tagBDSMMarriage Training Ch. 08

Marriage Training Ch. 08


Author's Note: This story is not meant to be read as a standalone, if you haven't read the previous chapters then I strongly recommend going back to the beginning and starting from there. Enjoy!


From the peephole that Mrs. Cunningham brought him to, Gabriel was able to see where his wife slept every night. The punishment chair in the center of the room obviously dominated his view, but it was a much treasured glimpse into Vivian's personal life. He especially enjoyed watching her being lectured as she sat in the punishment chair, still a little glassy-eyed from the multiple orgasms she'd experienced while she was being given her enema during Dr. Monroe's examination. The spanking itself was almost anti-climactic after the events in the examination room, although he still enjoyed seeing Vivian's slim white legs kick as her bottom was turned a dark pink.

He had known from the outset that Mrs. Banks was going to be gentle with Vivian's punishment this evening, although if this was her version of gentle then he hoped he would soon be able to witness a true disciplining from her! Watching through to the end of the punishment and seeing how willingly Vivian took her companion's fingers in her mouth was enough to spark his imagination to very dark places. He left as Mrs. Banks was tucking her exhausted student into bed. As much as he yearned to be the one administering a spanking to Vivian's creamy bottom, he had to admit that it was illicitly thrilling to be a voyeur to the proceedings. At first he had thought he would be jealous, which he was, but the jealousy wasn't nearly as strong as he had thought it would be.

Once Vivian was his wife, however, it would be different and he would not share her with anyone in any way.

Leaving the school, Gabriel was well-pleased. Due to the lateness of the hour he had scheduled a meeting with Mrs. Cunningham for the next day to discuss the furtherance of Vivian's training.


Thursday morning Vivian awoke feeling almost shockingly refreshed. Her body ached, but the deep sleep that had followed the invasive and humiliating exam had almost completely revived her. Perhaps, she mused as the maid pinned her hair in place, it was because she'd had some idea of what was coming. Although Mrs. Banks and Dr. Monroe had taken her far beyond what she'd thought possible. She watched in the mirror as a delicate pink blush rose in her cheeks, remembering the way she'd come apart in their hands.

The climax Mrs. Banks had given her after her punishment hadn't been nearly as powerful, and she'd been grateful for that. How could a body possibly handle so much pleasure?

Seeing the maid looking at her curiously in the mirror, Vivian's blush deepened. At least the maid didn't ask her thoughts, Vivian had no idea what she would say.

She remembered when she had first begun this nightly training and her almost resentment that she had no one to confide in. Now she still wished she had someone to talk to but for a different reason: she wanted someone to talk to about the ecstasy.

It was impossible. Not only had Mrs. Banks ordered her not to talk of her training with the other young ladies - and she was sure she would be punished if she was found to have transgressed - but there didn't seem any point in talking to young women who wouldn't understand what she was talking about. Sighing, Vivian allowed her maid to put the finishing touches on her hair before she nibbled at the last bit of her breakfast and headed out of her bedroom and to the front of the house.

Strangely it was the inside of her body that felt sorer today than the outside. Breakfast had been very soft porridge and a bit of toast, easy for her to eat and soothing to her stomach. Vivian had to wonder if the kitchen staff knew why she was being sent such a specialized meal. She fervently hoped not.


The extremely deep rest that Vivian had gotten the night before had certainly helped her throughout the activities of the day. She felt that she was truly beginning to understand how to be flexible enough with her plans to allow for the minor emergencies that plagued a household on a regular basis. Anything from running out of a particular kind of spice, to dealing with an unexpected and demanding visitor... the Practicum was giving the young ladies quite a bit of experience with all of them. Experience that Vivian especially appreciated as she knew that as an Earl's wife she would be much more socially active than her own family had been while she was growing up.

Some small things seemed to take her longer to grasp, especially when it came to dealing with the servants, than the other young ladies. She supposed they'd had the benefit of watching their own mothers, or perhaps even assisting them, in matters around the house. At least she was not the only one to fumble on occasion, however, and she learned from watching their mistakes as well.


Sitting at attention in the hard seat of the punishment chair, Vivian couldn't help but smile back at her companion as the lecture ended. It hadn't been a very long one. She knew that she had done well during the Practicum today and she felt flush with triumph. Of course she had not been perfect and so she was still receiving a spanking, twelve to be exact, but that was the lowest she'd earned so far and she felt quite proud of the fact.

Anticipation welled inside of her as Mrs. Banks helped her disrobe, the fabrics slithering off of her body and leaving her standing naked and vulnerable. Tonight Mrs. Banks had her strip completely down, without even her stockings on. Sometimes she kept them on, sometimes Mrs. Banks removed them. Vivian had learned that there was no meaning to fear behind the changes, it was purely based on her companion's preference for the evening.

This time Mrs. Banks bound Vivian's wrists behind her back before sitting down in the chair; forcing the young woman to unsteadily bend at the waist as she tried to lay herself across her companion's skirts without the use of her hands. It was a revelation to Vivian how much she relied upon the use of her hands for balance, as well as an increase in the anxiety and vulnerability of her situation. Still, she felt almost as if Mrs. Banks was waiting for her to react negatively to this one small change and Vivian was determined to show that she could adapt.

With her legs splayed wide to help her balance, she lowered her upper body onto Mrs. Banks' thighs, assisted in small ways by the older woman who didn't want to leave Vivian completely floundering. If the Earl had been watching he would have been treated to the sight of Vivian's pussy lips gaping open as she bent herself forward, pale white thighs spread and trembling as she placed herself in position.

"Very good, Miss Stafford," Mrs. Banks said approvingly as she made some small shifts to Vivian's position, pushing her upper body forward a bit to further raise her buttocks and enhance the sensation of helplessness as Vivian's balance was disrupted. Now if Mrs. Banks raised her arm off of the young woman's back there was a very good chance that she would slide forward. The undersides of her breasts were pressed against Mrs. Banks' thigh, her pert and already perky nipples pointing downwards in the same direction as her face.

Vivian could help but wonder what it would be like if Dr. John were to spank her in this position. The slaps that he'd given her bare bottom the night before had been shockingly hard, giving her a much better idea of what it would be like to be spanked by her future husband. Larger hands with a much stronger swing, more callused than the soft palm of Mrs. Banks. She couldn't help but picture herself in such a position, causing a rush of wetness to moisten her already damp pussy lips.



The count and the slap were enough to jolt Vivian out of her fantasy. Although Mrs. Banks might not be as strong and her hand might not be as large as Dr. Monroe's, she had a hefty swing when put her mind to it, and as Vivian was nearing the end of her second week of training, as well as the low punishment count she had earned, the companion didn't see any reason to hold back on the strength of the spanking.





To the older woman's surprise, she could feel Vivian holding in her reaction; the tension in the young woman's body making it clear that she wanted to yelp or cry out, but was doing her best not to. Mrs. Banks frowned. Vivian's previous disciplinary sessions had always been accompanied by at least gasps and whimpers, even at the very beginning. She'd been aware that the young woman had tried to stifle much of her verbal reaction, perhaps worried that passerby might overhear her misery (not knowing that there was no chance of that), but she was becoming rather too successful. While the Earl might enjoy an occasional attempt at keeping quiet, he had made it clear to Mrs. Cunningham and Mrs. Banks that he preferred his future wife have a natural reaction to her spankings.



Thoughtfully, Mrs. Banks rubbed the slightly pink cheek of Vivian's bottom, giving her a moment to think. Vivian tensed, wondering at the change in routine and hoping that the hairbrush wasn't about to make an unexpected appearance. Her hands twitched, tugging slightly at the satin scarf around her wrists, reminding her that no matter what Mrs. Banks chose to chastise her with, there was nothing Vivian could do to stop her.



Vivian bit back a yelp.



"Vivian, dear, you have to stop holding back," Mrs. Banks chastised gently as she soothed her hand over the younger woman's flanks again. Although she couldn't see Vivian's face, she could see her turn her head slightly, as if to look over her shoulder, but the angle at which she was positioned over the companion's lap made it impossible. "Your husband will want to know that the discipline is being felt and how can he know that without hearing your voice? I can feel your tension all through your body, just let go and react however you need to."



This time Vivian did cry out, feeling both ashamed and exhilarated. She worried that someone might overhear, might know that she was receiving a spanking like a child, and yet she was also relieved at receiving permission to give vent to the pain that was building her poor bottom. It was one thing to be driven past the point of being able to contain her cries, and another to have them permitted, even encouraged.

"That's it," Mrs. Banks murmured. "Good girl. Eight."


Another cry. She no longer held back as Mrs. Banks picked up the tempo, peppering her bottom with the last flurry of spanks, using the full strength of her arm to really impact the deepening pink on Vivian's cheeks. The darkening flesh quivered and jiggled with each strike, her legs jerking but not kicking as the young woman yelped and squirmed.

Mrs. Banks smiled. A more prideful young lady might have continued to try and hold in her emotions, her pain, but Vivian wanted to please and, in turn, found pleasure in being allowed the freedom to express herself.

"Very good Miss Stafford," she said approvingly, dipping her fingers down into the font of Vivian's wet folds. They were very slick after her spanking, and the young woman's hips lifted eagerly to meet the press of Mrs. Banks' fingertips. She moaned, not holding back the sounds of her pleasure now that she had already begun expressing her pain, as Mrs. Banks began to stroke and swirl her fingers around Vivian's sensitive flesh.

"Oh please!" she cried out, her breathing huffing out of her in surprise as Mrs. Banks rubbed a slick fingertip over her bottom hole - not pressing inward, just teasing the sensitive nerves of the crinkled rosebud. It was unexpected, as Vivian had not been touched there outside of the examination room, and the little hole was rather sensitive from the indignities it had suffered through the evening before.

"Relax Vivian," Mrs. Banks ordered, giving the young woman another little slap on her bottom to stop her squirming. Getting a firmer hold of her charge, one arm resting upon Vivian's, hand closed over the binding on her wrists, Mrs. Banks placed her fingertip back on the little hole and stroked it. "That's not so bad is it dear? It's okay if it feels good."

Vivian was dreadfully confused. She hadn't enjoyed having that particular area inspected and invaded at any point and she didn't want it to feel good. But it didn't feel entirely unpleasant, she had to admit to herself. Still, she couldn't help but tighten up her muscles around them. Mrs. Banks didn't scold her, however, she wanted Vivian to know that not everything involving her anus had to be unpleasant. Instead she just continued to circle the little hole with her slick fingertip, rubbing it gently and awakening nerves that Vivian hadn't been entirely aware of during the previous experiences involving her anus. Slowly, partly because it didn't hurt and partly because she couldn't hold her muscles tensed for so long, Vivian's bottom relaxed and she submitted to the gentle caresses. She was surprised to feeling an answering flutter in her pussy, as if the two areas were more intimately connected than she'd realized.

Continuing to caress that sensitive area until Vivian was fully relaxed and submitting to her touch, Mrs. Banks smiled. That was enough for today, especially as that entrance was bound to be more than a little tender. The message that it could also be a pleasure had been given and received, tomorrow she would push things a little further.

When Mrs. Banks moved her fingers back into the sopping folds of Vivian's pussy, she was surprised to realize that she was even more wet than before Mrs. Banks had touched her bottom hole. The clever fingers stroked and rubbed as Vivian's hips began to move in conjunction with the touch. Because her toes were just touching the floor she couldn't move as much as she might have liked, but the heady pleasure began to build anyway as Mrs. Banks teased her delicate nerves.

"Oh!" she gasped as the companion reached down and pinched the swollen bud that was peeking out from beneath its hood, a flash of pleasure and pain rushing through her. The pinch was rougher than anything Mrs. Banks had done to that area before, but Vivian was already accustomed to associating pain with sexual pleasure, the spankings followed by orgasms had done their job exceedingly well. Her back arched as she searched out more pleasure.

Smiling at the reaction, Mrs. Banks pinched her little clitty again, feeling it harden between her fingers as she rubbed it back and forth. On her lap Vivian writhed and moaned, her nipples jiggling enough to bounce against the edge of the punishment chair, giving her just enough sensation to send it sparking through to her core. The slight ache of her bottom, leftover from the spanking, was barely discernible through the rising ecstasy between her creamy thighs.

One of Mrs. Banks fingers slid inside Vivian's pussy, probing and wiggling in the tight hole, moving gently so as not to tear her maidenhead prematurely. Her other fingers rubbed and rocked against Vivian's swollen clit, and the older woman could feel the tight inner muscles spasm as Vivian cried out as she climaxed. The natural rippling of her sheath would give the Earl immense pleasure on his wedding night.

The sizzling heat going through Vivian's body slowly dissipated, her muscles continuing to work as she squeezed Mrs. Banks' finger inside of her. It felt strange but good, especially when she tightened around it in the little aftershocks that followed her climax. The slow rubbing against her clitoris made her tighten and release several times until Mrs. Banks finally withdrew her fingers from the sensitive crevices.

"On your knees," the older woman reminded her. This time she only provided Vivian with minimal help as she maneuvered her body, half-sliding, off of Mrs. Banks' lap and onto her knees in front of her. It was something Vivian had become much more accustomed to over the past few days

With the young beauty on her knees before her, suckling at her fingers, Mrs. Banks brushed back the flaming tresses from Vivian's face. Her student's cheeks were flushed from her orgasm, her eyes glowing with pleasure. The companion remembered Mrs. Cunningham's words of praise at their early morning meeting today. The Earl had been particularly enamored of watching this portion of Vivian's daily routine, impressed with the oral training that his future bride was receiving without the use of a man to practice on.

Mrs. Cunningham had also confided to Mrs. Banks that she believed the Earl to be legitimately enamored of his bride, with as much emotion as lust. They'd had enough scholarship students to know when more than a man's base desires were engaged, and they'd never had a future husband as involved as the Earl or as eager to join in the training. During her forays out into Society Mrs. Cunningham had heard that the Earl hadn't had a mistress in months, something that had shocked both ladies. Although it was often said that reformed rakes made the best husbands, whoever heard of a rake reforming before he had to? And certainly Miss Stafford was in no position to complain - or even know - what activities her future husband might be involved in. It showed an admirable fortitude of character.

Tucking Vivian into bed, she smiled as she thought about the Earl's desire to see another of Vivian's punishment sessions. Mrs. Cunningham had convinced him to wait until the end of next week, when there would be more to show. Also, by next week Vivian's bottom training would be much further along and Mrs. Banks would be changing over to the next step of her discipline training, during which it wouldn't be just her upturned bottom feeling the effects of misbehavior.


On Friday a fire erupted in the kitchens right before luncheon, which threw the entire day askew. The startled looks on the companions' faces said that this was not a planned emergency, but they required that the students handle everything anyway. By the end of the day all of the participants in the Practicum were exhausted from the extra effort that had gone into righting things within the household - everything from re-organizing the luncheon on short notice, taking an assessment of the damages and arranging for repairs, factoring that into the household expenses, and getting the staff back in working order after all the excitement. Of course they couldn't keep themselves from whispering back and forth all day about what might have occurred to start the fire.

The companions frowned heavily upon the whispers as they distracted the students from what they were supposed to be doing and Vivian knew that her bottom would pay for it later, but she and the other girls couldn't help themselves once they'd realized it wasn't a planned emergency. That was much more exciting than the little things that the companions would do to throw a wrench into the inner workings of the house.

On the carriage ride back to the school Vivian noticed some soot that had gotten onto the hem of her lavender skirt and surreptitiously tried to rub it away with her shoe. Fortunately Mrs. Banks was staring out the window at the time and so didn't notice that she'd gotten her dress dirty. Squeezing her thighs together beneath her skirts, Vivian felt a flutter of excitement as she thought about her upcoming evening, knowing that she would be spanked and then brought to orgasm at Mrs. Banks' hands.

Although she didn't entirely enjoy being spanked, she had to admit that the previous night's discipline session hadn't been so bad. There were times when she thought some part of her might secretly enjoy the spanking, especially when it was a lighter one. And she certainly enjoyed what followed. It was more than worth it to have the punishment if it was going to be followed by the pleasure. She didn't even feel ashamed of the fact that she'd begun to crave that release, it didn't seem like something she should be ashamed of. Otherwise, why would Mrs. Banks encourage her so?

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