tagLesbian SexMarriage Trouble Ch. 02

Marriage Trouble Ch. 02


Chapter 2: New Roommate

For the next few weeks I lived in constant fear. I couldn't believe what I had somehow agreed to and I desperately wanted to get out of it. I was going to allow another woman into our bed? God, it was absolutely crazy. And Savannah had said she already knew of some other girls (how'd she know them, how'd she know they'd be into this? I avoided thinking about that). I was pretty certain that she was going to come home with someone the next day, when I was still recovering from Savannah's Anniversary gift.

But that next day, she'd come home from the yoga studio and given me a kiss on the cheek and then asked what I was making for dinner. She seemed completely pleasant and happy. Like she usually did the day after we had sex. There was no indication that she needed anything more. Still, I knew how Savannah was. She was the kind of person who started looking for her Christmas gifts in the attic on Halloween. She was completely impatient. She'd gotten me to agree to this, and I knew she was going to act quickly.

And so for two weeks, I walked around with my stomach in knots. I would get shaky and nervous as time came around for Savannah to return from work, knowing for certain that she was going to bring some bimbo with her. I remember one day, I was driving home from work and I saw her. She was standing outside the grocery store, talking to a woman at the cart return rack. The woman was our age, cute. For reasons I couldn't explain, I knew that Savannah was bringing this woman home. For the whole day, I was a jittery wreck, wondering how I could renege. But that night, Savannah had come home alone. And the night after that too.

Slowly, the anxiety began to fade. The flip side of Savannah's impatience was that when she didn't get what she wanted, she usually gave up pretty quickly. At first, I figured that she had asked around and no one was interested so she gave up. Eventually, I stopped thinking about it at all. I was almost able to forget I'd ever made such a stupid promise. We settled into our normal routine.

That normal routine was shaken about two months after our anniversary. It was a Friday and I was home from work, waiting for Savannah to get home so that I could order a pizza and fire up Netflix. Savannah worked four hours every weekday afternoon and got off around 8:30. It was well after that time and I knew she would be home any minute.

My thoughts could not have been further from our anniversary night or the promise I'd made. I hadn't actually thought about it in a couple of days. Unlike that night, I wasn't made up like some ridiculous sex goddess, I was comfortable. My hair was tied back in a ponytail, I had my glasses on. No make-up. I was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of tight yoga pants. I was comfortably curled up on the couch. I heard the front door open over the sound of the TV and smiled.

"Hey babe," I called out, "you're a little later than usual. Do you mind if I just call Domino's? Vincenzo's is better, but I don't want to have to deal with take-out..."

"Don't worry Kat, I brought something in," Savannah walked into the living room and I was a bit surprised to see someone walk in behind her.

"Oh...sorry, I didn't remember you saying someone was visiting," I said, sitting up on the couch and turning to look at our guest.

"I didn't have a chance to tell you...this wasn't planned out," Savannah said, and she walked more fully into the room and sat down on the chair. The person behind her was now visible and I saw that it was a young woman. A very, very pretty young woman. She was a brunette, but that might be understating it. Her hair was midnight black and very long, very straight. She was around 5'5 and had a petite build. She had these massive brown doe eyes, a pixie nose, and thick, full lips. She had a long, slender neck and narrow shoulders. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and yoga pants (almost the same thing Savannah was wearing, really) and I could see that she had small, round breasts, a tight stomach, wide hips, and a round, firm ass. Her legs were muscular but not bulky. She was gorgeous. A lot prettier than me. I felt my cheeks get a little red.

"Hi," the girl said, "nice to meet you, I'm Claire." She walked over towards the couch, extending her hand. I shook it quickly.

"Kat," I said, "Nice to meet you." I tried to sound friendly, but I knew it sounded a bit curt. I didn't know what Savannah was up to (I guess I was foolish, I suspected nothing), but I didn't much care for surprise guests. Especially pretty girls who looked like they were 20-years-old who walked in scantily clad (sort of) with my wife. I turned to Savannah and raised my eyebrows.

"I know Claire from work," Savannah said, but didn't elaborate further. She stretched her legs out in front of her, getting comfortable after a few hours of ...stretching. I don't know, I was no yogi.

"You work at the studio?" I asked, turning to Claire. The girl shook her head.

"She is in one of my classes. A star pupil," Savannah said and the girl blushed. For reasons I don't really understand, that made me angry. Savannah had no right making some other girl blush...

"I wish you'd told me that someone was coming," I said to Savannah, "I would've...vacuumed." I lied. Savannah snorted, knowing that I was bluffing. Still, she responded.

"It wasn't exactly planned out," Savannah said, "Claire had a fight with her girlfriend..."

"Roommate," Claire corrected.

"With her roommate and she can't go back. I said she could stay here," Savannah explained. For the first time, I realized that Claire was holding an overnight bag in one of her hands. She looked at me nervously and smiled. I was thoroughly confused. Since when did we run a hostel? People didn't just stay over with us. And if she couldn't go home, that raised another issue.

"How long?" I asked.

"Oh! Not lon..." Claire started.

"I said she can stay as long as she needs to. I mean we have the spare room," Savannah replied for her. Claire looked down at her feet nervously. I couldn't believe that Savannah had just put me on the hook like that in front of someone. The anger I felt grew deeper. But how could I get angry in front of this stranger? I didn't want to look like I was heartless or something.

"We do have the room," I said through gritted teeth.

"Plus, I figure we had Mary here for like a month last summer, so you know..." Savannah explained.

"We did have my sister here for three weeks after her divorce, that's true," I said, trying to place emphasis on words like 'sister' and 'divorce.' But Savannah didn't seem to notice.

"Great. That's why I told her to stop worrying and just stay the month. After that, she can figure everything else out," she said. A month?

"Savannah, I don't think that's necessary, I will look for a studio apartment starting tomorrow..." Claire said, looking out the corner of her eye at me as I grew angrier and angrier. A month?

"Nonsense, we insist, right honey?" Savannah asked and she turned to me. If I thought I was on the spot before... I turned and looked at Savannah with sort of a dazed feeling. I was just so blindsided. What choice did I have? This girl was in a tough spot if she couldn't stay at home (why not? I didn't really understand), she needed something. That something certainly shouldn't have been my home. But how could I say that now? Look her in the face and tell her to sleep in her car. Did she have a car?

"Couldn't hurt to look for an apartment," I said and Savannah looked at me sharply, "But..."

"But stay as long as you need," Savannah finished for me.

"Thank you guys so much," Claire said effusively, "I only moved her a few months ago. I don't know anyone. I didn't know what I was going to do. I promise I will pay rent..."

"Oh yeah!" Savannah said, turning to me, "That was the other great thing. I almost forgot to tell you. Claire and I already talked about it in the car. She is going to pay us back. But she only makes $9.29 an hour at Starbucks."

"We can figure out rent on the room that make sense for your wages," I said, not sure exactly how to do that, but I appreciated the gesture she'd made.

"No, not that," Savannah said, "Remember that thing we talked about?" I looked at my wife blankly, "You know, the thing we talked about on our anniversary? Claire is in. She is willing to help us out with that. And really," she said, turning and running her eyes over Claire's body, "I can't think of anyone better."

Now I turned and looked at Claire again. It was like I was seeing her for the first time. And I did not like what I saw. She was younger than me. Prettier than me. She'd been having a private conversation with my wife about having sex. I felt the blood drain out of my face, my limbs felt cold and my stomach knotted. My eyes narrowed into slits and my lips pursed. I didn't even realize it was happening. It wasn't a planned reaction, this was instinct. What had started out as a sort of annoyed unease at an unwelcomed guest turned, in a matter of seconds, to a glowing white hatred. I could feel the rage radiating out of me, it was a physical thing. I saw Claire's reaction as it smacked into her.

"Well...uh..." She said, her nervous smile faltering as she staggered back a step or two, away from me. Her cheeks turned bright red and her eyes fell away from me. She turned her body towards Savannah and actually moved a little towards her, like she was seeking protection from me. That only made me angrier. Savannah was supposed to be protecting me.

Of course, there was no way that Savannah could have missed the silent interaction that had just happened. The temperature in the room felt like it had dropped 15 degrees all at once. Still, she sat on the couch smiling, looking at us both and pretending like nothing had changed. She leaned back in the chair easily.

"That isn't exactly what I said," Claire said haltingly as she realized that Savannah wasn't coming to her aid.

"It came up on the drive over here and you said, I remember what you said, you said, 'I don't know. Maybe if your wife says she wants to and she is hot.'" Savannah said.

"I never said that second part!" Claire said, scandalized, "I said...I said I'd think about it if you both really wanted to. I mean...I need a place to stay," Claire looked at me again now, her eyes heavily hooded. I guess, in retrospect, it seems pretty clear that Claire had been trying to get out of it. She was desperate and she probably wanted me to reject the arrangement. But I couldn't think through her motivations at the time. I was too angry about my situation.

"What, are you saying that Kat isn't hot?" Savannah asked, smiling devilishly. Now she was on the spot. She looked at me nervously, and shrugged.

"She's beautiful, but..." Claire started.

"You're going to make me jealous, talking about my wife like that," Savannah joked and it felt like an icy dagger into my stomach. It was like she was mocking me for being jealous. She was defanging any protest I could make now, before it even happened.

"So where is my room..."Claire said quickly, looking to change the subject.

"Already looking for the bedroom, see she is ready to go Kat," Savannah said to me, I turned now and looked at my wife, "You said you wanted to do this, right? You promised me we would do this if I could find someone interested. Claire says she will do it if we both want to. I do. Don't you?' Savannah asked. Savannah had already turned Claire's 'maybe' into a promise. Just like she'd turned my grudging acceptance into a promise. I knew what would happen if I broke that 'promise" now. Savannah would not forgive me. She'd say I embarrassed her, made her look like some sort of crazed slut in front of one of her friend. She would bring it up during any fight we ever had about sex for the next...rest of my life.

And part of me was sure that that was what she wanted. Less the actual deed than the leverage she would get out of me refusing. Savannah had never brought up the issue of a threesome ever before in our relationship. She was adventurous, sure, but in a sort of one-on-one way. Or solo. And she loved to get leverage. She loved to use my lack of adventurousness against me. To guilt me into something else. 'Don't want to have sex in public Kat?' she might ask after one fight, 'well now I want you to do...anything else to make it up to me.' That was how this thing worked. It was just that kind of stuff that she'd used to quit her real job and become a yoga instructor, leaving me to support both of us. I was sick of it. I was too angry to think anything through. I was going to call her bluff this time.

"If you really want to do this Savannah, if you want to allow someone else into the middle of our marriage, that's fine with me," I said sharply. Claire clearly understood the tone of what I was saying. I was trying to make Savannah think about the consequences of her actions. If my wife recognized that, she didn't say anything. She called my bluff instead.

"Great!" she said, sitting up excitedly on the chair, "Okay, I am too excited to wait. We're all up for it. Let's go now." Even as she was speaking, my wife was jumping into action. She was reaching down and pulled her t-shirt up over her head and tossed it onto the floor. Soon, her sports bra joined it there and Savannah was stepping up off the chair, slipping the yoga pants down over her round ass.

Claire and I both sort of froze. I wasn't paying attention to Claire, but I realized later that she must've been having some of the same thoughts as me. I had, stupidly, expected Savannah to call this whole thing off when I accepted it. I'd hoped that my sort of passive-aggressive response would make her think twice. She'd bowled right through my hints. But even beyond that, I had been hoping that acquiescing would buy me some time. We'd make some plan to do it in the future and I'd figure out a way to change Savannah's mind. But now, while I was still completely off-balance and totally enraged, Savannah was jumping right into it. She probably knew that I would try to back out, and so she wasn't going to give me a chance. Or Claire either.

"Why don't you guys kiss and get things started," Savannah said as she kicked her yoga pants off her foot. "That would be so hot!" Savannah was already slipping her panties off before we even reacted to her request. Savannah's body was, as usual, beautiful. It always seemed the most incredible right now, when she got back from yoga and her muscles were perfectly toned. But I couldn't just admire her now. I could feel Claire's eyes on her as well. I could sense that I had to share. And the anger I'd felt, if it had slackened at all, jumped up higher than ever.

And it all shifted, every bit of it, towards Claire. The fact that she was here right now, uninvited, was the reason all of this was happening. If she'd just...dealt with her roommate drama or...whatever. It didn't matter. The point was, that all of this could have been avoided if Claire wasn't here. And as the rage boiled over, I wanted to make her wish she wasn't.

I looked at Claire. She was turned slightly towards Savannah, watching her as she stood up straight now in the living room, completely naked and glorious. I saw Claire swallow and her eyes grew wide. I could tell that she was impressed with Savannah's body. But I also saw that her eyes were darting over towards me every few seconds. She tried to be subtle, but I could see her nervousness. I was making her nervous. That's good. She should've been. She had no right to barge into my marriage like this. I was glad she wasn't comfortable around me. And I wanted to make her more uncomfortable.

I rose up from the couch quickly and moved across the room towards Claire. She actually recoiled a bit, I think, as I moved, like she was afraid I was going to hit her. I did move quickly, after all. And I wasn't even really thinking. I was just letting my anger guide me. In a second I'd gone from sitting on the couch to standing just inches apart. I could smell Claire's shampoo and feel the heat of her body. Her eyes were wide, and nervous.

I didn't hit her. I had no intention of hitting her. That would be the worst thing I could do from Savannah's perspective. But I took my anger out on her in another way. In one fluid motion, I wrapped my right arm around Claire's thin waist, grabbing her hip on the fair side and with my left hand reached around behind her and grabbed the base of her neck. Claire's body was warm and firm against mine as I pulled her in towards me and for a brief second I realized that, under other circumstances, I would have found her attractive. But I didn't want to think about that now. I wanted her to be worried about what she'd gotten herself into. I wanted her to regret her choice.

She let out a little yelp as I pulled her close and I smiled viciously. But I also took advantage of it. Her mouth was opened slightly to allow the noise to escape her, and I pounced at it. I pulled Claire's head forward with her neck and tilted my head to the side. We didn't so much kiss as have our mouths crash together. I felt her soft, full lips split as my mouth covered hers. I didn't feel the kiss, instead, I opened my own mouth, aggressively pouring my tongue into hers. At first, it pressed wetly against Claire's teeth. But she yielded quickly and my long tongue burst into her mouth. I pushed hard over Claire's warm tongue, driving mine as deeply into Claire's throat as I could.

I felt her body react to the pressure I placed on it. She grew tense, but she didn't stop me. Her tongue actually responded to mine, playing against it. Soon, my tongue was exploring deeply into her mouth, our kiss growing more passionate (as my anger reached a crescendo). We were incredibly close now, I could feel Claire's thighs against mine, our hip bones rubbed together, and her small, perky breasts pressed into mine. She was trembling as I kissed her, which I was happy about. However, we were so close together that, even with my eyes closed, I could tell that Savannah was standing nearby watching. I felt a strange tugging sensation around my waist and realized that it was Claire's yoga pants, slipping down and rubbing against my yoga pants as they went. Savannah was on her knees on the floor behind Claire, yanking them down. Without thought, I took a step backwards, putting some distance between my body and Claire's.

"Oh my god, this is so good," she said as I felt the pants slip down all the way to the floor, "I've never seen Kat like this, you must really be into Claire," she said. Which, of course, only made me angrier. I pulled Claire more tightly against me, my kissing growing more insistent as my tongue prodded hers. Claire moaned slightly, but I took it for discomfort and fed on it.

As Claire and I continued to kiss, our heads moving quickly as our tongues were frantic between our mouths, Savannah flittered around us, still naked, and tried to make things worse. As soon as she'd slipped off Claire's pants, she immediately returned to our waists so that she could pull down Claire's panties Claire made a nervous noise with her throat and I thought I felt her hands move in a sort of panicked fashion, but I held her close. In a moment, Claire was naked from the waist down and I could feel the head of her bare pussy as it pressed against my thigh. Savannah wasn't done. Soon she was moving around behind me, slipping off my yoga pants and then, very quickly thereafter, my panties.

Savannah then stood up behind me and I felt her hands on my sweatshirt. She lifted it up quickly. Soon, the fabric was being pulled up over my head and Claire and I broke our kiss. For a moment, I saw Claire's face, eyes wide and mouth glistening with spit from our messy kiss, and then the sweatshirt was covering my whole head. Savannah struggled with the sweatshirt for a minute, trying to get it over my head. And while that was happening, I felt something strange. I hadn't been wearing a bra (it was supposed to be a quiet night in, after all). And while Savannah was pulling the neck of the sweatshirt around my chin, I suddenly felt a cool pressure against my right nipple, and then my entire breast. I actually gasped from the cold. Then, suddenly, the sweatshirt was off of my head. I was naked. And Claire's left hand draped over my breast. Savannah's hand was on Claire's wrist. Savannah was smiling deviously, and Claire was looking down at her own hand, like she couldn't believe it was there.

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