tagBDSMMarriage Training Ch. 02

Marriage Training Ch. 02


The day after her birthday started out like any other day. Vivian woke, dressed, did her hair and went to sit for breakfast. Mrs. Banks had warned her to eat sparingly for breakfast because of the examination, which made her feel a trifle anxious all over again, but she did her best to put it out of her mind. During her time at the school she'd only visited Dr. Monroe twice. Although he was a very attractive man she wasn't one of the girls who tittered and swooned over him; she found him quite intimidating. Those pale, knowing, icy eyes had always made her feel just a bit unsure of herself, as if he knew something that she didn't, as if he could see inside of her and know her thoughts.

The examination was done in a special room in the school, attached to but separate from the room where the doctor usually saw students. The far wall was heavily decorated with gorgeous lattice work, looking rather out of place in the sparsely furnished room. There was a padded leather table in the center of it, leather straps attached to the underside if additional security was required, and two moveable parts at one end to which small padded struts were placed. There was also a small tub, two stools, a wash basin and a countertop upon which the good doctor might place his notes or medical instruments. Several instruments were already placed there, none of which Vivian recognized although she looked them over curiously before looking back at Mrs. Banks who was calmly seating herself upon one of the stools.

"Sit on the table, Miss Stafford," Mrs. Banks said with an encouraging little smile on her face. "I assure you, it's quite comfortable."

Gathering herself, Vivian managed to smile back at her companion before alighting herself on the table, sitting quite upright and feeling a little silly with her legs swinging down the way they were. She demurely crossed one ankle over the other.

"Why are we not in Dr. Monroe's usual room?" Vivian asked, in part because she was curious and in part because she felt the need to make some kind of conversation.

"This room is set up for the particulars needed to examine a young lady prior to her marriage training," said Mrs. Banks. "It will be a... different kind of exam than you have had before."

"Different in what way?"

Mrs. Banks pursed her lips, her pretty face solemn as she considered how to answer her charge's question. "You will see. Did you enjoy your birthday yesterday?"

Inwardly Vivian sighed a little. Since Mrs. Banks had spent the entire day shadowing Vivian she already knew exactly how her birthday had been, but it was obvious that her companion did not wish to speak of the exam. Falling back on her manners, Vivian politely allowed the conversation to be diverted.

Unbeknownst to her she was being watched. Perhaps the most special part about the exam room she was in was the room beside it; the lattice work she had noticed on the far wall was not merely ornamental, the intricate wood work helped to hide the screened peepholes. Dr. Monroe was patiently waiting for Gabriel to be shown the various peepholes he might choose to look through, providing him with a view of the exam room at multiple angles.

Having discharged of her duty, Mrs. Cunningham smiled in an ingratiating manner at the Earl. "I will be in my office when the exam is concluded, my Lord. If you would like to find me there afterwards then we may discuss the particulars of Miss Stafford's training. I leave you to your privacy."

"Thank you Mrs. Cunningham," Gabriel murmured.

Leaving the Earl in his room, Mrs. Cunningham gently closed the door and gave a nod to Dr. Monroe, who immediately moved towards the exam room.

At this time, Gabriel was already pressing his face to one of the peepholes, his hands flat on the wall as he sucked in an excited breath of air. This was the closest he'd been to his bride-to-be since the wedding he'd met her at. She was sitting on the large padded table chatting amiably with her companion, looking quite calm except for the way her slim fingers twisted around each other. That glorious red hair was up in a fashionable coiffure except for a few curls which had escaped their pins, one of them resting gently against the slim, ivory column of her neck. Gabriel wanted to twirl that curl in his finger, to stroke the soft, supple skin of her neck beneath it. Her morning dress was a pretty mint green, bringing out the green in her eyes, the peaches and cream of her complexion. Those soft pink lips seemed to quiver as the door to the exam room opened and Dr. Monroe walked in.

Hot excitement rose in Gabriel's body as Vivian stood to greet the doctor.

"Good morning Miss Stafford, Mrs. Banks," said Dr. Monroe as he entered the room, smiling at both of the ladies as they stood and murmured their greetings. Vivian's fingers twisted again as she tried to control her immediate reaction to the handsome but cold doctor; sometimes seemed slightly different about him today, an air of anticipation that she had never seen in him before. "Miss Stafford I'm going to be conducting quite a thorough exam today which will help determine the course of your training for marriage."

"Mrs. Cunningham and Mrs. Banks have informed me, sir," she said, her voice tight with her own anxiety. There was a strong feeling of some kind of danger rushing at her, a premonition of sorts that after today, after this exam, her life was never going to be the same again.

"Very good," the doctor said brusquely as he went to the basin to soap his hands. "Remove your clothing please."

Vivian stared at the doctor's back, in shock.

"All... all of it?" she asked, a deep trembling starting in her belly.

Dr. Monroe looked over his shoulder at her, his blue eyes amused. "Yes all of it. It will be quite a thorough exam."

If it hadn't been for Mrs. Banks moving up behind Vivian and starting to unbutton the back of her dress, she thought she might have fainted.

"Wait," she protested, clutching at the front of her favorite morning dress, the one that she had chosen particularly to help her feel braver because she knew that she looked well in it. The fabric gaped in the back as Mrs. Banks' nimble fingers fairly flew over the tiny buttons. "I don't understand."

Turning, Dr. Monroe dried his hands with a small hand towel that was laying on the counter, his expression quite mild and professional, which would have been encouraging if she hadn't already been so disturbed. "Has anyone ever explained the marital act to you, Miss Stafford?"

She blushed. No one had explained it, although she'd over heard talk from the maids when she was growing up, and as her father had been a country Baron she had seen the animals in the fields during breeding season, so she had some vague idea of what was required. "Not precisely no."

Behind her Mrs. Banks stepped back, the buttons on Vivian's dress completely undone, the folds of fabric open from shoulder to the very top of the curve of her buttocks. In the other room Gabriel fervently wished that he could see it, but his imagination was already on fire. He loved the heated blushed in Vivian's cheeks, her obvious embarrassment and natural modesty, and the way her hands clutched the dress to her breasts. It made her look quite vulnerable and innocent and he immediately decided he wanted her to keep those qualities for as long as possible.

"Suffice to say, your husband will desire, require full access to your body," Dr. Monroe explained authoritatively, his tone giving her no room for argument. "And when you engage in the marital act, he will also require certain things of your body. It is our task to prepare you, and in order to do that I need the same access to your body as he will have. Please disrobe."

Tears filled Vivian's eyes as shame filled her limbs, but she bit her lip and refused to let it conquer her. This was the bargain her father had made in her name and she was going to uphold it, she had to in order to save her family from the ravages of destitution. Gathering her courage, she let the dress begin to slip off of her arms and then fall to the floor.

Gabriel stifled the groan that wanted to rise from his chest as his bride-to-be stood, trembling, in her chemise, drawers and stockings. They were quite plain, without lace or adornment, and yet that very plainness allowed her innate femininity and delicacy to shine. She shifted, her head down as if she didn't dare look at the doctor, allowing Mrs. Banks to pick up the dress from the floor, folding it neatly and placing it on the countertop. The doctor stood watching, his arms crossed over his chest, completely impassive as Vivian's womanly form was slowly revealed. Mrs. Banks loosened the young woman's stays, giving Dr. Monroe and Gabriel only the slightest glimpse of her fully, pale breasts tipped with strawberry nipples, before Vivian put her hands over them.

That fleeting, tantalizing peek at her breasts turned Gabriel's breathing ragged. Yet he was just as aroused by her obvious embarrassment, her innate modesty, and the telltale signs of innocence. It was not the kind of reaction he was used to seeing from a woman and it inflamed him.

A small whimper escaped Vivian's lips as Mrs. Banks undid the ribbon on her drawers and the light fabric slipped from her hips and down to the floor, revealing a coppery covered mound. The poor thing seemed quite conflicted, wanting to cover her mound and her breasts and finding it difficult to do both. She looked absolutely delicious, standing in nothing but her stockings, tied about the knees with pretty green garters that matched her dress. Somehow that little innocuous detail seemed enchantingly erotic now that it was discovered. Gabriel felt as though he'd witness a secret, and he immediately wondered if she always matched her garters to her dresses. If she didn't, then once she was his wife he would ensure that she did.

"You may leave the stockings on," said Dr. Monroe and Gabriel mentally blessed the man. Obviously he was just as appreciative of the pretty picture she created with everything that mattered exposed and only her dainty feet and lower limbs covered. "Lie down on the table on your stomach."

With Mrs. Banks and Dr. Monroe assisting, Vivian was soon on the table, feeling almost grateful that she was no longer quite so exposed. Although Dr. Monroe's expression had remained icily blank, she couldn't escape the feelings of embarrassment, the sensation of eyes devouring every inch of her skin. She felt sure that it must be due to this being the first time a man had ever seen her nude body. There was no choice, and certainly no one was harming her, so Vivian reassured herself with the knowledge that surely Mrs. Banks wouldn't allow the doctor to do anything untoward. Even now she had her companion cum chaperone and she must comfort herself with that.

"I'm going to begin with a massage, so that I may assess your muscles and responses," said Dr. Monroe, his voice coming from somewhere near Vivian's feet. Her muscles tensed at the idea of him putting his hands on her, but Mrs. Banks didn't say anything, so it must be alright. Still, she felt wound tight as a spring as she felt strong, masculine fingers touch her feet, grasping them firmly and beginning to knead through her silk stockings. It felt surprisingly nice, his fingers rubbing away little pains that she hadn't previously been aware of.

Dr. Monroe tested both feet and then moved up to her calves. There was no choice but to allow her muscles to loosen under his insistent administrations. Mrs. Banks was a steady presence beside Vivian, visible whenever she opened her eyes, which was all that kept her from panicking as the doctor moved upwards to her thighs. Strange feelings were beginning to grow inside of her, not in her legs but deep in her lower belly, things that she'd never felt before. Automatically she pressed her legs together as his fingers moved across her flesh, slightly rough against the satin of her skin, moving closer to her secret female places. Vivian's breath came faster, the new sensations in her body seeming to surge as she trembled.

"Very nice," murmured the doctor before his hand moved to her other leg, just above the knee, and he began to work his way up all over again. It was only a minor reprieve as his fingers drew closer and closer.

To her relief he again stopped an inch below the curve of her buttocks, now beginning the process on her arms, and then her shoulders and down her back. The massaging of her back was the hardest to resist, his fingers expertly drawing away the tension, making her feel light headed and limp. As much as she tried to hold onto her anxiety it seemed to drain away, leaving her in almost a dream-like haze.

Now when he reached her buttocks and began massaging them, she could only make a small sound of protest, but it lacked any true conviction. He treated her buttocks the way he had the rest of her, massaging them quite firmly, his fingers parting the globes.

From his vantage point in the other room Gabriel was tantalized by glimpses of the pink puckered rose between Vivian's creamy cheeks. He was quite sure that she was unaware how revealing Dr. Monroe's massage of her was, although he knew from experience that a massage could be quite disarming. What a lovely picture she was, so submissively yielding to the strong hands of the doctor. He could hardly wait until the day when he would be able to take the doctor's place.

"Turn over now, please, Miss Stafford."

Vivian's emotions tensed again, although her body seemed loathe to follow. With her limbs feeling so weak and watery it was no trouble for Mrs. Banks and Dr. Monroe to turn the girl on the table, ignoring her blushes. Mrs. Banks quite calmly arranged Vivian's hands by her sides, not allowing her any attempts at modesty. Her skin tingled as Dr. Monroe's eyes swept down the line of her body.

Even with her legs drawn tightly together to protect her inner secrets, her thatched mound of coppery hair was a provocative sight against the paleness of her skin. Her breasts were now fully on display, although slightly flattened by her position on her back; the full globes were tipped with little strawberry nubbins, quite a fetching dark pink against the ivory of her skin. They were already ruched tight and hard, not just from the air against her skin but in response to the doctor's massage.

"Very responsive," Dr. Monroe said approvingly. "With very little stimulation. I think his lordship will be quite pleased."

Dr. Monroe was absolutely correct, although Vivian was confused because she didn't understand to what he was referring. His lordship, however, was both gratified and jealous by the sight of Vivian's tight nipples, the evidence that her body would easily become accustomed to sensual pleasures. Indeed, they almost looked as though they were begging for all sorts of devious punishments and he could hardly wait to see her response to the rest of the examination.

The blush on Vivian's face became more apparent as Dr. Monroe massaged her front, Mrs. Banks standing on the opposite side of the table from him, watching over her charge.

When Dr. Monroe reached her breasts, Vivian found that her breath was quite taken away. Her body seemed to freeze up as he cupped them, squeezing gently with firm, warm hands.

"Doctor please!" The shock was quite evident in her voice.

"Calm yourself, Miss Stafford," he said in an authoritative tone before looking at Mrs. Banks. "Mrs. Banks, would you please check Miss Stafford's response for me."

Vivian felt faint as her companion slid slim fingers into the space between her legs, despite the way Vivian was pressing her thighs together, and touched her quite intimately.

"Mrs. Banks!" Her voice came out sounding strangled, her hands immediately reaching to grab her companion's wrists. All parties froze, the shock still richoting through Vivian as she held Mrs. Banks' arm, the older woman's fingers already touching the damp folds of Vivian's secret place.

"Remove your hands from Mrs. Banks and put them back by your sides, or you will receive a spanking before finding yourself back in exactly this position, Miss Stafford," Dr. Monroe said in an icy tone, his hands beginning to squeeze and stroke Vivian's breasts again.

She looked frantically at her companion, who looked quite calmly back at her.

"It's alright, Vivian," said Mrs. Banks, deliberately using her first name in order to remind her young charge of their close relationship. "You will have to become more accustomed to people touching you, or at least to Dr. Monroe and me touching you, for I assure you that your husband will want to."

Of course her husband would want to touch her, deep down Vivian knew that. She just hadn't expected to be touched quite so rudely, so brazenly, without warning or care for her sensibilities. But this was what she had to do, this must be what Marriage Training was about. After all, it wouldn't do for her to displease her husband with protests or panic; she needed to learn what to do in order to ensure the well-being of her family.

Closing her eyes, trying to pretend that what was happening didn't affect her, Vivian lay her hands back down by her sides.

Something coiled and stirred in her belly as Mrs. Banks' fingers probed at her nether lips.

"Damp," said Mrs. Banks, almost clinically, as she slid her fingers up the shivering young woman's slit.


"OW!" Vivian gasped, her hands flying to her breasts as Dr. Monroe pinched her nipples between his fingers; the tight grip on her tender young buds making her writhe. Her legs parted, kicking slightly and affording the Earl in the next room a delightful look at his bride in a completely unguarded moment.

"Hands down," Dr. Monroe ordered sternly. "I will not release your nipples until you put your hands back down at your sides."

"Please," cried out Vivian, feeling quite overwrought. Tears filled her eyes, not so much from the pain in her nipples, although she'd certainly never felt anything like it before, but also from the shock and humiliation. It was impossible for her to maintain her composure under such conditions.

"Hands down," the doctor repeated. He didn't tighten his grip on the roseate buds, but kept up a firm hold. Vivian forced her hands back down to her sides, her entire body feeling rather tingly, her heartbeat racing and pounding her ears as her entire focus was taken in by the strange new sensations crawling over her body.

"Mrs. Banks?" inquired the doctor, his tone of voice bored.

"Much wetter," said Mrs. Banks, smiling at Vivian with approval, which confused the young woman even further. "I think she might respond quite well to clamps."

"Let me get them."

"Clamps?" Vivian whispered as Dr. Monroe turned, releasing her nipples and moving over to the counter.

"They're going to pinch a bit, but it will feel good too," Mrs. Banks said soothingly, her fingers gently stroking the slickening folds of Vivian's cunnie. "You're doing very well Vivian, you're going to be a wonderful student."

So far this examination was going wonderfully well, some girls needed the straps attached to the table used on them, but Vivian had always quite easily managed. She was naturally submissive, something that Gabriel had discerned and responded to the first time that he'd seen her. Everything in her nature was eager to please, she was quick to look for approval and practically glowed when it was given. Indeed, under Mrs. Banks' encouraging words, Vivian relaxed further. The almost tickling sensation of Mrs. Banks' fingers between her legs was becoming quite pleasurable, and despite the rough way Dr. Monroe had handled her nipples they seemed to be adding to the heady sensuality that was suffusing her body.

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