into the semen vat to Jane's firm groin and she shuddered at his pressure on her tummy.

"Hmmmm good they have nested," he looked to the thigh wide Kitty. "They have nested well indeed. You're bodies have proved very elastic and resilient, two traits vital for a breeders mare."

The inquisitor moved over to Kitty.

"The eggs are ready to birth. You must do this to prove your worthyness."

Kitty was wide eyed shaking her head in refusal.

The Inquisitor nodded to her. "Yes you must or they will continue to grow to an undeliverable size. And we will not remove them!"

Kitty moaned in horror. "But, but I don't..." The inquisitor waved his hand. "Use your muscles to push, the guards will press from above." And with that she felt herself pulled almost onto her back a Gronk claw hand on her groin pressing down hard.

"Ugggggggg!" Kitty gave an animal cry of effort her lips trying to spit the first pod from her.

"Ug, ug, ug uggggggggggg!"

As Kitty moaned and thrashed the other Gronk turned to Jane his cock waving like a flag pole in a storm.

"Get this one into position," the inquisitor hissed pointing at Jane. "I want to birth this one myself."

Kitty was screaming over and over the effort almost unbearable she could feel the pod coming slowly and bit by bit it appeared from her pussy a huge green leathery egg the skin showing wriggling shadows of worms inside.

"Ugggggg no no please ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Major Reborsky was now in the same birthing position along side her companion. Her toned bronze skin glistened, her perfect athletic body hiding her years, domed prize tits pointing to the ceiling.

The Inquisitor was dealing with her, pressing hard on her tummy, himself now naked his black cock erect, piggyback worm cock also stiff in excitement. He saw Jane's eyes widen as his phalluses waved closer and closer to her face.

"Do you like our cocks," he said in amusement as he pressed down Jane groaning in ejecting effort.

"Although not breeder Gronk's even we mortals produce from our seeding cock." He stroked the finger size tube the end dripping clear oily precome.

Jane was hardly listening the effort to push the egg overbearing.

The Gronk continued." In our race the female is only a receptacle we plant and seed the egg." He held the tip of his twisted trunk cock the tulip bulb throbbing.

"Here is my egg ready to plant in you, yet I know my seed has neither the power nor linage to fertilise it."

Jane gave another moan of effort the shrieks from Kitty telling her she was at her limit, the point of no return the egg was about to birth.

The inquisitor looked up the two other Gronk's gripping their cocks in excitement.

"Its birthing!" He shouted in delight

Kitty gave a scream of effort her pussy lips clenching harder than ever. The egg exploded half in and half out of her worms spilling from her slit green thick liquid filling her chute up to the deeper egg.

The blonde began to convulse the sensation electric. She had no control her flesh reacting to the cocoon fluid her muscles spasming in a horrendous forced orgasm.

"Ug ug shit uggg awwwwwwwwwwww noooooooo!" She gave an animal cry of pleasure and horror. Her slit was spilling tiny eels like creatures onto the floor the liquid belching from her hole as she convulsed.

The first Gronk wasted no time in mounting the gasping hole his twisted gnarls cock ramming up her just as far as the second throbbing egg.

Jane gasped at the sight, Kitty thrashing on her ass to and thro long legs gripping the huge fat rear of the oily Gronk as he banged up her. He too was in pleasure overload the egg juices a renowned aphrodisiac on this planet and Jane understood the creatures eagerness to savour Kitty's soppy pussy.

It only took seconds of locked rutting pleasure before the Gronk came. His finger size cock began to spit white come over the young woman's bulging tummy, two, three meagre spurts of liquid. Inside her his tulip head popped, depositing a thick mass of eggs the consistency of cottage cheese; then it was done.

It pulled back from her satisfied, the other moving into position pressing down on her tummy again. Time for her to birth the second cocoon!

Jane looked up at the Inquisitor her pussy so wide she knew she was about to birth. The inquisitor held her hand and gently rolled her over so she knelt on all fours.

"That's it my dear push harder now do it now."

Jane face was contorted with effort, she felt the egg almost leave her hole then...


Her tunnel was awash with tiny wriggling worms the liquid feeling like fizzing sherbet.


She gave an aroused bellowing scream as her pussy began to climax. Her tits were on fire her nipples about to explode the whole world was spinning.

"Ugggggggg Jezzzzzz!" She shrieked as the inquisitor mounted her doggie style his egg cock ramming into her quivering pussy the tulip tip shuddering to the intense orgasm inducing liquid. At the same time his little seed trunk twisted into her anus. It burrowed only a few inches enough to pass her sphincter muscles, its open hole end ready to spurt in her rear void.

"Yes, yessss!" It grunted its talon hands gripping her shoulders as it rammed home. Jane screaming with discomfort and total embarrassing pleasure.

The evil creature erupted inside her as she rocked and shivered with excitement

"Ugggggggg you fucking ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She was orgasming over and over.

She felt his tip explode and her innards fill with foam like deposit, then his seed cock shoot hot liquid egg piss into her ass.

She thrashed her head and as she pressed her cheek to the stone she could she Kitty looking back at her. She was shaking her head in denial as she now sat open legged on the knee of the other seated Gronk. His black cock was pumping in and out of her ass his smaller tube wiping precome onto the slowly emerging pussy egg. The Gronk was buggering her to push the deep egg out into birthing position.

Kitty was almost delirious the first eggs fizzy juice was just subsiding; now she had a twisted alien cock up her virgin ass hole at the same time her body was slowly squeezing out another egg.

The Gronk gripped onto her tits twisting then in delight his seed cock rubbing against the worm egg. Jane gave a grateful groan as the inquisitor pulled out just as Kitty's second egg exploded.


Everyone watched in awe as she bucked and bounced on the grimacing Gronk her ass gripping his member the creature stuffing his tiny seed cock into her eel spewing slit then ejaculating almost instantly. Kitty hardly noticed his come, so full of liquid and worm creatures was her pussy hole; however she felt her gut churn as he frothed inside her rectum. At this point Kitty passed out.

The inquisitor stood upright his hand caressing the back of Major Reborsky in appreciation of his unwilling whore.

"You are a fine wench and not a witch that I am sure."

The Major cough and spluttered her body slowly coming down to earth.

"Then you accept we are visitors here." She coughed her tits still tingling with arousal.

" That we are emissaries from another world?"

The creature gave a bellowing laugh.

"Gifts from another world you mean." He added. "Now you must accept that before this inquisition will cease!"

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