tagBDSMMarriage Training Ch. 03

Marriage Training Ch. 03


Author's Note: I highly suggest reading the previous two chapters; these chapters are not really meant to be stand alone. As with the previous two chapters, there is no actual intercourse in this chapter.


An incredible feeling of well-being and warmth had settled on Vivian as she lay on the leather table, her eyes slowly blinking as her vision came back into focus. It had been like nothing she'd ever experienced before; the frenetic need that had overtaken her followed by the exquisite explosion of pleasure. Her body felt limp and satisfied, despite the humiliations that she'd been put through, and she dazedly wondered exactly what had happened. Mrs. Banks, her companion, had touched her in a most inappropriate way, and yet it had felt wonderful. Still, she couldn't help but feel even more embarrassed as she remembered the sounds she had made, the way she'd writhed while out of control of her body. All in front of both her companion and the icy Dr. Monroe.

Lost in her own thoughts Vivian barely noticed the other two moving around her, bringing in equipment for the last portion of her exam. In the other room her future husband, Gabriel Cecil, the Earl of Cranborne, sat and rested in a chair while occasionally peeking through the peephole in the wall. He felt as utterly wrung out as Vivian, having watched her slow debasement as she was stripped, massaged, violated in both of her private areas, and forced to a rousing climax. The delightful redhead was so far proving to be everything he'd hoped; wonderfully passionate, inherently submissive, and able to act the part of a demure gentlewoman. She would be a perfect Countess, and eventually a perfect Marchesse, to the eyes of Society, all the while being his perfect bedmate in private.

"Now Miss Stafford, you have a choice," said Dr. Monroe, his deep baritone voice bringing all parties into focus to the present moment. The handsome doctor was looking down into the dazed face of the young beauty, his expression completely blank although one look at the state of his pants would inform any observer that he was hardly disinterested in the proceedings. "You may hold yourself immobile in the position that I require, or we can strap you down if you feel you need assistance."

Her eyes slowly focused as Vivian struggled to gather her wits, licking her suddenly dry lips with a small pink tongue. Somehow the idea of being completely immobile, totally helpless, at the hands of Mrs. Banks and Dr. Monroe seemed as thrilling as it was alarming. Already they'd shown what they could do to her, how they could manipulate her senses, even without having unfettered access to touch her as they would. What would it be like to be completely at their mercy?

And yet Vivian was nearly as apprehensive of her reaction to the temptation as she was to the idea of being strapped down.

"What position?" she asked reluctantly; although she spoke quietly the room was so silent that it was no trouble to hear her, even for Gabriel in the next room. Her shaky limbs felt too loose, too unstable for her to be sure she could maintain a difficult posture.

That question caused Gabriel no small amount of excitement. The prospect of seeing his future bride strapped into a position which would allow easy access for Dr. Monroe to administer the next portion of the exam was quite stimulating, but so too was the supposition of Vivian holding herself immobile without the assistance of bondage, submissively allowing the doctor and Mrs. Banks access to her innocent body.

"You need to be on your back with your legs spread and bent at the knees," said Dr. Monroe, giving Vivian a look as if he didn't believe she would be able to hold herself in the manner he required. "If you choose to be unbound then it would be best if you tucked your hands under your knees to facilitate the spread of your legs."

The vision that his graphic words created in her mind was rather disquieting after Mrs. Banks' manipulations of that very area. Was the doctor going to touch her there now? What awful or wonderful things did they want to do to her?

Unfortunately for Miss Stafford her hesitation was enough to confirm to Dr. Monroe that it would be best if the young beauty were tied down. Truthfully he preferred woman in restraints anyway, but he also knew that this procedure would be easier for the young woman both physically and mentally if she was not a willing accomplice. Also, he had never had a young woman complete the entire examination without breaking her position. But he did like to give them the choice and watch them squirm, and also to see if any of them might be able to make it all the way through without the bindings. But they had no time to dally and so he waved his hand briskly at Mrs. Banks. "Tie her down."

"No, wait!" Vivian cried out as Mrs. Banks approached and grasped her wrist; now that her choice was being taken from her she immediately wished to have her limbs free. "I'll hold myself."

Dr. Monroe shook his head and gestured for Mrs. Banks to continue. "Most young woman have difficulty with this portion of the examination, Miss Stafford. You would be quite unusual if you were able to hold yourself in place for it and your lack of immediate enthusiasm to do so has convinced me that it will be best for all of us if you are restrained."

"Oh please," Vivian said, fear welling inside of her chest as Mrs. Banks moved around to the other side of the table to strap down her free wrist. And yet all three observers noticed that she did not resist other than verbally. "Please... I won't move, I promise." Her sweet pleas were music to Gabriel's ears, blood pounding through his body and back into his cock. The organ swelled, recovering much faster than he would have thought possible considering that he was receiving no direct stimulation. But his imagination had taken flight and he could easily picture Vivian mouthing similar words, similar pleas, in a myriad of scenarios guaranteed to tantalize and enflame him.

"Indeed you will not, because you will not be able to," said Dr. Monroe.

Once Vivian's arms were secure he stepped forward to grasp one slim ankle. After all, this was the more humiliating and exposing portion of the restraints and it would not do to have Vivian resent Mrs. Banks for putting her into the position. It did not matter if she resented him for he would never be her confidant. Quickly, professionally ignoring the thrill it gave him, he strapped Vivian's ankle to the table in such a position that her knee was forced upward and outward, almost as if she was crouching. Repeating the effort on her other ankle was the work of a moment, leaving Vivian almost gasping at how quickly and ruthlessly the doctor had taken control of her body.

"Oh... oh please... this is... this is indecent," Vivian wailed, her humiliation complete as the doctor stood at the edge of the table, staring down at her completely splayed privates. Every time she thought they could not embarrass her further they found another way. Never had she thought to be so displayed, especially not before a man! It did not matter that he was a doctor, this was lewd. It felt as if her entire body was blushing. Unfortunately the straps bit into the tender skin of her ankles every time she tried to close her legs; she could not preserve any sort of modesty for longer than a few seconds, and every attempt weakened her muscles further. Now she understood why Dr. Monroe thought that she would not be able to hold the position he requested - it was utterly humiliating and exposing!

Dr. Monroe ignored her tears and please as he readied the douche; it was Mrs. Banks' task to go to Vivian's head and stroke her hair, whispering encouragement in her ear. The poor girl whimpered, feeling quite overwhelmed by all she had already experienced in this small room, even more overcome by her rising anxiety and embarrassment. If she'd known there was another man, her future husband, avidly watching in the next room, she might have actually fainted. Gabriel himself was feeling rather weak-kneed as he drank in the sight of Vivian's pink cunt, the lips lewdly pulled apart to expose the more delicate inner petals. The entire area was fringed with damp red curls, the soft rosy flesh glistening with the moisture from her recent climax. Exquisite.

Not wanting to make this ordeal completely unbearable for the young woman, Dr. Monroe had considerately filled the syringe with warm water. He placed a basin at the base of the table, which was tilted just enough that the fluid would leak downward and away from Vivian's body when she expelled it. The nozzle was long and thing, so as not to overly stretch her virgin channel, with five lines of three tiny holes each at its end to ensure thorough irrigation.

Vivian whimpered as the doctor pressed the nozzle to the entrance of her body, turning her head into Mrs. Banks' comforting hand. Unlike Mrs. Banks' tender administrations, this portion of the exam felt quite clinical and therefore more frightening as well as more humiliating. The nozzle was cold and hard as it slid into her, feeling very foreign and uncomfortable. She moaned as the doctor pushed it deeper, wanting to protest again but knowing it was useless.

"Such a good girl, Vivian, you're doing so well," Mrs. Banks whispered, and Vivian took comfort in the praise. After all she'd spent most of her life trying to be a good daughter, a good student, a good friend... to hear that she was being good even in such strenuous circumstances as she found herself was a balm to her agitation and discomfort with the situation.

Taking a moment to enjoy the pretty picture before him, Dr. Monroe paused as he watched Mrs. Banks run her finger over Vivian's soft cheek, the low murmur of her voice punctuated by the little involuntary whimpers coming from Vivian's throat. Mrs. Banks was bent over in such a way that her dress gaped slightly at the neckline, allowing him to see the creamy curves of her upper breasts. One young woman completely unclothed and restrained, her virginal body trembling, as an older woman comforted her while giving him a delightful view of her own charms. The syringe pressed against Miss Stafford's body, nozzle fully inserted into her untried orifice, enhanced the scene wonderfully.

A rather unprofessional smile slid over her lips as he began to depress the syringe.

"Oh! OH!" Vivian thrashed against her restraints, her insides clenching as warm water gushed into her body. It sprayed out of the nozzle, a steady pressure against her cunt walls. The strange sensations inside of her made her quiver and gasp, especially as Dr. Monroe began to twist the instrument and then gently move it in and out of her slightly, the way Mrs. Banks had done with her fingers. The sensations were strange and almost good, except that she felt uncomfortably full and sloshy and the movements of the nozzle inside of her exacerbated the swollen feeling. Fluid trickled out of her as Dr. Monroe fucked her with the nozzle, trickling down her crack and onto the table before sliding down and dripping into the basin he'd readied. With her eyes screwed shut she couldn't see the enraptured and lascivious expressions of Dr. Monroe and Mrs. Banks as they watched her slim body try to twist and writhe, her leg muscles working as she tried to close her thighs only to be stopped by the leather cutting into her skin.

Finally Dr. Monroe pulled the nozzle from her body and the fluid drained immediately now that it was no longer acting as a stopper in her tiny hole. Vivian shuddered at the strange sensation of the receding douche. The inside of her body felt sensitive and slightly irritated, her little pussy lips were darker pink from the stimulation and the friction of the syringe.

They let her lay there as they prepared the enema, knowing that Lord Cranborne must be enjoying the sight of his exhausted and cleansed bride in her bondage. Indeed, he was quite overcome by the sight; he memorized the lines of her limbs, the way her breasts heaved as she pulled in air through parted pink lips, the swollenness of her cunt and the way her fingers curled and relaxed. That was how she would look after he was done taking her virginity, making her his wife, making her his.

She slowly roused as Mrs. Banks returned to stand by her head, her whispered encouragement bringing back Vivian's anxiety. Why was Mrs. Banks encouraging her again? What were they going to do?

Something slick and cool rubbed against the crinkled hole of her anus and Vivian cringed in embarrassment, immediately trying to pull away from the touch.

"Please stop," she begged. "What are you doing?!"

"He's going to give you a thorough cleansing," Mrs. Banks said soothingly, stroking the damp strands of Vivian's hair away from her face. "This is the last part of the exam, you're almost done. Be a good girl Vivian, it's almost over."

Her whispered encouragement continued as Vivian shut her eyes against Dr. Monroe's scrutiny, small whimpers escaping from her throat as he continued to rub his finger against the tiny rosebud opening, adding just a little bit of pressure. Almost over, she thought feverishly. One last humiliation to endure. She knew what an enema was, of course; her governess had occasionally administered one when she was a child for her health, but she'd never thought to have a man do the deed. And she'd never liked them.

The tiny hole clenched automatically as Dr. Monroe began to push the small nozzle into the aperture.

"Mrs. Banks," he said quietly, under the murmur of her words to Vivian.

Immediately Mrs. Banks let her hand stroke down over Vivian's stomach, making little soothing circles on the young woman's skin. Then her fingers delved down into the damp folds of Vivian's sex and the girl clenched again and then relaxed as she moaned. Dr. Monroe took advantage of the inadvertent response to easily slide the lubricated nozzle past Vivian's clutching sphincter. The combined sensation of Mrs. Banks' stroking fingers and the invasion of her rear entrance had Vivian squirming with new sensations.

Dr. Monroe inflated the little balloon, securing the nozzle in Vivian's body, before beginning a slow release of the enema liquid, holding the bag at shoulder height. Watching Mrs. Banks' fingers dip and slide in Vivian's folds, spreading moisture up to the swollen little nub at the apex, Dr. Monroe shifted slightly to the side so that the voyeuristic Earl would be able to enjoy the same view. Mrs. Banks played with Vivian's pretty pussy in such a way that it was clear she was experienced at doing so with an audience, fingers nimbly arousing Vivian as her back channel was slowly filled with the warm solution.

Her folds were sensitive from her earlier climax, and Vivian groaned and wriggled as the stretching of her rectum started to become uncomfortable.

"Oh please... it's too much... that's enough," she begged as her stomach began to cramp a bit, opening emerald eyes up at Mrs. Banks, instinctively feeling that her companion would be the more sympathetic party.

"You're almost finished dear," Mrs. Banks said encouragingly. "Just relax, let me make you feel good."

Knowing fingers began to press and rub harder at Vivian's little clitty and the overwhelmed young woman let out a sharp cry as Dr. Monroe raised his arm holding the bag of enema fluid and the flow gushed faster into her already full colon. The combination of sensations, the discomfort and pleasure, the cramping ache and the rising ecstasy were almost too much for her to bear. She sobbed and twisted in her restraints as her body throbbed and then shuddered with release, despite her overfull bowels. Mrs. Banks rubbed and caressed, forcing Vivian to ride her fingers through her orgasm, until the young woman was completely exhausted.

Leaving the nozzle securely planted in her bottom, Dr. Monroe engaged the stopcock and removed the hose. Vivian moaned fitfully as they began to undo her restraints, her body feeling so strange in the aftermath of the most intrusive and humiliating examination of her life, her full bowels sloshing juicily as she moved. In the other room Gabriel stifled another groan as he wrung the last of his own orgasm from his twitching cock before slumping down into the chair. He'd now doused two handkerchiefs with his seed and yet he felt sure that if the examination had continued he'd have been able to release a third load. His future bride roused him like no other woman before, her innocent and passionate responses calling to him. Having no interest in seeing her release the enema, although he'd thoroughly enjoyed watching her being filled, he leaned back into the chair and considered her future training.


After expelling the copious amount of fluid that had been introduced into her bowels, Vivian was feeling quite weak and shaky. Despite her wariness of him, she had no choice but to accept the doctor's help as Mrs. Banks dressed her. Looking away from him, she couldn't stop the heated blushes that suffused her cheeks; she couldn't look at him without seeing the knowledge in his eyes of what she looked like completely unclothed. Fortunately she did not have to suffer his presence for long, as he walked stiffly off to his office the moment she was presentable enough to return to her own room.

"Come Miss Stafford," said Mrs. Banks as she offered the younger woman her arm. Vivian tottered slightly as she leaned heavily against her companion, her eyes rather glazed looking as she was led to her room. The area between her legs was now feeling especially sensitive, she was sharply aware of the way her netherlips were rubbing together as she walked, wincing a bit as her drawers pressed against them and her abused anus.

"Mrs. Banks, I don't understand-"

"We'll discuss it when we reach your room, Miss Stafford," Mrs. Banks interrupted her gently, patting her arm.

Oh, of course. Vivian blinked as she realized that there were others walking about, although none of them were paying much attention to her at the moment. But that didn't mean that a servant or, worse, another young lady might not overhear their conversation if they were to talk while walking through the halls. It was only a few more minutes before they reached her room.

"I think it would be best if you took a nap, dear," said Mrs. Banks as she began to undo the buttons on the back of Vivian's dress again.

Although normally Vivian despised sleeping during the day, being a rather active young lady, she found herself agreeing. The examination had completely worn her out and she felt so weak and watery that the idea of laying down and sinking into oblivion for a few hours was immensely appealing.

"Yes... yes I think I will," Vivian said stepping out of the dress and giving a little sigh of relief as Mrs. Banks took down her drawers. "Mrs. Banks? I don't... I don't quite understand what happened today."

The confused and anxious look on Vivian's face would have softened a much harder heart than Mrs. Banks. She helped the young woman out of her shift and into her nightrail as she reassured her. "What happened today was nothing more than an examination of your responses, so that we know best how to train you for your husband," she said, smoothing the thin fabric over Vivian's hips. "Women react very differently to various stimuli, and now that we know how you react we can best outline what needs to be done before you are ready to be married to his lordship."

"I understand that... I..." Vivian's voice trailed off as she blushed and looked at the floor. She'd accepted the examination as a necessity in order to prepare her for her new life, despite her discomfort with some of the things that had been done to her. What she didn't understand was how she could have enjoyed some of those things, despite the fact that they had been completely indecent. Indeed, she felt almost ashamed of her behavior. Her voice lowered to a whisper, despite the fact that there was no one nearby to overhear. "I don't understand what happened to my body."

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