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My name is Andy, and I am married to wonderfully beautiful Latina wife named Yvonne. We've been in love and married for almost 20yrs now, and she is more beautiful today, than at any time in our marriage. I can't help but wanting to show her off to other men. She stands just over 5'tall with a body that was made to be admired!

Her breasts are a beautiful full 36D cup, with a 25" waist and a beautiful round Latina butt. Men always stare at my wife in public, even just at the grocery store, etc. I have to admit that it turns me on to see men looking at her. She is very girly and loves her nails done, as well as the full head of hair she has.

I have done many things to have men look at her, such as take sexy pictures of her with our camera, then find ways to show other men. They always love looking at her in her sexy outfits, bras, panties, lingerie, and even nude. I try to get her to pose in many different ways, showing off all of her lovely attributes!

She allows me to take pictures of her, thinking that I may be the only who sees them, although I do tell her in bed, that other men love looking at her! She just smiles as I tell her what they said about her tits, and ass, her nicely trimmed and shaved pussy, and her whole package. I don't know if she believes me, but she does get turned on.

It is not hard to show off your wife's pictures, if you do it with men who like to look at beautiful sexy women, and most do! I've taken her pictures to different stores, when there is a man present behind the counter and I find ways to show her off.

Such as just in a tight outfit, I may let my wallet stay open, or I may ask their opinion on something about her picture. If they say she is really pretty, or sexy, etc, I tell them, oh, you think so too? Thank you, here look at her in her bikini, etc, and soon I them looking at her in her bra's, panties, and nude. It's very erotic, to see their reactions, some even grab at their crotch, they can't help it, and oh I don't blame them.

Well one day, as I went to play golf, just myself at a course about 20 minutes from my house, I waited for another single or up 3 players to arrive, so I could join them, and sure enough, another man, about my age, mid 40's came up to play alone, so the golf course grouped us together to shoot our round.

As we talked and played, the subject of wives came up and I told him, here look at a picture of my beautiful wife. As he did, he complimented her; she was in a tight top that accented her beautiful boobs and some tight jeans that fit snug against her. I enjoyed his comments about her and as we talked about my wife.

Well as we played and of course talked about what our occupations were, I found out that Jim, that is his name, is a family counselor and therapist. I asked him if he counsels couples who have marital problems, etc, and he said he did, as well as many other issues. I joked with him, asking if many sexy wives come in, he laughed, saying some do, and then I asked if he thought it was pretty normal if a husband is proud of his wife.

He said oh sure, but asked what I meant in particular. So I sort of hinted around that I like taking pictures of my beautiful wife, sexy pictures and well at times I feel the need to show them to other men. He told me that can be quite normal and that perhaps he could give my wife and me complimentary session on how to improve our relationship and have an even better marriage.

Although I told him we get along fine, the thought of him seeing my pretty wife in person, really interested me. I thought it may turn me on so much, that late that night, I would think about it and fantasize out it, as my wife, Yvonne and I made love!

He was a handsome fellow, a bit taller than me, with salt and pepper hair, and I told him that I would love to meet with him. He checked on his calendar on his phone, and had an opening for us the following Saturdady morning at 11:00AM. We finished our round of golf, and I told him that I would speak to my wife Yvonne about it and we would see him then.

I have to admit, I was getting a bit worked up, as I told Yvonne about it later that night. The thought of another man, about our age, looking at my wife and speaking to me about things made me aroused. We made love that night, and she was very happy that my cock was really hard, asking me why so hard, and I replied, oh to get to show you off, is just wonderful. She just smiled, as she knows how proud I am of her.

Well Saturday finally rolled around so that morning, after we both worked out, I saw Yvonne getting dressed, and that was nothing less than spectacular!

She put on a pair of shocking pink panties that I had purchased for her from Victoria Secret, as well as a pretty red push up bra. Over that she put on a tight top, some nice tight jeans, her boots, and she wore a purple sweater, she looked hot!

We drove over to Jim's office and it was actually located in his house. He had an office set up in a large room in his house, so it was comfortable for couples he said, to have a home like feeling. He greeted me with a hand shake as well as shaking my wife's hand and smiling. I noticed him look at Yvonne, up and down, and that just made me smile even more.

He said "take a seat in front here," as we sat in front his big mahogany desk. "Well Yvonne, did Andy tell you why you are here today?"

She replied, "Well yes, you are a marriage counselor and you help couples have even more enjoyable marriages, is that correct?"

He said," oh it is, and it seems here that your husband Andy, sort of a fetish that he shared with me."

She looked surprised, as did I, with him saying that. She said, "Oh, what is that?"

"Well Yvonne, may I call you Yvonne?" He asked

My wife politely said, "of course."

"Well it seems that your husband is very proud of you and well he enjoys other men looking at you."

She just smiled and asked, "well sure, and I think that's ok, just a compliment don't you agree?"

Well Jim stated, "oh yes, it is very normal for a husband to be proud of such a lovely wife as you Yvonne, I couldn't agree more." With that I smiled widely!

He told my wife, "you know, so that we can really see how much Andy likes showing you off, oh it would be ok, if you made yourself a big more comfortable Yvonne."

"What do you mean?" She asked, as I looked on also wondering.

"Well, for starters," Jim replied," please take off your sweater, I mean; it's not cold in here."

She seemed a bit relieved and laughed and said, "oh ok, I thought you meant something else,"

So, she removed her purple sweater and she was standing there, then she thrust her chest out with her arms back. You could really seen the outline of my wife's boobs in her bra, in her tight top.

I noticed Jim admiring her with his eyes, as she did. He smiled and said," What did you think I meant, when I said get more comfortable Yvonne?"

Oh she just smiled, and said "oh nothing," and he replied, "Did you think I meant for you to take off more of your clothing?"

She gasped and looked at me, and I just sat there, not sure what to say, as my wife said, "well no of course not!"

He said, "You know, if we really want to get to the bottom of this issue, I believe that it would be ok for you to do so. Take off your top Yvonne."

"Andy, she said to me, can you believe this? I mean, are you even a marriage counselor asking a wife to take off her top?"

I interjected saying, "oh honey, relax, he is just a marriage counselor, and he is only trying to help."

Although looking around all I could see on the wall were his College degrees in accounting.

She said, "are you sure it's ok honey?'

I said, "sure babe, and oh I love seeing you that way too."

She hesitated a bit, and then she said, "well ok, but just because he is a counselor." My wife then stood up, and proceeded to pull her top up over head, being careful not to smudge her makeup or mess up her hair.

There she stood, in her red push up, that 36Full D cup bra, with those big beautiful brown boobs on display, all pushed up, with her nice cleavage showing.

He looked at her, and to me and said, "so Andy, is this making you uncomfortable at all, me seeing your beautiful wife in her pretty bra?"

"Well no, it's not," I replied

Jim then said, "well well, then you won't mind that I ask Yvonne to take off her jeans too right?"

I admit, I was a bit shocked, and I looked at her as she was shaking her head in the no position, but for some reason, all I could say was, "well no Jim, I think that's a good idea. I mean you are a professional, so it must be just common practice."

She looked at me, with a bit of hesitancy, as Jim said, "Good, Yvonne, please remove your jeans for us."

She asked, "Now?" As he nodded his yes.

She just gave me a bit of a not sure look, but she sat there and she proceeded to take off her boots, she stood up, unbuttoned her jeans, then looked at me and said, "Are you sure this is ok Andy?"

I just nodded, yes, still in a bit of a trance, watching my pretty dress undressing here in front of me and stranger, and she pulled off her jeans and step out of them.

Jim looked on, as did I at my beautiful wife. She stood there, all five feet of her, with her wild dark hair, in just her pretty pink thong panties, her red push up bra, and her cotton socks on.

I have to admit, I could feel my penis stir in my pants as I looked at her. Jim said, "So Andy how does this make you feel, your wife, here in her pretty bra and panties, in front of me? Does it make you angry?"

I said, "No."

"Does it make you upset in any way?"

I said "no."

"Ok, then. I must ask do you feel at all aroused?"

I looked at him and then at my beautiful wife and I said, "Well yes it does arouse me to see my wife like this."

She just sort of smiled and he said, "Yvonne, please turn around for us."

She said, "What? Why?"

"Please do," is all Jim said,

So, she turned around showing up the little pink thong, it just disappeared up into my wife's beautiful round ass. She has a full smooth Latina ass, it is a nice ass! I looked at her ass as I felt my penis getting hard and he told her, "please walk around the room a bit Yvonne, let us watch you."

She seemed a bit irritated by this, but she complied, walking around, looking at me and then Jim, and finally saying, "What does this have to do with our marriage?"

He then told me, "Andy, this is what you enjoy right? Other men looking at, lets even say admiring your pretty little wife isn't it?"

"Well yes I admit, I don't know why, but it does turn me on."

"What turns you on Andy? Tell me,"

"Well the fact that I am looking at my wife, my wife of 20 years so beautiful here in her bra and panties, and well the fact that you are looking at her at her too!"

He then said to me "Andy is your penis hard?"

I sheepishly, said, "Well I mean, yes, it is."

I heard Yvonne gasp, as he said, "I thought so."

Jim then looked at my wife and said, "Yvonne, this is just a treatment that is used when husbands enjoy other men looking at their sexy wives it's quite normal and well really a compliment. Now I'll tell you what Andy, why don't you go and stand behind Yvonne."

I got up and stood next to her, in front of Jim's big desk, as he politely said; now reach up and unhook your wife's bra.

"What?" I said out loud.

"He said gently, unhook and remove your wife's bra Andy."

She said, "Wait a minute Andy, being here in front of another man in my bra and panties is one thing, but to be topless, Andy, I don't know about that?"

"I said to my lovely wife, oh babe, you are so beautiful and it turns me on greatly to see you like this, you know I love your tits, oh what harm is there is letting another man see them? Please honey?"

She said, "well, ok, I guess, it's ok," as I reached up and unhooked my wife's red push up bra, and grabbed the shoulder straps and removed my wife's pretty bra, leaving her standing there with her magnificent boobs on display for Jim. Her boobs sticking straight out with a slight hang to them, my wife has spectacular boobs!

He said to me, "oh my Andy; oh your wife has beautiful tits!"

Instead of getting angry like maybe some husbands would I just beamed with pride allowing this man to see my own wife's beautiful naked Boobs!

He said, "Andy come sit down again, I want you to unzip you pants"

"What I thought? Excuse me? "I asked.

"He said, "please unzip your pants, it's really no big deal, your wife is here in just her panties, so you unzip your pants, I want her to see how aroused you are."

I felt my hand going down and unzipping my pants, he said, "go ahead take your penis out," as I pulled my rock hard cock out of my boxers, then my pants, there it stood at attention, all 6" of my dick so hard, throbbing, and sticking straight out!

"Look at your husband's cock, Yvonne." (I noticed he called it my cock for the first time.)

"Yes" she replied,

"It's so stiff and erect isn't it?"

"Yes, it's very stiff" my wife said.

"Your husband is very aroused I see. Andy does it turn you that I am looking at your sexy wife in just her small pretty panties?"

"Yes" I replied as he moved his chair back away from his desk, he then revealed a big thick cock, one that he had been stroking under his desk!

He said, "See what she does to me too? Oh she is truly beautiful Andy!"

" Wow," I heard my wife say, she was staring directly at what she later told me was the biggest, most beautiful cock that she had ever seen, outside of some adult movies that she has watched with me. It was about 8 ½" long and about as thick as her wrist.

He said to my wife, "please sit down Yvonne," as he stood up and walked to front of our desk.

He told her, "Yvonne, I want you to pull down your panties for me now," as she looked at me, she didn't question it this time, she stood up, as he put his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face me, as my wife began to pull down her panties. There she stood, my beautiful little wife, naked in front of another man!

I was almost in disbelief as I watched her. He then said to me," Andy, since Yvonne is nude, please take off your clothes and get naked too" "I stood up and took off all of my clothes, and soon my wife and I were naked here in Jim's office.

He said, "This is going great, a wonderful counseling session, now it's my turn, you see it's best if all are completely naked!"

As my wife and I stood there, Jim took off all of his clothing, and there was that huge pussy pleasing cock sticking straight out! He told us, "Please sit down, as a matter of fact, Andy see that chair over there in the corner, next to the fireplace."

"Yes" I replied.

"I want you to go sit over there please." He said again.

I did as I was told as I looked at my pretty wife, sitting there naked with her tits hanging so nicely on the chair. He then stood right in front of Yvonne, his Big cock inches from her face and he asked her, "Yvonne, do you like what you see?"

She didn't say a word, so he moved himself forward and right there as I watched from that chair in the corner of his office he placed his big mushroom cock head against my pretty wife's full pink lips.

She didn't say anything as he started to push his hips forward I saw my wife open her mouth, wider and wider and soon his cockhead was inside of my wife's wet warm mouth!

"Hmmmmmmmm" I heard him moan, as I watched Jim reach down and start to play with my wife's big tits. My hand instinctively went right for my harder smaller dick and I don't know why, but I began to masturbate.

He looked over and said, "that's it Andy, explore your feelings, doesn't it feel good to play with your cock?"

I didn't say a word, neither did Yvonne as Jim sort of leaned forward and placed his hand between my wife's slightly open legs as she sat on the chair, with his cockhead in her mouth and he said to me, "Oh my Andy, your wife's vagina is soaking wet!"

She closed her eyes as she felt his hand on her wet cunt, and then he said, "That's quite normal, oh she's a healthy sexy wife. Andy, watch as she sucks my cock, watch as your pretty little horny wife sucks my big dick Andy."

With those words, oh my head was spinning, was this really happening? "Was my little wife, really sucking this man's big cock in front of me?" Is what I was thinking.

She opened her eyes, and then she started to suck! She placed her soft little hands, both of them on his cock, and she began to move her hands back and forth, stroking his manhood as she allowed him to piston his dick in and out of her sucking mouth!

He smiled, looking down, gently caressing my wife's wild hair; he started to make love to her mouth. He said, to me, "oh Andy, she's a terrific cocksucker, oh your wife is sucking my cock so nicely, and this must make you so proud!"

I was beating off to the rhythm at which Jim was fucking my wife's pretty face, she was moaning, and she reached down, and my pretty wife, started to rub her pussy, she was masturbating her cunt as she sucked Jim's big cock!

He then held her head, and pulled her back he pulled his cock out of her mouth, stood her up and began to suck my wife's tits. I was watching as this man, suck my wife's big beautiful tits, right in front of me!

He held them in his hands, both of them as he jiggled and bounced them, playing with them, my wife's big beautiful boobs!

He then stood her up and put his hands on her round ass, squeezing my wife's nice ass, I watched as he squatted and put my wife's ass right in his face! He buried his face in her ass hot ass! I could hear him sniffing her butt, as he began to plant wet kisses all over her round ass, and then he started to suck on my wife's ass cheeks, sucking them right there!

He then stood her up and looked at her, and said, "I have to lick your pussy Yvonne," he blurted out!

I know how much that drives my wife wild, so he took her by her hand, and lied down her naked body on the fur run right in front of his fireplace. They were close to the chair that I was sitting in as he laid my wife down on top of him in the 69 position!

His big cock in her face with her pussy on his face. He then grabbed my wife's ass and he began to suck her cunt from behind, I could hear my wife moan loudly as he lapped at her cunt then he moved his tongue up and began to lick out my wife's little asshole! Oh, I thought as she closed her eyes, feeling him licking out her wet asshole, she was going wild, I know because she loves when I lick out her butthole at home!

She looked up at me, with a look of pure fuck lust, she saw me there jacking off, watching her, and she gave me a wink and a smile, as then put her mouth around his big cock.

My pretty wife started to suck his cock again, he moaned this time as she did, she moved his cock to the side and I watched as my wife started to lick his big balls, his balls were like tennis balls, so big, she licked all over them, as her soft hand massaged his massive prick! I thought to myself, "Oh my wife looks like such a sexy hot cunt wife!" I was so proud of her!

She then stopped and she stood up, even before Jim could say a word, with her legs on each side of his legs, she looked at me, said, "Oh Andy, and I want you to watch me fuck him! I'm going to ride his big cock, and you are going to watch me!"

I looked at Jim, he had a huge smile on his face, as she turned to face him, and then she began her decent!

He said," Andy, come here, and watch as I guide it into your wife's wet pussy hole! I had no idea it would look so hot, watching as his big pole pointed up and his massive cockhead was at entrance of my own wife's little honey hole!

My hot sexy little wife began to lower herself onto his big shaft. I could see her round ass, so nicely, as her cunt lips came into contact with his pussy pleaser. His cockhead looked massive against my wife's small wet pussy, her swollen cunt lips, and then it began to disappear. His cock began to disappear up into my wife's hot wet married vagina!

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