tagInterracial LoveMarriage Troubles Ch. 04

Marriage Troubles Ch. 04


Jamie's weekend was by no means over, and he did not have to wait long for things to get interesting again either. Nita's husband was picking her up at two o'clock on Sunday, and Jamie figured his weekend with her was done. At noon, he was downstairs at the computer, typing up his weekend experiences for Literotica readers, when Nita, his long-time friend, walked into the office, smiling (again).

"Hi Jamie." She said. He quickly hid the screen, pretending to be surfing the 'net. He suddenly realized that he could hear the shower running upstairs. Jennifer was in the shower! His cock grew immediately hard as the opportunity that was ahead dawned on him. He turned to her.

"Hey Nita." He gave her a welcoming smile. She looked fantastic, as usual, wearing snug-fitting faded jeans with a black sweater. Her hair was straight and down to just past her shoulders.

"She's in the shower." She stated, stepping up to him until she was beside his office chair. Why beat around the bush?

He slipped his arm around her waist. She was so short that he could nearly look her in the eye from his seat! She bent down a little and kissed him softly, her lips pulling his a little. She kissed him again, and then a third time, this time her tongue darted into his mouth. He slid his hand down to her ass over her jeans, squeezing her soft cheek. She sighed into his mouth, still kissing him as she swung a leg over his lap to straddle him. He broke the kiss.

"So what are you saying?" he asked knowingly. She smiled. She looked a little more confident than usual. That's a good thing.

"Will you eat my pussy?" Nita asked quietly, smiling at him. He nearly came in his jeans right there. What did she just say? He was hoping she would be a little more aggressive after last night, but this! This was beyond his wildest dreams! Last night she could barely say the word "pussy", and today -- she was asking him to eat it!

With the muffled sounds of the shower running upstairs faded in the background, Jamie kissed Nita hard, his tongue snaking far into her mouth as he stood up and pressed her against the computer desk. Knowing they only had a few minutes, his fingers fumbled with the button on her pants, undoing it, and pulling down her zipper. He broke the kiss, pulling them down off her ass to her knees, revealing her white-lace panties. She sat up on the desk (holy fuck Nita's ass, bare except for a pair of skimpy panties, was on the computer desk that he worked at every day!) as he pulled her pants down to her ankles. He pulled them off of each foot, taking her socks off with them, and leaving all of her clothes on the floor.

He dropped to his knees, worshipping, as Nita placed her bare feet on his shoulders, giving herself to him. He could smell the strong, powerful scent of her arousal as he moved deeper between her thighs. He gently kissed her pussy lips overtop of her thin lace panties.

"Ohh!" she gasped, shuddering as bolts of pleasure fired up her small body. Jamie kissed the soft skin of the inside of her thigh, just beside where the crotch of her panties were. He kissed the other thigh in the same spot, tasting her skin. He placed his fingers at the side of the crotch of her panties, and eased them to one side, exposing first the black curls of her pubic hair, and then the dark, swollen lips of her pussy. Nita's pussy. His heart soared with desire at the site of it. He kissed them and she gasped, bucking into his face a little. He could taste her juices on them with that one brief kiss -- she was that wet!

He licked her from the bottom of her beautiful slit up to the top, his tongue penetrating just inside her pussy.

"Ohhhh..." she moaned, shuddering. Her cunt was tingling like crazy -- she had to stop cumming so fast when he did this! But here she was again, well on her way! Fortunately for her, Jamie was aware of her "problem" and stopped licking her for a moment, grabbing the waistband of her panties. She wiggled her ass on the desk, helping him slide her panties down her smooth legs to her feet, and off. He dropped them on the floor and she immediately spread her legs for him again. Nita's gorgeous pussy was framed by a triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair. Her scent was strong in his nostrils as he buried his face between her thighs. He slipped his tongue into her pussy, pushing it in as far as it would go. She groaned again, and he felt her heels dig into his shoulders.

He wiggled his tongue up and down inside her twat, relishing the flavor of her delicious nectar. He twirled his tongue around inside her as she squirmed, moaning. Pulling his tongue out of her, he sucked her pussy lips outward, and then released them in one motion.

"Unh!" she groaned, her heart skipping a beat as intense tingles shot up her body. He kissed the bottom of her ass cheeks on each side, before focusing again on her pussy. He slowly licked from the bottom of Nita's slit up to the top, his tongue nudging her clit.

"Ohhh!" she bucked so hard she nearly fell off the desk. Pressing his face hard against her pussy, he wrapped his lips around her clit and began licking it as lightly and rapidly as he could. An orgasm exploded within her and she cried out loudly. He was holding her in place with his face and hands so that she would not buck herself off the desk, but it was difficult. Nita was writhing and thrashing like a raging bull, the feelings inside her were so tense.

The 30-year-old writhed her pussy into her friend's husband's face, falling against the computer monitor and knocking it a couple of inches back. Jamie would not stop licking her clit, and it was driving her insane! She would not stop cumming! She groaned louder, fighting to regain control as he continued to lap at her button. Finally, she pushed his face back, releasing him. She looked at him, panting as he stood up before her and undid his pants. He shoved his jeans and underwear down to his ankles, his hard, white cock standing at full attention.

Pushing herself back up on her hands, Nita was able to sit back up, keeping her legs spread wide for him. He stepped up between them, holding his cock. He bent it down to her slit, pressing it against her as he slowly rubbed it downward. When the mushroom head got to her hot entrance, he continued right on past it. He continued to rub it back and forth across her entrance, teasing her. She was dying to be penetrated. She needed him inside her! When his cock rubbed past her hole for the fourth time, she finally spoke up.

"Put it in." she begged in her quiet voice. He didn't wait to be asked twice. He placed the head of his dick at the entrance to her body and let go, pushing forward. The dark brown lips of Nita's vagina opened up and absorbed the thick white head of Jamie's penis. The two lovers sighed in unison as he slowly inched his way inside her. He was in her halfway before her tightness would allow no more. It felt amazing -- such hotness clamping onto the top half of his dick like that. He slowly pulled back out of her, looking down and clearly seeing her dark cunt lips pull outward along with the white shaft of his cock.

He pushed hard back into her, and this time his entire cock slammed deep inside her pussy.

"UNH!" Nita cried in her high voice. Bolts of electricity shot up her spine. She felt so full! She LOVED this! She could do this all day! The big man hovered over her, and when she felt his searching lips on her cheek she turned to kiss him. He began to slowly slide his hardness in and out of her as they kissed passionately. He sent his tongue far into her mouth as his cock went far into her pussy. The two were breathing laboriously into each other's mouth as her slick tunnel absorbed his rigid member over and over again.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" she moaned softly into his mouth, wrapping her legs around his waist so that her feet were locked just above his thrusting ass. Just then, they heard the shower upstairs stop. He broke the kiss, holding his cock deep inside her. They looked at each other. Nita looked a little panicked and filled with despair, but at the same time there was excitement.

"I don't care." He said. "We still have a couple of minutes until she comes out, and you're just too hot to stop now!"

She smiled at him as he began to fuck her hard right there on his computer desk, rocking it a little with the force. Her arms were around his neck, holding herself upright as his thick organ pistoned in and out of her needy pussy.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned softly, eyebrows raised as she looked up at him. Beneath her black sweater, he could clearly see where his penis was entering her body -- Nita's body -- as he slid in and out of her.

He fucked her even harder, jabbing up into her hole with his prick as fast as he could. Her pussy was so hot and tight, he was losing it already! His wife was right upstairs -- who knows how much longer she'll be in the bathroom? Who cares? He was fucking one of the hottest women he has ever met! He rammed his cock into Nita so hard he thought he would knock the computer down, or collapse the desk, slamming into her with all his might. He looked into her beady eyes. Her mouth was open, her eyebrows were raised, and quiet moans were escaping. Her pussy was a like a vacuum, gripping his thick hardness tightly. Her pussy was incredibly slick, he didn't think he could take another minute of this!

"I'm gonna cum, Nita." Jamie grunted, without missing a stroke. Her heart soared, and animal instinct took over. Her body needed his seed in her!

"Cum inside me!" Nita cried. How could he deny her? He planted his lips on hers, kissing her hard as he slammed his cock in and out of her rapidly a few more times. Their tongues were dancing against each other as he slid his entire penis into her vagina and held it there.

He could feel her short legs tighten around him, holding him inside her as he lost it. Jamie's cock spasmed, firing a thick wad of semen off the back of Nita's fertile pussy. He moaned into her mouth, penis jerking again, unleashing more of his hot cum and spraying it deep inside her needy cunt.

"MMMPH!" Nita moaned into his mouth, cumming. The excitement of having this man cum inside her again was just too much! Her pussy convulsed, clutching at the cum that was dripping out of his cock and drawing it into her. She pressed her crotch against him, and he was grinding his against her as more of his sperm poured into her pulsating cunt. Their mouths were pressed against each other, their tongues sat idly in each other's mouth as they were overcome with pleasure. Her legs squeezed him even harder as the last of his seed dripped into her.

He began kissing her again, lips smacking as the two of them caught their breath. Suddenly realizing where they were again, he broke the kiss, and slipped his softening penis out of Nita's full vagina. He grabbed his pants and underwear that were around his ankles and began to pull them up as Nita slid off the desk and grabbed her panties. He watched her step into them as he did up his button and fly. She stepped into her jeans.

"Nita?" came Jennifer's voice from the top of the stairs. "Are you down there?"

Nita hurried the tight jeans up her short legs and over her ass, quickly doing up her button.

"Yes!" she called back. His wife greeted them as they emerged from the office. She didn't notice Nita stuffing her socks in her pockets (she didn't have time to put them on).

When Nita's husband picked her up later that afternoon, he had no idea just how much fun his wife had that weekend. He certainly didn't know that another man's cum was inside her as they walked to the car.

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