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Married Couples Change Partners


Nearly every Friday evening my wife, June, and I get together with two other couples for dinner and cocktails. Georgia and Greg, and Betty and Bob had been our good friends and neighbors for many years. We were in our middle years. Our children were in college or off living on their own. We often played cards and socialized in many ways on Friday evening after returning to one of our homes. Of course, the bar was open. The guys usually lightly kissed the girls as we greeted them at the beginning of the evening, but as the years had gone by, the kissing often became a little more intense.

One evening after everyone had left, June wanted to confess something to me. She told me she and Bob went down to the basement lounge by themselves to look for something. He took her in his arms and deeply kissed her. While they were kissing, he felt her breasts through her blouse. She admitted it turned her on, but she broke it up before it went too far.

June said that it had happened before. Also it wasn’t only Bob, but Greg had made a pass at her in the past and tried to talk her into getting in bed. She was tempted, but refrained.

Then I had to confess. A few times when I had some privacy with either Georgia or Betty, they were receptive to my kissing them and feeling them up. Georgia had even squeezed my cock in my pants on several occasions. I returned the favor by lifting up the hem of her dress, side stepping the thin panty material to insert a finger. Of course, that only happened when she was wearing a dress which Georgia often did. Maybe she did it for my benefit.

June seemed to be a little upset with me for aggressively making passes at our lady friends, but I told her she wasn’t completely innocent.

June then suggested if everyone is going around making passes, then we should all do it in the open. I agreed.

I met Greg and Bob for golf one day. I tried to find the right time to bring up the subject. When we got to the nineteenth hole and settled in for a couple of drinks, I laid it on the line with them. At first they seemed embarrassed that I knew they made passes at my wife. Then I told them their wives were very receptive for me to kiss and feel. We all agree we should be more open about the subject.

I told June what Greg, Bob, and I talked about. I assumed they would talk to their own wives. We wondered if this would break up our friendship and stop our getting together every Friday night.

Georgia called June to say we could meet at their house after going out to dinner this next Friday evening. She had already called Betty and they would come too. June then assumed everyone was probably aware of the exotic flirting that had been going on. Chances are that it would become more open now.

Both June and I were a little apprehensive of what might happen on Friday. We met at the restaurant on schedule with the guys greeting each girl with a kiss as usual. I looked at both the girls with a little different perspective. I was wondering how it would actually be in bed with them. Although, I didn’t think anything like that would happen that night.

We returned to Georgia and Greg’s home for cocktails and socialization. There was some flirting and sexy jokes as the drinks flowed. People were not stuck in a chair but had gotten up to mix drinks or look at something. My wife June was now sitting on the couch with Bob while Betty was sitting on the love seat with and Greg. Georgia and I were sitting in single chairs reasonably close together. Georgia ask if I would go into the den where the computer was located. She wanted me to help her with a computer problem. We went down the hall to turn on the computer. I helped her with the computer, then she pulled up a porn site. We made comments about the different positions we saw with guys and girls together.

Georgia was sitting in a chair close to me and I noticed her skirt was well up on her legs. She saw me look and asked if I liked what I saw. Of course, I told her that she had beautiful legs. I kissed her and ran my hand up her leg to feel her crotch through her panties. I moved the material to one side to insert a finger while we continued to kiss. Then I thought we had better return to the living room before our spouses became suspicious. When we returned, no one was in sight. We looked in the kitchen, then remembered when we walked down the hall just now, the two bedroom doors were closed.

Georgia said there was another bed in the basement. We both went down the stairs and turned on a dim light. I held her tight and kissed her. My tongue went into her mouth to dance with hers. We acted as if we couldn’t take our clothes off fast enough. I told her I had wanted to do this for a long time. She chuckled and said she did too.

We tried the six nine position and several other positions for the next hour or so until we were well sexually satisfied. We thought we heard footsteps upstairs in the kitchen and living room. She said she had better get upstairs to get the coffee perking to serve before every one went home. We quickly dressed and went upstairs.

I saw my wife, June, looked radiant. Her hair was a little messed up, but that would be expected when she had sex and rolled around in bed. Georgia headed for the kitchen while I said hello to everyone and sat down. We had coffee while talking about our activities. Everyone indicated they enjoyed the evening with close friends and would like to continue in the future.

While June and I were driving home, I asked which guy took her into the bedroom. She said it was Bob. She continued to tell me that Bob was a very good lover. She hoped I wasn’t mad, but she commented that we expected this would happen this night or some future night. I told her I had a very sexy time with Georgia and it was alright with me.

During the week we had sex every night which was unusual. We talked about what had happened on last Friday night. We assumed it would continue on the next Friday when we would be together again.

Wednesday evening, June started having her period. She asked me if we should join our friends on Friday or make excuses. After some discussion, I told her she could refrain from pairing off with Bob or Greg. Then she wondered what I should do. We finally decided she could at least give her partner a blow job. The other two girls would have their periods some other time and they would have the same problem. None of us should miss meeting with our small group of friends on Friday night.

It was our turn to host the Friday night party. When we were all in the living room, word had already whispered around that June was out of order, but was willing to do her best to satisfy her partner. Greg assumed he would be paired with her since she was with Bob last Friday. I could see Greg often look at her as if he was undressing her, but he wouldn’t see her completely nude tonight. I knew she was willing to give him a treat.

The time came to pair off. I went in the bedroom with Betty, Bob took Georgia with him to the other bedroom. As I left the living room, I blew a kiss to June about the same time Greg moved on the couch with her.

My time with Betty was very erotic and satisfying. Betty was multi orgasmic which I didn’t know before this night. She had several orgasms while I came in her pussy one time, then gave me a very erotic blow job. I think it was better than June gives me.

When we were back in the room having coffee with everyone, there was some joking going around that Greg got shorted tonight. He said June did a very good job doing what she could. But June kept saying she couldn’t help the situation and she would make it up to him later on. Someone asked what would she do. After pondering over it a little while, she told the group that she would give him another night. She would give him a coupon he could redeem at a later time and call it a Rain Check. Everyone laughed at that, but June said she was serious. June got a piece of paper from the kitchen and wrote, To Greg, Raincheck For One Night of Erotic Pleasure With Me. Then she signed her name and handed it to him. Everyone clapped and encouraged him to take it.

June announced that Betty and Georgia would have the same problem someday. June then suggested Greg could visit her most any evening in the coming week. By then she would be available for action. Just give her a call ahead of time to let her know.

After everyone had left their home and we were cleaning up the kitchen she said she would take Greg in the bedroom and let him fuck her. That’s what the raincheck for Greg meant. I asked her what should I do. You can be at home if you want to stay, but other than that, I don’t know. Wait and see what happens.

Tuesday evening about dinner time, Greg called June to ask if it was alright to visit her that night to collect on his Raincheck. She invited him to come at eight o’clock. After dinner, I was in the bedroom with her to watch her shower and put on sexy underclothes. Then she put on a dress which would be easy to take off. She brushed her shoulder length hair and applied perfume behind her ears, between her breasts, and on down the inside of her legs near her crotch.

I commented that she planned to give him the full treatment. She said she would collect the Raincheck coupon from him and make it worth his time.

Promptly at 8 PM, Greg arrived. We shook hands while June greeted him with a kiss. June served drinks and then sat beside Greg on the love seat. I was sitting in a chair opposite them. She crossed her legs allowing the hem of her short dress to move up high.

Later as we were slowly sipping our drinks, June uncrossed her legs and I got a glimpse up her skirt to see her lacy panty covered crotch. She took Greg’s hand and placed it between her legs at the hem of her skirt. She leaned into him for a kiss. June spread her legs slightly to give him an opportunity to slide his hand up her leg to her crotch. He acted as if was going to move it up, but he hesitated. I thing he hesitated because I was looking at them.

He didn’t need to be in a hurry because he would be in the bedroom with my wife for a long time. He would have plenty of time while she gave herself to him to satisfy his sexual fantasies. He could strip her and leave the light on to have a better view if he so desired. He could lick and kiss her lips, neck, breasts, stomach, pussy and ass from head to toe as long as he desired. I knew she would return the favor. June and I often pleasure ourselves by erotically caressing our bodies like that. He could fuck her in any hole or place to shoot his cum in or on her. I knew my wife would do her best to please him and enjoy it all as he ravished her.

I was getting a very hard erection just watching them. I planned to fuck her after Greg had finished..

Greg took the Raincheck coupon out of his picket and ceremoniously presented it to her. Everyone laughed. June then said she was his for the evening and promised it would be better than last Friday night. June took Greg by the hand, led him to the master bedroom and shut the door. I thought I would listen in the hall to determine if I could hear anything. Then I got a better idea. I would call Greg’s wife, Georgia, to see what she was doing at home.

Georgia said she was glad I called because she was getting bored. She had taken a shower and went to bed to watch TV. She couldn’t find anything interesting to watch. She was hoping I would call. I told her I could come over to keep her company. .

I left a note for Greg and June, then drove the five minutes to Georgia’s house. I saw she was dressed in a sexy looking nighty as I greeted her with a kiss. I kissed her some more, but this time our tongues where dancing. There wasn’t any question what we wanted to do as I walked with her in the bedroom. If our spouses could enjoy sex together, so could we.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours. When I was again dressed, Georgia served coffee. Greg came home as I was preparing to leave. We shook hands to warmly greet each other. We both agreed it had been a very interesting evening and we should do it again sometime.

Friday evening when we all met at Bob and Betty’s home, everyone looked forward to an erotic evening. I was paired with Betty. Bob whispered in my ear that she was out of action, but would give me a raincheck. That evening, Betty and I talked and often kissed, then she took my cock out of my pants to give me a blow job. The others including my wife, June, went off to a bedroom for their privacy.

June later came out of the bedroom with smeared lipstick and her hair a mess. Evidently she and Greg rolled around in bed a lot, probably getting into a variety of positions. I looked at my watch to notice they had been in the bedroom for two hours. I was wondering how may times Greg fucked her. I’m sure she and Greg enjoyed their time together.

While we were having coffee, Betty scribbled out a raincheck for me. It read “Raincheck for One Night, Be Prepared For A Good Time.” Then she signed it “Betty” She walked over to sit on my lap. As she handed it to me, she hugged and gave me a lengthy kiss. While kissing, the others chimed in, “Keep Holding It”

Bob then commented that he would be bored staying home while she was gone. June spoke up to say he could keep her company. Bob’s eyes brighten up to hear he was invited to have private time with my wife.

A few weeks passed while we continued to meet with our friends on Friday evenings. Georgia knew of another couple that was interested in joining our private circle. Now there was a little more variety with four couples.

Our friends usually held a low key celebration when one person had a birthday. On a Friday evening closest to the persons birthday, each couple would bring a birthday card, usually one that was comical. I had a birthday on Thursday, so on Friday at our friend’s home, every couple had a card for me. The cards were passed around for everyone to read.

Then Georgia said I deserved more than a card for my birthday. She was giving me a Raincheck. The other girls watched her write out “Happy Birthday, This Is Your Raincheck For One Night With Me In My Bedroom.” and signed it, “With Love and Kisses, Georgia.” I kissed her as she handed it to me. The other girls decided it was a good idea and each one gave me a Happy Birthday Raincheck. I told them these were the nicest birthday gifts I ever had. I could see the guys grinning as I knew they were thinking about being in bed with my wife while I am with theirs.

My motto: Life can be a “bed of roses” sometime if you make the right friends.

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